Before you vote, think about this

Before you walk into that voting booth and pull the lever for Barack Obama, consider this:

Voting booths no longer have “levers.” What the hell are you grabbing and pulling..??

Obama said that he was going to raise taxes on “those rich people,” Obama said that YOU have nothing to worry about, because Obama said that people who make less than $300,000 will not have taxes raised.

However, during the debates, Obama lowered that figure to $250,000.

Obama lowered it again recently, to $200,000.

But we are not finished…


VP Joe Biden lowered the figure to $150,000 per year, and Gov. Bill Richardson lowered it even more to $120,000. (Of course, you have heard all about this.)

OK, you might say that Biden and Richardson have no authority to lower Obama’s figures.

Barack Obama only lowered the figure by $100,000 bucks. Biden and Richardson have no power to lower it $80,000 more.

However, Obama may not be able to stop it.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have said that they want to raise taxes on EVERYONE who makes $42,000 or more, and with Reid and Pelosi holding a two / thirds majority of government power, can Obama stop this?

Remember, Obama has voted to raise taxes on people making $42,000 in the past. (If we want to use a persons past record..??)

Your taxes will be raised with a president Obama. That is a fact.


Today, with sky high taxes, the average American works from January until April- just to pay their taxes.

In other words, when you go to work; the first 3 hours that you work, you never receive that money. The first 3 hours of an 8 hour day of work is paid to the government in the form of taxes. (Sales taxes, payroll, property taxes, SS taxes, State, Local taxes, etc..)

Who the hell would vote for higher taxes..??


Barack Obama’s response to the higher tax argument has been: “Well, it is time to pitch in. We cannot make ‘selfishness’ a virtue.”


“Selfishness a virtue”…??

Calling a person who fights for lower taxes- “selfish”, is slapping the founding fathers in the face.


Today, you are taxed at a HIGHER rate, than the colonist were taxed, when they started the revolution against the British.

Never, never, ever- vote for higher taxes..!!


The answer is to spend less.

Who has a record of “spending less”..??

John McCain who served for decades fighting earmarks? Or Barack Obama who is outspending McCain in this presidential race by two to one.

Obama- who spent $700,000 bucks on staging, sound, and lighting for his appearance in Germany? Obama- who spent a million dollars to have Greek Columns during his convention?

Let’s face it, Obama looks good and he can make a great speech…

But, raising taxes in a bad economy is a very stupid idea.


Before you walk into that voting booth and vote for Barack Obama, consider this:

There are no voting booths anymore. You may have entered the “broom closet.” Turn around and ask someone “where am I”..??

For me, the scariest thing about an Obama Presidency, is the way that people forgive anything that Obama has done. People forgive anything that democrats have done, for Obama.

I’m not sure if it is a “race” thing or not?

Some people are so afraid that- because Obama is Black, they cannot say anything negative about Obama’s life, so they give it a pass.

For example: I listened for YEARS as liberal bloggers warned that the Patriot Act will destroy your privacy.

Yet, these same bloggers have no problem with an Ohio government worker using State computers to “leak” Joe the plumbers secret files.

These liberal bloggers are still around here. Where is the outrage..??

“This was a rouge Ohio worker, it had nothing to do with Obama..”

Oh yes it does..!!

This was a democrat, who happened to work for the Ohio government, who thought they could help out Obama by showing that Joe the plumber (may) not be sincere.

This is my point..!!


It is what people are willing to (cover up) and over look- in the name of Obama.

The “hacker” who got into Sarah Palin’s e-mail account is another example:

“It was just some stupid kid who was doing the hacker thing, it had nothing to do with Obama..”

It has EVERYTHING to do with Obama..!!


It is another example of what people are willing to do, for Obama.

But worse yet…

It is an example of a large population of Americans that are willing to drop their morals, pretend that they do not care, in order to get Barack Obama elected.


Need I even mention ACORN, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Reverend Wright and the likes..??

In my life, I have never seen a cover- up that is this HUGE. Millions of Americans that are willing to say: “Obama has nothing to do with this stuff..”

Obama has EVERYTHING to do with it, because people are doing this stuff in his name.


Before you hop on the Obama train, consider this:

Obama doesn’t have a train. He has jets and busses.

If you are on some kind of train, you may want to get off at the next stop.

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and he had a tape of Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose. In this tape; Brokaw and Rose talk about how they “do not know much about Barack Obama.” Each claim they have read Obama’s books, and yet- they are not sure where Obama stands on foreign policy. Brokaw and Rose conclude that they just do not “know” enough about Obama.

How can two people in the media, (who we charge with the duty of finding out information) claim they do not know enough about a possible president, and yet plan to vote for him anyway..??


Hey, everyone likes a great mystery. The best thrillers never reveal everything about the main actors until the end of the story.


If we were writing a book, Barack Obama would make an interesting study.

However, is this any way to pick a president..??

When veteran Newsman Tom Brokaw admits that he “doesn’t know enough about Obama”, this worries me.

Does anyone really know Barack Obama..??

We cannot question his past relations because some are in jail, others will not talk to the press.

We cannot question Obama’s family because many are in such poverty that they are off- limits to the press. (Some of Obama’s reletives are here in America illegally.)

Who can Tom Brokaw interview to find out “who Obama really is..??”

Willaim Ayers..??

Local politicians in Chicago..?? (Some are in jail or waiting on trials.)

Reverend Wright..?? (He isn’t talking.)

Who can we ask..??

Obama isn’t even talking about his past.

If you ask him a question about his past, you will be thrown off his plane, or banished from future interviews. (Or worse yet, investigated by government workers, like Joe the plumber.)

I really hope people will THINK before voting this time.

We just cannot raise taxes on ANYONE in this economy. Higher taxes will cause companies to lay off workers and raise the price of goods.

We are so close to winning the War in Iraq. October was the most peaceful month in the Iraq War and the end is near. This is not the time to advertise that you are leaving Iraq, like Obama would. You must quietly pull some troops out while maintaining this peace.

Face it, Barack Obama will run again in four years. He has said so. Maybe the four years off will give Obama time to redefine his policies and tell Tom Brokaw (and all of us) who he really is.

For the time we live in today, John McCain is the right choice. He has the military experience to deal with the wars we are involved in. The experience to deal with future threats. (And our enemies understand that.)

John McCain understands that raising taxes on anyone right now is a bad idea. (Obama doesn’t understand this.)

Furthermore, John McCain understands that the answer is to lower government spending.

Obama wants to add a trillion dollars of new spending. Obama claims he can find that money by cutting other spending.

Ask Obama what he plans on cutting to find a trillion dollars..??

(Maybe you will have better luck asking Obama?)

Because anyone else who asks Obama about his tax plan, gets thrown off Obama’s plane. Or worse yet, get his personal records broadcast all over the media.


Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic