The ebb and flow of politics, the debate over ideas and direction of this great country, is the main reason that I dwell in the realm of politics.

Unfortunately, like religion, politics can become deadly.


The left has been busy all night, burning up the Internet with stories about how a right-wing Tea Party nut tried to kill Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

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Try as I might, I cannot identify the killer: Jared Loughner, as a republican; or a democrat.

Let’s go over what we currently know…

Jared had a video on his MySpace page of himself, (or someone) dressed in a black hood, burning the American flag. I know of no conservative who burns the American flag. Even the black helicopter, gun toting, survival food storing, paranoid republicans who live in seclusion; do not burn the American flag. Hell, you folks on the left made fun of us conservatives because we wanted to read the constitution in the House of Representatives. We wrap ourselves in the flag, we do not burn it. Burning the American flag is something that a liberal- democrat might do.

Yet, Jared was angry that many people around him could not speak English. He was angry that schools “dumbed-down” students and didn’t use proper English. OK, that might be a conservative trait.

However, during a school class session (which Jared attended), a female student was reading an emotional poem about a pregnant girl and what she was going through in her decision on whether to keep her baby. Jared disrupted the class by interrupting the poem and saying: “Kill the baby. Strap a bomb to the fetus and make him a baby bomber.”

What conservative- republican, during a speech about abortion, would say: “Kill the baby”? That is not something that republicans even joke about. He could not be a conservative.

And yet, Jared did not trust American paper money. He wanted to return to the gold standard. This is something that libertarians and people like Glenn Beck talk about.


As time goes on, we will learn more about this killer. However, going with what we now know, I cannot say whether this killer was a republican; or a democrat? I believe that the left is being very reckless by trying to pin this killing on the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, or Sarah Palin.

This was a 22 year old BOY, (I cannot call this killer a MAN) who killed for no other reason then the fact that he was insane, delusional, and hated government / authority. He did not kill in the name of the Tea Party. He did not kill because Rep. Giffords was a “Blue-dog democrat” and he was trying to help progressives.

Jared Loughner killed because he is a self-indulgent little twat, who was searching for his 15 minutes of fame. The fame he never would have obtained in a life filled with hard work, because he didn’t want to do the hard work.

Blame parenting if you like. Someone forgot to raise this child. Someone didn’t have the time to teach this child the difference between right and wrong. Someone wasn’t concerned when Jared was arrested for drugs, or was kicked out of college because he could be dangerous to fellow students. Someone MUST have thought that Jared wasn’t “their” problem. Someone decided that “we”, (society) will have to deal with Jared. Someone now has blood on their hands.

Blame a government system that doesn’t communicate with each of its parts. How a student could be kicked out of college because he was considered “dangerous”, yet was able to buy a gun and carry out this act, is frightening.

The honest liberal will not blame the parents, and place the blame on gun laws and society. Politics will be the furthest thing from the honest liberal’s mind.

The honest conservative will protect gun rights and blame the parents. Politics will not be mentioned.

The political hack will blame the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and republicans. After all, we must make hay while the sun is shining. Death is always a great time to score political points.

The political hack will also turn Jared into a flag burning, pro abortion liberal. Murder is always a great time to prove to people that a well-adjusted life as a conservative, is the better option.


There comes a time in each of our lives that we MUST decide who we are.

Some folks, like NY Times columnist Paul Krugman, have decided to be a political hack and blame the republicans because Jared murdered innocent people. Surely, if Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin never existed, Jared would have never killed anyone. Sorry, Paul. I am not willing to bet the farm on your theory. A killer is a killer. If not for Beck or Palin, Jared would have been moved to kill by a lyric in a rock song, or a movie, or a barking dog, or some other distraction.

Other people will become party cheerleaders, condemning everything that the “other side” does. But over-looking and rationalizing every evil that “their side” takes part in.

We all must decide who we are. Why we are here, blogging.

Are you a cheerleader for your political party? Are you a political hack? Or are you here to debate ideas to benefit this country?

When censorship arrives on the Internet, it will not be because good people wanted a place to debate great political ideas. Censorship will arrive on the Internet because of political hacks, party cheerleaders, and a boy named Jared Loughner.

Lying dead on the ground will be a 9 year old girl who just happened to be born on September 11th; killed by Jared Loughner, for no good reason. She had done nothing wrong.

Lying dead on the ground, next to this innocent little girl, will be free speech. Killed by political hacks and party cheerleaders.

We all must decide who we are and why we are here.

Written by AR Babonie