The END of Talk Radio

Could “localism” be the way liberals destroy free speech..??

Localism would require no new laws passed or drafted. On a local level, grass roots liberals could attack each radio station- one by one.

Conservatives may have to apply the same amount of to off-set this localism.

LINK: Obama killed the radio star




Hillary- New Secretary of State


The source is not the greatest…

None of the BIG media types are reporting it yet.

The Drudge Report has a developing link on it.

But the word is that Hillary WILL except the job of Secretary of State. (7:30pm Monday)

I’m not really sure how I feel about it?

Some conservatives believe she might be tougher on terrorism than Obama.

However, I have seen Hillary change her mind on BIG issues, so I am not banking on that.

Liberals that I have talked to seem happy that Hillary might join, (even though Hillary brings NO change to the Obama White House..??)

What do you think about a Hillary and Obama team..??

LINK: Hillary says YES