While I was working and trying to make a buck, I almost didn’t notice that the Arab world is on fire

Surprisingly enough, they are NOT shouting “Death to America.”

Which begs the question: WHY?



This is one extraordinary event, protesters taking to the streets in Egypt. When something like this happens, I try to look at it through political eyes: “Are the protesters fighting for peace and freedom? Or are they radical; are they looking to become a more hard-lined Islamic State? How will this affect the world? The United States?”

These are tough questions.

So I look to the News Sites, and it is very confusing…

Conservatives believe that President Obama isn’t acting fast enough. Obama needs to do something- NOW. Yet, conservative web sites and bloggers are torn between helping Mubarak; or helping the protesters.

Liberal sites are calling this a revolution towards democracy. Some say we should help the protesters. Yet, others are mindful of what happened to Iran, 30 year ago, and are worried about a hasty choice.


This is one of those occasions where the best minds in the media have no clue.

I believe that the BEST advice would be for the United State to do: NOTHING, (right now.) We simply do not know who is right and who is wrong. America gets into trouble by sticking our noses into others affairs and we MUST remember what happened in Iran.


Yes, I know; the Iranian revolt happened about 30 years ago, but you would be wise to remember that history does repeat itself. The Shah of Iran was an asshole. He was ruthless to the Iranian people and he hindered freedom. Yet, the Shah did help America get weapons into Russia, so the Russians could defeat Hitler during WW2. Most Muslim Nations were backing Germany (or didn’t want to get involved), so the help from the Shah of Iran helped win the war for the Allies. The Shah of Iran was pro- western, and worked with us to develop oil trading.

So when the protesters overthrew the Shah of Iran, many people in the west thought that Iran might finally have a democracy. (It was a “good thing”, many people thought. That wasn’t the case; the newly appointed (elected) President of Iran brought back the exiled religious leader: Ayatollah, to a guiding role in the Iranian government. In my opinion, Iran has become even more repressive since the overthrow of the Shah.


It is easy for us in the west to project our 1960’s era “freedom hippies” image unto other countries. This can lead us to believe that all those young people, who are protesting in the streets of Egypt today, are fighting for freedom against the old-conservative government, similar to the young hippies in the 1960’s America.

This may not be the case.

Let me ask you a basic question…How many 50 year old suicide bombers have you seen? Think about it, wouldn’t it be more logical for a man in his 60’s to commit a suicide bombing? After all, he has lived out much of his life. His children have grown up and can care for themselves. But this isn’t the case. Most of the terrorists that we have seen are in their 20’s and early 30’s.

Many, (not all) but many of the Muslim people who became pro-western did so about 30 years ago. These folks are now in their 50’s and 60’s. These are the older folks who are not taking part in the current protests in Egypt. Sure, they too want freedom and democracy; but they do not want violence.


The young folks taking to the streets in Egypt want change, whether it is through peace, or through violence. Please do not read more into what I am trying to say here. Yes, there are millions upon millions of young Muslims who wear blue jeans, they like Rap and Rock music, they want peace and freedom; they are tuned into the Internet, and they are reminiscent of us folks in the west. They are taking to the streets because they are tired of being repressed and held back.


However, many believe that the old men and the old leaders, who side with the west, have been corrupted by the west; and are causing all of the modern problems that they see today in Egypt. Radical Islam offers these young people a religious way to return to peace and harmony. “The GREAT State of Islam” is their goal, if only these young protesters would overthrow the older “pro-western” government, and elect a pro-Islamic leader; everything will be fine.

It happened in Iran. It can happen in Egypt.

The best thing that we can do is- nothing. We cannot know who is right, and who is wrong. Even if we think we know who is righteous, we cannot know what they will do one year from today.

We must help Egypt keep the Suez Canal open and safe. We must help Egypt protect the Great Pyramids. However; I do not believe that the protesters would harm these ancient treasures. (At the time of writing this, the Pyramids have been closed to the public.)

Short of that, the United States would be wise to stay the hell out of it. This isn’t our fight.


That might be why the people of Egypt are NOT crying out: “Death to America.”

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Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic