Obama and Palin- debate?

This could never happen. (I don’t think?)

But I bet people on the right and the left wouldn’t mind seeing it happen?

With John McCain claiming, (at this point) that he will not debate Friday. And Obama saying that he will be there. Barack will need someone to debate. (Instead of debating himself.)

Why not a Palin- Obama debate?

Many of us conservatives believe Gov. Palin can defend herself, and “what the hell”, let her take on the left’s top dog..!! (We can’t wait for the Palin- Biden debate.)

I believe that many on the left would like to see this debate also. Because they have underestimated another republican.

You can see it all over the media; the “Palin isn’t very smart” jokes.

But this is a tactic that the left always uses on our candidates. They claimed Reagan wasn’t smart enough. That he was just acting like a president. We had Dan Quayle jokes.

And, of course, our president- George Bush. (Need I go over the things they have said about him.)

You would think they would get tired of this tactic? I mean, George Bush had higher college grades than John Kerry, but that didn’t stop the left from the attacks.

So now, they have labeled Sarah Palin as “dumb.” Which is underestimating a person.

Yes, we conservative do label the democrat candidates as- unpatriotic, America haters. However, that is usually hidden within our media sources.

The democratic tactic is placed right out in mainstream media. From the way Charlie Gibson interviews Palin, to the way reporters question how “small” Alaska is and can she govern?

Well, I just thought it would be amusing (IF) Sarah showed up Friday night and debated Obama while McCain is in DC. (Doing whatever he is doing there.)

It would be a lose- lose situation for Obama. If he won, he would run the risk of looking like a bully or elite.





And if Obama lost the debate against Palin..



Well, no need to venture down that road because this debate will not happen.


What did he say..??

What top democrats are saying about McCain suspending his campaign to be in DC:

Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts, the chief House Democrat on the bill, said late Wednesday, “all of a sudden, now that we are on the verge of making a deal, John McCain airdrops himself to help us make the deal.”

Aaaahh, Barney- the deal didn’t go through..




“John McCain did nothing to help,”


said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., who attended the meeting.

“He only hurt the process.”


“We don’t want presidential politics involved in this,”


Reid told reporters.

Mr. Reid, I believe McCain is STILL a member of the senate and has every right to be there.

Kind of makes you feel like you are at a playground, and the other kids want McCain to take his sand pail an go home.

I believe that McCain dropped this campaign- at great risk to his election, to do his current job.

Barack Obama was going to phone it in, or maybe give a “present” vote on financing.

But as I commented on EKY’s blog, I think this issue is to big to play politics on. I am just poking fun at the little nuances of this spectacle, but the bigger issue needs all of us to work together.

This problem started in the Clinton Presidency. Republicans had 6 years to fix it, they didn’t. Democrats had two years with Pelosi, Reid, Barney Franks, and Dodd in high- oversight positions; and they did nothing.

Both parties screwed things up and we are going to have to work together, to make sure we don’t get screwed again.

It looks like the 700 billion dollar blank check idea is toast.

Last I heard, they were close to voting a 200 (plus) billion dollar bailout (loan), but republicans didn’t sign on. So everyone went home..??

I guess we will find out more tomorrow.

How do you feel about this bailout / loan?