Republicans are stupid because they HATE Gay vultures

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Republicans are stupid because they HATE Gay vultures


I was reading some posts by fellow bloggers and I come across one post that claims Sarah Palin could not (or should not) be president because she is “stupid.”


Maybe if you were from an opposing viewpoint, you could say that Sarah Palin is wrong for the country because she has different points of view, or she is hypocritical, or not sincere; but “stupid”?

Sarah Palin Pictures, Images and Photos

So, I read on to find out why these people believe that Palin is “stupid”, and here is what I found…

Sarah Palin is stupid because she thought the United States had 57 states. (Oh, wait.. That was Barack Obama, sorry. Obama said that he visited all 57 states.)


OK, here it is, I have the right one now. Palin is “stupid” because she didn’t have all the facts when she claimed that police acted “stupidly” in arresting a Black college professor. Palin had to apologize for that comment later. (Oh, Wait, that too was Barack Obama. He said police acted stupidly.)

Here, I have the correct reason now, (sorry about the above confusion.)
Sarah Palin is “stupid” because she accidentally talked about supporting North Korea and its allies. (She meant to say SOUTH Korea.)

I agree with this liberal post. We CANNOT have a president who accidentally says the wrong things. Therefore, Sarah Palin cannot be president and Barack Obama MUST be impeached right now because he has accidentally said the wrong thing, many times. Both: Sarah Palin and Barack Obama MUST be “stupid” and cannot be president. They have both made mistakes.

Sarah Palin Pictures, Images and Photos

Another reason that Sarah Palin is so “stupid”, was given in the comment section of this liberal post: remember when CBS TV News Anchor Katie Couric asked Sarah Palin what “she reads”, Palin froze and didn’t have an answer. This MUST mean that Palin doesn’t read anything, or that she froze up and couldn’t think, during an interview. We cannot have a person who freezes like that during an interview.

That story reminds me of a CBS News Anchor who froze up during an interview. Talk show host- Wendy Williams was asking this female News Anchor about a couple of photos which showed this News Anchor dancing.
THESE photos, to be exact.



After showing the photos, Ms. Williams made this comment to the female Anchor: “Oooo girl, you were dropping it like its hot..” The female News Anchor froze up. She looked confused, she paused, and replied: “I do not know what that means?”

Come on, who doesn’t know what the term: “Drop it like its hot” means? Who was this female News Anchor who froze up during an interview? Who was also doing some dirty dancing in front of small children? Who was trying to explain WHY she was dirty dancing in front of a small child?

It was Katie Couric. The same Katie Couric who asked Sarah Palin what she reads.

I, personally, like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe Katie Couric thought that she was being insulted by Williams’ comment, and Katie Couric needed time to process the remark? Maybe that is why Couric froze up? Which, by the way, is what Sarah Palin has claimed happened during her interview with Couric. Palin thought Couric was asking: “Do you people read books up there in Alaska? What do you read?”

However, we DO NOT give people the benefit of the doubt, judging by this liberal post I read. Therefore Sarah Palin and Katie Couric are “stupid” for screwing up during an interview. And Barack Obama is “stupid” because he has made mistakes while speaking.

Using this parameter, MOST people are “stupid”, (except for me, of course. And the people that I support.) “We” are not stupid, but those other people that I do not like, are “stupid.”

Democrats seem to like to use this term “stupid” as a political weapon against all challengers, they have been doing it for years now. So, this caused me to find out where it’s beginning came from.

The 1950’s is as far back as I am willing to go for this editorial, any further back would make this editorial a mile long.

No one would call “Ike” Eisenhower: “stupid”. General Eisenhower helped win WW2 for America and it’s allies, and he was loved by republicans and democrats alike. In fact, both parties fought to get “Ike” on their side. Remember, Eisenhower, being a military man; didn’t reveal his political ideology beforehand.


When Ike decided to become a republican, the gloves came off. Democrats, careful not to call Ike “stupid”, claimed that he didn’t have the political experience to lead America. (In essence, calling Ike “politically stupid.”) But this backfired for the liberals. Americans began to believe that Ike’s challenger- Democrat Adlai Stevenson was an “egghead” who could not relate to the common man. Democrats ran Stevenson as the “thinking mans” candidate, but this didn’t work.


Eisenhower, who spoke directly to the common man, beat Stevenson by 55% of the popular vote. Eisenhower beat Stevenson again in his reelection bid by 58% of the popular vote, gaining his second term as president.

This could be the genesis of the modern tactic for democrats labeling their republican opponent “stupid.”

Moving ahead to Kennedy / Nixon.

This one is a little different. No one called Nixon “stupid” in 1959. Instead, being that it was the FIRST televised presidential debates, they claimed that Nixon didn’t look “good” on TV. JFK had professional people style his hair and do his makeup. Nixon went on TV with no preparation, and he had a fever. Nixon was sweating, he looked nervous, he came across on TV as being pasty-white. Nixon could not be president (in 1960) because he didn’t “look” good. Kennedy “looked” better.

(Yes, I know that I am skipping a few elections, but we must move on) Gerald Ford tripped and fell down a few times, which landed him on his butt, so Ford was too clumsy to be reelected to president. Jimmy Carter never fell down, though Carter did believe in UFO’s, we need a president who doesn’t fall down.

Ronald Reagan was just a silly actor reading lines that someone gave him. Reagan was “stupid”, and shouldn’t be president.

Bill Clinton was a “smart” man. (Not smart enough to keep his dick in his pants while some chubby intern was flirting with him). Not smart enough to care for his family. But he was a brilliant politician who passed the Gay Rights Bill- “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” Yes, the very Bill that every Gay person HATES right now.

Al Gore was an intellectual who wrote a book about the environment. Bush was “stupid”, and probably has never read any books in his life. John Kerry was much more smarter than Bush and should be president.

