Terrorists hit New York City


After descending 30 stairs down into the earth below, you walk through a very long tunnel. On both sides of you are empty store front windows, businesses- that went out of business years ago.

On the left of you, a woman is lying on the ground and is partially blanketed with a newspaper. She yells out at the crowd: “Yea, I’m F**ked up. But crack is what f**ked me up. You folks are REALLY f**ked up. You can’t blame crack..”

Other than a quick glance or a chuckle, people pass by this woman without paying her much attention.

As you near the hub of NY Cities Penn Station, you hear several people in front of you say: “Oh crap..!!”

“Oh crap” is never a good thing to hear. It means something has gone terribly wrong.

Of the two subway ticket machines, one is out of order and the other has a very long line. You look at your watch: “We could make it if this line moves quickly, but it is going to be close..”

The line isn’t moving quickly..!!

At the front of the line is a group of tourists who do not speak English and they are having trouble with the ticket machine. Some locals try to help these people but it is taking valuable time. People are offering money to these foreigners, who are digging through their pockets for change.

Just then, you hear gunshots.

Some people around you instinctively hit the deck. Gentlemen in business suits are hugging the ground. It takes you several seconds to realize what is happening. As you turn you can plainly see 4 men with automatic weapons, (AK-47’s pop into your mind.) These men are spraying the crowd with bullets. It is completely and effectively random. They are just turning and shooting everyone in sight.

You lunge to the ground.

“Why would a person do this..??”


Your mind clicks into defensive mode: “I have no weapons.”

Your only defense is to lay on the ground and pretend that you are dead.

The shooting stops.

In the background you can hear a woman screaming: “Why.. Why..”

That is the question that everyone is asking.




Just hours before a full scale assault by terrorists on Mumbai, India; the American FBI and Homeland Security issued an alert that “something” could happen in New York City, (Penn Station in particular) and security was tightened up in the NY subway system.

Luckily for us, this attack isn’t taking place on American soil. (As I illustrated in the story above.)

But, that is no comfort to the people of India who are under assault as I write this.

These terrorists were targeting places that “Western travelers” frequent: restaurants and hotels.

At the Taj Hotel, the terrorists took hostage anyone with an American or British passport.



When these terrorists attack only Indian people, it makes news in India and Pakistan, but not much further.

However, by targeting American and British tourists, it becomes international and makes WORLD News.

And this is what these terrorists were looking for: World Attention.

(They seem to be getting world attention. CNN covered this story all night. The BBC is completely focused on it.)

With about 10 different- “timed” attacks, terrorists attacked a Mumbai police station, a railroad station, several restaurants, a hospital (that is sick: attacking a hospital??) And several hotels including the century old Taj Hotel. (Which is on fire at the moment.)

At the time of writing this- (10 am, Thursday) 125 people have been killed. 327 injured (including 3 Americans.)

Some are claiming that this ISN’T the work of al Qaeda because of the way it was carried out: guns and grenades, no suicide bombers. Some claim that this is a product of the ongoing fight between Pakistan and India. (Possibly the India Mujahideen.)

However, al Qaeda does change its tactics. All of the terrorists on this attack knew they would not survive. In a sense, these were suicide attacks. And the attacks were aimed at Western Tourists in the heart of India’s financial district.

This attack does remind a person of the assault on Western targets in Bali (2002) when al Qaeda blew up several restaurants and clubs. Lets face it, al Qaeda would benefit from having the feud elevated between Pakistan and India. (And we all know that al Qaeda and the Taliban have a stronghold in Pakistan.

It’s too early for me to say that it was al Qaeda who masterminded this assault on Mumbai, India. But I wouldn’t rule it out.

Remember: India recently blew up a pirate ship off the coast of Somalia. Radical Islam could be retaliating for that. If that is the case, then anything is possible.

India has captured several of these terrorists and we should learn more about: “Deccan Mujahideen,” the group claiming responsibility for this attack on India.

On this Thanksgiving, I am very thankful that my opening story- (Terrorists attack Penn Station) DIDN’T take place here on American soil. (But unfortunately, it did happened somewhere: India.)

If I had a Thanksgiving wish, it would be that other nations joined with Britain and America and helped round up these terrorists and end this modern “Holy jihad War.”

Because these terrorists are not going away on their own.

Pretending that terrorism isn’t real, is not a fix to this problem.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican