This situation with “Joe- the plumber” should scare the pants off of many Americans.

(And, while you are sitting there with no pants on, consider this…)

The liberal left has warned us about President Bush and the “VP Dick” having too much power. With the Patriot Act and warrant- less wire taps, the left said we are all in danger of losing our freedom of speech and privacy.

Yet, I have no faces to go with the liberal left’s claim


Not one person that has been destroyed by the Patriot Act, who was innocent of any crime.

However, this is NOT true with the power that the left has held for many years.

The power to destroy people in the media.

“Joe- the plumber” just asked a simple question.

For asking that question, “Joe- the plumber” MUST be destroyed. (In the media.)

I know more about Joe the plumber (who has only been in the spotlight for a few days) than I know about William Ayers, Tony Rezko, or Reverend Wright; The shady characters from Obama’s past who have been around for decades.

Is this the kind of president we want to elect..??


The kind that will send 30 lawyers to Alaska, with the intent to destroy Sarah Palin, BEFORE she can even open her mouth and speak to us..??

The kind of man that will destroy a local plumber, just because he asked a simple question..??

When we study history, we learn the hard lessons from Hitler. How he rose to power. Why people followed him.

I guess we always thought that the next socialistic leader would rise up behind a wall of “brown shirt wearing” men, carrying guns.

But who would have thought that the next socialistic leader would rise up behind a political correct curtain, protected NOT by men carrying guns. Protected instead by people carrying cameras, clipboards, and microphones.


When an American citizen cannot ask a simple question to a political candidate without having his tax records publicized, marriage situation broadcast, and life put under the microscope…

Folks, this is much more dangerous than I had thought.


Sen. Barack Obama is NOT Hitler. That is not what I am saying here. Hitler believed in power by force and Obama is somewhat anti- gun. I do not believe you will ever see a team of people wearing “brown shirts” and beating Americans over the heads with clubs, in the name of Obama.

However, I have seen it with my own eyes…

TEAM Obama has verbally RAPED Sarah Palin, and now are trying destroy Joe the plumber.

No sir, Obama is not Hilter.

But they do share some common ground.

Hitler believed in fascism. He wanted the government control of big business. Hitler controlled the masses by brutal force.

Obama believes in socialism. (His comment to Joe the plumber proves that- “Spread the wealth around..”) Obama wants control of big business by regulation and high taxation. Obama controls the masses by verbal force and politically correct destruction.

Matter of fact, as I write this- the city of Toledo, Ohio is attempting to shut down Joe the plumber on a technicality. To put Joe out of work.

Joe the plumber is all but destroyed today.


Any one else want to ask Barack Obama a question about his tax plan..??

This leads me to today’s editorial:

Obama- the “special” child.


Many conservatives already know what I am about to write.

However, I have a few liberals who read my site and I am writing this for you. I want to elaborate on how “special” Barack Obama really is.

I know that you are sick to death hearing about William Ayers, Tony Rezko, and Reverend Wright.

The republicans just need to move on to things that are important because Obama has already answered these charges months ago.

For this editorial, I am going to agree with you that Obama has answered these charges. (However, we shouldn’t move on.)

I am going to say that Obama didn’t know that Tony Rezko was a crook. That Obama didn’t understand that William Ayers was a terrorist. And that Obama didn’t comprehend that Rev. Wright was teaching hatred towards White people.

For this editorial, we will assume that- Obama didn’t understand. Obama didn’t know. Obama couldn’t comprehend.

OK, (liberal left) I am right there with you. We are on the same page.

How many of you folks have held political fund-raisers for a candidate AT YOUR HOUSE..??

I assume we all VOTE.

Some of us may send money to a political campaign.

However, very few of us actually open up our home and let people, from all over, enter our house. Some do this in an attempt to raise money for a political candidate.

This would have to be a very “special” political candidate for us to do that. To cook all that food. To provide the dishes and help to serve food to hundreds, maybe a thousand people.

You would have to REALLY believe in that political candidate to do something like that..!!

That is exactly what William Ayers did for Barack Obama.

William Ayers, who earlier in his life, tried to blow up a New York City police station, the Capital Building in DC, and others…

Ayers saw something in Obama and he knew he couldn’t stand on the sidelines. William Ayers had to help Barack Obama in any way he could.

As I said earlier, we cannot blame Obama for what Ayers did.

However, Ayers- a terrorist: really felt that Obama was a “special” child.


