Republicans are stupid because they HATE Gay vultures


I was reading some posts by fellow bloggers and I come across one post that claims Sarah Palin could not (or should not) be president because she is “stupid.”


Maybe if you were from an opposing viewpoint, you could say that Sarah Palin is wrong for the country because she has different points of view, or she is hypocritical, or not sincere; but “stupid”?

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So, I read on to find out why these people believe that Palin is “stupid”, and here is what I found…

Sarah Palin is stupid because she thought the United States had 57 states. (Oh, wait.. That was Barack Obama, sorry. Obama said that he visited all 57 states.)


OK, here it is, I have the right one now. Palin is “stupid” because she didn’t have all the facts when she claimed that police acted “stupidly” in arresting a Black college professor. Palin had to apologize for that comment later. (Oh, Wait, that too was Barack Obama. He said police acted stupidly.)

Here, I have the correct reason now, (sorry about the above confusion.)
Sarah Palin is “stupid” because she accidentally talked about supporting North Korea and its allies. (She meant to say SOUTH Korea.)

I agree with this liberal post. We CANNOT have a president who accidentally says the wrong things. Therefore, Sarah Palin cannot be president and Barack Obama MUST be impeached right now because he has accidentally said the wrong thing, many times. Both: Sarah Palin and Barack Obama MUST be “stupid” and cannot be president. They have both made mistakes.

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Another reason that Sarah Palin is so “stupid”, was given in the comment section of this liberal post: remember when CBS TV News Anchor Katie Couric asked Sarah Palin what “she reads”, Palin froze and didn’t have an answer. This MUST mean that Palin doesn’t read anything, or that she froze up and couldn’t think, during an interview. We cannot have a person who freezes like that during an interview.

That story reminds me of a CBS News Anchor who froze up during an interview. Talk show host- Wendy Williams was asking this female News Anchor about a couple of photos which showed this News Anchor dancing.
THESE photos, to be exact.



After showing the photos, Ms. Williams made this comment to the female Anchor: “Oooo girl, you were dropping it like its hot..” The female News Anchor froze up. She looked confused, she paused, and replied: “I do not know what that means?”

Come on, who doesn’t know what the term: “Drop it like its hot” means? Who was this female News Anchor who froze up during an interview? Who was also doing some dirty dancing in front of small children? Who was trying to explain WHY she was dirty dancing in front of a small child?

It was Katie Couric. The same Katie Couric who asked Sarah Palin what she reads.

I, personally, like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Katie Couric thought that she was being insulted by Williams’ comment, and Katie Couric needed time to process the remark? Maybe that is why Couric froze up? Which, by the way, is what Sarah Palin has claimed happened during her interview with Couric. Palin thought Couric was asking: “Do you people read books up there in Alaska? What do you read?”

However, we DO NOT give people the benefit of the doubt, judging by this liberal post I read. Therefore Sarah Palin and Katie Couric are “stupid” for screwing up during an interview. And Barack Obama is “stupid” because he has made mistakes while speaking.

Using this parameter, MOST people are “stupid”, (except for me, of course. And the people that I support.) “We” are not stupid, but those other people that I do not like, are “stupid.”

Democrats seem to like to use this term “stupid” as a political weapon against all challengers, they have been doing it for years now. So, this caused me to find out where it’s beginning came from.

The 1950’s is as far back as I am willing to go for this editorial, any further back would make this editorial a mile long.

No one would call “Ike” Eisenhower: “stupid”. General Eisenhower helped win WW2 for America and it’s allies, and he was loved by republicans and democrats alike. In fact, both parties fought to get “Ike” on their side. Remember, Eisenhower, being a military man; didn’t reveal his political ideology beforehand.


When Ike decided to become a republican, the gloves came off. Democrats, careful not to call Ike “stupid”, claimed that he didn’t have the political experience to lead America. (In essence, calling Ike “politically stupid.”) But this backfired for the liberals. Americans began to believe that Ike’s challenger- Democrat Adlai Stevenson was an “egghead” who could not relate to the common man. Democrats ran Stevenson as the “thinking mans” candidate, but this didn’t work.


