Sarah Palin- GUILTY (by association)

What would you do if you found out that a State Police Officer in your area was drinking beer- while on duty- in the state owned police car?

Would you call somebody..??

What would you do if you found out that this very same State Police Officer used a “taser” on his 10 year old step-son.

You would probably call authorities and report this, wouldn’t you?

This is exactly what Sarah Palin did.

In 2005, (then) Mayor Palin contacted Alaskan State Trooper Col. Julia Grimes to report these abuses.

Col. Grimes said that she couldn’t comment about the “said abuses” because a troopers privacy is protected by law.

Let’s review this info, shall we…

“A ten year old boy is the victim of a possible crime, however- the criminal’s rights are protected..??”

This is what Sarah Palin was told.

Which is what happens to many people who report a crime. (Not to mention, a crime committed by a COP.)

The Palin’s tried many times to get information on the investigation of State Trooper Mike Wooten, but were told that there may (or may not) be an on- going investigation. And the matter was confidential.

Being a small town mayor in the state of Alaska, there wasn’t much more that could be done to remove this police officer.


This wasn’t just a case of “he said, she said”.

Ohhh no..!!

The trooper in question (Mike Wooten) had been married to Sarah Palin’s sister. The Palin family had first hand knowledge of these crimes committed by Wooten AND THEY HAD WITNESSES THAT WERE READY TO TESTIFY in court.


No action was being taken on trooper Mike Wooten by the Alaskan State Police.



As you may already know, it is dam near impossible to charge a small town cop with a crime. Even if you have witnesses ready to testify in court.

Because of the inaction of the authorities to remove Mike Wooten, he was able to continue to abuse his power as a state trooper.

Wooten continued to get drunk in his patrol car, never was punished (at that time) for using a taser on his 10 year old step- son. Officer Wooten would head out into the Alaskan wilderness and illegally shoot animals that were out of season. And, if that were not enough, Wooten would use his patrol car for personal business.


But a funny thing happened…

Small town mayor Sarah Palin- became Governor Palin.

(Does this sound like a soap opera..??)

In the mean time, the internal investigation on trooper Mike Wooten concluded- he received a slap on the wrist and was allowed to continue to police the streets of Alaska.

(Oh, don’t leave yet folks, this is the story that just keeps getting better.)

Trooper Mike Wooten filed a workers compensation claim- in that, he hurt himself at work and couldn’t carry out his duties. He was just too sick to work.

So trooper Wooten was collecting taxpayer money, from the folks of Alaska, because he was too injured to patrol the Alaskan Highways.


Except, people began to see Mike Wooten buzzing around on a snowmobile.

I ask you: what would you do if you witnessed this..??

I believe that, being fine- up standing citizens, you would report this abuse of taxpayer money to the authorities.

This is exactly what some Alaskan people, including Todd Palin “First Dude” husband of Gov. Sarah Palin did.

They called up the local authorities to report that trooper Mike Wooten, who was too sick to work, was flying through town on a snowmobile.

All were told, including Todd Palin, that trooper Wooten had a doctors permission to use a snowmobile. (???)


Hold on a minute.

I need to comprehend this.

Trooper Mike Wooten was too sick to sit behind a desk at the police office- pushing papers, and therefore needed time off to recoup. HOWEVER, it was OK for him to ride a snowmobile..??

Folks, I have a certain amount of tolerance, but this IS ABUSE.


Clearly, at the top, people were protecting trooper Mike Wooten.

(Hey, where are you going? This story ain’t over yet.)

Gov, Sarah Palin and “First Dude” Todd decided to split forces and deal with this situation. (I use the term “First Dude” only because it pisses certain people off.)

Gov. Palin would focus on doing “government business”. Todd (First Dude) Palin would continue to call, e-mail, and visit anyone who would listen to him, about this crooked state trooper Mike Wooten.

When it became clear that authorities were covering up for this crooked police officer, Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan became the prime offender. For it was Monegan who could fire Wooten.

The Palin’s, not being stupid, realized that they shouldn’t just “fire” Walt Monegan because of his inaction in dealing with the crooked state trooper Wooten. But it was very easy to release Monegan because his budget conflicted with the Palin administration. (Something that happens all the time in many states.)