That last charge has always gotten to me. “Bush was stupid. Kerry and Gore were smart.”

I know that this is all water under the duck’s ass now, but indulge me for a moment. It is possible to reach a few people who were told that Obama was a genius, and now they are finding out that Obama isn’t much smarter than the rest of us. These folks might be wondering what else is a lie?

Kerry, Bush, and Gore. A brief history.


Kerry went to Yale University. Bush, also went to Yale University, however Bush went on and attended Harvard Business School. Both Kerry and Bush would be considered “C” students, with Bush getting slightly higher grades than Kerry.

If we throw Al Gore into this mix, we find that Gore also attended Harvard. Gore’s grades during his first two years put him into the lower one- fifth of his class. Gore admits to watching too much TV, shooting pool, and smoking weed instead of studying. He avoided math and science during those early years because he couldn’t focus on them. To be fair and honest, Gore did study hard during his final years at Harvard and received A’s and B’s, which he then graduated with honors. Kerry and Bush, on the other hand, never buckled down like Gore did, and they both graduated as “average” students.


After college, Gore became a House member, then a Senator from Tennessee, and Vice President. Gore failed to become president.

John Kerry served in Vietnam, failed to be elected to the House, so he went to law school and became a District Attorney. Then Kerry became a Lt. Governor. From there, he became a Senator for Massachusetts. Kerry also failed to become president.

Bush failed an attempt to be a House Rep, so he went into business. Later he became Governor of Texas, and president of the United States.


So, when I look at these 3 men, I do not see how anyone could rationally say that one is “stupid”, while the others are “smart.” Their lives are academically and professionally very similar.

All three men ran for president. Only one of them won the office of president (not just once, but twice.)

George Bush Pictures, Images and Photos

Surely, even the most extreme liberal / progressive could see that this is the truth?

If they cannot see the truth, surely they can see that the tactic of calling republicans “stupid” doesn’t work. They basically called Ike “politically stupid”, but he won the presidency (twice.) They called Reagan “stupid” and he won (twice.) They called Bush “stupid” and he won (twice.)

So, now they call Sarah Palin “stupid.”

Wait a minute, what did I just prove here..??

The progressives called Ike, Reagan, and Bush “stupid”, and all of these men won two-terms as president.

Now they are calling Sarah Palin “stupid”.

Get my bookie on the phone, quick. I need to place a bet.

Thanks for reading The Angry Republic


You might be wondering what is up with the title of the above editorial…

Republicans are stupid because they HATE Gay vultures

There were no Gay Vultures in this story, so what is up with that..??

OK, I tried REALLY hard to fit the Gay Vultures into the above editorial, but I never found a place for them.

So I have placed the Gay Vultures here- LINK



I am thankful for all the things that I can be thankful for on this thankful day

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I am thankful for all the things that I can be thankful for on this thankful day

I thought about writing an editorial for Thanksgiving that talks about all the “personal” things I am thankful for: good health, a nice life, family, friends, blah, blah, blah, fart, fart, fart..!!

(I reconsidered that idea.)

Since I dwell, in a troll-like fashion, in the realm of politics on this blog site; I have decided to talk about “political things” that ALL OF US can be thankful for, this Thanksgiving. See, this would be “all-inclusive.”

To do this correctly, I want to make sure that I am factually- actually correct; so I will be using TV and radio personality Glenn Beck to check all of my facts. By using Glenn Beck’s web site: “The Blaze”, and his radio show, and Beck’s TV show; I should be “spot-on” with this Thanksgiving editorial.


Here is what I will do…

I will type out a reason for us folks to be thankful, then I will reference it with Glenn Beck, and give you that information.

Here we go…

I am thankful that I live in a free country, where you are innocent until proven guilty. No one is going to touch your “junk”, or poke around your “business”, or spread your legs and feel around your private area unless you are on a date; or you have been arrested of some crime. (OK, now I will check Glenn Beck’s web site and confirm this.)


Oh Crap..! I forgot about the TSA Agents at the airport. They can feel you up without asking you on a date, or buying you dinner first.


Don’t despair folks, that is just one thing. We have plenty more to be thankful for.


I am thankful that since Barack Obama became president, the world has become a peaceful place. Gone is the “cowboy diplomacy” of George W. Bush, the world understands that we are “intellectual” in our dealings today. The left was correct all along. If we just “talk” to these people, we can find common ground. If we just talk, we will find peace.

OK, after doing a fact-check on that last one, I may be wrong? It seems that Afghanistan is a mess, North Korea just attacked South Korea, the great Hugo of Venezuela said our form of capitalism is dead, and Mr. Beck believes that the “missile-like object”, which was seen off the coast of California, (which was later identified as a plane) is actually a missile fired by China; as way of telling us Americans that we are no longer in charge.

Don’t despair folks, we have plenty more. Let’s take an easy one…


I am thankful that Bristol Palin won “Dancing with the Stars”. After all, the show isn’t called: “Dancing with professional dancers, who professionally dance with other professionals” -show. It’s called “dancing with THE STARS.” The title, itself, should give an indication that the show is a “popularity contest” and not a venue for professional dancers. I mean really! How could you ever take a professional ice skater and have them compete with a stand-up comedian? Or a Hollywood star who studied dance for a role in a movie- (Let’s say a movie like Dirty Dancing), and have this person compete against a governor’s daughter who never danced much in her life?

Oh wait…

I just found out from Glenn Beck’s web site that Bristol Palin DID NOT win the show. I thought that there was a conspiracy with the Tea Party here? Could it be that Bristol Palin is more “popular” than Brandy right now?


OK, I am striking out here. But at least we can all feel safe because America is still the world’s only “superpower.”