Eisenhower, who spoke directly to the common man, beat Stevenson by 55% of the popular vote. Eisenhower beat Stevenson again in his reelection bid by 58% of the popular vote, gaining his second term as president.

This could be the genesis of the modern tactic for democrats labeling their republican opponent “stupid.”

Moving ahead to Kennedy / Nixon.

This one is a little different. No one called Nixon “stupid” in 1959. Instead, being that it was the FIRST televised presidential debates, they claimed that Nixon didn’t look “good” on TV. JFK had professional people style his hair and do his makeup. Nixon went on TV with no preparation, and he had a fever. Nixon was sweating, he looked nervous, he came across on TV as being pasty-white. Nixon could not be president (in 1960) because he didn’t “look” good. Kennedy “looked” better.

(Yes, I know that I am skipping a few elections, but we must move on) Gerald Ford tripped and fell down a few times, which landed him on his butt, so Ford was too clumsy to be reelected to president. Jimmy Carter never fell down, though Carter did believe in UFO’s, we need a president who doesn’t fall down.

Ronald Reagan was just a silly actor reading lines that someone gave him. Reagan was “stupid”, and shouldn’t be president.

Bill Clinton was a “smart” man. (Not smart enough to keep his dick in his pants while some chubby intern was flirting with him). Not smart enough to care for his family. But he was a brilliant politician who passed the Gay Rights Bill- “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” Yes, the very Bill that every Gay person HATES right now.

Al Gore was an intellectual who wrote a book about the environment. Bush was “stupid”, and probably has never read any books in his life. John Kerry was much more smarter than Bush and should be president.

That last charge has always gotten to me. “Bush was stupid. Kerry and Gore were smart.”

I know that this is all water under the duck’s ass now, but indulge me for a moment. It is possible to reach a few people who were told that Obama was a genius, and now they are finding out that Obama isn’t much smarter than the rest of us. These folks might be wondering what else is a lie?

Kerry, Bush, and Gore. A brief history.


Kerry went to Yale University. Bush, also went to Yale University, however Bush went on and attended Harvard Business School. Both Kerry and Bush would be considered “C” students, with Bush getting slightly higher grades than Kerry.

If we throw Al Gore into this mix, we find that Gore also attended Harvard. Gore’s grades during his first two years put him into the lower one- fifth of his class. Gore admits to watching too much TV, shooting pool, and smoking weed instead of studying. He avoided math and science during those early years because he couldn’t focus on them. To be fair and honest, Gore did study hard during his final years at Harvard and received A’s and B’s, which he then graduated with honors. Kerry and Bush, on the other hand, never buckled down like Gore did, and they both graduated as “average” students.


After college, Gore became a House member, then a Senator from Tennessee, and Vice President. Gore failed to become president.

John Kerry served in Vietnam, failed to be elected to the House, so he went to law school and became a District Attorney. Then Kerry became a Lt. Governor. From there, he became a Senator for Massachusetts. Kerry also failed to become president.

Bush failed an attempt to be a House Rep, so he went into business. Later he became Governor of Texas, and president of the United States.


So, when I look at these 3 men, I do not see how anyone could rationally say that one is “stupid”, while the others are “smart.” Their lives are academically and professionally very similar.

All three men ran for president. Only one of them won the office of president (not just once, but twice.)

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Surely, even the most extreme liberal / progressive could see that this is the truth?

If they cannot see the truth, surely they can see that the tactic of calling republicans “stupid” doesn’t work. They basically called Ike “politically stupid”, but he won the presidency (twice.) They called Reagan “stupid” and he won (twice.) They called Bush “stupid” and he won (twice.)

So, now they call Sarah Palin “stupid.”

Wait a minute, what did I just prove here..??

The progressives called Ike, Reagan, and Bush “stupid”, and all of these men won two-terms as president.

Now they are calling Sarah Palin “stupid”.

Get my bookie on the phone, quick. I need to place a bet.

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You might be wondering what is up with the title of the above editorial…

Republicans are stupid because they HATE Gay vultures

There were no Gay Vultures in this story, so what is up with that..??

OK, I tried REALLY hard to fit the Gay Vultures into the above editorial, but I never found a place for them.

So I have placed the Gay Vultures here- LINK