Walt Monegan, not being too happy about being let go, found willing authorities to launch an investigation of his firing by Gov. Palin.

To clear things up, even Gov. Palin wanted an investigation.

The lead member of the committee to investigate Gov. Palin was Stephen Branchflower.

The investigation began like a circus, with Democratic Senator Hollis French, who was overheard by several people- saying: “..Oh yes, there will be an October surprise for John McCain and Sarah Palin…” (Gee, we wouldn’t want too TAINT this committee, would we..??


Branchflower COULD NOT prove that Gov. Palin abused her power in the firing of Monegan.

Let me say this again, because there is a lot of mis-information going around out there.

Gov. Palin was found innocent of abusing her authority to fire Walt Monegan. Palin had every right to fire her former commissioner.

(So you might be asking yourself: “..If this commission found Sarah Palin NOT GUILTY of abuse of power in the firing of Monegan, why is the left making a big deal about this..??”)

Because, in a strange twist of judgement, (which will be appealed- so don’t get too happy) the commission found Todd Palin (First Dude) guilty of trying to pressure authorities into firing trooper Wooten.

The commission never said that Sarah Palin personally applied this “pressure.” However, because Todd (First Dude) and Sarah are husband and wife, Sarah is “guilty by association.”

Guilt by association…

I have heard that term somewhere before?


Guilt by association…


Oh, yea- The left..!! Obama. That’s right.

When we talk about Barack Obama and William Ayers, there is no “guilt by association”, because we cannot hold Obama countable for anything that Ayers has done.

When we talk about Obama giving ACORN $800,000 dollars. ACORN- a voter registration group that is currently racking up hundreds of fraudulent registrations charges, and Obama- we look the other way.

Obama cannot be held accountable for that, because that would be “guilt by association.”

And if Michelle Obama says anything crazy, like: “..this is the first time in my adult life that I has been proud of America..”, well folks- you can’t hold Obama responsible for what his wife said. That would be “guilt by association.”

However, that mean- book burning, God loving, abortion hating, Sarah Palin is guilty because her husband did something.

That bastard- Todd (First Dude) Palin- tried to get a crooked police officer fired.

And for that…

Sarah Palin IS “guilty- by association.”


Folks, I have seen a lot of “stuff” in my lifetime.

I witnessed millions of Americans claim that President Clinton was “justified” in lying to a grand jury.

Bill Clinton was justified in committing a crime BECAUSE- well, he got a blowjob.

“..It’s a freaking blowjob..” they said.

“..Everyone lies about sex..” they told me.

Bill Clinton is justified in breaking the law because he got some “sweet” oral sex.

However, Sarah Palin is NOT justified because she was only trying to get a crooked cop off the streets.

She tried to get this crooked cop removed* for YEARS- she used every legal channel afforded to her, by the State of Alaska.

And what exactly was Palin’s crime..??

Did the Palin’s kill somebody..?? Nope.

Did the Palin’s grab clubs and go bust up property and burn down Wooten house..?? Nope.

Did the Palin’s go and kick Wooten’s pet dog..?? Nope.


The Palin’s believed trooper Wooten shouldn’t be on the police force, so they continued to call up people and ask that Wooten be fired.

That’s it, folks..!!

That is THE BIG crime..!!


If this is an example of a “Palin” type crime…

(Calling up people and asking that a crook cop be removed.)

I will take that crime any day over the criminal activity committed by Obama and crew. ($800,000 in cash to ACORN- from Barack Obama. Barack’s association with a terrorist, William Ayers. Barack’s association with a convicted millionaire fraud-Rezko.)

Many on the left are not so bright..!!

(Or they haven’t really thought about this.)

You may NOT want to push this “guilt by association” stuff to far, because your whole defense of Obama has been- “you cannot have guilt by association.”

Besides, if the left thinks a conservative like myself will NOT vote for Palin because she tried to get a crooked cop off the streets, you would be wrong..!!

The Palin family’s determination to remove this crooked cop, make me want to vote for Sarah even more.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

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