Hold on a minute, I just checked Glenn Beck’s radio show, and on Tuesday- Nov 23, Beck said that the year 2010 will be remembered because Americans now realized that we are no longer the world’s superpower. And Beck believes that China has submarines off the coast of California, which shot a missile into the air. And Beck is selling off all his possessions in a big internet-yard sale, and buying gold. Mr. Beck is asking us to sell off our possessions, huddle together and pray, and buy large supplies of food and water for what is coming in the future? (What is coming in the future, you ask?) I’m not really sure, Beck has never really said? It could be a financial meltdown, or China, or an enemy from within? You will have to buy Beck’s book, or subscribe to his web site, or pay to see his live show, or at least tune in for the 4 hours each day that he is on the air; to find out what is coming.

Should we be worried?

For ourselves, or for Glenn Beck’s sanity? (Which is it?)

Folks, lets not panic here…

Come on, we just went through a “future changing” election. The American people spoke. We wanted a new direction. Before this election, when things were heading for the crapper and we had 9.6 unemployment rate, we had as our leaders: Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and John Boehner in charge.

However, the 2010 election will change all of that. The American people spoke very loudly. And the American government listened.

After this government changing election, our NEW leaders are: Barack Obama, Harry Reid, John Boehner, and Nancy Pelosi.


It’s the SAME four people..??

No, NO, No.. It is different. John used to be below Nancy Pelosi. Now he is above Pelosi. It’s totally different, you MUST trust me. Our government wouldn’t do that to us!

(We are screwed.)


OK, OK, let me just check today’s headlines because I KNOW that there is SOMETHING in the news to be thankful for…

China and Russia decide to drop the American dollar and use their own money. That’s probably not good.


Tom Delay found guilty

Woman says she was checked by the TSA because of the size of her breasts. Ok, that is probably not good either.

I have an idea, let’s forget about politics. At least for one day.

Maybe I should talk about the personal things that I am thankful for…

I thank God that I have good health, and things are going pretty good for my family and myself. I am thankful that the owners of this blog site have given me this little space to spill out my thoughts. I am thankful that people actually come by and read this stuff.

Now, I am going to do what I have done every Thanksgiving, for decades. I will put on my turkey suit and walk aimlessly through the city; yelling obscenities at people who drive too fast.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Angry Republic..!!

I hope that your Thanksgiving Day is better than the day that these two cats are having. They look pissed off.


If you are interested in the true story of Thanksgiving (or the first harvest feasts) between the settlers and Native Americans, I have my version at The Angry Republic Site: Click Here

OR- If you would like Rush Limbaugh’s story of the Pilgrims who tried socialism and almost died, click here

OR- If you are not conservative, and you wish not to hear any other points of view, (why you would be viewing MY site is amazing?) However, The History Channel has “The real story of Thanksgiving” at 11 pm tonight (Thursday, Nov 25, 2010). It’s not a bad show. They go over everything that is: “Thanksgiving”, and explain when it started and why.

Interesting side note from that show: President Washington set aside a day in late November to thank God for our great country. Each president after Washington would pick a day to celebrate each year, (which was usually the last Thursday in November.) FDR screwed up the holiday by moving the day back one week, but NOT declaring it a “national holiday.” For years, people were not sure which day to celebrate Thanksgiving until congress passed a bill in 1941, making Thanksgiving a national holiday.

Airport security- do you go for THE SCOPE, or THE GROPE?

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Some weekends, it is tough to find something to write about. This isn’t one of those weekends.

You could write about Charlie Rangel, or the fact that some folks on the left believe that there is a conspiracy going on at Dancing with the Stars because Bristol Palin is STILL THERE? Tensions are high and some angry person sent a letter to Bristol (care of Dancing with the Stars) filled with a white powder. It could have been anthrax, it could have been “the letter of DEATH.” But it was just talcum powder.

A person could write about Sen. Jay Rockefeller, who wants to shut down MSNBC and Fox News because he has a “bug inside of him.” Here at The Angry Republic, we used one of those new airport scanners to see what kind of “bug” is inside of Sen. Rockefeller. Here is what we found.


Hey, that looks like one of those STINK bugs that was taking over DC this fall. Boy, those little suckers really dug in..!!

(Ok, stupid- childish joke, I know. Let’s continue)


You could talk about the terrorist who was tried in civilian court and dam near got away free because key witnesses were tossed out by a judge. A person could write about the past election and what “it all means” for our political future.

However, all of the topics above seem to fall down the center of political ideologies. The conservative feels one way about the issue, and the liberal will take the opposite argument.

But one topic seems to draw everyone together, (for different reasons, naturally.)

New airport security- TSA’s scope or grope method


Check this out, it will display what I am saying. This comes from the liberal home of The Huffington Post. An editorial from William Astore- Professor and retired Lt. Colonel, Air Force. (Who, by the way, gave me the idea for my title.)

Colonel Astore said this in The Huffington Post:

“..Scoping grandma and groping granddad is not making us safer or more secure. It’s worse than a crime: it’s a mistake. They don’t fit the profile of “terrorist” to begin with; nor should they be terrorized by government technology or its glove-clad workers.

Instead of all the gadgets and the groping, let’s get real. Start by asking each ticket-holder the standard questions European airport officials ask; watch how people respond. Look for unusual behavior: nervousness, evasiveness, uncertainty. Forgo “random” inspections for targeted ones. And let’s do it swiftly and with authority..”


OK, I like that. I really do. However, note what “wasn’t” said, for the benefit of the progressive / liberal Huffington Post readers. Astore didn’t point to how the Israeli’s preform airport security, instead he points to Europe. And Astore said: “..(Why frisk grandma and grandpa) They don’t fit the profile of a “terrorist”..”


(Aughh. There it is, for all to see.) The ugly word: Profile.

