Obama- Daddy Dangerous


Why NOT the BIG three..??


How did the CEO of CITI Group arrive at the Capital asking for his companies bailout..??

Did he take a private jet..??

Did he even show up at all..??


Did the CEO of CITI Group just “phone in” his request for Bailout money..??

How about Fanny Mae..??

How did they show up for their bailout cash? What is their new business plan..??

Why is congress “sticking it to” the big three auto makers?

Why do I know that GM, Ford, and Chrysler flew private jets to the capital, and that they had no “fix” planned out for their companies restructure? Yet, I know nothing about the banks and their new plans to “fix” their problems?

Hey, I got no answers here, I’m just ranting into the wind.

Why is congress giving the US auto makers a hard time. But they seem to throw cash at just about any bank that needs help.

And why has the news media (yes, even Fox) been so hard on the auto makers, but did little reporting on CITI Group when they got their bailout last week?

If you think the Big three auto makers do NOT need a bailout, you are in “good” company.

LINK: Michael Moore agrees with you


(Hint) Moore wants the auto makers to fail so that they retool and built small metal boxes with wheels. Dangerous little cars that also can be used as a coffin. (NOTE- embalming sold separately from the cars. Death flowers NOT included.)

Daddy Dangerous


Barack Obama has become that father figure who promises to take you fishing this weekend.

But when the weekend arrives and you have all your fishing equipment packed and ready…

“Daddy Dangerous”- Barack Obama never shows up.

BIG “Mommy Media” tells you that “Daddy Dangerous” is a busy man, and someday he will keep his promise. “Mommy Media” explains that things have changed. (Since 4 weeks ago..??) And Obama can no longer do the things he promised to all his voters:

End the war in Iraq. (By keeping Gates in charge and vowing to follow the military’s advice.)

Obama will NO LONGER tax BIG oil. (Like he said he would when you elected him.)

LINK: Obama gives BIG oil a BIG fat break.


And the people who voted for Obama, who thought that 95% of them were going to get a tax break…

(Well, you just keep waiting by your fishing box. With your little fishing pole in hand. Hoping to see Obama pull into the driveway.)


Are you GAY and sad?


If you are GAY and sad about Prop 8, maybe this little gay video will make you smile.

(Note) it is funny- starring: Jack Black, John C Reilly, and many more.

LINK: Jesus doesn’t like shrimp..??


So, you think that you’re the cats ass…


Do you believe that you are perceptive..??

Maybe not as much as you think.

Take this quiz. Can you identify the correct signs for famous business’s?

(I got 17 of 20 right.) Beat my score..!!

LINK: A sign of the times


See ya next time..!!