Obama- Daddy Dangerous

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Obama- Daddy Dangerous


Why NOT the BIG three..??


How did the CEO of CITI Group arrive at the Capital asking for his companies bailout..??

Did he take a private jet..??

Did he even show up at all..??


Did the CEO of CITI Group just “phone in” his request for Bailout money..??

How about Fanny Mae..??

How did they show up for their bailout cash? What is their new business plan..??

Why is congress “sticking it to” the big three auto makers?

Why do I know that GM, Ford, and Chrysler flew private jets to the capital, and that they had no “fix” planned out for their companies restructure? Yet, I know nothing about the banks and their new plans to “fix” their problems?

Hey, I got no answers here, I’m just ranting into the wind.

Why is congress giving the US auto makers a hard time. But they seem to throw cash at just about any bank that needs help.

And why has the news media (yes, even Fox) been so hard on the auto makers, but did little reporting on CITI Group when they got their bailout last week?

If you think the Big three auto makers do NOT need a bailout, you are in “good” company.

LINK: Michael Moore agrees with you


(Hint) Moore wants the auto makers to fail so that they retool and built small metal boxes with wheels. Dangerous little cars that also can be used as a coffin. (NOTE- embalming sold separately from the cars. Death flowers NOT included.)

Daddy Dangerous


Barack Obama has become that father figure who promises to take you fishing this weekend.

But when the weekend arrives and you have all your fishing equipment packed and ready…

“Daddy Dangerous”- Barack Obama never shows up.

BIG “Mommy Media” tells you that “Daddy Dangerous” is a busy man, and someday he will keep his promise. “Mommy Media” explains that things have changed. (Since 4 weeks ago..??) And Obama can no longer do the things he promised to all his voters:

End the war in Iraq. (By keeping Gates in charge and vowing to follow the military’s advice.)

Obama will NO LONGER tax BIG oil. (Like he said he would when you elected him.)

LINK: Obama gives BIG oil a BIG fat break.


And the people who voted for Obama, who thought that 95% of them were going to get a tax break…

(Well, you just keep waiting by your fishing box. With your little fishing pole in hand. Hoping to see Obama pull into the driveway.)


Are you GAY and sad?


If you are GAY and sad about Prop 8, maybe this little gay video will make you smile.

(Note) it is funny- starring: Jack Black, John C Reilly, and many more.

LINK: Jesus doesn’t like shrimp..??


So, you think that you’re the cats ass…


Do you believe that you are perceptive..??

Maybe not as much as you think.

Take this quiz. Can you identify the correct signs for famous business’s?

(I got 17 of 20 right.) Beat my score..!!

LINK: A sign of the times


See ya next time..!!


Black Friday

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Black Friday

With one person trampled to death and a gun fight breaking out during “Black Friday- 2008”, retailers may want to re-think the “dash and grab” policy.

(Or congress might do it for them.)

This “first come, first served” style of having shoppers line up in the middle of the night and wait for the doors to open, to be one of 15 people to get a great price on a product- is deadly.

This practice reminds me of a problem we had in the 70’s at rock concerts; it was called “festival seating.” All tickets were the same price and when the doors opened, people rushed to the front of the stage for the BEST seats.

This practice also became deadly and was banned.

Retailers need to think about the safety of the customers. (Which, usually they do in the design of their stores.) But for this one day a year, it devolves into “Lord of the flies.”

There should be other ways of offering selective deals to a few, (which do not include stepping over- or- ON other humans to get that bargain.)

A lottery, a hide a seek.. Anything- besides this dash and grab system that they currently have.

Far be it for me to try and shutdown a tradition.

Though, I do not take part in this Holiday ritual, I do take part in another holiday offering: “The last minute dash and grab whatever is left” style of shopping. (Practiced by guys, and some lazy women.) We do not usually KILL each other during this event. Mostly, because we do not want to be there in the first place, and we have given up on getting “the greatest gift ever.”

However, I do have friends who love to plan out a “Black Friday” shopping trip. (Yes, they are excited to set the alarm for the wee hours of the morning (or night). And they return with some great deals. So I can understand the excitement of a Black Friday. (After all- I fish, so I am familiar with getting up early. Finding just the right spot and catching the elusive “big fish.”)

However, there has to be a better way than the system that we currently have..??

Bad day for Pirates

Thank God someone is actually going to try and stop the Somali Pirates. (Instead of waiting for America to do it.)

LINK: Germany to send troops to stop the pirates

Where the heck is VP Joe Biden..??

LINK: Where the hell is Joe Biden

One more for the road

We have planned to do a post about President Bush, sometime in the near future.

However, The Huffington Post has a current discussion on the topic of our 43 President stepping down.

As you can imagine, the liberal readers are ready for their big scoop of “hopey- change” right now.

LINK: I’m mad as hell, and I am (going to complain about it.)

He shoots, he scores..!!

Al Franken, ready to sue his way to the senate.

LINK: I was in the right place, but it musta been the wrong time.

Rosie palms..??

Rosie bombs.

Did anyone watch Rosie’s live Thanksgiving gala spectacular super special NBC event..??

Was anyone looking forward to it..?? (Besides NBC..??)

LINK: Everything is looking “Rosie” for NBC

India- Under Attack

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Terrorists hit New York City


After descending 30 stairs down into the earth below, you walk through a very long tunnel. On both sides of you are empty store front windows, businesses- that went out of business years ago.

On the left of you, a woman is lying on the ground and is partially blanketed with a newspaper. She yells out at the crowd: “Yea, I’m F**ked up. But crack is what f**ked me up. You folks are REALLY f**ked up. You can’t blame crack..”

Other than a quick glance or a chuckle, people pass by this woman without paying her much attention.

As you near the hub of NY Cities Penn Station, you hear several people in front of you say: “Oh crap..!!”

“Oh crap” is never a good thing to hear. It means something has gone terribly wrong.

Of the two subway ticket machines, one is out of order and the other has a very long line. You look at your watch: “We could make it if this line moves quickly, but it is going to be close..”

The line isn’t moving quickly..!!

At the front of the line is a group of tourists who do not speak English and they are having trouble with the ticket machine. Some locals try to help these people but it is taking valuable time. People are offering money to these foreigners, who are digging through their pockets for change.

Just then, you hear gunshots.

Some people around you instinctively hit the deck. Gentlemen in business suits are hugging the ground. It takes you several seconds to realize what is happening. As you turn you can plainly see 4 men with automatic weapons, (AK-47’s pop into your mind.) These men are spraying the crowd with bullets. It is completely and effectively random. They are just turning and shooting everyone in sight.

You lunge to the ground.

“Why would a person do this..??”


Your mind clicks into defensive mode: “I have no weapons.”

Your only defense is to lay on the ground and pretend that you are dead.

The shooting stops.

In the background you can hear a woman screaming: “Why.. Why..”

That is the question that everyone is asking.




Just hours before a full scale assault by terrorists on Mumbai, India; the American FBI and Homeland Security issued an alert that “something” could happen in New York City, (Penn Station in particular) and security was tightened up in the NY subway system.

Luckily for us, this attack isn’t taking place on American soil. (As I illustrated in the story above.)

But, that is no comfort to the people of India who are under assault as I write this.

These terrorists were targeting places that “Western travelers” frequent: restaurants and hotels.

At the Taj Hotel, the terrorists took hostage anyone with an American or British passport.



When these terrorists attack only Indian people, it makes news in India and Pakistan, but not much further.

However, by targeting American and British tourists, it becomes international and makes WORLD News.

And this is what these terrorists were looking for: World Attention.

(They seem to be getting world attention. CNN covered this story all night. The BBC is completely focused on it.)

With about 10 different- “timed” attacks, terrorists attacked a Mumbai police station, a railroad station, several restaurants, a hospital (that is sick: attacking a hospital??) And several hotels including the century old Taj Hotel. (Which is on fire at the moment.)

At the time of writing this- (10 am, Thursday) 125 people have been killed. 327 injured (including 3 Americans.)

Some are claiming that this ISN’T the work of al Qaeda because of the way it was carried out: guns and grenades, no suicide bombers. Some claim that this is a product of the ongoing fight between Pakistan and India. (Possibly the India Mujahideen.)

However, al Qaeda does change its tactics. All of the terrorists on this attack knew they would not survive. In a sense, these were suicide attacks. And the attacks were aimed at Western Tourists in the heart of India’s financial district.

This attack does remind a person of the assault on Western targets in Bali (2002) when al Qaeda blew up several restaurants and clubs. Lets face it, al Qaeda would benefit from having the feud elevated between Pakistan and India. (And we all know that al Qaeda and the Taliban have a stronghold in Pakistan.

It’s too early for me to say that it was al Qaeda who masterminded this assault on Mumbai, India. But I wouldn’t rule it out.

Remember: India recently blew up a pirate ship off the coast of Somalia. Radical Islam could be retaliating for that. If that is the case, then anything is possible.

India has captured several of these terrorists and we should learn more about: “Deccan Mujahideen,” the group claiming responsibility for this attack on India.

On this Thanksgiving, I am very thankful that my opening story- (Terrorists attack Penn Station) DIDN’T take place here on American soil. (But unfortunately, it did happened somewhere: India.)

If I had a Thanksgiving wish, it would be that other nations joined with Britain and America and helped round up these terrorists and end this modern “Holy jihad War.”

Because these terrorists are not going away on their own.

Pretending that terrorism isn’t real, is not a fix to this problem.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

Bail-baby-Bail (Bailout fever)

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Bailout Fever (bail baby bail)



Citi Bank- come on down


You are the next contestant on:
“Your price is right”






After the BIG three US auto makers ran into a little trouble with their bailouts, Citi Bank becomes the next in line to suck the blood of the tax payers.

Here at “The Angry Republican”, we wanted to get inside the minds of these companies, and what it takes to ask congress for YOUR tax money.

So, here is one of the bigger share holders of Citi Bank, a reletively unknown company called:

 Corporate Receivers of Amalgamated Poisonous Petroleum.

C.R.A.P.P. -is what they like to be called.

Their motto is:

 “Helping you lurch forward, while stepping into a big pile of the future..!!”

Here is what CRAPP had to say about the CITI Bank bailout:


We prefer to NOT call it a “bailout.”

We prefer the term- “Happy Check.”

See, without this “happy check”, tons of people will be laid off. Which means they would spend one year on unemployment, where they would be paid cash- money to hunt, spend time with their families, fish, play golf, and look for a job.

This is a SAD prospect for any American..!!

However, with this “happy check” (bailout), people can feel confidant that they STILL have a job with a company that is on the verge of bankruptcy. A company that could collapse any day.

Plus, with this happy check; none of us top CEO people will have to leave, or even lower our salary.

This “happy check” from you tax payers is the RIGHT solution. And best of all, you will never feel any of the pain. (Because your children and grandchildren will actually pay all this money back. By then, you will be taking a permanent dirt nap.)

Michael Jackson


The “Cat” is out of the bag.

Could this be the new FACE of Islam..??


Michael Jackson is following in the footsteps of another famous (and reclusive) singing star.

Jackson is converting to Islam, just as Yousef Islam did a few years ago. (Cat Stevens)

Maybe what Michael Jackson needs right now is religion? (Any religion.) I have always worried that Jackson was heading for self- destruction, and possible suicide. Religion could possible straighten Jackson out? (No pun intended.)

LINK: Jacko goes backo- Islam for me

But if Michael Jackson is looking for a comeback in popular music, Islam might not be his best choice.

(They shy away from crotch grabbing, sexy women, and most everything that popular culture stands for.)

Just look at the life of Cat Stevens before and after Islam:

1970’s era Cat Stevens

Modern Yousef Islam (Cat Stevens)

Uuuumm… Though I fight for religion in my blog because I feel people need to have faith. And, of course, America stands for religious freedom.

The transformation of Cat Stevens; a cutting edge song writer who could describe human emotions better than most, into a “mouth piece” for an Islam leader…

I’m sorry, it is just a waste of talent. (Leave politics to the politicians.) God, (of any religion) gives certain people great gifts. Cat Stevens has a gift and I miss it.

Today, Yousef Islam is very popular amongst Islamic African cultures and maybe that is Michael Jackson’s calling.

Who the hell am I to denounce that calling..??

Just some little blog writer in America that misses the old Cat Stevens.

 Take the Al Frankin challenge

Al Frankin believes that this voter wanted to vote for him in the Minnesota Senate race.

The Frankin team believes that the voter underlined his “correct” choice.

What do you think?


LINK: More goofy ballots from Minnesota




 Famous Hooker speaks out

Ashley Dupre claims she had no idea that Spitzer was a married governor.

LINK: Hooker wasn’t happy


The Former New York Governor also speaks out


One more from Yousef Islam (Cat Stevens)

Bailout fever continues



The End of Talk Radio?

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The END of Talk Radio

Could “localism” be the way liberals destroy free speech..??

Localism would require no new laws passed or drafted. On a local level, grass roots liberals could attack each radio station- one by one.

Conservatives may have to apply the same amount of to off-set this localism.

LINK: Obama killed the radio star




Hillary- New Secretary of State


The source is not the greatest…

None of the BIG media types are reporting it yet.

The Drudge Report has a developing link on it.

But the word is that Hillary WILL except the job of Secretary of State. (7:30pm Monday)

I’m not really sure how I feel about it?

Some conservatives believe she might be tougher on terrorism than Obama.

However, I have seen Hillary change her mind on BIG issues, so I am not banking on that.

Liberals that I have talked to seem happy that Hillary might join, (even though Hillary brings NO change to the Obama White House..??)

What do you think about a Hillary and Obama team..??

LINK: Hillary says YES

Obama- Loves that CRACK


Barack Obama- on crack


Some people love crack so much that they want to show other people that they, indeed: have crack.


President “elect” Barack Obama doesn’t seem to mind “crack.”


If fact, Barack Obama wants to change the law, once he is in charge, which would allow people to show off their “crack.”

Of course, we are talking about- “Ass Crack.”

The State of Florida is famous for adopting a “Saggy Pants” law which gives fines, or even arrests; someone who’s pants hang too low off their waste. Other cities and states have followed suit with Florida in adopting a “saggy pants” law.

In an interview, Barack Obama claims that these laws are a waste of time and he doesn’t plan on creating a “department of Homeland fashion police.”

This is what Barack Obama had to say:

“Here is my attitude: I think people passing a law against people wearing sagging pants is a waste of time. We should be focused on creating jobs, improving our schools, health care, dealing with the war in Iraq, and anybody, any public official, that is worrying about sagging pants probably needs to spend some time focusing on real problems out there. Having said that, brothers should pull up their pants. You are walking by your mother, your grandmother, your underwear is showing. What’s wrong with that? Come on. There are some issues that we face, that you don’t have to pass a law, but that doesn’t mean folks can’t have some sense and some respect for other people and, you know, some people might not want to see your underwear – I’m one of them.”

LINK: Here is the full story of Obama and Crack

You can also, at this site, find some very strange pictures of people and their “Crack.”

(Not recommended for young children and people who puke easy.)

Clinton in the “House?”


It looks as though Hillary Clinton is being considered for a cabinet position in Obama’s administration- Secretary of State?

Of the 40 some cabinet positions filled so far, 31 are former Clinton staffers. Which has conservatives and some democrats asking: “Where is the CHANGE..??”

However, Obama supporters claim that Barack- himself, is the change. You must have experienced people on your staff.

How do you feel about Hillary joining Obama?


“Blacklists”- in a FREE country..??



If you thought that Blacklists were a thing of the past, (1940’s and 50’s) you would be wrong.

What was a tool of the past to find out who was a communist, today is being used to find out who wants to stop gay marriage. Anyone who has helped or given donations to stop gay marriage; appear on this list and can be protested by supporters of gay rights.

As one recent American immigrant comments, in the video below-

“Blacklists are something done in communistic countries. They should not be found in America.”

Even some supporters of gay marriage are taken back by these blacklists.

LINK: If the video didn’t appear above, click this link.




President Elect Barack Obama is being advised by the CIA and British Intellagence to watch out for an early terrorist attack during his first fews months in office.

It is good to warn Obama now, because Barack failed to realize his first encounter with a terrorist.


LINK: Updating Obama on terrorism

About 7 months ago, we wrote an editorial on this topic:



In this editorial, we list things that we can watch out for. There has been a pattern of terrorist attacks on Americans during a new president.

LINK: The next terrorist attack on America

“Terrorists attack the new American President”

Obama is told: Heads up.

Welcome to the wonderful world of “Blacklists.”

Do you like “crack.”

Obama will fix your backside


Obama is going to help you out..!!

He is going to fix everything that is wrong in your life.

If your backside is hurting you, or you are not sure how to pay your bills, Obama is going to help you..!!



Except, if you are related to Obama. Then you are screwed



Obama’s poor aunt: Zeituni Onyango, is getting no help from her nephew- Barack Obama.

In a cold, non-personal fashion, Obama made the statement that the authorities should do what is necessary: (Ship her out of the US.)

The only thing this poor old woman did was donate $260 bucks to Obama’s campaign. (Oh, and she would like to be an American.)

You would think that a multi- millionaire like Obama could do something for his aunt? Maybe get her a little house in Canada until her US situation could be resolved..??

But I digress…


This shouldn’t concern you, because Obama said he was going to help you.

And, you are the most important thing.


Poor actress Jane Fonda is a “bundle of nerves.” She couldn’t sleep at all and is crying all last night. She said that her “back” is ailing.

I believe that Obama can help Jane Fonda’s backside..!!


“Fear of flying” author- Erica Jong is also having “backside” problems. Erica said this:

“My back is suffering from spasms, so much so that I had to see an acupuncturist and get prescriptions for Valium.”

Erica has backside problems and went on to say:

“If Obama loses it will spark the second American Civil War. Blood will run in the streets, believe me. And it’s not a coincidence that President Bush recalled soldiers from Iraq for Dick Cheney to lead against American citizens in the streets.”

“Bush has transformed America into a police state, from torture to the imprisonment of reporters (sic), to the Patriot Act.”

This sounds like scary stuff..!!

Two famous celebrities are having problems with their backsides.


But you need not worry about this. Obama will fix their backsides.

LINK: Hollywood has backside problems.


95% of you will get help from Obama. He will tax the hell out of your employer and take that money and give it to you. You can expect that money to arrive in your mailbox any day.

Except, of course, if you are Obama’s brother.

If you are Obama’s brother, you must live in a shack and survive on a dollar a month.

How will Obama’s brother spend his dollar this month? Maybe he could buy a potato..??


(I sort of remember Obama saying something like: “We are our brother’s keepers.”)

Maybe he wasn’t speaking about HIS brother?


But you need not worry about this, because Obama said he would help you. If your backside is hurting, Obama will fix it.


And you are the most important thing in the world..!!

We MUST make sure that you are OK.

Barack Obama’s brother will be fine. He has survived on a dollar a month for quite a while now, so what is a little longer?

This doesn’t concern you because you are not related to Obama. Barack doesn’t know you at all, and he is going to help you.

Obama will help you just the way that he helped all those people in Chicago. They are much better off today. Chicago has to be one of the TOP cities in America after Obama fixed everything.

(I wouldn’t check that, if I were you.)


But if you want to check out where Obama’s Chicago stands, click here-

LINK: Where the HELL is Chicago..??

Chicago doesn’t fall into the Top 150 American cities with job growth, wage, salary, and technology growth.

Hell, Pittsburgh does, New Orleans does, LA, Miami, Dallas, New York- all are in the Top 150. But Obama’s Chicago is no where to be found in the Top 150.

OK- so maybe Obama, with his community organization, did nothing for Chicago. But maybe he will fix your community?

Besides, you do not live in Chicago, so you shouldn’t worry. Obama is going to help you. (He said so..!!)

Barack Obama said that he will help America’s energy problem. He will find ways to get us off of foreign oil.

Obama has a plan…

Obama said he will bankrupt American coal producers by taxing them with a HUGE “greenhouse gas” penalty. So BIG that they will go bankrupt. Since 45% of American homes receive electricity by way of coal burning power plants, half of America will be left with no power. Or really, really expensive electric bills.

This will help us get off of foreign oil because…

(Well, I’m not really sure how it will help..??)

But you need not worry about that because you do not live in a state that uses coal for power. You do not have family members who work for the coal industry.

And most important, you are not related to Obama, and you do not live in Obama’s Chicago.

So in conclusion…

Obama is going to help you out.

He will fix everything that is wrong in your life. Because you are the most important thing in this world.

Provided, of course, that you are NOT related to Obama, (those poor bastards get nothing.) Also, you cannot live in a state that uses coal, you will be screwed. And if you own a business, you are in trouble. And you cannot live in any city that Obama tried to help in the past.

However, you should have nothing to worry about because Obama said he will help you.

Obama will fix everything in your life.

Obama said so..!!

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

(PS)- I have not been blogging much in recent days because my state of Pennsylvania is so close to a McCain victory, I am personally trying to talk to as many undecided PA voters as I can. I think I have a few folks voting for McCain.

It’s not hard to do, here in PA. From Obama’s HUGE tax on coal, Obama and Murtha calling people in Pennsylvania “bitter”, rednecks, racists, and such- well, it isn’t hard to convince people that Obama doesn’t care about this state.

I truly believe my state of Pennsylvania will vote for McCain.

I have been reading your blogs and every conservative blogger is doing a GREAT job of doing what the media is not:

Showing that Barack Obama isn’t what he claims to be.

McCain will win this election..!!

All we have to do is vote..!!

Before you vote, think about this

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Before you vote, think about this

Before you walk into that voting booth and pull the lever for Barack Obama, consider this:

Voting booths no longer have “levers.” What the hell are you grabbing and pulling..??

Obama said that he was going to raise taxes on “those rich people,” Obama said that YOU have nothing to worry about, because Obama said that people who make less than $300,000 will not have taxes raised.

However, during the debates, Obama lowered that figure to $250,000.

Obama lowered it again recently, to $200,000.

But we are not finished…


VP Joe Biden lowered the figure to $150,000 per year, and Gov. Bill Richardson lowered it even more to $120,000. (Of course, you have heard all about this.)

OK, you might say that Biden and Richardson have no authority to lower Obama’s figures.

Barack Obama only lowered the figure by $100,000 bucks. Biden and Richardson have no power to lower it $80,000 more.

However, Obama may not be able to stop it.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have said that they want to raise taxes on EVERYONE who makes $42,000 or more, and with Reid and Pelosi holding a two / thirds majority of government power, can Obama stop this?

Remember, Obama has voted to raise taxes on people making $42,000 in the past. (If we want to use a persons past record..??)

Your taxes will be raised with a president Obama. That is a fact.


Today, with sky high taxes, the average American works from January until April- just to pay their taxes.

In other words, when you go to work; the first 3 hours that you work, you never receive that money. The first 3 hours of an 8 hour day of work is paid to the government in the form of taxes. (Sales taxes, payroll, property taxes, SS taxes, State, Local taxes, etc..)

Who the hell would vote for higher taxes..??


Barack Obama’s response to the higher tax argument has been: “Well, it is time to pitch in. We cannot make ‘selfishness’ a virtue.”


“Selfishness a virtue”…??

Calling a person who fights for lower taxes- “selfish”, is slapping the founding fathers in the face.


Today, you are taxed at a HIGHER rate, than the colonist were taxed, when they started the revolution against the British.

Never, never, ever- vote for higher taxes..!!


The answer is to spend less.

Who has a record of “spending less”..??

John McCain who served for decades fighting earmarks? Or Barack Obama who is outspending McCain in this presidential race by two to one.

Obama- who spent $700,000 bucks on staging, sound, and lighting for his appearance in Germany? Obama- who spent a million dollars to have Greek Columns during his convention?

Let’s face it, Obama looks good and he can make a great speech…

But, raising taxes in a bad economy is a very stupid idea.


Before you walk into that voting booth and vote for Barack Obama, consider this:

There are no voting booths anymore. You may have entered the “broom closet.” Turn around and ask someone “where am I”..??

For me, the scariest thing about an Obama Presidency, is the way that people forgive anything that Obama has done. People forgive anything that democrats have done, for Obama.

I’m not sure if it is a “race” thing or not?

Some people are so afraid that- because Obama is Black, they cannot say anything negative about Obama’s life, so they give it a pass.

For example: I listened for YEARS as liberal bloggers warned that the Patriot Act will destroy your privacy.

Yet, these same bloggers have no problem with an Ohio government worker using State computers to “leak” Joe the plumbers secret files.

These liberal bloggers are still around here. Where is the outrage..??

“This was a rouge Ohio worker, it had nothing to do with Obama..”

Oh yes it does..!!

This was a democrat, who happened to work for the Ohio government, who thought they could help out Obama by showing that Joe the plumber (may) not be sincere.

This is my point..!!


It is what people are willing to (cover up) and over look- in the name of Obama.

The “hacker” who got into Sarah Palin’s e-mail account is another example:

“It was just some stupid kid who was doing the hacker thing, it had nothing to do with Obama..”

It has EVERYTHING to do with Obama..!!


It is another example of what people are willing to do, for Obama.

But worse yet…

It is an example of a large population of Americans that are willing to drop their morals, pretend that they do not care, in order to get Barack Obama elected.


Need I even mention ACORN, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Reverend Wright and the likes..??

In my life, I have never seen a cover- up that is this HUGE. Millions of Americans that are willing to say: “Obama has nothing to do with this stuff..”

Obama has EVERYTHING to do with it, because people are doing this stuff in his name.


Before you hop on the Obama train, consider this:

Obama doesn’t have a train. He has jets and busses.

If you are on some kind of train, you may want to get off at the next stop.

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and he had a tape of Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose. In this tape; Brokaw and Rose talk about how they “do not know much about Barack Obama.” Each claim they have read Obama’s books, and yet- they are not sure where Obama stands on foreign policy. Brokaw and Rose conclude that they just do not “know” enough about Obama.

How can two people in the media, (who we charge with the duty of finding out information) claim they do not know enough about a possible president, and yet plan to vote for him anyway..??


Hey, everyone likes a great mystery. The best thrillers never reveal everything about the main actors until the end of the story.


If we were writing a book, Barack Obama would make an interesting study.

However, is this any way to pick a president..??

When veteran Newsman Tom Brokaw admits that he “doesn’t know enough about Obama”, this worries me.

Does anyone really know Barack Obama..??

We cannot question his past relations because some are in jail, others will not talk to the press.

We cannot question Obama’s family because many are in such poverty that they are off- limits to the press. (Some of Obama’s reletives are here in America illegally.)

Who can Tom Brokaw interview to find out “who Obama really is..??”

Willaim Ayers..??

Local politicians in Chicago..?? (Some are in jail or waiting on trials.)

Reverend Wright..?? (He isn’t talking.)

Who can we ask..??

Obama isn’t even talking about his past.

If you ask him a question about his past, you will be thrown off his plane, or banished from future interviews. (Or worse yet, investigated by government workers, like Joe the plumber.)

I really hope people will THINK before voting this time.

We just cannot raise taxes on ANYONE in this economy. Higher taxes will cause companies to lay off workers and raise the price of goods.

We are so close to winning the War in Iraq. October was the most peaceful month in the Iraq War and the end is near. This is not the time to advertise that you are leaving Iraq, like Obama would. You must quietly pull some troops out while maintaining this peace.

Face it, Barack Obama will run again in four years. He has said so. Maybe the four years off will give Obama time to redefine his policies and tell Tom Brokaw (and all of us) who he really is.

For the time we live in today, John McCain is the right choice. He has the military experience to deal with the wars we are involved in. The experience to deal with future threats. (And our enemies understand that.)

John McCain understands that raising taxes on anyone right now is a bad idea. (Obama doesn’t understand this.)

Furthermore, John McCain understands that the answer is to lower government spending.

Obama wants to add a trillion dollars of new spending. Obama claims he can find that money by cutting other spending.

Ask Obama what he plans on cutting to find a trillion dollars..??

(Maybe you will have better luck asking Obama?)

Because anyone else who asks Obama about his tax plan, gets thrown off Obama’s plane. Or worse yet, get his personal records broadcast all over the media.


Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic


Obama say- Take the day off

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Obama says- take the day off of work


In a stunning move that shocked the news media and a baby chimpanzee in Bangkok:

Barack Obama tells Americans to: “Take the day off..”

Barack Obama tells Americans to: “Take the day off..”

That’s right..!!

Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama wants you to skip school and do not show up for work..!!

In a brilliant sign of fore-sight, Obama suggests that you tell your teacher and / or boss FIRST, before you take the day off. (Phew.. Dodged a bullet there..!!)

Many Americans do not know what it is like to have an “entire” day off, so here at The Angry Republican; we thought we would give you suggestions on how to fill this “Obama Holiday” off from work and school.

Now, we: (at The Angry Republican) are in the same boat as you: (the working Americans)- we work from January until May- JUST TO PAY THE TAXES that are owed to the government, by all of us Americans. Then, the remaining 7 months, we work to pay our bills, buy food, and buy Chinese made crap at Wal-Mart.

So what we had to do, to write this editorial, was ask people on Welfare; “what can a person do all day, when they are not at work or school..??”

So, here is that list:

Things that you can do on your- “Obama Holiday” off from work and school.

Sleep until noon.

Eat a bowl of Fruitti Flakes and go back to bed.

Call up your friends to see which one has some weed.

Go out to the mailbox and see if the Welfare check has arrived.

Trade your food stamp money, (50 cents on the dollar, of course) to someone for- “beer money.”

Go vote for Barack Obama.

Now- if you live in Ohio, you can vote for Obama more then just one time.

In Ohio, a judge (US District Judge Edmund Sargus) has ruled that you can list a “park bench” as your residence. A “refrigerator box” could also be use to get a extra Obama vote.

So now, you no longer have to prove who you are to vote for Obama..!!

Just pick a name and tell the poll worker that you live in a Citco gas station rest room. (Hugo Chavez owns that place, so you are safe.)

However, do not use crappy names like John Doe or Mary Smith. All of your fellow friends from ACORN will be using those names to vote for Obama.

You have the whole day off…

Come up with some really “cool” names that will make the poll workers laugh. (After you leave, of course.)

Here is a list of “cool” names that you can use to vote for Obama.

Jack Meoff- (home) dumpster

Sally Gaylicker- (home) cardboard box

Leena Wayback- (home) alley

Mickey Mouse- (home) trash can (note) this name might already be used?

Barry Fartenhiemer (home) under a urinal

Tina Easylay (home) not sure, some guy’s house

Barack Obama suggests that you take a day off from work and school, to beg people to vote for him.

I think this is a great idea..!!

For if Obama wins this election, and Obama taxes the hell out of small business, being out of work may become a part of your life, and you will need practice on how to fill your day.

If Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid raise taxes on folks making $40,000 or more, you will have to learn how to “do less, with less money.”

So taking a day off from work and school is a great way to practice being “broke, and out of work.”

Obama suggests that on your “Obama Holiday” off of work and school, that you should knock on peoples doors and call up strangers.

This is also a great idea..!!

It will prepare you for all the job interviews that you will have to make, when Barack Obama, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi raise taxes on small business- in a bad economy.

Really, when it is all said and done, I have no problem with liberals and democrats taking a day off of work and school to honor Barack Obama. After all, Barack is the liberal’s great leader; the “chosen one” and the least that liberals could do is have a day to honor their “most highest.”

So, democrats, take that day off and honor your comrade in this struggle.

We conservatives will keep the company (and the country) running without you.

If I could, I would take the day off with you.

But I can not.

With my job, there is only a couple of people who could fill in for me, and it would be terribly unfair to burden these people for the “Obama Holiday” off from work.

However, liberals- you go ahead and have your “Obama Holiday.”

Go ahead and call up people and beg them to vote for Obama.

Knock on as many doors as you can and plead for anyone to vote for Obama.

Don’t give a second thought about the country, while you are “begging” for Obama.

We conservatives will keep it running.

Besides, “begging” is something that you will need to learn how to do, if Obama is elected.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

Coming this weekend:

Will Barack Obama copy John Kerry’s loss..??



McCain- too old, Kennedy just right

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At age 71, John McCain is FAR too old to run for the office of president.


What if McCain’s mind isn’t sharp..??

McCain would have to make all kinds of serious executive decisions.

And what if he dies..??

We just cannot have this..!!


However, I see nothing wrong with the 76 year old Ted Kennedy, lying in a hospital bed with a brain tumor, recovering from dangerous brain cancer surgery; Writing our national health care system plan.

See, health care is something that Kennedy calls his “life work.”

We all know that McCain has never talked about being president before..!! This was just a whim..! Not anything that McCain has given serious thought about before.

Besides, brain cancer isn’t going to effect a person’s thoughts.

Yes, I can see the irony in my acceptance of a 76 year old man, who has a brain tumor, writing the national health care plan. Yet, not trusting a 71 year old man, who’s medical records show is healthy, with the same responsibility.

Let me explain it this way: age 76 is a time of great wisdom, filled with hard lesson taught from life. Kennedy is a hero.

However; age 71 is just plan OLD. McCain cannot be trusted. He should be tossed aside and not listened to.

Besides, National Health Care is a small thing, like Social Security and Welfare. You rarely hear about those others two government programs and National Health Care will be around for all eternity. It’s no big deal..!!

However, a president John McCain will be around for 4 years. We cannot have that..!!

There is no other way around it:

The healthy 71 year old John McCain is way too old to be involved in government decisions.

But the 76 year old, brain cancer survivor Ted Kennedy is just the right age to make important government decisions.

Just face it folks…

Republicans have no respect..!!


It is terrible how these republicans tear down people.


While we are on the subject, I think it is terrible how people called Michelle Obama “mean.”

Can you believe that people actually said that Michelle Obama wasn’t “proud” of her country..??

Just because Michelle said: “Today is the first day that I am proud of my country”, doesn’t mean that she wasn’t proud of her country in the past..!!

It just means that TODAY was the “first” day that she WAS proud. You are reading too much into it.

I wish people would treat these women in politics with a little more respect. They are mothers, for God’s sake. Show some respect..!!

I could see if the criticism was deserved, than maybe. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism.

Like that Sarah Palin chick…

When I say that Sarah Palin is a stupid, ignorant, dumb bitch. I mean that in a constructive way.

These are things that Sarah Palin could change, (if she wasn’t so White and a republican.)

That is why my advice for Sarah Palin- (Quit being so stupid), is constructive.

However, the mean- terrible attacks on Michelle Obama by the mean- terrible republicans, (asking if Michelle is proud of America?) These attacks are down right dishonest.

We need to bring politics to a higher level.

Republicans have to learn respect for the individual..!! A democrat would never attack an American for using his “free speech rights.”

Democrats would never dive into someone’s past to destroy them.

Because democrats work above board. They are honest, and transparent.

It’s like this voter fraud stuff…

Republicans have the nerve to suggest that every voter have some kind of ID card. (To prove that they are American.) They claim that you need photo ID to buy beer and cigarettes so you should have photo ID to elect a person to the highest office in America.

That’s a load of crap..!!

How the hell are stupid people, the criminally insane, and illegal aliens supposed to get ID cards..?? You can’t do it. Unless you have $100 bucks and know a guy named Bubba. (He’s the one with an ACORN button on.)

Every American has the RIGHT to vote..!! Even if you are not American.

Take ACORN for example,

To date, ACORN has registered 1.2 million people to vote this year. So what if 400,000 thousand names are Disney cartoons, Dallas football players, and people who do not show up on any record of any kind, anywhere in the known universe..??

That still leaves 800,000 thousand people who had no idea this was an election year, they didn’t know where the courthouse was, and were not able to print their name- because they do not understand “words”: these folks can now take part in picking the president of the United States.

(He is the guy that lives in the White House.)

Folks, this double standard in the media is REAL..!!

There are people out there that are trying to stop Barack Obama..!!

Even though we have The New York Times, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, (maybe FOX, ever since Hillary said that Fox was “fair”, we might have them.) We have Hollywood, every journalist who is working, and every teacher who is teaching…

Still- there are people who are trying to stop Barack Obama.

They are called- republicans



Best I can tell, there are two republicans in the world today.

Here is their picture.

But, take heart my friends, once democrats rule the world, we can re-instate the fairness doctrine and STOP these republicans from ever having a public voice again.

(Once people have to listen to 3 hours of Al Frankin, they will never wait around for Rush Limbaugh, and that will be the end of it.)

Mark my words, there will come a day when all Americans will speak with one voice, from one idea, all thinking alike, from inside one box.

