Why conservatives are stronger?

Because we have to be..!!

The liberal left makes a BIG DEAL that Karl Rove might help republican candidates. “That’s terrable, Karl shouldn’t be aloud to interfere..”

But here’s one thing Karl Rove CANNOT do...

Call up Saturday Night Live and offer a comedy bit- (which is nothing more than a 5 minute democratic campaign commercial.)

This is exactly what happened- from the left.

Former SNL writer and cast member Al Franken, WHO NO LONGER WORKS FOR NBC AND IS a Democrat- currently running for the U.S. Senate from Minnesota (conflict, anyone..??)- was allowed to pen a comedy sketch that cut down John McCain.

And Saturday Night Live plays the bit..!!

Folks, wouldn’t it be nice to have a “hot line” to a national TV show like Saturday Night Live? Maybe have Paul Shanklin, (Rush Limbaugh’s parody writer) call up SNL and offer a comedy dig at democrats? And Paul isn’t running for political office so there is no conflict involved.

But this isn’t going to happen.

Conservatives have to be stronger.

Night after night, The Late Show with David Letterman makes fun of the President with a bit called: “Great moments in Presidential speeches.” In every show, they play great moments in speeches made by popular presidents. Then, of course, they play a clip of President Bush stumbling through the English language on one of his “bad days”.

Yet, two of the greatest gaffes of recent- Obama referring to “his Muslim faith”, and Joe Biden asking a handi-cap, wheel chair ridden man to “stand up.. Stand up Chuck..”, these “Great Moments” never seem to make it on Lettermen’s show?

Night after night, Letterman pokes fun at McCain and Palin- “She looks like the kind of gal that works in a library- ‘Shhss, keep it down boys..”

But Barack Obama and Joe Biden are off limits. There is no comedy written about them.

I love both shows and watch as often as I can. I Grew up watching the Late Show and SNL. I love comedy and I do not mind the witty “slap in the face,” but those shows go beyond the clever slap and pull out a baseball bat and slug a man when he is down.

I keep hoping that I might see some Biden jokes, but that isn’t going to happen.

As always, conservatives have to be stronger.

The media is all on board reporting about McCain having 13 cars. (Wow, 13 is a lot of cars..??)

But yet the media doesn’t seem to find the time to report that Obama made 4 million last year, (way, way more than McCain made) and that Obama just added a new jet- Obama “Change 1”.

There just isn’t enough time to report that.

I keep hoping that the media might be a little more balanced, but that isn’t going to happen.

Conservatives HAVE to be stronger.

Democratic candidates are running around promising Americans GREAT gifts. Like national health care, tax credits for the poor and middle class, and basically- democrats will fix EVERYTHING by throwing money at the problem.

Conservatives have to warn that raising taxes will hurt America in this economy, warn that building HUGE new programs is dangerous when older programs are in trouble. We conservatives have to be “the parent” to the childish democrats who want to spend, spend, spend, and tax the people to death.

For trying to be responsible and offer a conflicting view, we conservatives are labeled: Mean.

We do not care for the poor.

My last editorial was a little test. In it, I offered a post about “personal responsibility.” It had less to do with government.

The comments from the left immediately claimed that (I), we conservatives, want to CUT all programs and abandon the poor.

Since when did personal responsibility have anything to do with funding a “food stamp program?” That would fall under the realm of social responsibility. How much money did you give to the poor last year..??

Personal responsibility has more to do with getting your ass off the couch and going to work.

Social responsibility is something that you should have been raised to do, automatically. No government should have to reach into your wallet and FORCE you to help others. (You hear that Joe Biden: who made $200,000 thousand last year and only gave $2,000 to charity..??)

Because we conservatives caution the voter that raising taxes and creating BIG social programs in this economy is dangerous, we are shouted down as “uncaring” and “out of touch with the common man.”

You hope that this will change and a debate can take place, but that ain’t going to happen. You, as a conservative, will be called a “tool of the rich,” a “red neck from the red states”, and you just do not understand how the global economy works.

Conservatives have to be stronger.

The reason the conservative message is so clear..??

Because we have had to FIGHT to get that message out there.

We were never able to rely on ABC, NBC, CBS, or NY Times to help us.

We never had a HUGE industry in media- like Hollywood, to back us up.

We never could rely on a speech about “hope and change.” Because no one in the media would help us..!!

We have always had to spell out our message and win people over, because Saturday Night Live and David Letterman are not going to help us.

The reason conservatives are stronger..??

Because we have to be.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic



What’s going on in the Palin: e-mail hacking case..??

FBI serves search warrant against UT student in Palin case. David Kernell is the son of Mike Kernell, a Democratic state representative from Memphis. The FBI is searching his place and I believe, have his computer.

Read the full story here-


You get raped, you pay..??

Sarah Palin NEVER voted to charge rape victims for the “rape kits” used by investigators. This is another lie by the left.

As mayor, she never had the opportunity to vote on the issue, even if she wanted to.

Most cities around the country would charge a person for any special investigative costs, during the initial part of a case. These costs were then reimbursed by the criminal during sentencing as “court costs, fines, fees, and restitution.”

Under the “abused women and children’s act” (I believe it is called) states would lose federal funding if they didn’t provide certain investigative tools completely free. Every state, including Alaska, followed suit.

Sarah Palin never took a vote on this matter.

And, for some reason, the left doesn’t tell you that while governor of Alaska, Palin increased the funds for women services.

But hey; if you are liberal, you don’t care about the facts, and it sounds good- stick it out on the Internet and see how many stupid people repeat it..?

What was it that PT Barnum used to say..?

Source- CNN News

“Stage Right” or stage fright..??

Remember when Obama had a HUGE crowd of screaming people packed into the Denver Bronco’s stadium..?? 80,000 people it was, I believe.

Well, Sarah Palin happened to draw in 60,000 screaming fans in Florida.

The difference..??

There were no Greek columns, no Stevie Wonder singing “Isn’t (he) wonderful.” No Oprah waiting in the wings.


There was none of that.

Just 60,000 people who wanted to meet Sarah Palin and John McCain.

Shows to watch- This might be interesting?

Tuesday- Greta Van Susteren (Fox News) interviews former President Clinton. Normally, I wouldn’t care about this. However, Bill Clinton recently said glowing things about McCain and Palin. I am curious how committed he might be for Barack Obama..??

This Friday night- Presidential debate between Obama and McCain. I have never tried doing an updated blog while the debate is taking place. So this would be the perfect time to try that out!

Oct 2- VP Debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden.

It’s Show Time..!!