Though Astore is VERY careful not to mention the word “Racial” with the word “Profile”, anyone can surely denote the direction that Astore was taking.

In doing so; in carefully choosing his words, Colonel Astore has put one foot inside the door of a progressive paradise. (The Huffington Post) And the progressives are not going after him with pitchforks and torches. It seems that progressives do not care to be seen NAKED and groped, by airport security either.


I spent some time Friday and Saturday checking out the talking heads of radio. Progressives like Fedder, Shultz, and Alex Bennet; all seem to agree that these invasive security checks are wrong.

However, a quick check of Hannity, Rush, and Gibson shows that conservatives do not like these groin checks either.

This is my kind of topic because everyone seems to agree. (Which means that there is something REALLY really wrong here, because the left and right NEVER agree on anything.)

Conservatives blame President Obama for being scoped and groped during their Thanksgiving travel.

Liberals blame the TSA or Homeland Security, and never really bring it back to President Obama.


However, most agree that “this” isn’t the way to go in a free country.

I may surprise you, (maybe not) but I am in favor of the naked machines and the groin checks at airports; ONLY as a last resort. Colonel Astore is correct; there is no need to check everyone, or even do random checks. Only a select group of people need to be searched in this manner. Most people can simply be asked a series of questions. After all, this is how we caught the “millennium bomber.” He was asked questions and appeared to be very nervous. The border guard mentioned that he was “sweating in December”, so she flagged the car to be searched, and BINGO.


The Israeli’s begin security checks the minute people arrive at the airport. They pick people out of a crowd and begin to quiz them. They have been trained to spot nervous tension, and can pull these people aside for further inspection.

I’m not saying that the Israeli’s have the “cure-all” for our situation. After all, they only have to deal with a small percentage of people compared to the amount of people flying in America. However, if we combine the methods: questions for most, shoe checks and further questions for others, and naked machines and groping for some; this might solve the problem.

We just have to get the progressives past that word: “Profile.”

It really isn’t “racial” profiling because does this guy:


Look like this guy?:


Both people are terrorists.

So it has little to do with race and more to do with religion. Yes, it would be “religious profiling.”


Most of the terrorists have changed their names to fit the Muslim religion. Many are flying out of countries which harbor terrorists. We are not even checking the “no fly list” good enough because terrorists have slipped by, and the “Christmas Bomber’s” father called authorities to say his son was dangerous. We missed all of that, somehow?

So it seems like most people are on the same page with this issue, except…

What surprises me the most is how silent the 2006 liberals are on this topic of Obama’s “grope-a-thon” at US airports?

The “2006 liberals” is the name I have given to all the liberals who started at this blog site in 2006. At first, they were very pleasant, polite people who were pleading their political case. However, they began to get more aggressive as they became comfortable with this site.

“Bush lied” and “Bush is breaking the constitution with illegal wiretaps” was their mantra. Where are the 2006 liberals today? Why are they not complaining about Obama’s illegal searches at the airport? Since I have done nothing wrong, it would seem that having a TSA agent touch my “junk” might go against the constitution?

If one of the 2006 liberals were brave enough to answer my charge, they might say that President Obama is “trying to keep us safe with testicle checks at the airport, but Bush and Cheney were evil men who enjoyed listening to our phone calls.”

But, I assume that the 2006 liberals are smart enough to know that this street runs two ways: “Bush was trying to keep us safe by intercepting terrorist’s phone calls, but Obama gets his rocks off watching grandma’s groin being grabbed by a TSA agent.”

Speaking of groin checks, if you didn’t get to see the Saturday Night Live comedy bit on the TSA, you have got to see it. I have it at the top right hand corner of my “News Site”. Just click here for the video.

So, here we are. Both the conservative and the liberal hating the same thing. Savor this moment folks, because it is rare, indeed.

And if I know anything about Americans, it is this: We can take lemons and make lemonade. (And then place a bunch of booze in that lemonade, and party.)

Most airports have some kind of lounge or bar which serves booze. Usually, down the road from the airport is a strip club for traveling salesmen. And, of course, we have these new TSA airport naked scanner machines that can see through clothes.

Why combine all the above activities into one “fun filled” room of adult entertainment?

Picture this…

You are at the airport, waiting for your plane. A friendly TSA Agent asks you a bunch of questions, and you fail the test. YOU, for failing the test, become the entertainment at the airport lounge. Customers of the lounge, after paying a cover charge, get to watch as TSA Agents grope you and place you into the naked machine Your naked image is projected on a large flat-screen TV in the lounge.

Think about it, people would be seated in the lounge, viewing pictures of your naked body. Maybe we could make it 3D?


Guys would be treated to these kinds of pictures


And women, don’t feel left out, because you would get to see this


Ok, maybe this isn’t the best idea that I have come up with. I’m sorry. If I thought about it some more, I might have come up with something better. But the cat was chasing a bug on the floor, and I got distracted.
So, I hope that this editorial answered all of your questions about being naked, booze, and airport security.

Thanks for reading The Angry RepublicAR Babonie



Neil Young’s hybrid car burns down his warehouse, loses a million bucks worth of guitars and stuff.

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It is amazing how things come full circle, it all started a few years ago…

Rock legion: Neil Young wrote an editorial for the Huffington Post which discussed his new “electric car”, a 1959 Lincoln Continental, which Neil spent thousands having professional people turn into a hybrid “of sorts.” It is electric, (with HUGE- expensive batteries), and a bio-fuel power plant for generating electricity.


Mr. Young was lecturing us (Huff Post readers) about how we need to get involved in “green” technology, and that hybrid cars do not have to be tiny little death traps. Actually, truth be told, Neil Young is a pioneer in this field of “larger hybrids.”

I, (AR Babonie), had to put my two cents in, and I commented on Neil’s editorial. The main point of my comment was that most people cannot afford the $5,000 bucks every 5 years for new batteries on these electric cars. (The current lifespan of electric car batteries.) Hybrids are VERY expensive and have technical problems, so isn’t it irresponsible to push people towards these vehicles; when these people are living from paycheck to paycheck?

I was attacked by the Huff Post liberals: “How dare you evil conservative condemn Neil Young. He is a good man, and he is trying to save the planet. What are you doing to save the planet?”

I informed the liberals at Huff Post that I ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle, which gets 65mpg (if I keep it under 70mph). I have a water / well system at the house; so I use water, and then return the water to the earth. We only air condition one room in the house, and only heat the rooms that we need. I keep my property “somewhat” natural with over 60 trees, which is filled with birds, deer, bunnies, woodchucks, and sometimes a bald eagle. I told the folks at Huff Post that I do not do this to “save the earth”, I do it because I am cheap. I like saving money.

Then, I reminded the Huff Post progressives what my original comment was: “isn’t it irresponsible to push people, who live from paycheck to paycheck, to buy cars, (electric or hybrid) when both types of cars have serious problems?


The Huffington Post liberals didn’t want to consider my points. I was an evil conservative who disrespected Neil Young. I was told that I hate the earth, I hate Black people, I hate bunnies, and I should just go away and die. Neil Young never commented back to me, however most celebrity “bloggers” do not comment.

Irony is a funny thing, my friends…

Fireman where called to a blaze at Neil Young’s house last week.

It seems that Mr. Young’s experimental electric Lincoln car caught fire.

The fire “may” have started in the charging system of the vehicle’s electronics. Not only was the car destroyed, but many of Neil’s private possessions were also destroyed: guitars, pictures, films, music equipment, etc. Stuff that Neil cannot easily replace because it was part of his history.


If you know anything about me, you know that I am not one to gloat when I am right. I feel bad for Neil Young; this is a terrible thing that happened. I promote pioneers on this web site because invention creates jobs. Guys like Neil Young, tinkering with a large size hybrid car, might just revolutionize the industry. So, I respect that. I think that Neil’s song: “Old man, look at my life” is one of the best modern songs written.

However, I do not agree with Young’s politics. It is wrong to push people into technology that isn’t perfected yet.

It is so easy for the progressive to say that I, the conservative, I must hate the environment, or I do not care what shape the earth is in; however, in doing so, you are not listening to what I am saying.

I wonder how many people listened to what Neil Young was saying, and disregarded my words (because I am just one of those dumb conservatives) and went out and bought an electric car; only to find that the range is about 40 miles on a charge. And that is a NEW battery. We all know that as rechargeable batteries get older, they lose their staying power.

I hope that I will have better luck today and people will listen to what I am about to say.

Today, the government allows up to 10% ethanol to be added into gas for your car. The government is considering raising that level to 15%.

No one is 100% sure of what 15% ethanol will do to your car’s engine, over time.

OK, I am going to print this line again, because some of you might be tempted to say that I hate Black people, or I hate animals, or that I flat out lie; and what I say cannot be true. So, I will print that line again with a nice little link.

No one is 100% sure of what 15% ethanol will do to your car’s engine, over time.

Here is what the government “believes”: if your car was made during 2007, or newer; you will “probably” be OK burning the ethanol mixture. However, if your car was made in 2006 or older, you “might” have problems with this ethanol blend.

People with boat motors, riding lawn mowers, push mowers, and some motorcycles are already seeing problems with the current ethanol blend. No one is really sure what a 15% ethanol blend will do to small engines? The EPA is warning people NOT to use this ethanol blend in small motors.


The problem…

Ethanol has a tendency to draw moisture. (Water) This water can build up in your gas tank and cause fuel line freezing in the winter. Also, it can cause “gaps” in the fuel line, which can cause an engine to run rough and stall. Ethanol burns hotter than gas, which can burn up engine components.
Especially in small “air-cooled” engines. (Motorcycles, push mowers, etc.)

It is important for me to tell you that I am all for alternative fuels. Bio-fuels, ethanol blends; I believe that we MUST work on these power methods, because we need to get away from foreign oil. BUT IT MUST BE BY CHOICE, not by force.


In the past, when I talked about the use of ethanol, I always assumed that in a free country, you would have a choice. At your friendly gas station, there would be several pumps. One would have kerosene, another would have diesel, others would have your different grades of regular gas; and another pump would have the ethanol mixture.

You would have a choice with this method. You could try ethanol and if your car started to run poorly, you could switch back to regular gas and save your engine from a costly repair job.


Folks, I am dead against this “forced GREEN lifestyle”, I always have been. It is not because I hate deer and bald eagles, it is because we haven’t perfected these technologies, and we need to do better planning.

Which takes us back to Neil Young and his hybrid Lincoln…

In trying to save the earth, by building an experimental hybrid, Neil Young lost many of things that he loved from his past, in a fire. He did NOT save the earth, in fact, he probably did more harm with the warehouse fire; then the pollution that he would have created if he was driving a regular car all along.

Sometimes we do not think. We are too quick to act, and react to situations.


Neil Young has the money to rebuild and replace the things that he lost.
We do not. We cannot afford to repair our motors from ethanol damage.

So I ask, what is wrong with giving people a choice?

Why can’t people be free to choose?

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic News Site


Tips and hints.

I had problems with two engines this season. Though I cannot prove that it is a fact that the ethanol blend caused these problems, I believe that it was caused by ethanol because I have never had these problems before.

My boat motor was stalling this summer and starting very hard. I used a product called: “Start your engine” and it solved the stalling problem. However, one of the spark plug wires burn up. This might have been a loose connection, or the fact that ethanol burns hotter, I don’t know? “Start your engine” costs about $7 bucks and you can get it at most retailers.

