Bailout Fever (bail baby bail)



Citi Bank- come on down


You are the next contestant on:
“Your price is right”






After the BIG three US auto makers ran into a little trouble with their bailouts, Citi Bank becomes the next in line to suck the blood of the tax payers.

Here at “The Angry Republican”, we wanted to get inside the minds of these companies, and what it takes to ask congress for YOUR tax money.

So, here is one of the bigger share holders of Citi Bank, a reletively unknown company called:

 Corporate Receivers of Amalgamated Poisonous Petroleum.

C.R.A.P.P. -is what they like to be called.

Their motto is:

 “Helping you lurch forward, while stepping into a big pile of the future..!!”

Here is what CRAPP had to say about the CITI Bank bailout:


We prefer to NOT call it a “bailout.”

We prefer the term- “Happy Check.”

See, without this “happy check”, tons of people will be laid off. Which means they would spend one year on unemployment, where they would be paid cash- money to hunt, spend time with their families, fish, play golf, and look for a job.

This is a SAD prospect for any American..!!

However, with this “happy check” (bailout), people can feel confidant that they STILL have a job with a company that is on the verge of bankruptcy. A company that could collapse any day.

Plus, with this happy check; none of us top CEO people will have to leave, or even lower our salary.

This “happy check” from you tax payers is the RIGHT solution. And best of all, you will never feel any of the pain. (Because your children and grandchildren will actually pay all this money back. By then, you will be taking a permanent dirt nap.)

Michael Jackson


The “Cat” is out of the bag.

Could this be the new FACE of Islam..??


Michael Jackson is following in the footsteps of another famous (and reclusive) singing star.

Jackson is converting to Islam, just as Yousef Islam did a few years ago. (Cat Stevens)

Maybe what Michael Jackson needs right now is religion? (Any religion.) I have always worried that Jackson was heading for self- destruction, and possible suicide. Religion could possible straighten Jackson out? (No pun intended.)

LINK: Jacko goes backo- Islam for me

But if Michael Jackson is looking for a comeback in popular music, Islam might not be his best choice.

(They shy away from crotch grabbing, sexy women, and most everything that popular culture stands for.)

Just look at the life of Cat Stevens before and after Islam:

1970’s era Cat Stevens

Modern Yousef Islam (Cat Stevens)

Uuuumm… Though I fight for religion in my blog because I feel people need to have faith. And, of course, America stands for religious freedom.

The transformation of Cat Stevens; a cutting edge song writer who could describe human emotions better than most, into a “mouth piece” for an Islam leader…

I’m sorry, it is just a waste of talent. (Leave politics to the politicians.) God, (of any religion) gives certain people great gifts. Cat Stevens has a gift and I miss it.

Today, Yousef Islam is very popular amongst Islamic African cultures and maybe that is Michael Jackson’s calling.

Who the hell am I to denounce that calling..??

Just some little blog writer in America that misses the old Cat Stevens.

 Take the Al Frankin challenge

Al Frankin believes that this voter wanted to vote for him in the Minnesota Senate race.

The Frankin team believes that the voter underlined his “correct” choice.

What do you think?


LINK: More goofy ballots from Minnesota




 Famous Hooker speaks out

Ashley Dupre claims she had no idea that Spitzer was a married governor.

LINK: Hooker wasn’t happy


The Former New York Governor also speaks out


One more from Yousef Islam (Cat Stevens)

Bailout fever continues