Follow- (the leader) first debate



McCain- “..I have decided to suspend my campaign. I need to head to DC and take part in this bailout plan..”

Obama- “.. I am NOT going to DC. They can call me if they need me. OK, maybe I will go to DC after all..”

McCain- “..America has the second highest corporate taxes in the world. We cannot grow…”

Obama- “McCain is right about the high corporate taxes. (But I want to tax them even MORE.) Maybe we can get to first place..??”

McCain- “..I have a bracelet from a fallen soldier..”

Obama- “..I got a bracelet, too. (Let me look down and check the name on this bracelet..”)

Follow the leader…

And Obama was two steps behind, the whole way.


Who won last nights debate..??

It depends on which TV show that you watch, or which web site you visit.

I feel this debate was a tie. I do not believe that either candidate was able to swing new voters their way. I don’t believe that there were any NEW sound bites to use. No real “zingers” or “gotcha” moments.

So for me, if I would rely solely on this debate, I would say it was a tie.

But the events that lead up to this debate is what turns my stomach and makes me more determined to see McCain win.

That attacks by democrats on McCain for being at this congressional “bailout” meeting were childish. Actually telling McCain to leave. He is a senator and has every right to be there.

Then- the out right lies about what happened in the meeting. (We are just now finding out what took place and I have placed some links below.) However, Harry Reid and Barney Franks claiming that McCain screwed up a deal that almost passed.

They never were close to passing a deal.

McCain showed up and barely said anything- other than that maybe they should review other options.

McCain didn’t cause chaos at this meeting. Democrats had the votes to pass this deal and President Bush was ready to sign it. But democrats didn’t pass it. Because it is a bad deal- as currently written.



The recent ads by Obama (or his Pacs) are the lowest I have ever seen. Showing pictures of McCain after cancer treatment. Scaring people about McCain’s age and the risk of cancer. Obama has made a miscalculation on this. Every American knows someone who is fighting cancer, and everyone knows someone who is a wise- older American.

Liberals- who seem to care about terrorist’s rights, that Russia gets fair treatment after invading Georgia; now these same liberals seem to NOT trust cancer survivors and the senior citizens of America? (Not a very good way to run an election..!!) CLUE: if most TV networks will NOT play your TV commercial, you probably went too far.

Equally disturbing are the other Obama ads which lie about what people have said about McCain. (I have placed a link below for a few.)

I’m not really sure what happened to TEAM Obama..??

They seemed to hold their own against Hillary.


Today, liberals and TEAM Obama are picking on cancer survivors, verbally raping Sarah Palin, and telling America that older people cannot lead.

Liberals claim that old people should just go away.

(That is what democrat Harry Reid said..!! I can’t freaking believe it..!! He actually said that.)

TEAM Obama- how low can they go..??


If I only had the debate to rely on. If I had no knowledge of current dealings. Then I would say this debate was close.

But because of the lies and crap coming from democrats and TEAM Obama, I would say McCain is the clear winner this week.

Besides, polls show most Americans are leery of this billion dollar bailout and McCain is the one who seems to have stopped it- for the time being.

Is McCain the only person in DC who understands that many Americans do not care for this bailout?

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

Links- from topics above.

Biden misleads about McCain’s insurance plan- (AP)

Find that story here


Obama’s camp- lie about McCain’s roll in bailout negotiations – ABC


And, of course, Henry Kissinger has come out on several publications to denounce Obama’s claim that Kissinger supports a president meeting Iran’s president without preconditions. (Kissinger does NOT support that.)


No link needed- you can find Kissinger in almost every major web site correcting Obama’s lie.


(NOTE) Actor Paul Newman has died- 83 years old

A decent man who gave millions to charity. He made the kind of movies that Hollywood should return to.

This might be interesting (shows to watch)

The Huckabee Show

Tonight at 8pm- Fox News

Mike Huckabee was one of the only candidates that was warning of financial problems in American banking. He was warning of this last year.


VP Debate- Sarah Palin vs. Joe Biden

This Thursday at 9pm

It seems as if no one is giving Sarah any chance of winning. Should we panic..??



Final 2 presidential debates between Obama and McCain- Oct 7, Oct 15.


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