Republicans will learn to be “nicer” and not try and be so damned “different.”

Well, you have to excuse me, I have to leave…

I just heard on the news that Sen. Kennedy HAS taken over Barack Obama’s Health care plan and Nancy Pelosi is about to take over Barack Obama’s tax increase plan.

I must report in and get my new marching orders. I need someone to tell me what to think about this.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic


The Angry Republic Video Broadcast number 17

“Racist, redneck bastards from Pennsylvania”

(Please note) In no way am I trying to make fun of Sen. Ted Kennedy. I am praying for him and hoping he recovers. He has given his life to public service and should be proud.

I am, however, making fun of people who claim McCain is too old. But they have no problem with Kennedy writing important government business.

Thanks for reading The Angry Republic

America’s Enemies- Testing Obama


(You mean that they are going to test Obama again..??)


Democratic VP pick: Sen. Joe Biden said:

“..Mark my words..”


Let me get my blue magic marker out and I will “mark Biden’s words”.

(Joe Biden said-)

“..It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did (Young) John Kennedy. The world is looking. We’re about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don’t remember anything else I said. Watch, we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy…”

Joe Biden went on to say that we shouldn’t worry because Barack Obama has metal in his backside.

(Or something like that..??)

Have you noticed that Joe (3 letter word: J-O-B-S) Biden is no where to be found today..??

Somebody please tell me if Joe Biden is really on Obama’s side? Because I am not sure if Obama REALLY wants to talk about “security” and terrorism..??

But I submit to you that Obama has already been tested…

And he failed all three times.

Test- (one)

Russia invades Georgia

Sen. Barack Obama took 3 days to figure out what his opinion on the matter was. At the time, Obama had 300 foreign consultants. (Remember, he had just done his “world tour.”)

Why the hell would it take 3 days..??

On day one- Obama claimed both sides needed to chill out. Cool down. “Da big freeze.”

On day two- Obama said Russia probably shouldn’t have done this. However, both sides needed a refreshing beverage called: “ice cold.”

On day three- Obama said that Russia was wrong and they should leave Georgia. (A position that McCain had reached 3 days earlier, the moment that McCain had heard about the invasion.)

Obama failed this test very badly. In today’s modern warfare, one day can be an eternity. Obama took 3 days.

Test- (two)

The American economy falls into the toilet;

Obama stays out on the campaign trail and tells Washington DC- “..Call me. If you need me to talk, or say some words, or stuff like that, give me a call..”

McCain, dropped his presidential campaign and headed to DC, to see if he could help. (Obama, by the way, ended up going to DC shortly after McCain arrived. Even though Obama said that he wasn’t.)

Test- (three)

When American troops win, admit it.

Obama, still- cannot admit that the surge in Iraq solved many of the problems in that country.

As (the republicans favorite democrat) Joe Biden says- “America’s enemies (are watching) and they are going to TEST Obama..”

Obama’s failure to admit a success, shows the enemy how weak he is.

Would General Patton overlook a winning battle strategy..??

Would George Washington “tone down” the cries of victory from his men..??

When the American military wins a battle, you must drop your stupid political ideology and give those fighting men and women credit..!!

Barack Obama has shown that he is a great campaigner.

However, he has never shown that he could be a great president.

Sen. Joe Biden has stated that the enemies of America WILL TEST Obama.

Obama has already been tested and he has failed.

(But, boy howdy, he makes a dam good speech.)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic



Are you “Moderately Confused..??”

The you MUST watch our video



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Obama- a special child


This situation with “Joe- the plumber” should scare the pants off of many Americans.

(And, while you are sitting there with no pants on, consider this…)

The liberal left has warned us about President Bush and the “VP Dick” having too much power. With the Patriot Act and warrant- less wire taps, the left said we are all in danger of losing our freedom of speech and privacy.

Yet, I have no faces to go with the liberal left’s claim


Not one person that has been destroyed by the Patriot Act, who was innocent of any crime.

However, this is NOT true with the power that the left has held for many years.

The power to destroy people in the media.

“Joe- the plumber” just asked a simple question.

For asking that question, “Joe- the plumber” MUST be destroyed. (In the media.)

I know more about Joe the plumber (who has only been in the spotlight for a few days) than I know about William Ayers, Tony Rezko, or Reverend Wright; The shady characters from Obama’s past who have been around for decades.

Is this the kind of president we want to elect..??


The kind that will send 30 lawyers to Alaska, with the intent to destroy Sarah Palin, BEFORE she can even open her mouth and speak to us..??

The kind of man that will destroy a local plumber, just because he asked a simple question..??

When we study history, we learn the hard lessons from Hitler. How he rose to power. Why people followed him.

I guess we always thought that the next socialistic leader would rise up behind a wall of “brown shirt wearing” men, carrying guns.

But who would have thought that the next socialistic leader would rise up behind a political correct curtain, protected NOT by men carrying guns. Protected instead by people carrying cameras, clipboards, and microphones.


When an American citizen cannot ask a simple question to a political candidate without having his tax records publicized, marriage situation broadcast, and life put under the microscope…

Folks, this is much more dangerous than I had thought.


Sen. Barack Obama is NOT Hitler. That is not what I am saying here. Hitler believed in power by force and Obama is somewhat anti- gun. I do not believe you will ever see a team of people wearing “brown shirts” and beating Americans over the heads with clubs, in the name of Obama.

However, I have seen it with my own eyes…

TEAM Obama has verbally RAPED Sarah Palin, and now are trying destroy Joe the plumber.

No sir, Obama is not Hilter.

But they do share some common ground.

Hitler believed in fascism. He wanted the government control of big business. Hitler controlled the masses by brutal force.

Obama believes in socialism. (His comment to Joe the plumber proves that- “Spread the wealth around..”) Obama wants control of big business by regulation and high taxation. Obama controls the masses by verbal force and politically correct destruction.

Matter of fact, as I write this- the city of Toledo, Ohio is attempting to shut down Joe the plumber on a technicality. To put Joe out of work.

Joe the plumber is all but destroyed today.


Any one else want to ask Barack Obama a question about his tax plan..??

This leads me to today’s editorial:

Obama- the “special” child.


Many conservatives already know what I am about to write.

However, I have a few liberals who read my site and I am writing this for you. I want to elaborate on how “special” Barack Obama really is.

I know that you are sick to death hearing about William Ayers, Tony Rezko, and Reverend Wright.

The republicans just need to move on to things that are important because Obama has already answered these charges months ago.

For this editorial, I am going to agree with you that Obama has answered these charges. (However, we shouldn’t move on.)

I am going to say that Obama didn’t know that Tony Rezko was a crook. That Obama didn’t understand that William Ayers was a terrorist. And that Obama didn’t comprehend that Rev. Wright was teaching hatred towards White people.

For this editorial, we will assume that- Obama didn’t understand. Obama didn’t know. Obama couldn’t comprehend.

OK, (liberal left) I am right there with you. We are on the same page.

How many of you folks have held political fund-raisers for a candidate AT YOUR HOUSE..??

I assume we all VOTE.

Some of us may send money to a political campaign.

However, very few of us actually open up our home and let people, from all over, enter our house. Some do this in an attempt to raise money for a political candidate.

This would have to be a very “special” political candidate for us to do that. To cook all that food. To provide the dishes and help to serve food to hundreds, maybe a thousand people.

You would have to REALLY believe in that political candidate to do something like that..!!

That is exactly what William Ayers did for Barack Obama.

William Ayers, who earlier in his life, tried to blow up a New York City police station, the Capital Building in DC, and others…

Ayers saw something in Obama and he knew he couldn’t stand on the sidelines. William Ayers had to help Barack Obama in any way he could.

As I said earlier, we cannot blame Obama for what Ayers did.

However, Ayers- a terrorist: really felt that Obama was a “special” child.


Pipe down people, keep in mind: Obama didn’t know. Obama couldn’t comprehend. Obama didn’t understand. Besides, it was a long time ago.

Moving along..


How any multi- millionaires come up to you and ask if they can help you buy your new home..??

I have never had that happen to me, and I am sure it doesn’t happen to many of us.

How many- “crooked”- slum lord millionaires, (who are now sitting in prison) ask if you would like a job? How many felons ask if they can help you with your “community organization” events..??

Do you have millionaires asking if they can help you in any way..??

This happened to Obama.


Tony Rezko, who is convicted of fraud and waiting sentencing, saw something in Barack Obama and knew that he had to step on board the “O” train.


But we cannot blame Obama. Because Obama didn’t know. Obama couldn’t comprehend. Obama didn’t understand. Besides, that was a long time ago and we need not talk about it.

ACORN- a voter registration group, who is making headlines today by registering “Mickey Mouse” and dead people to vote; ACORN seemed to know that they had a friend in Barack Obama.

When ACORN needed legal advice, the lawyer they sought out was Obama. For training it’s top vote getters, ACORN wanted Obama. (And got his help.)

When ACORN needed cash, they looked to Obama. And Obama helped out- to the tune of $800,000 dollars. (Your money, by the way. Money that you sent TEAM Obama to help him win this election.)

Obama was a “special” child, and ACORN saw this.

But we cannot blame Obama. Because Obama didn’t know. Obama couldn’t comprehend. Obama didn’t understand. Besides, this was a long time ago… (Whoops, sorry. This is happening today.)


Moving along-

A man like Reverend Wright personally knows hundreds of people. He could have been preaching to thousands on any given Sunday.

Rev. Wright taught his “Bible thumping” followers that America made the AIDS virus to kill Black people. And he taught “the faithful” that 9/11 happened because “America’s chickens came home to roost..”

Out of the hundreds of people that Rv. Wright comes in contact with, he saw something in Barack Obama. Wright knew Obama was a “special” child.

Wright took Obama under his wing. Converting Obama from the Muslim faith to Christianity. Marrying Michelle and Barack, and baptizing their two children. Helping Obama write his first book.

However, we cannot blame Barack Obama because Obama didn’t know. Obama couldn’t comprehend. Obama didn’t understand.


That is the defense of Barack Obama.

While groups of shady people danced in and out of Obama’s life:

William Ayers- A man who wanted to blow up US landmarks; Ayers saw something “special” in Obama.

Tony Rezko- a millionaire who sits in prison, convicted of fraud; saw something “special” in Obama.

Reverend Wright- who was teaching hatred of the White people, when Wright should have been teaching the Bible and forgiveness; he saw something “special” in Obama.

ACORN- a voter registration group that is under investigation in at least 11 states for voter registration fraud, always knew they could count on Obama.

Barack Obama is a “special” person.


For his greatest defense is:

Obama didn’t know. Obama couldn’t comprehend. Obama didn’t understand.


You are now asking me to vote for Barack Obama?

When Barack Obama meets a shady person in his life, he sometimes get involved with this crooked person. He doesn’t turn his back. He doesn’t walk away. Instead, Obama seems to wait until you find out about the connection.

Then, Obama claims that he didn’t know. He didn’t understand. He didn’t comprehend.

That’s not leadership, people. That is NOT new.

(That is 8 more years of what we already had. A man who didn’t know, couldn’t comprehend, and didn’t understand.)

I cannot vote for a person who: doesn’t know evil when he sees it.

A man who cannot comprehend fraud when it looks him in the eyes. (And buys the property next door to him.)

I cannot vote for a person who doesn’t respect the American way: freedom from a huge government. Liberty from high taxation. Freedom of speech.

Just ask Joe the plumber what it is like to quiz “The Great” Barack Obama on his policies.

Barack Obama is a “special” man, today.

For Barack Obama didn’t know, Obama couldn’t understand. Obama didn’t comprehend.


And you are about to give Barack Obama the most important job in America.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

Funny, is funny. I like funny..!!

If you haven’t had a chance to see John McCain and Barack Obama give their comedy speeches at Thursday’s benefit dinner in NY City, you should check them out.

With all this political fighting between the two parties, it was refreshing to watch Barack and McCain poke fun at themselves and each other.

Barack Obama

John McCain

Coming soon- “Vote for Obama, or die.”

Thanks for reading The Angry Republic


Columbus: Hero?

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Happy Columbus Day


With the 2008 election, Columbus Day has come around without a fuss. You wouldn’t even know today was a holiday. (Except for the banks being closed.)

However, I was reading a story from last year about a Columbus Day parade in Denver that was disrupted by protesters who claim Columbus was responsible for the killing and displacement of thousands of native Americans.

The protesters spilled fake blood and plastic baby doll parts (???) onto the street in front of the parade route.

Protesters also claim Columbus was a slave trader, and therefore we should not celebrate his arrival into the New World. Native Americans believe that Christopher Columbus is the cause of “White Men” coming to America and destroying the land that they knew.

I am kind of partial to Columbus. I, being an American whose grandfather came from Italy, would like to hold onto this national day. Some people, when they think of Italians, they think of the Mafia, Mussolini during WW2, and pizza. (Yes, there is that whole Roman Empire “thing”, but the technology obtained from the Roman Empire is overshadowed by the brutality of the day.)

So, Columbus was one Italian man who went exploring and found America. You can see the pride I might have in that..??


Maybe Columbus wasn’t the first. Maybe the Vikings found Canada long before Columbus sailed across the Atlantic. But the Vikings didn’t keep very good records.

That would make Columbus the first person to find the New World and actually write it down and tell people about it. (Still a source of pride.) Communication skills are important..!!

Today, as some American schools add a Muslim “foot bath” and a “Ramadan day”, I would like to see this one day- Columbus Day, continue on into the future.


Native Americans

who hate Columbus claim he “started it all.” Columbus’ discovery led to thousands of “white men” coming here and taking over.

That is not necessarily true.


Columbus may never had been granted ships and supplies to make this journey if it wasn’t for one thing..

Radical Islamic Muslims were trying to take over the world.


The year was 1453, Terrorist Muslims had taken over Egypt and Constantinople. These terrorists would kill anyone who ventured from West to East. (By land or by sea) Europeans had been able to trade goods with the East for hundreds of years. But now, with radical Islam controlling the trade routes and killing those who would not convert to Islam and pay tribute, European’s were being choked off on supplies.

This is the only reason Columbus found a backer, Spain, to fund his “wacky idea” of sailing around the earth.


So if Native Americans want to blame “the cause” of Columbus sailing to America, it would be more correct to say “the cause” was radical Islam trying to take over the world and kill people who didn’t convert to Islam. This forced white men to look for a different route.

(That is, if we want to spend time pointing fingers at each other on who is responsible for the United States and Native Wars. I believe Columbus would be way down on that list.)

Native Americans believe Columbus was a slave trader, and therefore we should not celebrate his journey.

Columbus traded goods by sea, all around Europe. He may have traded slaves as well. It was a terrible thing, but it was accepted in those days. Europeans had slaves. Muslims had slaves. Even a few of the founding fathers owned slaves. The good that these people accomplished can outweigh the evil practices that were common.

Let me put it another way…

Some Native American tribes believed it was OK to sell off your daughter to another family for land and horses. This was called (a type of) Marriage, but the daughter had no say in it. It was a type of slavery. Trading a human for horses and land.

I am sure today Native Americans do not believe it is OK to sell off a daughter. I do not degrade Native Americans for taking part in a practice that was legal hundreds of years ago.

After all, who knows what activity we take part in today, that will be judged “immoral” one hundred years from now? Hopefully, that future generation will see the good that we accomplished and not dwell on our ignorance.

Which brings us back to Columbus Day…


This modern culture that we live in seems to be obsessed with digging up dirt on someone to destroy his or her image. We do it with political figures and celebrities. We have also begun this character assassination on historical figures.

Is there a real human named “Santa Claus?” There never was an actual “Lady Liberty.” None the less, we hold these icons dear.

Beyond the human

Christopher Columbus, with all his failings, is the spirit of people who boarded wooden ships and sailed across the ocean, with only the wind for power. Defying the common belief that “it couldn’t be done..”


Columbus Day

is the celebration of exploration. Defying danger. Doing things that people believe cannot be done.

We forget sometimes, just how dangerous that journey was.


So I leave you with the words of Christopher Columbus.


The year was 1502

It was Columbus’ fourth journey to the New World. Of the 30 Spanish ships in the Governor’s fleet, 29 ships sank and over 500 men died at sea. Columbus’ ship survived. 1502 was a terrible year for hurricanes. Just a few months later, Columbus found himself in another hurricane.

Columbus wrote this passage in his journal:

“..For nine days I was as one lost, without hope of life. Eyes never beheld the sea so angry, so high, so covered with foam. The wind not only prevented our progress, but offered no opportunity to run behind any headland for shelter; hence we were forced to keep out in this bloody ocean, seething like a pot on a hot fire. Never did the sky look more terrible; for one whole day and night it blazed like a furnace, and the lightning broke with such violence that each time I wondered if it had carried off my spars and sails; the flashes came with such fury and frightfulness that we all thought that the ship would be blasted. All this time the water never ceased to fall from the sky; I do not say it rained, for it was like another deluge. The men were so worn out that they longed for death to end their dreadful suffering…”

Christopher Columbus- 1502

Sarah Palin- GUILTY (by association)


Sarah Palin- GUILTY (by association)

What would you do if you found out that a State Police Officer in your area was drinking beer- while on duty- in the state owned police car?

Would you call somebody..??

What would you do if you found out that this very same State Police Officer used a “taser” on his 10 year old step-son.

You would probably call authorities and report this, wouldn’t you?

This is exactly what Sarah Palin did.

In 2005, (then) Mayor Palin contacted Alaskan State Trooper Col. Julia Grimes to report these abuses.

Col. Grimes said that she couldn’t comment about the “said abuses” because a troopers privacy is protected by law.

Let’s review this info, shall we…

“A ten year old boy is the victim of a possible crime, however- the criminal’s rights are protected..??”

This is what Sarah Palin was told.

Which is what happens to many people who report a crime. (Not to mention, a crime committed by a COP.)

The Palin’s tried many times to get information on the investigation of State Trooper Mike Wooten, but were told that there may (or may not) be an on- going investigation. And the matter was confidential.

Being a small town mayor in the state of Alaska, there wasn’t much more that could be done to remove this police officer.


This wasn’t just a case of “he said, she said”.

Ohhh no..!!

The trooper in question (Mike Wooten) had been married to Sarah Palin’s sister. The Palin family had first hand knowledge of these crimes committed by Wooten AND THEY HAD WITNESSES THAT WERE READY TO TESTIFY in court.


No action was being taken on trooper Mike Wooten by the Alaskan State Police.



As you may already know, it is dam near impossible to charge a small town cop with a crime. Even if you have witnesses ready to testify in court.

Because of the inaction of the authorities to remove Mike Wooten, he was able to continue to abuse his power as a state trooper.

Wooten continued to get drunk in his patrol car, never was punished (at that time) for using a taser on his 10 year old step- son. Officer Wooten would head out into the Alaskan wilderness and illegally shoot animals that were out of season. And, if that were not enough, Wooten would use his patrol car for personal business.


But a funny thing happened…

Small town mayor Sarah Palin- became Governor Palin.

(Does this sound like a soap opera..??)

In the mean time, the internal investigation on trooper Mike Wooten concluded- he received a slap on the wrist and was allowed to continue to police the streets of Alaska.

(Oh, don’t leave yet folks, this is the story that just keeps getting better.)

Trooper Mike Wooten filed a workers compensation claim- in that, he hurt himself at work and couldn’t carry out his duties. He was just too sick to work.

So trooper Wooten was collecting taxpayer money, from the folks of Alaska, because he was too injured to patrol the Alaskan Highways.


Except, people began to see Mike Wooten buzzing around on a snowmobile.

I ask you: what would you do if you witnessed this..??

I believe that, being fine- up standing citizens, you would report this abuse of taxpayer money to the authorities.

This is exactly what some Alaskan people, including Todd Palin “First Dude” husband of Gov. Sarah Palin did.

They called up the local authorities to report that trooper Mike Wooten, who was too sick to work, was flying through town on a snowmobile.

All were told, including Todd Palin, that trooper Wooten had a doctors permission to use a snowmobile. (???)


Hold on a minute.

I need to comprehend this.

Trooper Mike Wooten was too sick to sit behind a desk at the police office- pushing papers, and therefore needed time off to recoup. HOWEVER, it was OK for him to ride a snowmobile..??

Folks, I have a certain amount of tolerance, but this IS ABUSE.


Clearly, at the top, people were protecting trooper Mike Wooten.

(Hey, where are you going? This story ain’t over yet.)

Gov, Sarah Palin and “First Dude” Todd decided to split forces and deal with this situation. (I use the term “First Dude” only because it pisses certain people off.)

Gov. Palin would focus on doing “government business”. Todd (First Dude) Palin would continue to call, e-mail, and visit anyone who would listen to him, about this crooked state trooper Mike Wooten.

When it became clear that authorities were covering up for this crooked police officer, Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan became the prime offender. For it was Monegan who could fire Wooten.

The Palin’s, not being stupid, realized that they shouldn’t just “fire” Walt Monegan because of his inaction in dealing with the crooked state trooper Wooten. But it was very easy to release Monegan because his budget conflicted with the Palin administration. (Something that happens all the time in many states.)

Walt Monegan, not being too happy about being let go, found willing authorities to launch an investigation of his firing by Gov. Palin.

To clear things up, even Gov. Palin wanted an investigation.

The lead member of the committee to investigate Gov. Palin was Stephen Branchflower.

The investigation began like a circus, with Democratic Senator Hollis French, who was overheard by several people- saying: “..Oh yes, there will be an October surprise for John McCain and Sarah Palin…” (Gee, we wouldn’t want too TAINT this committee, would we..??


Branchflower COULD NOT prove that Gov. Palin abused her power in the firing of Monegan.

Let me say this again, because there is a lot of mis-information going around out there.

Gov. Palin was found innocent of abusing her authority to fire Walt Monegan. Palin had every right to fire her former commissioner.

(So you might be asking yourself: “..If this commission found Sarah Palin NOT GUILTY of abuse of power in the firing of Monegan, why is the left making a big deal about this..??”)

Because, in a strange twist of judgement, (which will be appealed- so don’t get too happy) the commission found Todd Palin (First Dude) guilty of trying to pressure authorities into firing trooper Wooten.

The commission never said that Sarah Palin personally applied this “pressure.” However, because Todd (First Dude) and Sarah are husband and wife, Sarah is “guilty by association.”

Guilt by association…

I have heard that term somewhere before?


Guilt by association…


Oh, yea- The left..!! Obama. That’s right.

When we talk about Barack Obama and William Ayers, there is no “guilt by association”, because we cannot hold Obama countable for anything that Ayers has done.

When we talk about Obama giving ACORN $800,000 dollars. ACORN- a voter registration group that is currently racking up hundreds of fraudulent registrations charges, and Obama- we look the other way.

Obama cannot be held accountable for that, because that would be “guilt by association.”

And if Michelle Obama says anything crazy, like: “..this is the first time in my adult life that I has been proud of America..”, well folks- you can’t hold Obama responsible for what his wife said. That would be “guilt by association.”

However, that mean- book burning, God loving, abortion hating, Sarah Palin is guilty because her husband did something.

That bastard- Todd (First Dude) Palin- tried to get a crooked police officer fired.

And for that…

Sarah Palin IS “guilty- by association.”


Folks, I have seen a lot of “stuff” in my lifetime.

I witnessed millions of Americans claim that President Clinton was “justified” in lying to a grand jury.

Bill Clinton was justified in committing a crime BECAUSE- well, he got a blowjob.

“..It’s a freaking blowjob..” they said.

“..Everyone lies about sex..” they told me.

Bill Clinton is justified in breaking the law because he got some “sweet” oral sex.

However, Sarah Palin is NOT justified because she was only trying to get a crooked cop off the streets.

She tried to get this crooked cop removed* for YEARS- she used every legal channel afforded to her, by the State of Alaska.

And what exactly was Palin’s crime..??

Did the Palin’s kill somebody..?? Nope.

Did the Palin’s grab clubs and go bust up property and burn down Wooten house..?? Nope.

Did the Palin’s go and kick Wooten’s pet dog..?? Nope.


The Palin’s believed trooper Wooten shouldn’t be on the police force, so they continued to call up people and ask that Wooten be fired.

That’s it, folks..!!

That is THE BIG crime..!!


If this is an example of a “Palin” type crime…

(Calling up people and asking that a crook cop be removed.)

I will take that crime any day over the criminal activity committed by Obama and crew. ($800,000 in cash to ACORN- from Barack Obama. Barack’s association with a terrorist, William Ayers. Barack’s association with a convicted millionaire fraud-Rezko.)

Many on the left are not so bright..!!

(Or they haven’t really thought about this.)

You may NOT want to push this “guilt by association” stuff to far, because your whole defense of Obama has been- “you cannot have guilt by association.”

Besides, if the left thinks a conservative like myself will NOT vote for Palin because she tried to get a crooked cop off the streets, you would be wrong..!!

The Palin family’s determination to remove this crooked cop, make me want to vote for Sarah even more.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

Folk’s, if you only watch one video today, it should be this one.

“What is it like to be a Black Republican?”

Now, this second video is not so- MUST SEE, as the last one…

The 14th Angry Republican Video Broadcast

Sarah Palin must be stopped, because…

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Buckle up- next stop, socialism

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Slippery slope into socialism.

(By the title, you might think I am going to launch into an attack on Sen. Barack Obama.)

I wish I was..!!

Sen. John McCain’s foray into a government “buyout” of bad home owner mortgages scares the crap out of me.

Where did this plan come from..??

It was just thrown out there last night..??

The comments I am seeing are from people who are angry. (And they have a RIGHT to be angry.)

“..I pay on my mortgage. I have never missed a payment. The value of my house went down, like everyone else. But I am stuck paying a higher mortgage, while people who didn’t cut back on personal spending and try to pay their mortgage- will get a taxpayer bailout from the government, with McCain’s new plan…”

This is exactly what we conservatives worried about with a “McCain Presidency.”

That he would try and “cross the aisle”, offer MORE socialistic programs, and we would watch conservative principals slip away- again.

I need to say two things, at this point


I do not have a mortgage. My property is paid for. This is NOT sour grapes for me, personally. However, I have eyes and can see the problems with this government buyout of “troubled home loans.”

Also, I am not voting for Obama. I will vote for McCain.

I realize that this is the worst possible time to pick at John McCain, and we need not give ammunition to TEAM Obama.

But, if not now- when..??

Mr. McCain…

We conservative voters do not want Barack Obama..!!

And we sure as hell do not want “Obama lite.”

(Ok, I guess I am trying to speak for conservatives and I probably shouldn’t.)

I believe people are pissed off about rich financial companies getting tax bailouts and then throwing huge “spa” parties in LA that cost $400,000 bucks. It is sickening.

I believe McCain’s new plan to buyout troubled home loans- REWARDS those who screwed up. And punishes people who do the right thing and pay their bills.

If John McCain felt he had to prove who was the “bigger Santa Claus”, by giving out tax money; we will see if the polls show if this trick was a winner.

But I believe McCain needed to attack Obama on his judgement. By bringing up William Ayers, Reverend Wright, and Rezko.

McCain needed to push the fact that Obama wants to spend tax money in a bad economy. Obama wants to raise taxes.

We just didn’t see this.

Not last night.

I do not believe John McCain will slip much in the polls this week. He can correct his approach for next weeks debate.

I just do not believe McCain can win this election by being “Obama lite.”

He MUST offer the voter an alternative to Barack Obama.

Who won tonight’s debate?
( surveys)

We are NOT alone…

Today, we have many celebrities voicing their opinion on the 2008 election. Most seem to lean more for the liberal candidates.

Madonna has recently entered the campaign by stating that Sarah Palin is not welcome at her (Madonna’s) concerts. Madonna now allows Obama staffers to hand out fliers in front of her concerts.

Lindsay Lohan has given her opinion of Sarah Palin.

Is this something new in America..??

Famous people speaking out about politics..??

Somewhat, but not really.

In the heyday of TV and Radio, big Hollywood studios signed contracts with stars that restricted what the “star” could do in public.

For example, they had to dress respectable and NEVER talk about religion and politics in public.



Simple- studios realized that if a “star” talked about backing a particular political candidate, it would alienate half of the audience, which could lower box office ticket sales. Which loses money for the studio.

Today, celebrities do not have to sign contracts like that, and are free to speak out. (Which they do often, not always to their benefit.)

However, some notables DID speak out, with little concern for losing business.

Ernest Hemingway was one of those people.

The gifted writer and tortured soul was the exclamation point for the word- “Liberty!”

Hemingway lived life as he wanted.


Hemingway never went to college for journalism. Instead, he entered the career of writing at the bottom. A cub reporter for The Kansas City Star.

At the start of WW1, Hemingway tried to join the US Army, but was rejected because of poor eyesight. He joined the Red Cross as an ambulance driver, so he could be near the fighting- the Italian front.

He received wounds while trying to save fallen soldiers and was given the Silver Medal of Military Valor from the Italian government.

Hemingway also fought in WW2.

After the War, Hemingway went back to writing.

I would fill several blog pages trying to tell you all of his work. Here are but a few:

1926- The sun also rises

1929- A farewell to arms

1940- For whom the bell tolls

1952- The old man and the sea

Hemingway earned the Pulitzer Prize for “The old man and the sea”, and won a Nobel Prize in Literature.

Unfortunately, Ernest Hemingway was a terrible alcoholic. He drank to excess- often. After he survived two plane crashes in Africa, which left Hemingway “somewhat” unable to continue his writing career, he took his own life at the age of 61.

During his career, Hemingway did speak out about politics. (Oddly enough, depending on what you read- Hemingway is seen as a great American who loved liberty. While at the same time being a communistic sympathizer..??)

But here are a few of his beliefs:

“..A writer owes no allegiance to any government. If he is a GOOD writer, he will never like the government that he lives under..”

Hemingway said-

“…All the state has ever meant to me is unjust taxation. I believe in one thing: Liberty..”

Hemingway hated republicans in the twenties. He despised the “new deal democrats” of the thirties.

He never cared for liberals or conservatives.

The only political person Hemingway seemed to speak kindly of was a socialist named- Eugene Debs. (Hemingway didn’t like socialism- he liked Debs because the politician was in jail. But he seemed like an honest man.)

Hemingway got into a little trouble when he recited several lines from communist politicians in a favorable fashion.

This was somewhat unjust, Hemingway never wanted communism or socialism for America. He firmly believed in less government and liberty, above all.

Hemingway was never fazed by what people thought about his politics. He continued to drink like a fish and chase “loose” women for the rest of his life.


We are NOT alone.

Modern celebrities speaking out on politics…

That is nothing new for America.

(Though, I believe Ernest Hemingway may hold more intellectual weight, than say: Madonna or Lindsay Lohan.)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic



The son of state Rep. Mike Kernell (Democrat) has been charged by the FBI in connection with a probe into the hacking of personal e-mail of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin,

You might remember that David Kernell made this statement on a post at a blog sharing site:

“…I read though the (Palin’s) emails… ALL OF THEM… before I posted, and what I concluded was anticlimactic, there was nothing there, nothing incriminating, nothing that would derail her campaign as I had hoped, all I saw was personal stuff, some clerical stuff from when she was governor…. And pictures of her family..”

I have a post on this subject, if you are interested.

Hackergate- the new Watergate?


The LATEST- Angry Republic Video

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Could Obama enter the Pentagon?

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The gloves are coming off of both campaigns.

Sen. Obama is banking on the fact that you will be interested in learning MORE about the Keating 5 scandal, a case in which John McCain was found to be NOT guilty of any crime.

Some people might be interested in this slice of history.


Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin feel we need to know more about Obama’s past.

The question being asked around the Internet:

“Could Obama GET security clearance to enter certain sections of the Pentagon..??”

If we were talking about one shady member of Obama’s past- say his 20 year relationship with Reverend Wright, then you might be able to forgive something like that. We all make mistakes.

But when you add in the fact that Obama started his political career inside of known terrorist William Ayers house. Obama worked with Ayers on two different charity boards. (One of which, helped low income people get houses that they couldn’t afford and couldn’t pay back the loans.)

All and all, Barack Obama has ties to 17 radicals. (Many of which, I cannot talk about at this time.)

You have to ask yourself- “Why does Obama HIDE his past..?? Why can’t we find any papers authored by Obama while he was at Harvard?

2004- The media was touting that Sen. John Kerry would be the next president. He was ahead in the polls, it was a sure thing.

Except for a group of Vietnam Vets who began to speak out about Kerry’s military record.

Oh.. Yes, there is an October surprise in 2008.

For now, I leave you with this basic question-

“Could Barack Obama receive security clearance to enter the Pentagon..??”

ANSWER- I believe- No..!!

(That is, unless you folks vote him into the office of President.)

We are NOT alone

With the political gloves now coming off during this election, (Actually, I believe the gloves came off LONG ago when Obama’s cronies began to print up false stories about Sarah Palin banning books, or charging rape victims for “rape kits”, which never happened).

You might wonder if modern politics has reached a vomit inducing low point in American history?

If you are wondering that, you would be wrong.

Today, Barack Obama is trying to label John McCain: “the same as George Bush.”

John McCain is trying to label Obama as inexperienced and that he has ties to “shady people.”

Folks, we are NOT alone.

This 1832 political cartoon shows President Andrew Jackson as “KING JACKSON.”

(Being only a few decades past the War of 1812, labeling someone a KING was about as bad as calling them a terrorist.)

(The cartoon has President Jackson STANDING on The Constitution. That’s a LOW BLOW..!!)

Democratic President Jackson wanted to expand the role and powers of the president, and the opposing “Whig Party” ran with “King Jackson” as a political attack.

President Jackson had no problem expanding the powers of president. He did mostly what he wanted. This power continued through Democratic President Martin Van Buren’s term.

However, The Whig Party scaled back that power after holding the presidency for two terms following- Presidents Jackson and Van Buren terms.

We are NOT alone..!!

This political fighting has been going on since the beginning, and will continue way past our generation.

But back to 1800’s- Many presidents felt like 19th-century New York politician William “Boss” Tweed, who said:

“Stop them damn pictures…. I don’t care much about what the papers write about me. My constituents can’t read. But, damn it, they can see pictures.”

Moderately confused.?

Every election cycle, we always have a group of people who wish that there was a third party to vote for.

Looking back through American history, you can see that it has been (mostly) Democrat vs. Republican- since 1853 and President Franklin Pierce. (President – 14)

That’s a hell of a long time..!!

I too, found myself in the position of wanting a third party once and I tell this story often.

The year was 1988. Presidential candidate Bush (41) said he would never raise taxes.

However as president, he DID raise taxes.

Many of us conservatives, (millions of us in fact) decided we could not support Bush for his reelection run in 1992. Many of us had reservations about an agreement with Canada and Mexico, called- NAFTA. Both Bush and Clinton were for this plan.

So millions of us conservatives broke with the republican party and voted for Ross Perot.

The election results were as follows-

Ross Perot- 18.9% (19.7 million votes)

George Bush- 37.7% (39.1 million votes)

Bill Clinton- 43% (44.9 million votes)

Our 1992 vote for Ross Perot, allowed democrat Bill Clinton to win the election.

The message we conservatives sent in 1992 didn’t really help us!

Republicans gave us Newt Gingrich and “contract with America.” However, President Clinton can take credit on much that was accomplished in the 90’s. And in 2000, republicans gave us George W. Bush. A president who has done a FINE job on the War on terrorism. However, we have been left defending President Bush and his federal spending, slow response on natural disasters, and the economy.

Any message we send back in 1992, is lost in history and means very little today.

Which leads us to the newest:

Angry Republic Video Broadcast:

“Moderately Confused”

(This is another- Video SHORTY, and will NOT take up your whole day trying to play it.)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

(Also note) Condolences go out to Sen. Joe Biden and his loss.

Having lost both of my parents, I know how tough that is. You always remember the last things you said and wish you could have done more.

Time heals the sorrow. Still, you feel as if you have walked through a doorway and the door slammed shut behind you. You can never go back.

However, (as selfish as it sounds) you now have more time to care for those who are in your life today..!!

(Which is what your parents would want you to do.)

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A sign of the Times


A sign of the times



Maybe like you, I am sick of thinking and talking about this financial crisis.

The “brain trust” that we have elected and sent to Washington DC, have come up with a plan, voted, and signed (said plan) into law.

Now we watch as this plan:

“Flies or Dies.”


I feel like we need to do something. Throwing money at this problem may not fix it.

Voting all of these idiots out of DC would be a delusion. It would take a massive effort by “we” the voters. People become fond of their state politicians and would probably place many of them back into office. Without drastic change in the House and Senate, not much WILL CHANGE.

