I am thankful for all the things that I can be thankful for on this thankful day

I thought about writing an editorial for Thanksgiving that talks about all the “personal” things I am thankful for: good health, a nice life, family, friends, blah, blah, blah, fart, fart, fart..!!

(I reconsidered that idea.)

Since I dwell, in a troll-like fashion, in the realm of politics on this blog site; I have decided to talk about “political things” that ALL OF US can be thankful for, this Thanksgiving. See, this would be “all-inclusive.”

To do this correctly, I want to make sure that I am factually- actually correct; so I will be using TV and radio personality Glenn Beck to check all of my facts. By using Glenn Beck’s web site: “The Blaze”, and his radio show, and Beck’s TV show; I should be “spot-on” with this Thanksgiving editorial.


Here is what I will do…

I will type out a reason for us folks to be thankful, then I will reference it with Glenn Beck, and give you that information.

Here we go…

I am thankful that I live in a free country, where you are innocent until proven guilty. No one is going to touch your “junk”, or poke around your “business”, or spread your legs and feel around your private area unless you are on a date; or you have been arrested of some crime. (OK, now I will check Glenn Beck’s web site and confirm this.)


Oh Crap..! I forgot about the TSA Agents at the airport. They can feel you up without asking you on a date, or buying you dinner first.


Don’t despair folks, that is just one thing. We have plenty more to be thankful for.


I am thankful that since Barack Obama became president, the world has become a peaceful place. Gone is the “cowboy diplomacy” of George W. Bush, the world understands that we are “intellectual” in our dealings today. The left was correct all along. If we just “talk” to these people, we can find common ground. If we just talk, we will find peace.

OK, after doing a fact-check on that last one, I may be wrong? It seems that Afghanistan is a mess, North Korea just attacked South Korea, the great Hugo of Venezuela said our form of capitalism is dead, and Mr. Beck believes that the “missile-like object”, which was seen off the coast of California, (which was later identified as a plane) is actually a missile fired by China; as way of telling us Americans that we are no longer in charge.

Don’t despair folks, we have plenty more. Let’s take an easy one…


I am thankful that Bristol Palin won “Dancing with the Stars”. After all, the show isn’t called: “Dancing with professional dancers, who professionally dance with other professionals” -show. It’s called “dancing with THE STARS.” The title, itself, should give an indication that the show is a “popularity contest” and not a venue for professional dancers. I mean really! How could you ever take a professional ice skater and have them compete with a stand-up comedian? Or a Hollywood star who studied dance for a role in a movie- (Let’s say a movie like Dirty Dancing), and have this person compete against a governor’s daughter who never danced much in her life?

Oh wait…

I just found out from Glenn Beck’s web site that Bristol Palin DID NOT win the show. I thought that there was a conspiracy with the Tea Party here? Could it be that Bristol Palin is more “popular” than Brandy right now?


OK, I am striking out here. But at least we can all feel safe because America is still the world’s only “superpower.”

Hold on a minute, I just checked Glenn Beck’s radio show, and on Tuesday- Nov 23, Beck said that the year 2010 will be remembered because Americans now realized that we are no longer the world’s superpower. And Beck believes that China has submarines off the coast of California, which shot a missile into the air. And Beck is selling off all his possessions in a big internet-yard sale, and buying gold. Mr. Beck is asking us to sell off our possessions, huddle together and pray, and buy large supplies of food and water for what is coming in the future? (What is coming in the future, you ask?) I’m not really sure, Beck has never really said? It could be a financial meltdown, or China, or an enemy from within? You will have to buy Beck’s book, or subscribe to his web site, or pay to see his live show, or at least tune in for the 4 hours each day that he is on the air; to find out what is coming.

Should we be worried?

For ourselves, or for Glenn Beck’s sanity? (Which is it?)

Folks, lets not panic here…

Come on, we just went through a “future changing” election. The American people spoke. We wanted a new direction. Before this election, when things were heading for the crapper and we had 9.6 unemployment rate, we had as our leaders: Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and John Boehner in charge.

However, the 2010 election will change all of that. The American people spoke very loudly. And the American government listened.

After this government changing election, our NEW leaders are: Barack Obama, Harry Reid, John Boehner, and Nancy Pelosi.


It’s the SAME four people..??

No, NO, No.. It is different. John used to be below Nancy Pelosi. Now he is above Pelosi. It’s totally different, you MUST trust me. Our government wouldn’t do that to us!

(We are screwed.)


OK, OK, let me just check today’s headlines because I KNOW that there is SOMETHING in the news to be thankful for…

China and Russia decide to drop the American dollar and use their own money. That’s probably not good.


Tom Delay found guilty

Woman says she was checked by the TSA because of the size of her breasts. Ok, that is probably not good either.

I have an idea, let’s forget about politics. At least for one day.

Maybe I should talk about the personal things that I am thankful for…

I thank God that I have good health, and things are going pretty good for my family and myself. I am thankful that the owners of this blog site have given me this little space to spill out my thoughts. I am thankful that people actually come by and read this stuff.

Now, I am going to do what I have done every Thanksgiving, for decades. I will put on my turkey suit and walk aimlessly through the city; yelling obscenities at people who drive too fast.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Angry Republic..!!

I hope that your Thanksgiving Day is better than the day that these two cats are having. They look pissed off.


If you are interested in the true story of Thanksgiving (or the first harvest feasts) between the settlers and Native Americans, I have my version at The Angry Republic Site: Click Here

OR- If you would like Rush Limbaugh’s story of the Pilgrims who tried socialism and almost died, click here

OR- If you are not conservative, and you wish not to hear any other points of view, (why you would be viewing MY site is amazing?) However, The History Channel has “The real story of Thanksgiving” at 11 pm tonight (Thursday, Nov 25, 2010). It’s not a bad show. They go over everything that is: “Thanksgiving”, and explain when it started and why.

Interesting side note from that show: President Washington set aside a day in late November to thank God for our great country. Each president after Washington would pick a day to celebrate each year, (which was usually the last Thursday in November.) FDR screwed up the holiday by moving the day back one week, but NOT declaring it a “national holiday.” For years, people were not sure which day to celebrate Thanksgiving until congress passed a bill in 1941, making Thanksgiving a national holiday.