My snow blower would not start this season. (First time for that happening) I put in fresh gas, and added “gas stabilizer” to it. It took about 50 pulls (tries) to start it, but then it took off and seems to be running good now.

My best advice is not to give up too quick. If your engine is “gummed up” from the ethanol, and not starting; I wouldn’t worry about doing MORE damage to it. If you get to the point where you have to bring it in for repair, someone will have to tear it apart to clean it up anyway, so it doesn’t really matter whether you tried to start it one time, or 100 times. Plus, you never know, you might just clear the ethanol out, and it will start up for you.

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Driving Miss Nancy (Pelosi) for two more years

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(UPDATE) Sunday-7:44pm- North Carolina Rep. Heath Shuler, a “conservative” Democrat, says he doesn’t care about any deal that Nancy Pelosi has made. He will challenge Pelosi for the leadership of the democrats, even though he believes that he probably cannot win.

Aaawww, this might get good..!! Never, EVER go against Nancy Pelosi. This poor guy just opened up a big-ass can of “hurt”.

UPDATE coming from The Angry Republic News Site

The following editorial was written before I knew about Heath Shuler.

Driving Miss Nancy (Pelosi) for two more years


Shortly before the 2010 election, a statement was made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that amounted to this: “If democrats lose the House, I do not want to continue as the Leader.”

After Pelosi made that statement, the sky opened up. The earth stood still. Millions of Americans collectively screamed: “NOOooooo…” (Ok, that didn’t happen.)

I was closely watching the news at that time, and there were not many people asking Nancy Pelosi to reconsider. Matter of fact, there was a big red bus traveling around the country asking people to “Fire Pelosi.” Yes, I know that the bus was sponsored by republicans, however I listened to many democrats who claimed that Pelosi needed to go.

Democrats that I talked to, said: “It isn’t that I disagree with her (Pelosi’s) agenda, though I would have liked to see a public option in Obamacare; I just do not like ‘the way’ that Pelosi handles things. She is condescending to people.”

WOW, if democrats can see this trait in Pelosi, then it MUST be a serious problem. We republicans noticed Ms. Pelosi’s condescending attitude back in 2006 when Pelosi first started as Speaker. Pelosi was going to “drain the swamp of all the corrupt House members”, yet Charlie Rangel is still there..??


So, after the 2010 election, when democrats in the House got their collective asses handed to them, and there was no great cry for Pelosi to stay on as the Democratic Party Leader, Speaker Pelosi put out another statement that went something like this: “Since so many democrats want me to stay on as leader, I will do it. I will be your leader.”

The problem is, I didn’t hear a great “out-cry” of democrats wanting Pelosi to continue to lead the Democratic Party.

In fact, people were starting to look at the current Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, or Majority Whip Jim Clyburn.


Keep in mind that I, (the writer of this editorial) I am (is, are) a conservative. So I am bias about this stuff. However, I kind of like Jim Clyburn. He is too liberal for me to ever vote for him. Yet, if I compare him to Nancy Pelosi, he is miles ahead. Clyburn holds a bachelor’s degree in history and taught history in High School, before entering politics. I believe that congress NEEDS a few less lawyers, and a few more history professors. We seem to be losing our perspective on American history and we are getting weighted down by 2,000 page legal documents, (the health care bill.)

Like Nancy Pelosi, Jim Clyburn is in his seventies, so this is his: “do it now, or maybe never” moment in time. Things were looking good for Clyburn as the NEW Democratic Party Leader. He has the full backing of the Congressional Black Caucus, and backing from many democrats in the House.

However, another statement pours out of Nancy Pelosi’s mouth. A statement that made many people lose their lunch. Pelosi said: “We did not lose the House because of me.”

Uhmmm, Speaker Pelosi. Did you see the BIG red bus traveling around the country that had written on the side of it: “Fire Pelosi.” Did you see that bus, Ms. Pelosi?


Pelosi stated that: “Any party who can not capitalize on a 9.6% unemployment rate should just hang it up.” Pelosi’s meaning in that statement was that because the unemployment rate was at 9.6%, republicans were able to beat the democrats. However, Ms. Pelosi, I ask you: who is charged with DOING SOMETHING about that 9.6% unemployment? Wouldn’t that be YOU, Ms. Speaker?

Jim Clyburn’s chances to win that Leadership role started to rise within the democratic ranks. Things were looking good for Jim Clyburn.

However, a funny thing happened…

A special “deal” was made within the Democratic Party.

This special “deal” consists of the creation of a brand new House position; never before seen in American history.

Here is the “deal”…

Nancy Pelosi will remain Queen of the Democrats, in the House.

Steny Hoyer will take the job as Minority Whip, (the “Whip” position is now currently held by Jim Clyburn.)

And poor old Jim Clyburn will step down and take the new position that Nancy Pelosi has created. This position is called: “Super Special Minority Assistant Leader.” (???) No one is quite sure WHAT Clyburn will do in this position, since it never before existed in American history? However, if he is the “assistant leader”, then he would be Nancy Pelosi’s assistant. (Maybe Rush Limbaugh was on to something last week when he joked that Clyburn could be driving the car for Nancy Pelosi- hence the term: “Driving Miss Nancy.”)


Folks, you cannot go by what people say, in Washington DC. You have to look at what they do.

Speaker Pelosi is acting like she did such a GREAT job as Speaker, that it warrants adding an assistant to help her along with her chores.

Democrats in charge just do not “get it”.

We are facing a very tough economic time, and democrats are adding a NEW paid government position in the House of Representatives, which will be funded by your tax dollars.

If this new position were created to help, (in some strange way) the American people; I might understand.