Pipe down people, keep in mind: Obama didn’t know. Obama couldn’t comprehend. Obama didn’t understand. Besides, it was a long time ago.

Moving along..


How any multi- millionaires come up to you and ask if they can help you buy your new home..??

I have never had that happen to me, and I am sure it doesn’t happen to many of us.

How many- “crooked”- slum lord millionaires, (who are now sitting in prison) ask if you would like a job? How many felons ask if they can help you with your “community organization” events..??

Do you have millionaires asking if they can help you in any way..??

This happened to Obama.


Tony Rezko, who is convicted of fraud and waiting sentencing, saw something in Barack Obama and knew that he had to step on board the “O” train.


But we cannot blame Obama. Because Obama didn’t know. Obama couldn’t comprehend. Obama didn’t understand. Besides, that was a long time ago and we need not talk about it.

ACORN- a voter registration group, who is making headlines today by registering “Mickey Mouse” and dead people to vote; ACORN seemed to know that they had a friend in Barack Obama.

When ACORN needed legal advice, the lawyer they sought out was Obama. For training it’s top vote getters, ACORN wanted Obama. (And got his help.)

When ACORN needed cash, they looked to Obama. And Obama helped out- to the tune of $800,000 dollars. (Your money, by the way. Money that you sent TEAM Obama to help him win this election.)

Obama was a “special” child, and ACORN saw this.

But we cannot blame Obama. Because Obama didn’t know. Obama couldn’t comprehend. Obama didn’t understand. Besides, this was a long time ago… (Whoops, sorry. This is happening today.)


Moving along-

A man like Reverend Wright personally knows hundreds of people. He could have been preaching to thousands on any given Sunday.

Rev. Wright taught his “Bible thumping” followers that America made the AIDS virus to kill Black people. And he taught “the faithful” that 9/11 happened because “America’s chickens came home to roost..”

Out of the hundreds of people that Rv. Wright comes in contact with, he saw something in Barack Obama. Wright knew Obama was a “special” child.

Wright took Obama under his wing. Converting Obama from the Muslim faith to Christianity. Marrying Michelle and Barack, and baptizing their two children. Helping Obama write his first book.

However, we cannot blame Barack Obama because Obama didn’t know. Obama couldn’t comprehend. Obama didn’t understand.


That is the defense of Barack Obama.

While groups of shady people danced in and out of Obama’s life:

William Ayers- A man who wanted to blow up US landmarks; Ayers saw something “special” in Obama.

Tony Rezko- a millionaire who sits in prison, convicted of fraud; saw something “special” in Obama.

Reverend Wright- who was teaching hatred of the White people, when Wright should have been teaching the Bible and forgiveness; he saw something “special” in Obama.

ACORN- a voter registration group that is under investigation in at least 11 states for voter registration fraud, always knew they could count on Obama.

Barack Obama is a “special” person.


For his greatest defense is:

Obama didn’t know. Obama couldn’t comprehend. Obama didn’t understand.


You are now asking me to vote for Barack Obama?

When Barack Obama meets a shady person in his life, he sometimes get involved with this crooked person. He doesn’t turn his back. He doesn’t walk away. Instead, Obama seems to wait until you find out about the connection.

Then, Obama claims that he didn’t know. He didn’t understand. He didn’t comprehend.

That’s not leadership, people. That is NOT new.

(That is 8 more years of what we already had. A man who didn’t know, couldn’t comprehend, and didn’t understand.)

I cannot vote for a person who: doesn’t know evil when he sees it.

A man who cannot comprehend fraud when it looks him in the eyes. (And buys the property next door to him.)

I cannot vote for a person who doesn’t respect the American way: freedom from a huge government. Liberty from high taxation. Freedom of speech.

Just ask Joe the plumber what it is like to quiz “The Great” Barack Obama on his policies.

Barack Obama is a “special” man, today.

For Barack Obama didn’t know, Obama couldn’t understand. Obama didn’t comprehend.


And you are about to give Barack Obama the most important job in America.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

Funny, is funny. I like funny..!!

If you haven’t had a chance to see John McCain and Barack Obama give their comedy speeches at Thursday’s benefit dinner in NY City, you should check them out.

With all this political fighting between the two parties, it was refreshing to watch Barack and McCain poke fun at themselves and each other.

Barack Obama

John McCain

Coming soon- “Vote for Obama, or die.”

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