If you think changing the president to Obama or McCain- will help? Maybe. But neither are running very fast to catch the people who caused this banking crisis.

Joe Biden, John McCain, and Barack Obama could all set up a committee to launch investigations into what went wrong in American banking. Sarah Palin cannot, being a governor. Unless, a crooked banking guy committed a crime in Alaska.

Ron Paul (or Bob Barr) cannot garnish more than 10% of the vote, so here we are. Stuck like a pig in the mud.


We could blame John McCain for everything, however; he was only one of one hundred senators during this mess.

We could blame Barack Obama for this but, again, he was only one in one hundred.

I think it is silly to play the “party politics” game on something this important. I’m willing to say that President Bush SHOULD have done something long ago, to fix this.

But liberals must also be willing to realize that banking rules changed during President Carter and Clinton. People at the top, when the banks came tumbling down, were Barney Franks and Dodd.

Both parties had a hand in this banking crisis, no one is innocent.

We have to weed out these people who caused this.

Or the whole dam thing will return.

(Funny, I started this editorial out saying I was “sick” of talking about this banking crisis. And then I launch into a rant about it?)


Moving along, I thought I would focus on other people in the news today:

Lindsay Lohan said this-

“..Is our country so divided that republicans best hope is a narrow- minded, media obsessed homophobe..” Said by Lindsay Lohan

Ms. Lohan- Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and John McCain all hold the same ideas on Gay marriage. All four are not going to change the law or the definition of marriage. However, all four believe same sex couples should have rights similar to opposite sex couples.

Might I also point out that many on the left cried about the fact that Sarah Palin WAS NOT DOING ENOUGH media interviews. So, I’m not really sure how Palin could be “obsessed” with the media?

Lohan- Rehab just called. They have a room ready..!!

Moving along-


Pornography maker Larry Flint is creating a porno with a Sarah Palin look alike.

Hey, what can I say about this? You get famous and this type of “stuff” will happen. I am sure- somewhere out there- is a porno flick with a guy that looks like President Clinton. (I can only imagine a porno name like: “The Oral office..??”)

However, it doesn’t get much sicker than this-

Artist Bruce Elliot is creating naked paintings of Sarah Palin and getting them placed in public places. (Bars, etc.) Bruce Elliot uses his daughter as the “naked Palin” stand in while he paints.


OK, that is really creepy..!!

Let’s see…

You tell your daughter to do the dishes, then you tell your daughter to get naked so you can paint a picture of a politician that you dislike..??



Bill O’Reilly-

There are many times that I disagree with Bill O’Reilly. But I have to admit something about him;

He is doing the type of interviews that the mainstream media used to do.


I remember when I was younger, the TV shows “60 Minutes” and “20 / 20” were MUST watch shows. You had reporters getting into the faces of crooked business people and politicians. Both shows were a hit..!!

Today, both shows are just a shadow of what they used to be. Aside from John Stossel, there isn’t anyone who is willing to take on democrats and republicans. Or question global warming and religion.

All of the shows today seem to have a hidden agenda. They seem to be trying to focus on one party, and give a pass to the other party.

Bill O’Reilly takes on any who will be on his show.

Which leads me to the movie:

“An American Carol” 

Rush Limbaugh explains the importance of this movie:

I was stunned to see that David Zucker was putting out a movie that makes fun of Michael Moore.

I have followed David Zuckers’ film making career since I was a teenager. I barely remember his: “Kentucky Fried Movie.”

However, I can recite dialogue from Zuckers’ movies: “Airplane”, “The Naked Gun”, and “Scary Movie 3 & 4.”

So when I found out that David Zucker did a movie poking fun at Michael Moore, I knew I couldn’t wait for the DVD and had to support this movie at the theater.

Liberals believe they have the market cornered on humor with shows like Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show”. That might not be true in the future.

I feel it is a SAD shame that Zucker had to go to France to find a distributor for “An American Carol.”

Not ONE American film studio would distribute it.


In America, you can make fun of religion (Bill Maher), however; making fun of Michael Moore is off limits.

(As John Stossel would say:)

“Give me a break..!!”


So, I’m hoping this movies does well.

(Maybe the next target could be- Al Gore and global warming.)

That is, if David Zucker is still allowed in Hollywood??

Mr. Zucker might have to head to Ballywood or Canada for the freedom to speak.

Free speech- Hollywood is closed for business.

And that is a “sign of the times.”


Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

AR”s video SHORTY number 1


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Kicked by the IRON boot

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Have you ever been kicked by an IRON boot..??

I mean, had someone just wind up and kick you in the backside with the iron boot..??

I woke up this morning, read the headlines, and felt the cold- iron boot slam into my backside.


The FIRST headline that kicked me in the backside was:

VP Debate moderator is writing a book about Obama.


The moderator of Thursday’s VP debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden is currently writing a book about Black American achievements. Gwen Ifill has dedicated one / quarter of the book to Barack Obama.

However, the media is telling me not to worry because Gwen Ifill will be fair to both Sarah and Joe.

Let’s see…


The person doing the VP debate has a vested interest in seeing Obama win the election, and I shouldn’t worry- because she will be fair.

(Iron boot kicks conservatives in the backside- Ouch..!!)



Headline number 2, which found it’s mark on my backside:

Senate- Vote today on bailout


The Senate is meeting today, to pass the financial bailout bill, in an attempt to force the House to do the same. (They plan on voting tonight.)

Folks, I have a feeling that- one way or another- congress WILL pass some kind of bailout bill. The details? Who really knows at this point..??

(Iron boot is mighty cold, and hurts..!!)


Headline number 3:

The “fix” is in.


Major news networks are pushing for a president Obama, and there is nothing we can do. They will not cover Obama and Biden gaffes, lies, and deception. However, they will cover any mistake made by McCain and Palin.

Even little things like showing only White people in the audience during a McCain rally. (When hundreds of Black, Asian, and Hispanic people attend.)

However, at an Obama rally- the network cameras pan out and show every nationality on the globe.


Yes, the fix is in. It has been in for a while.

The FREE media attention given to Obama by the multi- billion dollar media outlets, is FAR BIGGER than any contribution made by an Oil Company to a republican candidate.

People complain about Big Oil influencing politicians. However, Big Media is openly backing a presidential candidate- and people sit quietly and let it happen.

Where is the outrage..??


(Iron boot is getting colder. I think I’m bleeding.)


Headline number 4:

You may NOT know everything about Obama?


Stanley Kurtz warns us of Barack Obama’s role with ACORN, back in Chicago.

We know projects like ACORN help put people in housing that they couldn’t afford. Which helped cause this mess we are in today. We know ACORN has been charged with voter fraud.

And yet, no Big Media types are covering this?


Members of Big Media (anonymously) admit, (see the link I have below) that they sent reporters to Alaska to investigate Sarah Palin. But they have NO- (zero) none- not one reporter in Chicago, checking out Barack Obama past.

(Palin isn’t running for president. Obama is.)

But it doesn’t matter.

The “fix” is in.


The “fix” is in- in more ways than one.

The “fix” that congress has on fixing this banking crisis. When MOST American’s do not want it. That many prominent people claim- will not necessarily help Wall Street in the long run. (Band-aid on a broken arm.) And, Rush Limbaugh is telling me that this senate bill is chuck full of “gifts” that republican and democratic senators will LOVE. Oh boy..!!

And if that wasn’t bad enough:

The “fix” is in to get Obama elected.


Folks, I have been around a while, and I have never seen anything like this..??


Tonight’s vote in the Senate could effect all of us, in ways we may not understand for a while.

Tomorrow nights VP debate could effect the 2008 election.

(And the moderator of the debate wrote a book about Obama..??)

You have just got to laugh about this stuff, what else can you do..??

The only thing that we can do is tell the truth and be the best. Hopefully, Americans will see past the politics.


However, I feel like I’m playing golf and the judge just forced me to add a 20 stroke handi-cap to my score card. And Tiger Woods is my opponent.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic


The Angry Republic presents:

AR’s Video SHORTY number 1


(Filled with the same kind of CRAP as my other videos, just shorter.)

This video is called:




Links from the above editorial:

Stanley Kurtz warns of Obama past

Stanley Kurtz warns of Obama past


The “fix” is in.

Special thanks to Hot Air and Greta Wire for background info!

Greta Wire

Hot Air


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Follow- (the leader) FIRST Debate

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Follow- (the leader) first debate



McCain- “..I have decided to suspend my campaign. I need to head to DC and take part in this bailout plan..”

Obama- “.. I am NOT going to DC. They can call me if they need me. OK, maybe I will go to DC after all..”

McCain- “..America has the second highest corporate taxes in the world. We cannot grow…”

Obama- “McCain is right about the high corporate taxes. (But I want to tax them even MORE.) Maybe we can get to first place..??”

McCain- “..I have a bracelet from a fallen soldier..”

Obama- “..I got a bracelet, too. (Let me look down and check the name on this bracelet..”)

Follow the leader…

And Obama was two steps behind, the whole way.


Who won last nights debate..??

It depends on which TV show that you watch, or which web site you visit.

I feel this debate was a tie. I do not believe that either candidate was able to swing new voters their way. I don’t believe that there were any NEW sound bites to use. No real “zingers” or “gotcha” moments.

So for me, if I would rely solely on this debate, I would say it was a tie.

But the events that lead up to this debate is what turns my stomach and makes me more determined to see McCain win.

That attacks by democrats on McCain for being at this congressional “bailout” meeting were childish. Actually telling McCain to leave. He is a senator and has every right to be there.

Then- the out right lies about what happened in the meeting. (We are just now finding out what took place and I have placed some links below.) However, Harry Reid and Barney Franks claiming that McCain screwed up a deal that almost passed.

They never were close to passing a deal.

McCain showed up and barely said anything- other than that maybe they should review other options.

McCain didn’t cause chaos at this meeting. Democrats had the votes to pass this deal and President Bush was ready to sign it. But democrats didn’t pass it. Because it is a bad deal- as currently written.



The recent ads by Obama (or his Pacs) are the lowest I have ever seen. Showing pictures of McCain after cancer treatment. Scaring people about McCain’s age and the risk of cancer. Obama has made a miscalculation on this. Every American knows someone who is fighting cancer, and everyone knows someone who is a wise- older American.

Liberals- who seem to care about terrorist’s rights, that Russia gets fair treatment after invading Georgia; now these same liberals seem to NOT trust cancer survivors and the senior citizens of America? (Not a very good way to run an election..!!) CLUE: if most TV networks will NOT play your TV commercial, you probably went too far.

Equally disturbing are the other Obama ads which lie about what people have said about McCain. (I have placed a link below for a few.)

I’m not really sure what happened to TEAM Obama..??

They seemed to hold their own against Hillary.


Today, liberals and TEAM Obama are picking on cancer survivors, verbally raping Sarah Palin, and telling America that older people cannot lead.

Liberals claim that old people should just go away.

(That is what democrat Harry Reid said..!! I can’t freaking believe it..!! He actually said that.)

TEAM Obama- how low can they go..??


If I only had the debate to rely on. If I had no knowledge of current dealings. Then I would say this debate was close.

But because of the lies and crap coming from democrats and TEAM Obama, I would say McCain is the clear winner this week.

Besides, polls show most Americans are leery of this billion dollar bailout and McCain is the one who seems to have stopped it- for the time being.

Is McCain the only person in DC who understands that many Americans do not care for this bailout?

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

Links- from topics above.

Biden misleads about McCain’s insurance plan- (AP)

Find that story here


Obama’s camp- lie about McCain’s roll in bailout negotiations – ABC


And, of course, Henry Kissinger has come out on several publications to denounce Obama’s claim that Kissinger supports a president meeting Iran’s president without preconditions. (Kissinger does NOT support that.)


No link needed- you can find Kissinger in almost every major web site correcting Obama’s lie.


(NOTE) Actor Paul Newman has died- 83 years old

A decent man who gave millions to charity. He made the kind of movies that Hollywood should return to.

This might be interesting (shows to watch)

The Huckabee Show

Tonight at 8pm- Fox News

Mike Huckabee was one of the only candidates that was warning of financial problems in American banking. He was warning of this last year.


VP Debate- Sarah Palin vs. Joe Biden

This Thursday at 9pm

It seems as if no one is giving Sarah any chance of winning. Should we panic..??



Final 2 presidential debates between Obama and McCain- Oct 7, Oct 15.


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Obama and Palin- DEBATE?

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Obama and Palin- debate?

This could never happen. (I don’t think?)

But I bet people on the right and the left wouldn’t mind seeing it happen?

With John McCain claiming, (at this point) that he will not debate Friday. And Obama saying that he will be there. Barack will need someone to debate. (Instead of debating himself.)

Why not a Palin- Obama debate?

Many of us conservatives believe Gov. Palin can defend herself, and “what the hell”, let her take on the left’s top dog..!! (We can’t wait for the Palin- Biden debate.)

I believe that many on the left would like to see this debate also. Because they have underestimated another republican.

You can see it all over the media; the “Palin isn’t very smart” jokes.

But this is a tactic that the left always uses on our candidates. They claimed Reagan wasn’t smart enough. That he was just acting like a president. We had Dan Quayle jokes.

And, of course, our president- George Bush. (Need I go over the things they have said about him.)

You would think they would get tired of this tactic? I mean, George Bush had higher college grades than John Kerry, but that didn’t stop the left from the attacks.

So now, they have labeled Sarah Palin as “dumb.” Which is underestimating a person.

Yes, we conservative do label the democrat candidates as- unpatriotic, America haters. However, that is usually hidden within our media sources.

The democratic tactic is placed right out in mainstream media. From the way Charlie Gibson interviews Palin, to the way reporters question how “small” Alaska is and can she govern?

Well, I just thought it would be amusing (IF) Sarah showed up Friday night and debated Obama while McCain is in DC. (Doing whatever he is doing there.)

It would be a lose- lose situation for Obama. If he won, he would run the risk of looking like a bully or elite.





And if Obama lost the debate against Palin..



Well, no need to venture down that road because this debate will not happen.


What did he say..??

What top democrats are saying about McCain suspending his campaign to be in DC:

Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts, the chief House Democrat on the bill, said late Wednesday, “all of a sudden, now that we are on the verge of making a deal, John McCain airdrops himself to help us make the deal.”

Aaaahh, Barney- the deal didn’t go through..




“John McCain did nothing to help,”


said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who attended the meeting.

“He only hurt the process.”


“We don’t want presidential politics involved in this,”


Reid told reporters.

Mr. Reid, I believe McCain is STILL a member of the senate and has every right to be there.

Kind of makes you feel like you are at a playground, and the other kids want McCain to take his sand pail an go home.

I believe that McCain dropped this campaign- at great risk to his election, to do his current job.

Barack Obama was going to phone it in, or maybe give a “present” vote on financing.

But as I commented on EKY’s blog, I think this issue is to big to play politics on. I am just poking fun at the little nuances of this spectacle, but the bigger issue needs all of us to work together.

This problem started in the Clinton Presidency. Republicans had 6 years to fix it, they didn’t. Democrats had two years with Pelosi, Reid, Barney Franks, and Dodd in high- oversight positions; and they did nothing.

Both parties screwed things up and we are going to have to work together, to make sure we don’t get screwed again.

It looks like the 700 billion dollar blank check idea is toast.

Last I heard, they were close to voting a 200 (plus) billion dollar bailout (loan), but republicans didn’t sign on. So everyone went home..??

I guess we will find out more tomorrow.

How do you feel about this bailout / loan?



Why conservatives are stronger

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Why conservatives are stronger?

Because we have to be..!!

The liberal left makes a BIG DEAL that Karl Rove might help republican candidates. “That’s terrable, Karl shouldn’t be aloud to interfere..”

But here’s one thing Karl Rove CANNOT do...

Call up Saturday Night Live and offer a comedy bit- (which is nothing more than a 5 minute democratic campaign commercial.)

This is exactly what happened- from the left.

Former SNL writer and cast member Al Franken, WHO NO LONGER WORKS FOR NBC AND IS a Democrat- currently running for the U.S. Senate from Minnesota (conflict, anyone..??)- was allowed to pen a comedy sketch that cut down John McCain.

And Saturday Night Live plays the bit..!!

Folks, wouldn’t it be nice to have a “hot line” to a national TV show like Saturday Night Live? Maybe have Paul Shanklin, (Rush Limbaugh’s parody writer) call up SNL and offer a comedy dig at democrats? And Paul isn’t running for political office so there is no conflict involved.

But this isn’t going to happen.

Conservatives have to be stronger.

Night after night, The Late Show with David Letterman makes fun of the President with a bit called: “Great moments in Presidential speeches.” In every show, they play great moments in speeches made by popular presidents. Then, of course, they play a clip of President Bush stumbling through the English language on one of his “bad days”.

Yet, two of the greatest gaffes of recent- Obama referring to “his Muslim faith”, and Joe Biden asking a handi-cap, wheel chair ridden man to “stand up.. Stand up Chuck..”, these “Great Moments” never seem to make it on Lettermen’s show?

Night after night, Letterman pokes fun at McCain and Palin- “She looks like the kind of gal that works in a library- ‘Shhss, keep it down boys..”

But Barack Obama and Joe Biden are off limits. There is no comedy written about them.

I love both shows and watch as often as I can. I Grew up watching the Late Show and SNL. I love comedy and I do not mind the witty “slap in the face,” but those shows go beyond the clever slap and pull out a baseball bat and slug a man when he is down.

I keep hoping that I might see some Biden jokes, but that isn’t going to happen.

As always, conservatives have to be stronger.

The media is all on board reporting about McCain having 13 cars. (Wow, 13 is a lot of cars..??)

But yet the media doesn’t seem to find the time to report that Obama made 4 million last year, (way, way more than McCain made) and that Obama just added a new jet- Obama “Change 1”.

There just isn’t enough time to report that.

I keep hoping that the media might be a little more balanced, but that isn’t going to happen.

Conservatives HAVE to be stronger.

Democratic candidates are running around promising Americans GREAT gifts. Like national health care, tax credits for the poor and middle class, and basically- democrats will fix EVERYTHING by throwing money at the problem.

Conservatives have to warn that raising taxes will hurt America in this economy, warn that building HUGE new programs is dangerous when older programs are in trouble. We conservatives have to be “the parent” to the childish democrats who want to spend, spend, spend, and tax the people to death.