However, this new position, “ Super Special Minority Assistant Leader” (or S.S.M.A.L- “small” for short) is being created for the sole purpose to STOP other democrats from running against Pelosi.

This “new” House position does nothing to help the American people. It is the most selfish act that I have seen in a while. (And that speaks volumes when considering everyday life in DC.)

Democrats will burn up taxpayers money so that Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have to face “the will of the people” and go through a vote in the House.


This sickens me. It really does. It should piss off a few democrats too. Pelosi is acting like a Queen. Waving her majestic arm and creating a “make work” position at taxpayers expense, all the while side-stepping the will of the people.

And what of Jim Clyburn..??

I understand the nature of “going along- to get along,” and to some; Jim might be seen as a patriot. He is taking one for the TEAM, and there is no “me” in the word: T-E-A-M. (Oh, wait a minute, there is an “m” and an “e” in team? What’s up with that..??)

However, I am not the only one who would like to see Clyburn challenge Pelosi for democrat leadership in the House, he just might win. The simple fact that Pelosi has offered this “new” job to Clyburn shows that Team Pelosi wasn’t sure of a clear victory, either.

The conservative- republican inside of me wants the democrats to be lead by Ms. Pelosi until the 2012 election. She did such a fine job of losing 50 House seats to the republicans, giving them a 60 plus seat majority. If this trend continues, there might only be 3 democrats left in the House; after the 2012 election- Pelosi, Hoyer, and Clyburn.

However, the “American” inside of me believes that Speaker Pelosi needs to go somewhere, (anywhere,) if we are ever going to focus on the “will of the people.” Maybe Pelosi could buy Nixon’s old metal detector and comb the San Francisco beaches looking for treasures. Or maybe Pelosi could start a “starving artist colony” in San Fran, where artists display painting of President Bush, done in sheep’s blood; displaying the words: “Bush lied, people died.” (That would be original.)

Here is what I know…

As long as Pelosi leads the democrats in the House, republicans will pick up more seats in 2012.

The American people spoke very loudly this last election. Democrats are not listening.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic News Site



President Reagan- his tax man says raise taxes

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We are all VERY aware of the democrats tactic of blaming a “lack of communication” as the reason democrats lost the House, over 600 state and local seats across this country, and a decent amount of governorships.

YES, the smartest man to ever run for president. The “best-est” public speaker to ever BE president. Barack Obama wasn’t able to explain exactly what it is that he did during the past two years.

So, what are democrats saying? Americans were “smart” enough to elect Obama president, yet too dumb to understand what he did for 2 years. OR- Obama was really trying hard while running for president. But after winning, he let himself go. He took too many vacations, and wasn’t doing a good enough job of explaining what he had accomplished.

Either way, this doesn’t fair very well for the democrats; and I am not sure why they are trying this tactic?

This excuse is very dangerous for the democrats. It can cause the liberal pundits to believe that: “The American public didn’t reject us. Voters didn’t reject our ideas and plans. The American people are too stupid to understand all the stuff that we democrats have done for them. We must push harder.”

This could explain why Nancy Pelosi “could” still remain as the democrat leader in the House. And why democrats are STILL demanding that taxes be raised, even after hearing millions of Americans demand a cut in government spending, and no new taxes.

Along with demanding that the Bush tax cuts be pulled for the rich, democrats are claiming that David Stockman, (President Reagan’s tax man) believes that taxes MUST be raised for all.

Christine Amanour (CNN) made this statement on her show: “Their hero might be Ronald Reagan, but his tax man (Stockman) says that extending the current tax rates will finish the economy off.”

Is this true..??

Could President Reagan’s tax man be calling for tax hikes..??

Yes, it is true. But that isn’t that whole story.

David Stockman was a very young man when Reagan pick him. Matter of fact, many of Reagan’s staff wondered why Reagan chose him. Reagan did not hire Stockman for his ideas and his insight. To Reagan, Stockman was a good bean counter.

Now, what I am about to say is very important…

David Stockman opposed the Reagan tax cuts of the 1980’s.

Stockman opposes most tax cuts. He is a tax and spend republican, who tries to balance both columns. There is nothing wrong with balancing the budget, but why not try and cut taxes, cut spending, and then balance out both columns?

This is important because the Reagan tax cuts were what pulled us out of the economic funk of the 1970’s. And Stockman opposed these cuts.

I am not really sure how many more democrats will try and push this Stockman situation in your face to try and knock you off guard; but don’t fall for it.

There is a funny story about Reagan and Stockman. (At least, I think it is funny.)

David Stockman had a meeting with Reagan, and Stockman went over the budget figures. The meeting concluded that with the rise in military spending, and the Reagan tax cuts, they would not balance the budget for that year.

Reagan, who could never remember people’s names and called his staff: “the fella’s”; patted Stockman on the back and said: “You let me worry about that. You are doing a fine job there, fella. Now go through the spending and bring me a list of lines that we can cut.” Reagan walked out of the room, leaving Stockman sitting there with a stack of papers that Stockman had toiled over; all of which, Reagan didn’t bother to read.

If you ever get a chance to read about the inter-workings of the Reagan Administration, you should do so. He was a funny guy, and he hired the best people he could find for his staff. Reagan would sit down with these people and listen to their ideas…

Then Reagan would disregard much of what he heard and do things his way.

AR Babonie

Keith Olbermann Suspension PROVES- Liberals at this web site need to find a new home?

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OK, there are a couple of jokes that can be inserted here, let me get these jokes out of my system…

MSNBC suspends Keith Olbermann for being himself, should liberals find a new home?

YES- I have heard that NASA is looking for people to venture to Mars. And, to my best knowledge, the planet Mars has never tried socialism. So, the planet is ripe for the taking, and may benefit from the utopian dream of communism.


Should liberals find a new home?

