When I am wrong, I feel I MUST apologize for it.

My generation, the “peaceful caring” hippies, really F**ked you poor people up.

Us folks, (in our 60’s, 50’s, and even the late 40’s) for some reason, felt we should place into your skulls a sense of “entitlement.”

What the hell were we thinking..??

What was the reasoning for teaching young minds, (who are now aging liberals) that “birth” gives you the “right” to FREE stuff..??


I must state that I am speaking “figuratively.”

I know many of you folks have raised your kids with a sense of “worth and value.” However, I am talking about a generation of parents who raised children to believe the taxpayers owe them a living.

Why did we do this..??

Was it because we saw our parents and grandparents struggle during the Great Depression and WW2; so we taught children to fight for free “gifts” from the government..??

I’m not sure why my generation strayed away from independence.

What happened to: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country..” JFK


Government is NOT the solution. Government is the problem..” Reagan

What happened to independence..??

My grandfather was so proud, he never asked anyone for a penny. He would go without, or find a way to earn whatever he needed.

This trait was passed on to my mother, who also passed it on to me. What a wonderful gift! It forces you to do some critical thinking. When you cannot rely on the taxpayers to save you, you must invent ways to earn what you need.

It is then, that you realize: Being average, will allow you to survive. Being better gives a better life. Being the best, will move you higher up the ladder. (This pertains to whatever profession you choose.)

Being independent allows you- to be you..!!

Independence is not just a word. It is a way of life. This country was founded on independence. Independence from Europe, sure- that is true. But independence from a government that controls your life. (Who you can marry, if you can have an abortion, if you can put a shopping mall on YOUR property, etc)

Independence is a far better way of life.

So, I’m not really sure why my generation decided to teach children that they are entitled to free stuff from the taxpayers..??

Because you were born- you get free food.

Because you were born- you get free medicine.

Because you were born- you get a paycheck.

Because you were born- you get passing grades in school.

Today, the democrat presidential candidate: Barack Obama, feels he is entitled to be president.

Obama has no leadership experience and on many important issues, as senator- Obama voted “present” because he didn’t want to make a decision.

As president of the United States, you cannot vote “present” to avoid a bad decision. (And Obama has made many bad decisions.)

The democratic VP pick: Joe Biden, wants you to pay higher taxes. He said it would be “patriotic.” (Can you hear the founding fathers rolling in their graves: having fought a war to save America from higher taxes?)

Independence or entitlement…

That is what this election breaks down to.

Man, I do not know what my generation was thinking when we decided to teach the young that because they were born; they are entitled to FREE stuff from the taxpayers.

There was a lot of drug use, back in the 70’s and 60’s. Maybe we were stoned..?? That might explain our choice?

There was also that “sexual revolution” that kept us busy.

I’m not really sure why we decided to teach entitlement?

But, again, I apologize..!!

We really screwed you up..!!

My biggest fear..??

(Obama being elected..??)

No, not really. My fear is bigger than one man and one election.

My biggest fear is that you will feel entitled and you will never really try. This will lead you to an “average” life. And you could do much better than “average”, if you tried.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

OK, so I apologized for my generation screwing you up with thoughts of entitlement.

So, to make it up to you…

I will join you in bashing Sarah Palin.

(Which seems to be the liberal thing to do..!!)

The Angry Republican Video Broadcast number 14

“Sarah Palin clubs baby seals”

“Sarah Palin chews tobacco and spits it out the window.”