For trying to be responsible and offer a conflicting view, we conservatives are labeled: Mean.

We do not care for the poor.

My last editorial was a little test. In it, I offered a post about “personal responsibility.” It had less to do with government.

The comments from the left immediately claimed that (I), we conservatives, want to CUT all programs and abandon the poor.

Since when did personal responsibility have anything to do with funding a “food stamp program?” That would fall under the realm of social responsibility. How much money did you give to the poor last year..??

Personal responsibility has more to do with getting your ass off the couch and going to work.

Social responsibility is something that you should have been raised to do, automatically. No government should have to reach into your wallet and FORCE you to help others. (You hear that Joe Biden: who made $200,000 thousand last year and only gave $2,000 to charity..??)

Because we conservatives caution the voter that raising taxes and creating BIG social programs in this economy is dangerous, we are shouted down as “uncaring” and “out of touch with the common man.”

You hope that this will change and a debate can take place, but that ain’t going to happen. You, as a conservative, will be called a “tool of the rich,” a “red neck from the red states”, and you just do not understand how the global economy works.

Conservatives have to be stronger.

The reason the conservative message is so clear..??

Because we have had to FIGHT to get that message out there.

We were never able to rely on ABC, NBC, CBS, or NY Times to help us.

We never had a HUGE industry in media- like Hollywood, to back us up.

We never could rely on a speech about “hope and change.” Because no one in the media would help us..!!

We have always had to spell out our message and win people over, because Saturday Night Live and David Letterman are not going to help us.

The reason conservatives are stronger..??

Because we have to be.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic



What’s going on in the Palin: e-mail hacking case..??

FBI serves search warrant against UT student in Palin case. David Kernell is the son of Mike Kernell, a Democratic state representative from Memphis. The FBI is searching his place and I believe, have his computer.

Read the full story here-


You get raped, you pay..??

Sarah Palin NEVER voted to charge rape victims for the “rape kits” used by investigators. This is another lie by the left.

As mayor, she never had the opportunity to vote on the issue, even if she wanted to.

Most cities around the country would charge a person for any special investigative costs, during the initial part of a case. These costs were then reimbursed by the criminal during sentencing as “court costs, fines, fees, and restitution.”

Under the “abused women and children’s act” (I believe it is called) states would lose federal funding if they didn’t provide certain investigative tools completely free. Every state, including Alaska, followed suit.

Sarah Palin never took a vote on this matter.

And, for some reason, the left doesn’t tell you that while governor of Alaska, Palin increased the funds for women services.

But hey; if you are liberal, you don’t care about the facts, and it sounds good- stick it out on the Internet and see how many stupid people repeat it..?

What was it that PT Barnum used to say..?

Source- CNN News

“Stage Right” or stage fright..??

Remember when Obama had a HUGE crowd of screaming people packed into the Denver Bronco’s stadium..?? 80,000 people it was, I believe.

Well, Sarah Palin happened to draw in 60,000 screaming fans in Florida.

The difference..??

There were no Greek columns, no Stevie Wonder singing “Isn’t (he) wonderful.” No Oprah waiting in the wings.


There was none of that.

Just 60,000 people who wanted to meet Sarah Palin and John McCain.

Shows to watch- This might be interesting?

Tuesday- Greta Van Susteren (Fox News) interviews former President Clinton. Normally, I wouldn’t care about this. However, Bill Clinton recently said glowing things about McCain and Palin. I am curious how committed he might be for Barack Obama..??

This Friday night- Presidential debate between Obama and McCain. I have never tried doing an updated blog while the debate is taking place. So this would be the perfect time to try that out!

Oct 2- VP Debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.

It’s Show Time..!!

An apology to my liberal friends

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When I am wrong, I feel I MUST apologize for it.

My generation, the “peaceful caring” hippies, really F**ked you poor people up.

Us folks, (in our 60’s, 50’s, and even the late 40’s) for some reason, felt we should place into your skulls a sense of “entitlement.”

What the hell were we thinking..??

What was the reasoning for teaching young minds, (who are now aging liberals) that “birth” gives you the “right” to FREE stuff..??


I must state that I am speaking “figuratively.”

I know many of you folks have raised your kids with a sense of “worth and value.” However, I am talking about a generation of parents who raised children to believe the taxpayers owe them a living.

Why did we do this..??

Was it because we saw our parents and grandparents struggle during the Great Depression and WW2; so we taught children to fight for free “gifts” from the government..??

I’m not sure why my generation strayed away from independence.

What happened to: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country..” JFK


Government is NOT the solution. Government is the problem..” Reagan

What happened to independence..??

My grandfather was so proud, he never asked anyone for a penny. He would go without, or find a way to earn whatever he needed.

This trait was passed on to my mother, who also passed it on to me. What a wonderful gift! It forces you to do some critical thinking. When you cannot rely on the taxpayers to save you, you must invent ways to earn what you need.

It is then, that you realize: Being average, will allow you to survive. Being better gives a better life. Being the best, will move you higher up the ladder. (This pertains to whatever profession you choose.)

Being independent allows you- to be you..!!

Independence is not just a word. It is a way of life. This country was founded on independence. Independence from Europe, sure- that is true. But independence from a government that controls your life. (Who you can marry, if you can have an abortion, if you can put a shopping mall on YOUR property, etc)

Independence is a far better way of life.

So, I’m not really sure why my generation decided to teach children that they are entitled to free stuff from the taxpayers..??

Because you were born- you get free food.

Because you were born- you get free medicine.

Because you were born- you get a paycheck.

Because you were born- you get passing grades in school.

Today, the democrat presidential candidate: Barack Obama, feels he is entitled to be president.

Obama has no leadership experience and on many important issues, as senator- Obama voted “present” because he didn’t want to make a decision.

As president of the United States, you cannot vote “present” to avoid a bad decision. (And Obama has made many bad decisions.)

The democratic VP pick: Joe Biden, wants you to pay higher taxes. He said it would be “patriotic.” (Can you hear the founding fathers rolling in their graves: having fought a war to save America from higher taxes?)

Independence or entitlement…

That is what this election breaks down to.

Man, I do not know what my generation was thinking when we decided to teach the young that because they were born; they are entitled to FREE stuff from the taxpayers.

There was a lot of drug use, back in the 70’s and 60’s. Maybe we were stoned..?? That might explain our choice?

There was also that “sexual revolution” that kept us busy.

I’m not really sure why we decided to teach entitlement?

But, again, I apologize..!!

We really screwed you up..!!

My biggest fear..??

(Obama being elected..??)

No, not really. My fear is bigger than one man and one election.

My biggest fear is that you will feel entitled and you will never really try. This will lead you to an “average” life. And you could do much better than “average”, if you tried.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

OK, so I apologized for my generation screwing you up with thoughts of entitlement.

So, to make it up to you…

I will join you in bashing Sarah Palin.

(Which seems to be the liberal thing to do..!!)

The Angry Republican Video Broadcast number 14

“Sarah Palin clubs baby seals”

“Sarah Palin chews tobacco and spits it out the window.”

Palin: e-mails HACKED- verbal rape continues

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The liberal left in America has stooped to the lowest low I have ever seen in my lifetime, in America.

It is nothing less than a verbal RAPE of a human being.

Today, members of Obama’s liberal left, hacked into Sarah Palin’s PERSONAL e-mail account, and then published it on a national web site.

It is nothing less than sickening.

To think, I had to listen to members of the left preach about how terrible it was that we had The Patriot Act and that the CIA could listen to terrorist’s phone messages without a warrant.

The left preached-

Innocent people could lose their privacy.”Never, not one time, has there been any report of mistreatment with The Patriot Act.

However, Obama’s liberal left has stolen an American’s privacy. This privacy was NOT invaded to catch a terrorist.

It was stolen by the left for the sole purpose to win an election.


Folks, there is no way that Obama and his cronies can get anywhere NEAR the White House.

If they are willing to invade the privacy of an American citizen BEFORE Obama has power…

Can you imagine what TEAM Obama will do once he has power..??


All of you liberals who were crying to me about President Bush listening to terrorists, how do you feel about your liberal buddies hacking Sarah Palin’s personal e-mails?


Is this what you are voting for..??

Is this the “great change” that Obama will deliver..??

The cries from the left will be…

“…We think Sarah was using her private e-mail for government business. She is trying to hide something…”

What happened to innocent before proven guilty..??

There is no evidence that she used her private e-mail for government business, and so what if she did? A judge could give a warrant if there was evidence that she had.

But the left doesn’t want to wait…

TEAM Obama sent 30 lawyers up to Alaska, and just by chance- Sarah Palin’s e-mails get hacked..??

Don’t you think that is a little strange..??


The verbal RAPE of Sarah Palin by the liberal left…

Do you know what it reminds me of..??

Remember the old stories in history class when town folks would surround a person and stone them to death for some”supposed” crime..??

The person never got a chance to confront a judge or a jury, the people just stoned them to death without a trial.

Sarah Palin has not been charged with any crime.


But the left is verbally raping her and stoning her to “political” death.

Well, I digress…

We, little bloggers, have tried to warn the left that picking on Sarah Palin will backfire.

They didn’t listen.

The left is hoping that the focus of these stolen e-mails will be (IF) Sarah had government business on them.

But the actual CRIME was committed by Obama’s liberal left.


When most Americans hear this news, they will be sickened by the liberal attacks on Sarah Palin.

I believe the liberal left went one step too far and just lost this election.

What’s next..??


Sarah Palin clubs baby seals..??

Why not report that..??

Hey, let’s do a video on that one..!!

The Angry Republican

Video Broadcast number 14

“Sarah Palin clubs baby seals”

Obama- NEEDS to be needed

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As I am sitting here writing this, Joe Biden is giving a speech about the economy.

Ironically, the split screen on the TV has Joe Biden on one side, and the stock market dropping on the other side.

The fall of Lehman Brothers is just what democrats needed.


Because they NEED to be needed.

Everyone needs to be needed.


And if the economy heads into the crapper, if more US soldiers are killed in Afghanistan, and if one more hurricane slams into America:

“It’s party time for- The party of the people..!!”



As I was switching around the channels, Fox News looked like they were reporting a funeral, while talking about Lehman Brothers. CNN had some chick on TV that was smiling like she was at a cocktail party.

Devastation and destruction is good news for the democratic party because the bad banking news, falling stock market, and the hurricanes are all the fault of President Bush.

And of course we know…


John McCain and President Bush are both clones. They are the same. Exact copies.

You cannot tell them apart..!!



Barack Obama stated, (after the “Lipstick on a pig comment”), that he wants to talk about the issues, not this back and forth attacking.

While Obama was speaking about a “fair” campaign, his staff was putting together an ad which claims McCain is so old, he doesn’t know how to use the Internet.

A President’s ability to use the Internet- is that a policy issue? (Economy, the war, taxes)? Or is that an attack?



Barack Obama wants to talk about the issues that are important to Americans, he doesn’t want to attack. So today, Obama and Joe Biden are driving home how McCain is “just like Bush.”

Is that policy?

Or is that opinion?

“Sprite tastes just like 7up” This is an opinion.

“A Hershey bar is just like a Dove bar.” Also an opinion.

“John McCain is just like Bush.” This too, is also an opinion.

Obama claims he wants to talk about the issues, but he does something totally different. His campaign is on attack mode.





TEAM Obama realized, (much after the rest of us bloggers did) that attacking Sarah Palin wasn’t working. So today, Joe Biden and Obama are attacking McCain because he is a republican:

“Look, the republican McCain voted with the republican Bush. Those republicans are voting the same. How dare people of the same party vote the same way..!! We democrats NEVER vote with our fellow democrats..”



If this were a poker game, Obama just placed that 66 millions dollars that you sent him on the bet that- McCain is George Bush.


This might work.

Except for:

George Bush has only been a president for 8 years. McCain has been in the congress for several decades. There are many examples of McCain voting against his party.

Barack Obama doesn’t have any of this.



Obama always votes with the far left of his party. He NEVER strays far from the socialist left. Obama has voted in lock step like socialist democrats have voted since 1913.

This current attack from Obama’s will fail just like the attacks on Sarah Palin.

They will fail because the reason we have these bank failures is because socialistic democrats forced lenders to provide loans to people who could not pay back the loans.

The socialistic idea of putting everyone in their own home, cause this crisis.



Capitalism would have worked if government would get out of the way.

Obama’s solution to this problem..??

Tax these large companies more.




(Sure, the best way to help someone who is about to claim chapter 11 is to tax the crap out them so that you can start a huge new social program- national health care.)

There is nothing new here…

Because Obama has nothing NEW and doesn’t stand to change anything, the only thing Obama can do is attack.

And attack- TEAM Obama will:





Mister Obama…

Could you please talk about the issues and stop attacking John McCain like a third grade child would?


Let’s sum up the current Obama attacks:

McCain is so old he cannot use the Internet.

Sprite is like 7up and McCain is like Bush.

Obama is like Jesus and Sarah Palin is like the guy who killed Jesus.

Mister Obama…



We only have weeks before the election. Could you please put down the Crayon, sit up straight in your desk, and talk about the issues..??

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

A word about the last three photos-


The button, which liberals use to educate us on the fact that Jesus was a “community organizer”… (I didn’t know that Jesus worked with the Roman Senate to bring government tax money to social groups. I always thought Jesus taught self reliance, belief in God, and to help others..??)


Well, anyways, this button was shown on “Meet the Press” with Tom Brokaw. Tom asks if conservatives went too far in picking on “community organizers?

Hey, Tom… How about asking Obama if HE went to far picking on war veterans who cannot use a computer keyboard?

The last two photos are from an Atlantic Monthly magazine photographer who was paid to shoot pictures of John McCain. She then took these outtakes and, well.. you can see what she did with them.

See the Fox News Video of this story



Bad news people…


We did NOT break the record for the biggest ice melt in the Arctic region.


“…Crucial Arctic sea ice this summer shrank to its second lowest level on record, continuing an alarming trend, scientists said Tuesday.

The ice covered 1.74 million square miles on Friday, marking a low point for this summer, according to NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colo. Last summer, the sea ice covered only 1.59 million square miles, the lowest since record-keeping began in 1979…”


This, of course means only one thing-


Global cooling.




We just have to try harder next year..!!

Lara Logan of CBS News, sexually assaulted in Egypt- Must be, Must See TV

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Lara Logan of CBS News, sexually assaulted in Egypt- Must be, Must See TV


JUST THE FACTS, please (The who, what, where, when, and how- of the story.)

CBS News correspondent Lara Logan was reporting from Egypt for the TV show- 60 Minutes, when a group of 200 “angry” Egyptians began beating Lara, and sexually assaulting her. A group of Egyptian women and about 20 Egyptian soldiers rescued Lara Logan from the crowd. She was taken to a local hospital, then flown back to America, where she is resting in the hospital.


For weeks now, I have been trying to figure out why we are sending western journalists into Egypt? Why?

We have Egyptian reporters, who speak English, who can get video footage of the protests and news reports from Egypt, to America; so why are we sending all these “Lilly-White” reporters into Egypt?

I mean, come on..?? If Osama bin Laden can record a video tape of himself, and somehow sneak it out of his cave, traverse through a war zone, and have it land into the media; surely Egyptian reporters can get a video broadcast out of Egypt EVEN if the government shuts down the media.


So why are we sending western journalist into Egypt?

I can only guess that the networks believe that it is “Must-see TV” to watch a reporter get his (or her) ass kicked, while reporting from Egypt.

What other reason could there be?

Unless… (Ok, can you feel the sarcasm dripping from this editorial?)

Unless everyone in the media thought that this was just a group of innocent “happy-hippie” protesters in the streets of Egypt. These protesters are fun-loving people who only want freedom. They wouldn’t hurt a fly. They LOVE President Obama, and therefore; they will LOVE American reporters.

Those dumb conservatives who are trying to scare people with all that stupid talk about the “Muslim Brotherhood” are just trying to get votes for 2012. This is a peaceful protest in Egypt, a protest against an evil dictator (who we supported for 30 years), nothing bad will happen. Let’s send all our reporters to Egypt so that they can report on all the peace and the love that Egypt has for President Obama and America (now that the evil George Bush is gone.)


And a poor female reporter get beat and sexually assaulted because of TV Network stupidity.

Could this be the reason? Could liberals have believed that this protest was completely peaceful and conservatives were lying about the Muslim Brotherhood?

My evidence for this theory- Maureen Ryan- for AOL’s “TVSquid” says this in her editorial:

“…Many of the scenes broadcast from Egypt in recent days have been joyful, but events took a horrific turn for CBS News correspondent Lara Logan…”

JOYFUL..?? The scenes from Egypt have been JOYFUL..??

My God Maureen, what the hell have you been watching? Are you on crack?


I have been keeping a watchful eye on this revolution in Egypt, and “joyful” has never been a word I would use to describe current events. “Chaos” would be a better word.

First, the State Department advises Americans to get the hell out of Egypt. Then Anderson Cooper gets his ass kicked. Two other reporters end up in the hospital with stitches in their heads. And now Lara Logan gets beat and sexually assaulted. So far, 365 people have been killed during these protests. I see nothing “joyful” happening in Egypt right now.


People see what they want to see. Liberals wanted to see “happy- hippies” getting their freedom in Egypt. So that is what they think that they are seeing. Progressives hate republicans so much that they will not listen to us when we warn about radical Islam, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

What happened to the Obama love that would change the world’s view of America? What happened to the peaceful protesters?

Could it be that those stupid conservatives were right about the Muslim Brotherhood?

Could it be that the “peaceful people” of Egypt, who really want freedom, are staying home, praying, and not taking to the streets in protest? Could it be that the radical Muslims, who are unemployed and pissed off, and could care less about liberty and freedom, are the ones taking to the streets?


You know, it wouldn’t hurt you folks to listen to us conservatives once in a while. We see things that you are missing. Instead of calling us racists for warning about a radical Muslim group in Egypt, you might want to listen to us in the future.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic


I had scheduled an editorial about Ron Paul winning the CPAC straw poll, and how libertarians could hand the 2012 election to Barack Obama. However Egypt has been the focus for us, as of late. If you would like to read my editorial on libertarians and Ron Paul, click here.

