As I am sitting here writing this, Joe Biden is giving a speech about the economy.

Ironically, the split screen on the TV has Joe Biden on one side, and the stock market dropping on the other side.

The fall of Lehman Brothers is just what democrats needed.


Because they NEED to be needed.

Everyone needs to be needed.


And if the economy heads into the crapper, if more US soldiers are killed in Afghanistan, and if one more hurricane slams into America:

“It’s party time for- The party of the people..!!”



As I was switching around the channels, Fox News looked like they were reporting a funeral, while talking about Lehman Brothers. CNN had some chick on TV that was smiling like she was at a cocktail party.

Devastation and destruction is good news for the democratic party because the bad banking news, falling stock market, and the hurricanes are all the fault of President Bush.

And of course we know…


John McCain and President Bush are both clones. They are the same. Exact copies.

You cannot tell them apart..!!



Barack Obama stated, (after the “Lipstick on a pig comment”), that he wants to talk about the issues, not this back and forth attacking.

While Obama was speaking about a “fair” campaign, his staff was putting together an ad which claims McCain is so old, he doesn’t know how to use the Internet.

A President’s ability to use the Internet- is that a policy issue? (Economy, the war, taxes)? Or is that an attack?



Barack Obama wants to talk about the issues that are important to Americans, he doesn’t want to attack. So today, Obama and Joe Biden are driving home how McCain is “just like Bush.”

Is that policy?

Or is that opinion?

“Sprite tastes just like 7up” This is an opinion.

“A Hershey bar is just like a Dove bar.” Also an opinion.

“John McCain is just like Bush.” This too, is also an opinion.

Obama claims he wants to talk about the issues, but he does something totally different. His campaign is on attack mode.





TEAM Obama realized, (much after the rest of us bloggers did) that attacking Sarah Palin wasn’t working. So today, Joe Biden and Obama are attacking McCain because he is a republican:

“Look, the republican McCain voted with the republican Bush. Those republicans are voting the same. How dare people of the same party vote the same way..!! We democrats NEVER vote with our fellow democrats..”



If this were a poker game, Obama just placed that 66 millions dollars that you sent him on the bet that- McCain is George Bush.


This might work.

Except for:

George Bush has only been a president for 8 years. McCain has been in the congress for several decades. There are many examples of McCain voting against his party.

Barack Obama doesn’t have any of this.



Obama always votes with the far left of his party. He NEVER strays far from the socialist left. Obama has voted in lock step like socialist democrats have voted since 1913.

This current attack from Obama’s will fail just like the attacks on Sarah Palin.

They will fail because the reason we have these bank failures is because socialistic democrats forced lenders to provide loans to people who could not pay back the loans.

The socialistic idea of putting everyone in their own home, cause this crisis.



Capitalism would have worked if government would get out of the way.

Obama’s solution to this problem..??

Tax these large companies more.




(Sure, the best way to help someone who is about to claim chapter 11 is to tax the crap out them so that you can start a huge new social program- national health care.)

There is nothing new here…

Because Obama has nothing NEW and doesn’t stand to change anything, the only thing Obama can do is attack.

And attack- TEAM Obama will:





Mister Obama…

Could you please talk about the issues and stop attacking John McCain like a third grade child would?


Let’s sum up the current Obama attacks:

McCain is so old he cannot use the Internet.

Sprite is like 7up and McCain is like Bush.

Obama is like Jesus and Sarah Palin is like the guy who killed Jesus.

Mister Obama…



We only have weeks before the election. Could you please put down the Crayon, sit up straight in your desk, and talk about the issues..??

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

A word about the last three photos-


The button, which liberals use to educate us on the fact that Jesus was a “community organizer”… (I didn’t know that Jesus worked with the Roman Senate to bring government tax money to social groups. I always thought Jesus taught self reliance, belief in God, and to help others..??)


Well, anyways, this button was shown on “Meet the Press” with Tom Brokaw. Tom asks if conservatives went too far in picking on “community organizers?

Hey, Tom… How about asking Obama if HE went to far picking on war veterans who cannot use a computer keyboard?

The last two photos are from an Atlantic Monthly magazine photographer who was paid to shoot pictures of John McCain. She then took these outtakes and, well.. you can see what she did with them.

See the Fox News Video of this story


Bad news people…


We did NOT break the record for the biggest ice melt in the Arctic region.


“…Crucial Arctic sea ice this summer shrank to its second lowest level on record, continuing an alarming trend, scientists said Tuesday.

The ice covered 1.74 million square miles on Friday, marking a low point for this summer, according to NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colo. Last summer, the sea ice covered only 1.59 million square miles, the lowest since record-keeping began in 1979…”


This, of course means only one thing-


Global cooling.




We just have to try harder next year..!!