A sign of the times



Maybe like you, I am sick of thinking and talking about this financial crisis.

The “brain trust” that we have elected and sent to Washington DC, have come up with a plan, voted, and signed (said plan) into law.

Now we watch as this plan:

“Flies or Dies.”


I feel like we need to do something. Throwing money at this problem may not fix it.

Voting all of these idiots out of DC would be a delusion. It would take a massive effort by “we” the voters. People become fond of their state politicians and would probably place many of them back into office. Without drastic change in the House and Senate, not much WILL CHANGE.

If you think changing the president to Obama or McCain- will help? Maybe. But neither are running very fast to catch the people who caused this banking crisis.

Joe Biden, John McCain, and Barack Obama could all set up a committee to launch investigations into what went wrong in American banking. Sarah Palin cannot, being a governor. Unless, a crooked banking guy committed a crime in Alaska.

Ron Paul (or Bob Barr) cannot garnish more than 10% of the vote, so here we are. Stuck like a pig in the mud.


We could blame John McCain for everything, however; he was only one of one hundred senators during this mess.

We could blame Barack Obama for this but, again, he was only one in one hundred.

I think it is silly to play the “party politics” game on something this important. I’m willing to say that President Bush SHOULD have done something long ago, to fix this.

But liberals must also be willing to realize that banking rules changed during President Carter and Clinton. People at the top, when the banks came tumbling down, were Barney Franks and Dodd.

Both parties had a hand in this banking crisis, no one is innocent.

We have to weed out these people who caused this.

Or the whole dam thing will return.

(Funny, I started this editorial out saying I was “sick” of talking about this banking crisis. And then I launch into a rant about it?)


Moving along, I thought I would focus on other people in the news today:

Lindsay Lohan said this-

“..Is our country so divided that republicans best hope is a narrow- minded, media obsessed homophobe..” Said by Lindsay Lohan

Ms. Lohan- Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and John McCain all hold the same ideas on Gay marriage. All four are not going to change the law or the definition of marriage. However, all four believe same sex couples should have rights similar to opposite sex couples.

Might I also point out that many on the left cried about the fact that Sarah Palin WAS NOT DOING ENOUGH media interviews. So, I’m not really sure how Palin could be “obsessed” with the media?

Lohan- Rehab just called. They have a room ready..!!

Moving along-


Pornography maker Larry Flint is creating a porno with a Sarah Palin look alike.

Hey, what can I say about this? You get famous and this type of “stuff” will happen. I am sure- somewhere out there- is a porno flick with a guy that looks like President Clinton. (I can only imagine a porno name like: “The Oral office..??”)

However, it doesn’t get much sicker than this-

Artist Bruce Elliot is creating naked paintings of Sarah Palin and getting them placed in public places. (Bars, etc.) Bruce Elliot uses his daughter as the “naked Palin” stand in while he paints.


OK, that is really creepy..!!

Let’s see…

You tell your daughter to do the dishes, then you tell your daughter to get naked so you can paint a picture of a politician that you dislike..??



Bill O’Reilly-

There are many times that I disagree with Bill O’Reilly. But I have to admit something about him;

He is doing the type of interviews that the mainstream media used to do.


I remember when I was younger, the TV shows “60 Minutes” and “20 / 20” were MUST watch shows. You had reporters getting into the faces of crooked business people and politicians. Both shows were a hit..!!

Today, both shows are just a shadow of what they used to be. Aside from John Stossel, there isn’t anyone who is willing to take on democrats and republicans. Or question global warming and religion.

All of the shows today seem to have a hidden agenda. They seem to be trying to focus on one party, and give a pass to the other party.

Bill O’Reilly takes on any who will be on his show.

Which leads me to the movie:

“An American Carol” 

Rush Limbaugh explains the importance of this movie:

I was stunned to see that David Zucker was putting out a movie that makes fun of Michael Moore.

I have followed David Zuckers’ film making career since I was a teenager. I barely remember his: “Kentucky Fried Movie.”

However, I can recite dialogue from Zuckers’ movies: “Airplane”, “The Naked Gun”, and “Scary Movie 3 & 4.”

So when I found out that David Zucker did a movie poking fun at Michael Moore, I knew I couldn’t wait for the DVD and had to support this movie at the theater.

Liberals believe they have the market cornered on humor with shows like Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show”. That might not be true in the future.

I feel it is a SAD shame that Zucker had to go to France to find a distributor for “An American Carol.”

Not ONE American film studio would distribute it.


In America, you can make fun of religion (Bill Maher), however; making fun of Michael Moore is off limits.

(As John Stossel would say:)

“Give me a break..!!”


So, I’m hoping this movies does well.

(Maybe the next target could be- Al Gore and global warming.)

That is, if David Zucker is still allowed in Hollywood??

Mr. Zucker might have to head to Ballywood or Canada for the freedom to speak.

Free speech- Hollywood is closed for business.

And that is a “sign of the times.”


Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

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