YES, I hear that the CNN building is empty. They used to do some kind of news broadcast from the CNN building a long time ago. But now they mostly tape infomercials there today.


Alright, I got that out of my system.


Liberal / Progressives have put a lot of stock into MSNBC. It was fast becoming their adopted TV home. Keith Olbermann would “cherry pick” from the top headlines of the day, and present these headlines in a manner that appealed to progressives, each night.

Even during an election, MSNBC chose to report the event using left leaning political commentators- Maddow, Olbermann, and Matthews; along with a few “journalists.”

Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere; Keith Olbermnn is suspended from MSNBC for donating money to democrat candidates.


OK, this calls for a “WTF?” Olbermann suspended for being- Olbermann..?? (After all, Olbermann donates his TIME promoting democrats every night. Time is money, correct..??)

Pundits from all walks of life, shriek..

“Sean Hannity has donated money to political candidates in the past, Fox never suspended him.” Well, Fox has a different policy than MSNBC has. At Fox, “news journalists” (Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, etc) cannot donate to a political candidate without permission, or mention who they would vote for. Political commentators like Hannity, Beck, and O’Reilly can do whatever they like.

But wait a minute, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough donated to a republican candidate in the past and he never got suspended? Well, MSNBC says that Joe asked first, before he donated, Keith did not.

There is also another small problem, that needs to be addressed…

Glenn Beck repeated a statement of Keith Olbermann where Keith claims that he doesn’t vote in political elections because it would interfere with his “journalistic integrity.”

Now, that is a problem.

Had Keith referred to himself as a: “political commentator”, like Hannity and Beck do at Fox; things probably would have been OK. But the minute that Keith claims that he is a “news journalist”, all bets are off; and he now falls under the same rules that apply to Tom Brokaw, and other “so-called” news anchors at NBC.


So, legally, MSNBC has every right to do this. However, I think that it sucks; and I have another theory as to why it happened.


September- 2008; MSNBC had Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann anchor both of the national conventions for the BIG 2008 presidential election. However, after fighting between Olbermann and several other MSNBC commentators, MSNBC announced that it would “fire” Olbermann and Matthews as election coverage anchors. Both were replaced by David Gregory; who anchored the actual 2008 election coverage in November, and that show took LAST place in cable ratings.

The MSNBC- 2008 election coverage was so screwed up, that Jon Stewart (of The Daily Show) asked NBC News anchor Brian Williams: “What’s going on at MSNBC? Is anyone in charge over there, or is it like (the movie) Lord of the Flies..??”

Here is my theory…

NBC is so f**ked in the brain, and they have been for many years: they actually want Olbermann, Maddow, and Mathews to do their usual liberal reporting on their nightly shows; however they want the three of them to act like “fair and balanced” reporters during the coverage of elections. (Which is terribly unfair for NBC to do.)


So, when something happens like Chris Matthews badgering republican Michele Bachmann about being in a trance, (and of course Michele asks Chris if he still has a tingle up his leg), you can plainly hear Keith Olbermann giggling in the background during the entire exchange. This pissed off the NBC brass because the video went viral, and made the corporation look goofy. So to punish SOMEONE, anyone of the three, there was little Olbermann with a tiny infraction of company policy and BINGO. The “BIG-bad NBC corporation taught those three a lesson, how dare they defy me. I am NBC.”

In my opinion, it is wrong for NBC to try and have Olbermann, Matthews, and Maddow cover election results, (or campaign conventions), then punish the three if NBC believes that they “leaned” too far to the left. That’s what these people do for a living. You can’t ask these people to drop all of that and be “fair” during an election.

I have always said that I wish people would just be honest in news. Do not tell me that you are a non-bias journalist, then report the news with a liberal slant.

(Yes, I know that I just set myself up for a debate about Fox News claiming it is “Fair and Balanced”, and we can debate that if you like.)

However, that doesn’t change the fact that NBC has been screwed up for years. From causing Lorne Michaels (who created SNL) to leave Saturday Night Live, which almost destroyed the show (Lorne did return years later and saved the show from cancellation). NBC went against Johnny Carson’s wishes to have David Letterman take over The Tonight Show when he retired, and NBC gave the Tonight Show to Jay Leno instead. Least we forget the whole debacle between Leno and Conan O’Brian; NBC does NOT have your back. NBC will not stick up for you, and it is not a safe place to call home. (Unless your name is Jerry Seinfeld or Tina Fey.)

So, to answer the original question of this editorial: yes, I think that liberal progressives need to find another home. NBC will keep screwing with these shows, and their hosts. It will not get better.

But where could they go..??

Internet TV just hasn’t taken off. The Young Turks, The Onion, Newsbusters have all tried to provide shows via the Internet, but nothing beats being on the TV.

CNBC is still under the NBC umbrella, so that is no good. CNN seems to be trying to walk an independent straight line (hah, hah.)


Comedy Central would be a perfect fit. Picture it: 8pm Matthews “Hardboiled”, 9pm- Olbermann, 10pm- Maddow, 11pm Jon Stewart, 11:30- Colbert. It would be the perfect liberal paradise.

However, Comedy Central has tried to focus on- Comedy, and probably doesn’t want to get involved in the high cost of paying three political commentators, with hundreds of staff members “checking facts” (checking FACTS, he tried to say while keeping a straight face. Yea, like that is going to happen. )

Headline News (CNN’s sister site.) HHhhhmm..

That would be my guess for a new home for progressives.

Glenn Beck got his TV start on the Headline News channel, so they are not too afraid of controversy. Right now, Headline News has Nancy Grace and Joy Behar; so I think that these shows could fit right in there.


Where ever this future place might be, I think that liberal / progressives need to find a new home. NBC is going to continue to screw with you. (And then NBC will blame you progressives when things don’t go right.)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic


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