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Egypt Rising

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While I was working and trying to make a buck, I almost didn’t notice that the Arab world is on fire

Surprisingly enough, they are NOT shouting “Death to America.”

Which begs the question: WHY?



This is one extraordinary event, protesters taking to the streets in Egypt. When something like this happens, I try to look at it through political eyes: “Are the protesters fighting for peace and freedom? Or are they radical; are they looking to become a more hard-lined Islamic State? How will this affect the world? The United States?”

These are tough questions.

So I look to the News Sites, and it is very confusing…

Conservatives believe that President Obama isn’t acting fast enough. Obama needs to do something- NOW. Yet, conservative web sites and bloggers are torn between helping Mubarak; or helping the protesters.

Liberal sites are calling this a revolution towards democracy. Some say we should help the protesters. Yet, others are mindful of what happened to Iran, 30 year ago, and are worried about a hasty choice.


This is one of those occasions where the best minds in the media have no clue.

I believe that the BEST advice would be for the United State to do: NOTHING, (right now.) We simply do not know who is right and who is wrong. America gets into trouble by sticking our noses into others affairs and we MUST remember what happened in Iran.


Yes, I know; the Iranian revolt happened about 30 years ago, but you would be wise to remember that history does repeat itself. The Shah of Iran was an asshole. He was ruthless to the Iranian people and he hindered freedom. Yet, the Shah did help America get weapons into Russia, so the Russians could defeat Hitler during WW2. Most Muslim Nations were backing Germany (or didn’t want to get involved), so the help from the Shah of Iran helped win the war for the Allies. The Shah of Iran was pro- western, and worked with us to develop oil trading.

So when the protesters overthrew the Shah of Iran, many people in the west thought that Iran might finally have a democracy. (It was a “good thing”, many people thought. That wasn’t the case; the newly appointed (elected) President of Iran brought back the exiled religious leader: Ayatollah, to a guiding role in the Iranian government. In my opinion, Iran has become even more repressive since the overthrow of the Shah.


It is easy for us in the west to project our 1960’s era “freedom hippies” image unto other countries. This can lead us to believe that all those young people, who are protesting in the streets of Egypt today, are fighting for freedom against the old-conservative government, similar to the young hippies in the 1960’s America.

This may not be the case.

Let me ask you a basic question…How many 50 year old suicide bombers have you seen? Think about it, wouldn’t it be more logical for a man in his 60’s to commit a suicide bombing? After all, he has lived out much of his life. His children have grown up and can care for themselves. But this isn’t the case. Most of the terrorists that we have seen are in their 20’s and early 30’s.

Many, (not all) but many of the Muslim people who became pro-western did so about 30 years ago. These folks are now in their 50’s and 60’s. These are the older folks who are not taking part in the current protests in Egypt. Sure, they too want freedom and democracy; but they do not want violence.


The young folks taking to the streets in Egypt want change, whether it is through peace, or through violence. Please do not read more into what I am trying to say here. Yes, there are millions upon millions of young Muslims who wear blue jeans, they like Rap and Rock music, they want peace and freedom; they are tuned into the Internet, and they are reminiscent of us folks in the west. They are taking to the streets because they are tired of being repressed and held back.


However, many believe that the old men and the old leaders, who side with the west, have been corrupted by the west; and are causing all of the modern problems that they see today in Egypt. Radical Islam offers these young people a religious way to return to peace and harmony. “The GREAT State of Islam” is their goal, if only these young protesters would overthrow the older “pro-western” government, and elect a pro-Islamic leader; everything will be fine.

It happened in Iran. It can happen in Egypt.

The best thing that we can do is- nothing. We cannot know who is right, and who is wrong. Even if we think we know who is righteous, we cannot know what they will do one year from today.

We must help Egypt keep the Suez Canal open and safe. We must help Egypt protect the Great Pyramids. However; I do not believe that the protesters would harm these ancient treasures. (At the time of writing this, the Pyramids have been closed to the public.)

Short of that, the United States would be wise to stay the hell out of it. This isn’t our fight.


That might be why the people of Egypt are NOT crying out: “Death to America.”

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Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic


Keith Olbermann Fired? Must be a conspiracy

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As a writer, I try very hard to “walk a mile in another man’s shoes.” It saves wear and tear on my shoes, and they last much longer.

(See, what I did there? You thought I was going to talk about integrity. My ability to see both sides of a story. Instead, I talked about how cheap I am.)

None the less, while I am wearing your shoes, (to save wearing out my shoes) I do catch a glimpse of what it must be like; TO BE YOU.


It’s gotta be tough to be a progressive right now. After all, it was those evil conservatives and their hate speech who caused that Arizona kid to kill people. AND WHICH TV HOST GETS FIRED?

Glenn Beck….No.

Rush Limbaugh…No.

Keith Olbermann…

Keith Olbermann gets fired..??

What the hell is going on in this crazy world? Those Neo-Cons are taking over, everywhere. This has got to have something to do with Comcast merging with NBC Universal. I bet you Comcast is in bed with those conservative Neo-con assholes. This is a conspiracy.

(OK, let me put my shoes back on, your shoes do not fit- RIGHT.)

If a progressive would have read my editorial that was published in November, 2010; when Olbermann was suspended, this new event wouldn’t be a shock to you.

The editorial was titled: Keith Olbermann is suspended; should liberals find a new home. You can find that editorial here. LINK

In that editorial, I explain exactly why liberals should look for a new TV network to call home, and I talk about a possible network they could seek out.

Today, I wanted to talk about “WHY” Keith Olbermann was fired (or he quit, was let go, or mutual termination of a 4 year contract, etc. However they want to describe it.)


Many liberals might be tempted to blame the recent deal for Comcast to merge with NBC Universal; which operates MSNBC and CNBC.

To my knowledge, Comcast is neither a Right- nor Left leaning company. In my humble opinion, Comcast entered into this deal to pick up Universal. Think about all the Hollywood movies that have been made, which fall under the Universal banner. If you own an “On Demand” movie service, it might be nice to have a hand in Universal. And Comcast was probably interested in NBC, which could be a diamond in the rough. CNBC and MSNBC were just part of the package, and Comcast probably has no immediate plans for each.

How can I say this, why am I so sure that Comcast isn’t a Right-wing outfit, and why would you believe me?


Look at the MSNBC lineup, after Keith Olbermann is gone:

5pm- Chris Matthews- (Same as it ever was)
If Comcast were a conservative outfit, you would see at least one conservative face in that crowd. Hell, with the addition of the “Young Turks”, I believe MSNBC is now leaning even MORE Left.

6pm- Cenk Uygur of the Web show “The Young Turks” will now take over this timeslot. Cenk is so progressive that he makes some liberals cringe.

7pm- Repeat of Chris Matthews (I think?)

8pm- Lawrence O’Donnell will take over the Keith Olbermann spot. In my opinion, O’Donnell is much more partisan than Olbermann ever was. He even called himself a socialist.

9pm- Rachel Maddow

10pm- Ed Shultz

No, this has nothing to do with the politics of Comcast. It has everything to do with the routing out of “troublesome” people.

Jeff Zucker, the “head cheese” of programming at NBC and MSNBC was also, along with Olbermann, let go from his duties. Zucker was behind the Conan O’Brian / Jay Leno mess which took place last year. Critics in the business have been very objective towards Zucker’s leadership, and many site Zucker as the reason for low rating at NBC’s networks.

Which leads us to why Keith Olbermann was fired (or had a mutual parting of ways with MSNBC.)

It is no secret that Olbermann fights with his bosses. He fought with management at ESPN, which caused his departure at that network. Keith walked out on his first job at MSNBC, and has had problems with MSNBC President- Phil Griffin, over the past few years.

Some companies and bosses, like GE and Jeff Zucker, are willing to tolerate a demanding individual, but Comcast isn’t willing to do this. They weeded out the two people that they felt that they would have problems with. (Zucker and Olbermann.)

Some people, like the web site- The Wrap (dotcom) believes Olbermann left MSNBC on his own accord to start his own web site; similar to The Huffington Post. If this were true, surely Keith Olbermann could have run a web site while still doing his TV show. Glenn Beck runs two web sites (Glenn Beck dotcom, and The Blaze) Beck does a 3 hour radio show, and a 1 hour TV show everyday, plus personal appearances.


Keith Olbermann isn’t a dumb guy, he should have been able to chew gum and walk at the same time? This, to me, is a cover story to explain why Olbermann left MSNBC, which helps soften his ego. But clearly, Olbermann saw the writing on the wall, and knew his time was limited.

Jeff Bercovici, a blogger at Forbes, completely disagrees with me. Jeff believes that Comcast is a conservative company, and Jeff lists a connection between Comcast and News Corp / Fox News. Jeff believes that Olbermann was fired solely because Comcast is a conservative outfit.

If this were true Jeff, why would Comcast keep Maddow? Or O’Donnell? Or add a show for The Young Turks? Wouldn’t Comcast stick at least ONE conservative host into MSNBC’s lineup?

John Gibson would LOVE to have a TV show again. Tucker Carlson is searching for a primetime show. There has to be at least two dozen conservative broadcasters who would jump at the chance to have a conservative show on MSNBC. If Comcast were a conservative company, who wanted to drastically change MSNBC, they would have waited until they had a few conservative shows developed, then they would have dropped two of the MSNBC liberal shows and added their conservative shows.

No, in my opinion; Comcast weeded out two people that they figured they would have problems with. (Keith and Zucker.) I believe that they have no immediate plans for MSNBC and will run it with the schedule listed above (for a while.) They are probably most interested in the Hollywood movies listed under Universal and the NBC network.

As far as a “link” between News Corp / Fox News and Comcast…

Sure, there is a link. Comcast is, after all; a cable TV provider, at its core. Comcast HAS to deal with News Corp because Murdoch operates, at least, 4 TV networks: Fox, Fox News, Fox business, FX. Comcast has a link between ABC Disney. Comcast has had a “link” and dealings with Ted Turner (who owns or used to own) TBS, Turner classic movies, CNN, Headline news, etc.

Being in the cable TV business; you are going to have “links” and ties with all of the networks that your cable outfit displays. To site just one “link” (Fox News) is dishonest. And to site ONE GUY who was fired from Comcast, who now claims that he was fired because Fox wanted him fired, because he spoke out about Bill O’Reilly; is just plain silly. My God, everyone at MSNBC would be fired if that were true. They all have spoken out about O’Reilly.

Keith Olbermann was fired (or given a “heads-up” that he should leave) because Comcast did not want to deal with his ugly business persona. It had nothing to do with Keith’s politics because Comcast is keeping all the other liberal hosts.


Will Comcast keep MSNBC a liberal network, over the long haul..??

I can’t say for sure. I believe Comcast will go after CNN in ratings. In the future, Comcast may drop any show that isn’t doing well against CNN, during a particular timeslot.


If I am right, and my first editorial on this subject is spot-on (which you can read here- LINK) then liberals need to find a new TV home. (And I list a few new TV homes at that editorial.)

If I am wrong, and Comcast is an evil conservative company bent on destroying the liberal paradise called: MSNBC; then progressives will need to find a new home.


Either way, MSNBC might not be a good place for progressives to call: HOME.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic


Beware of what liberals accuse you of, for they are surely masters of that evil activity

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Just in case you are living the GREEN life, and you have turned off your TV to save the earth. Maybe you do not read the newspapers, and you only fire up your computer once a week to see if the rest of us are still alive (out here.) Maybe you do not know what happened last week?

Or, maybe you have rationalized all of the events of last week, and basically “parrot” everything that you hear. You, yourself; never really have an opinion on things?

Either way; last week we had a tragic event take place: a deranged individual killed 6 people and wounded others in Tucson Arizona. Most of us rational people felt sick about the event, and asked questions like: “How could someone do this? Could the police have stopped this? Were there warning signs?”


Some liberals do not THINK like us normal- rational people do. These liberals heard about this horrible event in Arizona and thought: “I hate Glenn Beck, I hate Sarah Palin. How can I make this killing in Arizona a political event and blame Rush, Beck, and Palin? I know, I will say that because Beck, Rush, and Palin speak out about President Obama, and say hurtful things, it caused this kid to kill people in Arizona. Where can I find a microphone to float my theory, into the news, about evil republicans and their evil hate speech, and how republicans killed those people in Arizona?”

Liberals had no problem finding a microphone. All of the news organizations piled on to help promote the theory that Jared, the Arizona killer, was moved to KILL because of conservative talk radio. Even Fox News had Geraldo Rivera pushing the theory.


There was one problem…

Not one person was even sure if this kid listened to talk radio, or if he attended any of Glenn Beck’s shows, or if he was a Tea Party member, or if he was a republican who listens to Rush?


Liberals quickly fixed this lack of information by putting together a FAKE voter registration for Jared, which claimed that he was a republican. This is, of course, a very serious crime: forging State documents for public view could get someone a long jail sentence. When this document was found out to be a fake, liberals didn’t seem concerned about the crime that just took place in front of our eyes, and continued with their assault on the Tea Party: “If Sarah Palin would go away, if Rush would tone it down, if guns were illegal; Jared would have NEVER killed anyone.”


Again, there is one problem with this theory…

Jared didn’t listen to conservative talk radio. Jared didn’t attend Tea Party rallies, and as far as guns being outlawed, remember Jared would have no problems finding guns because he bought illegal drugs. I, having some experience in buying illegal drugs, (decades ago, when I was a- utopia searching liberal- who got stoned) I know that anyone who buys illegal drugs also knows where to get illegal guns. Maybe your drug dealer doesn’t actually sell guns, but he will know someone who does.

So, even if guns were illegal, Jared could have gotten a gun from his drug dealer. And, (more important) Jared wasn’t moved to kill by conservative Talk Radio.

Just when things were quieting down, a man was arrested in Tucson for death threats. It seems that during a Town Hall meeting, a Tea Party member: Trent Humphies; stated that all suggestions on new gun restrictions SHOULD be held off until all the dead were buried. Not liking what Trent just said, a self-proclaimed liberal, named: James Eric Fuller- stood up in the crowd, took a picture of Tea Party member- Trent, and told Trent: “You’re DEAD.”

Now, I am not sure how you define “hate speech”, however; standing up at a meeting and telling a Tea Party member “You’re DEAD” is a very hateful thing to say.

Before you think that I am about to make “political hay” from a tragedy, let me say this: I do not blame MSNBC because James Fuller told a Tea Party member that “You’re DEAD.” I do not blame Keith Olbermann or Maddow because this man is so angry. Fuller was one of the victims in the Arizona shooting. The guy is grieving, he is emotional, and anything that Chris Matthews said did not force Fuller to act violent. I do not want MSNBC to be censored, in fact; I like having MSNBC there because they give me endless amounts of material to write about.


But that is the difference between a conservative like me, and the liberals who tried to turn death and tragedy into a political event. Hence, the title of my editorial:

“..Beware of what liberals accuse you of, for they are surely masters of that evil activity..”


Above- a still picture from the movie “Death of a President”, where Bush is assassinated.

What pissed me off the most about the disgusting display by liberals over the Arizona shooting, and blaming republicans for the killer’s actions; is that we had to watch liberals assault President Bush for 8 years. From creating a movie showing President Bush being shot and killed (Movie: “Death of a President), to liberals writing a book called: “How to assassinate President Bush.” (If you liberals do not believe me, do a Google search on the book or the movie, it is true. You liberals wrote this stuff.) Could you imagine a conservative writing a book called: How to assassinate President Obama?


Liberals here at this web site called President Bush a liar, a murderer, and a war criminal. Bush has never been charged in a court of law for lying, or war crimes; so calling Bush a war criminal or a liar is HATE SPEECH because none of this has ever been proven. Worse yet, calling Bush a war criminal could cause a sick minded person to take justice into his own hands (if I use YOUR theory.)


Liberals do not see the nasty things that they are doing, yet they accuse us conservatives of the same act. Why is it OK for you to talk trash about President Bush, but we cannot do the same for President Obama?

The point of this editorial, which I hope to reach, is that there is nothing new in modern political dialogue. (And, a side note would be: you whiney ass liberals dished it out for 8 years during President Bush, now you know what it feels like to be the receiver.)

Same as it ever was

A brief American history lesson: The man who would be president- Alexander Hamilton

I call Hamilton “the man who would be president” not necessarily because I agree with him politically, but because he probably would have been elected as president sooner or later, except that he ended up DEAD.

How did he die, you might ask?

Alexander Hamilton (then- Secretary of the Treasury) died in a gun duel with Vice President Aaron Burr.

These two Founding Fathers could not agree on the political direction of America. They fought heated debates. There was bad blood between each family. And they wrote “hateful” speeches against each other. The only thing that Burr and Hamilton could agree on is the way to solve this political debate: for one of them to die.

So they stood back to back in a field in New Jersey, they took ten paces from each other, they turned and they fired at each other.


A witness to the duel made this statement, later on: “Three died that day. Hamilton died from Burr’s gunfire. Burr’s political life died, and he lived out the rest of his life in exile. And the American Federalist Party, all died that day, in a field in New Jersey.”

The Hamilton- Burr duel is a mere exclamation point in long-line of heated political debate in American politics. To say that political rhetoric is any more heated today than it was during the time of the Founding Fathers is to reveal your lack of knowledge in history.

Granted, Burr never called Hamilton: “Hitler.” (Primarily because Hitler wasn’t born until 100 years after Hamilton’s death.) Yet, they did liken each other to the King of England. (Which carried a lot of weight in those days. It is kind of like calling someone- Hitler.)


Please, remember this…

Freedom of speech is NOT truly free, if you must be careful of what you say.

(Which means..)

If you must be careful of what you say, then there is no freedom of speech.

If Glenn Beck says something that is untrue of George Soros, Soros can sue Beck. The American court system solves the problem of liars in the media. (Notice, Soros has yet to sue Beck for any statement Beck has made.)

If Rush Limbaugh says “I hope Obama fails”, he hasn’t really said anything hateful. It is Rush’s opinion that the country would be better off if President Obama’s policies fail.

Shame on all of the people who tried to make a tragedy into a chance to score political points, as we now know politics had nothing to do with the killings in Arizona.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

Interested in talking monkeys, the mud puddle of life, and Darwinism? Please check out my editorial on the subject. LINK



It is all fun and games until someone gets dead- Arizona

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The ebb and flow of politics, the debate over ideas and direction of this great country, is the main reason that I dwell in the realm of politics.

Unfortunately, like religion, politics can become deadly.


The left has been busy all night, burning up the Internet with stories about how a right-wing Tea Party nut tried to kill Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Has politics become deadly?- LINK- My editorial on today’s politics.

Try as I might, I cannot identify the killer: Jared Loughner, as a republican; or a democrat.

Let’s go over what we currently know…

Jared had a video on his MySpace page of himself, (or someone) dressed in a black hood, burning the American flag. I know of no conservative who burns the American flag. Even the black helicopter, gun toting, survival food storing, paranoid republicans who live in seclusion; do not burn the American flag. Hell, you folks on the left made fun of us conservatives because we wanted to read the constitution in the House of Representatives. We wrap ourselves in the flag, we do not burn it. Burning the American flag is something that a liberal- democrat might do.

Yet, Jared was angry that many people around him could not speak English. He was angry that schools “dumbed-down” students and didn’t use proper English. OK, that might be a conservative trait.

However, during a school class session (which Jared attended), a female student was reading an emotional poem about a pregnant girl and what she was going through in her decision on whether to keep her baby. Jared disrupted the class by interrupting the poem and saying: “Kill the baby. Strap a bomb to the fetus and make him a baby bomber.”

What conservative- republican, during a speech about abortion, would say: “Kill the baby”? That is not something that republicans even joke about. He could not be a conservative.

And yet, Jared did not trust American paper money. He wanted to return to the gold standard. This is something that libertarians and people like Glenn Beck talk about.


As time goes on, we will learn more about this killer. However, going with what we now know, I cannot say whether this killer was a republican; or a democrat? I believe that the left is being very reckless by trying to pin this killing on the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, or Sarah Palin.

This was a 22 year old BOY, (I cannot call this killer a MAN) who killed for no other reason then the fact that he was insane, delusional, and hated government / authority. He did not kill in the name of the Tea Party. He did not kill because Rep. Giffords was a “Blue-dog democrat” and he was trying to help progressives.

Jared Loughner killed because he is a self-indulgent little twat, who was searching for his 15 minutes of fame. The fame he never would have obtained in a life filled with hard work, because he didn’t want to do the hard work.

Blame parenting if you like. Someone forgot to raise this child. Someone didn’t have the time to teach this child the difference between right and wrong. Someone wasn’t concerned when Jared was arrested for drugs, or was kicked out of college because he could be dangerous to fellow students. Someone MUST have thought that Jared wasn’t “their” problem. Someone decided that “we”, (society) will have to deal with Jared. Someone now has blood on their hands.

Blame a government system that doesn’t communicate with each of its parts. How a student could be kicked out of college because he was considered “dangerous”, yet was able to buy a gun and carry out this act, is frightening.

The honest liberal will not blame the parents, and place the blame on gun laws and society. Politics will be the furthest thing from the honest liberal’s mind.

The honest conservative will protect gun rights and blame the parents. Politics will not be mentioned.

The political hack will blame the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and republicans. After all, we must make hay while the sun is shining. Death is always a great time to score political points.

The political hack will also turn Jared into a flag burning, pro abortion liberal. Murder is always a great time to prove to people that a well-adjusted life as a conservative, is the better option.


There comes a time in each of our lives that we MUST decide who we are.

Some folks, like NY Times columnist Paul Krugman, have decided to be a political hack and blame the republicans because Jared murdered innocent people. Surely, if Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin never existed, Jared would have never killed anyone. Sorry, Paul. I am not willing to bet the farm on your theory. A killer is a killer. If not for Beck or Palin, Jared would have been moved to kill by a lyric in a rock song, or a movie, or a barking dog, or some other distraction.

Other people will become party cheerleaders, condemning everything that the “other side” does. But over-looking and rationalizing every evil that “their side” takes part in.

We all must decide who we are. Why we are here, blogging.

Are you a cheerleader for your political party? Are you a political hack? Or are you here to debate ideas to benefit this country?

When censorship arrives on the Internet, it will not be because good people wanted a place to debate great political ideas. Censorship will arrive on the Internet because of political hacks, party cheerleaders, and a boy named Jared Loughner.

Lying dead on the ground will be a 9 year old girl who just happened to be born on September 11th; killed by Jared Loughner, for no good reason. She had done nothing wrong.

Lying dead on the ground, next to this innocent little girl, will be free speech. Killed by political hacks and party cheerleaders.

We all must decide who we are and why we are here.

Written by AR Babonie

Naughty or Nice list for 2010



It is time again for our annual “Naughty or Nice” Christmas list. (That is, of course, total BS. We have never done a naughty or nice list, ever. But it just sounds better if we act like it is a long standing tradition.)

As we have done for many, many years in the past (again, a boat load of crap) it is time to countdown the famous people who have done something this year, which has landed these folks into the news. Then, by using our wisdom and experience (more BS), we will tell you if this person (or thing) has been naughty, or nice, or indifferent. (Indifferent- neither nice, or naughty, just breathing and taking up space.)

Ok, let’s get started…

Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, and Megan Fox have all been very naughty this year.




Actually, I have no proof that any of these three women have been naughty this year. But for some reason, when I think about these women “being naughty”, it just makes me feel better. (Don’t try and figure it out, it has something to do with testosterone, I do not even understand it.)

Next up- Julian Assange


For convenience and to ease your reading experience, from this point forward, we will refer to Julian Assange as: J-Ass.

Has J-Ass been Naughty, Nice, or Indifferent?

J-Ass has been- indifferent (definitely NOT nice, closer to naughty, however J-Ass is indifferent because he is basically a blob of human flesh that is taking up space.


If J-Ass were an American, we could claim that he was being unpatriotic, or even (maybe) committing treason. But he is not an American. If we can prove that J-Ass talked a US soldier into removing secret US documents, then J-Ass is in big trouble. But that might be hard to prove. If J-Ass were leaking stories that prove that global warming is a hoax, we would be patting J-Ass on the back. If J-Ass published stories about the inter workings of the Iranian government, we would want to shake J-Ass’s hand.

However, unfortunately for us, J-Ass has made America his newest target. We were not always J-Ass’s prime meal ticket. From 2006, (when Wikileaks started) until last year, two of Wikileaks prime targets were China and corrupt governments in Africa.

The REAL villains in this Wikileaks mess are..??

Villain 1


22 year old Army Intelligence Expert Bradley Manning. As of writing this, Manning is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of documents from US military and State Dept computers, and turning this information over to Wikileaks. If found guilty, Manning should spend a long time in a military prison. (Maybe Gitmo..??) Very Naughty.

Villain 2

Whomever is in charge of security for military and State Dept computers and files. How a 22 year old soldier could walk away with thousands of secret US files is insane? Very- very naughty..!!

Villain 3

Michael Moore and others who are running to J-Ass’s defense. Remember, J-Ass is accused of (sort of) raping TWO women.” Yes, everyone consented to the sex, however the women wanted J-Ass to wear a condom. J-Ass said he put on a condom, but he didn’t, and completed the act. Is that rape, rape? Or “sort of” rape? Who the hell knows?

One woman, who is being called “Miss A”, claims that sex with Assange was “the worst sex ever.” LINK.

This is bad news for us men. If women are able to charge us men, in a court of law, with “bad sex”, it’s all over for us. However, I digress, this is no laughing matter.

J-Ass is currently running away from the law. Assange is accused of raping two women. J-Ass is NOT a “poster-boy” for justice and “fair play” in the world. Until J-Ass appears in court to face these rape charges, J-Ass is a criminal, and Michael Moore should not be running to his aid.

(Which brings us back to…)

Villain 4

Julian Assange (J-Ass)- He is not a villain for printing the US secret documents. Yes, he could have been “nice” and refused to print them. But printing these documents doesn’t make him “naughty”, it just makes him one of the thousands of people who are trying to get (richer) quicker. However, Assange is naughty for running away from his rape charges.

Next up…

Naughty, Nice, or Indifferent.

American politicians

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” about the “Bush tax cuts”, unemployment extensions, earmarks- O- plenty in the omnibus bill, the DREAM Act, and everything else that politicians have been fighting about this fall has lead us to the conclusion that politicians are- Indifferent this year. “Same as it ever was” would be the best way to describe politics.


Whether you are a democrat or a republican (and all points beyond), there is something in this latest group of “Christmas Time” government bills that will make you happy…

And there is stuff in these bills that will piss you off.

Liberals are pissed that rich people got their tax breaks extended, and they are angry that the DREAM Act was shot down. They blame republicans for this, however 5 democrats voted against the Dream Act (or were no-votes) which is why it failed to receive the votes LINK. Liberals are happy that unemployment is being extended and “don’t ask, don’t tell” will be repealed.


Conservatives are angry over (the stuff listed above) and that the Bush tax cuts were not made permanent, but conservatives are happy that we are not raising taxes on small business owners in this economy, the “death tax” might not be increased, and the HUGE Omnibus 2011 budget bill, chuck full of 6,000 earmarks, got turned down. (For now.)


Yes, congress has given everyone a reason to smile, and a reason to give the government the middle finger.


Naughty, Nice, or Indifferent

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly has been very naughty this year.


OK, so I just recycled that same joke from the beginning of this editorial, big deal? I am trying to be “GREEN” and save the earth by recycling old jokes instead of wasting computer space and electricity on creating new jokes. So shoot me.

Naughty, Nice, or Indifferent

Larry King


Aaaah come on, this is easy. For being in the media longer than most of us have been alive. Surviving 25 years at CNN (no easy task). And for being himself, which is like no one else on TV, Larry King has been “Nice” and he will be missed. (Especially, considering what CNN has lined up to replace him.)

Next up…

Naughty, nice, or indifferent.


This year was supposed to be a killer hurricane season. Remember back at mid-summer, forecasters were predicting HUGE- stronger hurricanes this year. Scientists and global warming people told us that we were going to be hit with many, many hurricanes, and guess what…

(Pssst) Na-da..!!

This is a tough one for us (at The Angry Republic) to call because it depends on your perspective. If you live along the American coastline, hurricane season was very “nice” this year. However, if you are Al Gore and his man-made global warming minions, you are depressed because this year was supposed to knock your socks off with strong hurricanes, but that didn’t happen.

Hurricane season 2010- Nice

Global Warming people- Naughty (for scaring people into thinking that huge hurricanes were coming. Then sitting back with your fingers crossed, looking for these killer storms. All, so you could say- “I told you so.”) Very naughty.

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Naughty, Nice, or Indifferent

President Obama has been VERY naughty this year.

OK, so you are a dog lover. BIG DEAL.

That is no reason to hit that poor cat IN THE FACE with a snowball.


Very, very naughty Mr. President.


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Naughty, Nice, or Indifferent

A group of Arabs, bankrolled by Saudi King Abdullah, are trying to move the Ground Zero Mosque to a site that is a mile away from ground zero. This new site is located at an abandoned hospital. Plans call for most of the hospital to be reopened with the Mosque located in a side building. LINK
If this holds true, I believe this would be a great gesture by Muslims in showing that they care for our feelings and want to work with us. We need more acts of understanding on both sides.

Yes, we have had problems with Saudi Arabia, (not to mention that most of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi), however this act by the Saudi King is very nice.

Next up…

Naughty, Nice, or Indifferent

100 Santas playing “Roll out the barrel” on accordions…



Ok, now it is your turn. If know of anyone who has been nice, naughty, or just a blob of flesh, taking up space; let us know in the comment section.


Merry Christmas from AR Babonie- LINK

GOD, climate change, and a BIG tax to save the earth

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I have always thought that God had a sense of humor, however I could not prove it. Sure, there were clues everywhere: Politicians who lecture us about the evils of Gay people, who later turn out to be VERY Gay themselves. Jumbo-shrimp, New Jersey, and of course- weather forecasting; all great examples of God’s wit.

Today, I have solid proof that God has a great sense of humor.

The 2010 climate change / global warming summit has come to an end in sunny, warm- Cancun, Mexico; and guess what..??

Cancun has not been this cold (54 degrees) in over one hundred years. God; you have a masterful sense of humor.


Maybe you think that this is only a “one-time event”, and this could not be proof of a “funny” God, or the act of denouncing man made climate change. Oh, no, no..

Two years ago, parts of the global warming summit had to be canceled because of a very heavy snow fall. It happens so often that people have coined the phrase: “The Gore Effect.” If Al Gore is scheduled to speak at a global warming conference, bring your winter coats because it will be cold. LINK And lets not forget about the climate scientists who hiked up to the Arctic to see for themselves the effects of Global Warming. Unfortunately, the scientists were not prepared for the changing Arctic weather, a storm rolled in and they were trapped. None of their equipment worked in the bitter cold and they had to be rescued. Maybe they didn’t know about “The Gore Effect?”


OK, maybe you do not believe in God, and therefore this stuff that I am talking about is all based (for you) on “random-chance.” There is no God-ly plan in any of this. Yes, I understand your position, but if something happens more than “once”, how can it be “random” or just by “chance?” If it keeps happening, doesn’t it deserve equal study? (Scientifically speaking, of course.)

I will get back to you “God-less” people in a moment, but first I wanted to return to the believers…

If you believe in God and prophecy, you might not find anything funny in what I am saying. (IE- My theory of God, and his sense of humor.) Is God trying to tell us something and what God has to say is no laughing matter? But what would God be saying…

“..STOP playing God, you assholes..”

OK, God might not talk that way, but you get my drift.

How could Global Warming people be playing God? Because they believe that they can regulate the world’s temperature. By wearing a sweater in the house and turning down the thermostat. Don’t forget to put a sweater on the kitty, and a few bandages on your clawed-up arms and face. (Kitty doesn’t like wearing sweaters.) Also, by plugging your Chevy Volt electric car into the wall outlet and sucking up all that Green power produced by the local coal burning power plant. Or, you can change the world’s temperature by sitting in a dark-dirty corner and breathing as little as possible. And don’t forget about adding a HUGE tax to change the world’s temperature.

These are all great ways of showing how freaking GREEN you are, but scientists are 5 steps ahead of you…

In Ohio, scientists have found a protein that slows the melting of ice. (Chemical reaction in ice raises the melting point.) These scientists can reproduce this in the lab, and they would love to try it out, on a large scale, in the Arctic. OK, I know that I say this a lot, but: “Isn’t this how EVERY scary movie starts out?” Scientists, trying to save the earth, spray their secret chemical on the Arctic ice, and guess what? It works. But it works TOO GOOD. Ice never melts, and we run out of fresh water, and the earth is plunged into an ice age. And, of course, we all die. (Except for the famous actors who are featured in this scary movie. They have sex and repopulate the earth.)

Maybe this is what the Supreme Being meant when he said: “Stop playing God.”

However, I digress back for the benefit of the non-believer. No government on EARTH would be stupid enough to allow an un-tested chemical to be used on a large scale without a comprehensive study. Your stupid “scary movie” scenario could never happen, AR Babonie.

Ooohhh, don’t be so quick to give government more credit than it is due. You have not lived long enough, my friend.

In 2005, President GW Bush decided that republicans should do “something” to act like we “care” about global warming. So, taking the advice of the left wing global warming people, Bush signed into law the mandate of ethanol additives. All gas stations will add up to 10% ethanol by Dec 31, 2010; and tax incentives would be given to companies which developed ethanol technologies. Using ethanol would help us get away from that dirty, smelly foreign oil.

Sounds GREAT, doesn’t it..??

Except, well…

No one REALLY thought about it, or tested it thoroughly. It seems that corn farmers are selling their corn to ethanol producers (because they get tax breaks) and they can make more money instead of selling the corn to food producers and cattle ranchers. (But we need corn for food, how can they do that..??) And, ethanol doesn’t burn very good in older, or smaller engines. Even Al Gore and President Obama NOW agree that corn-based ethanol wasn’t a very good idea. But, we made it THE LAW. So, screw you humans and you taxpayers. Just deal with it.

Is this what God, (or, for the non-believer) Mother Earth is trying to tell us..?? “Stop rushing these stupid global warming laws into effect without testing them. Someone could get hurt.”

Is this why Cancun has a century old record low temperature during the global warming summit?


OK, let me back up for a moment; maybe you think that I am crazy for not supporting “man made climate change” reversal efforts, however; think about this…

How will a “Cap and Trade” tax clean up the CO2 from the earth’s atmosphere? If a Cap and Trade tax will be added to any smokey factory that exceeds the CO2 emissions limit, yet the factory is not shut down; how will this stop global warming? Isn’t this just a way to raise taxes, and not really a way to stop greenhouse gas emissions?

OK, now follow me a minute here, because this is VERY important…

Didn’t you liberal- progressives just claim that the Bush tax cuts shouldn’t be kept for the rich people because we cannot afford them, and it will not affect anything because rich people will eat the new higher tax rate? Didn’t you claim that rich people will not change things like: close down factories, or lay off workers, because of a tax raise?

So why would you think that a Cap and Trade tax would cause rich companies to say: “Oh my God, they are adding a CO2 tax to our company. We MUST shut down this smokey factory and build a new multi-billion dollar GREEN facility.”

That is not going to happen, and you know that it is not going to happen. Companies will pay the tax, keep their smokey factories running, raise the costs of their products, and pass this tax on to you. So, why are you supporting a law that will not lower greenhouse emissions, will not “save the earth”, and will cause higher utility rates for the poorest Americans?

Really folks, this is why I search for humor in a topic like global warming. It is the only way that I can deal with the insanity of the situation and the proposed global warming solutions.

It really works, picture this…

God is slapping his knee and letting out a belly laugh while people are freezing during the Climate Summit, and Al Gore’s speech on global warming is canceled because it is too cold out.

Will higher taxes make the earth cooler..??

Sure it will..!!

The government will spend the new tax money to study the affects of cocaine on monkeys. (Just like they did last year, the government spent 2 millions bucks to study monkeys on cocaine.) While jacked up on coke; one monkey will confess to us on how “we all got here.” (Evolution, and all.) Knowing how we achieved human intelligence, from one cranked up monkey, and how fragile this random-chance existence is; we humans will begin to walk to work, stop taking a hot bath and showers, and wear ugly Christmas sweaters in the house.


We will save the earth. We will be an ugly group of smelly humans with big-bulky thighs, but we will keep those monkeys jacked up on cocaine for years.

Yes, high taxes will make the earth cooler, and we will be living in Utopia. Which, by the way, Utopia is an abandoned auto parts store.


Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic- LINK


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