Lara Logan of CBS News, sexually assaulted in Egypt- Must be, Must See TV


JUST THE FACTS, please (The who, what, where, when, and how- of the story.)

CBS News correspondent Lara Logan was reporting from Egypt for the TV show- 60 Minutes, when a group of 200 “angry” Egyptians began beating Lara, and sexually assaulting her. A group of Egyptian women and about 20 Egyptian soldiers rescued Lara Logan from the crowd. She was taken to a local hospital, then flown back to America, where she is resting in the hospital.


For weeks now, I have been trying to figure out why we are sending western journalists into Egypt? Why?

We have Egyptian reporters, who speak English, who can get video footage of the protests and news reports from Egypt, to America; so why are we sending all these “Lilly-White” reporters into Egypt?

I mean, come on..?? If Osama bin Laden can record a video tape of himself, and somehow sneak it out of his cave, traverse through a war zone, and have it land into the media; surely Egyptian reporters can get a video broadcast out of Egypt EVEN if the government shuts down the media.


So why are we sending western journalist into Egypt?

I can only guess that the networks believe that it is “Must-see TV” to watch a reporter get his (or her) ass kicked, while reporting from Egypt.

What other reason could there be?

Unless… (Ok, can you feel the sarcasm dripping from this editorial?)

Unless everyone in the media thought that this was just a group of innocent “happy-hippie” protesters in the streets of Egypt. These protesters are fun-loving people who only want freedom. They wouldn’t hurt a fly. They LOVE President Obama, and therefore; they will LOVE American reporters.

Those dumb conservatives who are trying to scare people with all that stupid talk about the “Muslim Brotherhood” are just trying to get votes for 2012. This is a peaceful protest in Egypt, a protest against an evil dictator (who we supported for 30 years), nothing bad will happen. Let’s send all our reporters to Egypt so that they can report on all the peace and the love that Egypt has for President Obama and America (now that the evil George Bush is gone.)


And a poor female reporter get beat and sexually assaulted because of TV Network stupidity.

Could this be the reason? Could liberals have believed that this protest was completely peaceful and conservatives were lying about the Muslim Brotherhood?

My evidence for this theory- Maureen Ryan- for AOL’s “TVSquid” says this in her editorial:

“…Many of the scenes broadcast from Egypt in recent days have been joyful, but events took a horrific turn for CBS News correspondent Lara Logan…”

JOYFUL..?? The scenes from Egypt have been JOYFUL..??

My God Maureen, what the hell have you been watching? Are you on crack?


I have been keeping a watchful eye on this revolution in Egypt, and “joyful” has never been a word I would use to describe current events. “Chaos” would be a better word.

First, the State Department advises Americans to get the hell out of Egypt. Then Anderson Cooper gets his ass kicked. Two other reporters end up in the hospital with stitches in their heads. And now Lara Logan gets beat and sexually assaulted. So far, 365 people have been killed during these protests. I see nothing “joyful” happening in Egypt right now.


People see what they want to see. Liberals wanted to see “happy- hippies” getting their freedom in Egypt. So that is what they think that they are seeing. Progressives hate republicans so much that they will not listen to us when we warn about radical Islam, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

What happened to the Obama love that would change the world’s view of America? What happened to the peaceful protesters?

Could it be that those stupid conservatives were right about the Muslim Brotherhood?

Could it be that the “peaceful people” of Egypt, who really want freedom, are staying home, praying, and not taking to the streets in protest? Could it be that the radical Muslims, who are unemployed and pissed off, and could care less about liberty and freedom, are the ones taking to the streets?


You know, it wouldn’t hurt you folks to listen to us conservatives once in a while. We see things that you are missing. Instead of calling us racists for warning about a radical Muslim group in Egypt, you might want to listen to us in the future.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic


I had scheduled an editorial about Ron Paul winning the CPAC straw poll, and how libertarians could hand the 2012 election to Barack Obama. However Egypt has been the focus for us, as of late. If you would like to read my editorial on libertarians and Ron Paul, click here.

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