The gloves are coming off of both campaigns.

Sen. Obama is banking on the fact that you will be interested in learning MORE about the Keating 5 scandal, a case in which John McCain was found to be NOT guilty of any crime.

Some people might be interested in this slice of history.


Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin feel we need to know more about Obama’s past.

The question being asked around the Internet:

“Could Obama GET security clearance to enter certain sections of the Pentagon..??”

If we were talking about one shady member of Obama’s past- say his 20 year relationship with Reverend Wright, then you might be able to forgive something like that. We all make mistakes.

But when you add in the fact that Obama started his political career inside of known terrorist William Ayers house. Obama worked with Ayers on two different charity boards. (One of which, helped low income people get houses that they couldn’t afford and couldn’t pay back the loans.)

All and all, Barack Obama has ties to 17 radicals. (Many of which, I cannot talk about at this time.)

You have to ask yourself- “Why does Obama HIDE his past..?? Why can’t we find any papers authored by Obama while he was at Harvard?

2004- The media was touting that Sen. John Kerry would be the next president. He was ahead in the polls, it was a sure thing.

Except for a group of Vietnam Vets who began to speak out about Kerry’s military record.

Oh.. Yes, there is an October surprise in 2008.

For now, I leave you with this basic question-

“Could Barack Obama receive security clearance to enter the Pentagon..??”

ANSWER- I believe- No..!!

(That is, unless you folks vote him into the office of President.)

We are NOT alone

With the political gloves now coming off during this election, (Actually, I believe the gloves came off LONG ago when Obama’s cronies began to print up false stories about Sarah Palin banning books, or charging rape victims for “rape kits”, which never happened).

You might wonder if modern politics has reached a vomit inducing low point in American history?

If you are wondering that, you would be wrong.

Today, Barack Obama is trying to label John McCain: “the same as George Bush.”

John McCain is trying to label Obama as inexperienced and that he has ties to “shady people.”

Folks, we are NOT alone.

This 1832 political cartoon shows President Andrew Jackson as “KING JACKSON.”

(Being only a few decades past the War of 1812, labeling someone a KING was about as bad as calling them a terrorist.)

(The cartoon has President Jackson STANDING on The Constitution. That’s a LOW BLOW..!!)

Democratic President Jackson wanted to expand the role and powers of the president, and the opposing “Whig Party” ran with “King Jackson” as a political attack.

President Jackson had no problem expanding the powers of president. He did mostly what he wanted. This power continued through Democratic President Martin Van Buren’s term.

However, The Whig Party scaled back that power after holding the presidency for two terms following- Presidents Jackson and Van Buren terms.

We are NOT alone..!!

This political fighting has been going on since the beginning, and will continue way past our generation.

But back to 1800’s- Many presidents felt like 19th-century New York politician William “Boss” Tweed, who said:

“Stop them damn pictures…. I don’t care much about what the papers write about me. My constituents can’t read. But, damn it, they can see pictures.”

Moderately confused.?

Every election cycle, we always have a group of people who wish that there was a third party to vote for.

Looking back through American history, you can see that it has been (mostly) Democrat vs. Republican- since 1853 and President Franklin Pierce. (President – 14)

That’s a hell of a long time..!!

I too, found myself in the position of wanting a third party once and I tell this story often.

The year was 1988. Presidential candidate Bush (41) said he would never raise taxes.

However as president, he DID raise taxes.

Many of us conservatives, (millions of us in fact) decided we could not support Bush for his reelection run in 1992. Many of us had reservations about an agreement with Canada and Mexico, called- NAFTA. Both Bush and Clinton were for this plan.

So millions of us conservatives broke with the republican party and voted for Ross Perot.

The election results were as follows-

Ross Perot- 18.9% (19.7 million votes)

George Bush- 37.7% (39.1 million votes)

Bill Clinton- 43% (44.9 million votes)

Our 1992 vote for Ross Perot, allowed democrat Bill Clinton to win the election.

The message we conservatives sent in 1992 didn’t really help us!

Republicans gave us Newt Gingrich and “contract with America.” However, President Clinton can take credit on much that was accomplished in the 90’s. And in 2000, republicans gave us George W. Bush. A president who has done a FINE job on the War on terrorism. However, we have been left defending President Bush and his federal spending, slow response on natural disasters, and the economy.

Any message we send back in 1992, is lost in history and means very little today.

Which leads us to the newest:

Angry Republic Video Broadcast:

“Moderately Confused”

(This is another- Video SHORTY, and will NOT take up your whole day trying to play it.)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

(Also note) Condolences go out to Sen. Joe Biden and his loss.

Having lost both of my parents, I know how tough that is. You always remember the last things you said and wish you could have done more.

Time heals the sorrow. Still, you feel as if you have walked through a doorway and the door slammed shut behind you. You can never go back.

However, (as selfish as it sounds) you now have more time to care for those who are in your life today..!!

(Which is what your parents would want you to do.)

Thanks for reading The Angry Republic