Have you ever been kicked by an IRON boot..??

I mean, had someone just wind up and kick you in the backside with the iron boot..??

I woke up this morning, read the headlines, and felt the cold- iron boot slam into my backside.


The FIRST headline that kicked me in the backside was:

VP Debate moderator is writing a book about Obama.


The moderator of Thursday’s VP debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden is currently writing a book about Black American achievements. Gwen Ifill has dedicated one / quarter of the book to Barack Obama.

However, the media is telling me not to worry because Gwen Ifill will be fair to both Sarah and Joe.

Let’s see…


The person doing the VP debate has a vested interest in seeing Obama win the election, and I shouldn’t worry- because she will be fair.

(Iron boot kicks conservatives in the backside- Ouch..!!)



Headline number 2, which found it’s mark on my backside:

Senate- Vote today on bailout


The Senate is meeting today, to pass the financial bailout bill, in an attempt to force the House to do the same. (They plan on voting tonight.)

Folks, I have a feeling that- one way or another- congress WILL pass some kind of bailout bill. The details? Who really knows at this point..??

(Iron boot is mighty cold, and hurts..!!)


Headline number 3:

The “fix” is in.


Major news networks are pushing for a president Obama, and there is nothing we can do. They will not cover Obama and Biden gaffes, lies, and deception. However, they will cover any mistake made by McCain and Palin.

Even little things like showing only White people in the audience during a McCain rally. (When hundreds of Black, Asian, and Hispanic people attend.)

However, at an Obama rally- the network cameras pan out and show every nationality on the globe.


Yes, the fix is in. It has been in for a while.

The FREE media attention given to Obama by the multi- billion dollar media outlets, is FAR BIGGER than any contribution made by an Oil Company to a republican candidate.

People complain about Big Oil influencing politicians. However, Big Media is openly backing a presidential candidate- and people sit quietly and let it happen.

Where is the outrage..??


(Iron boot is getting colder. I think I’m bleeding.)


Headline number 4:

You may NOT know everything about Obama?


Stanley Kurtz warns us of Barack Obama’s role with ACORN, back in Chicago.

We know projects like ACORN help put people in housing that they couldn’t afford. Which helped cause this mess we are in today. We know ACORN has been charged with voter fraud.

And yet, no Big Media types are covering this?


Members of Big Media (anonymously) admit, (see the link I have below) that they sent reporters to Alaska to investigate Sarah Palin. But they have NO- (zero) none- not one reporter in Chicago, checking out Barack Obama past.

(Palin isn’t running for president. Obama is.)

But it doesn’t matter.

The “fix” is in.


The “fix” is in- in more ways than one.

The “fix” that congress has on fixing this banking crisis. When MOST American’s do not want it. That many prominent people claim- will not necessarily help Wall Street in the long run. (Band-aid on a broken arm.) And, Rush Limbaugh is telling me that this senate bill is chuck full of “gifts” that republican and democratic senators will LOVE. Oh boy..!!

And if that wasn’t bad enough:

The “fix” is in to get Obama elected.


Folks, I have been around a while, and I have never seen anything like this..??


Tonight’s vote in the Senate could effect all of us, in ways we may not understand for a while.

Tomorrow nights VP debate could effect the 2008 election.

(And the moderator of the debate wrote a book about Obama..??)

You have just got to laugh about this stuff, what else can you do..??

The only thing that we can do is tell the truth and be the best. Hopefully, Americans will see past the politics.


However, I feel like I’m playing golf and the judge just forced me to add a 20 stroke handi-cap to my score card. And Tiger Woods is my opponent.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic


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Stanley Kurtz warns of Obama past


The “fix” is in.

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