Just in case you are living the GREEN life, and you have turned off your TV to save the earth. Maybe you do not read the newspapers, and you only fire up your computer once a week to see if the rest of us are still alive (out here.) Maybe you do not know what happened last week?

Or, maybe you have rationalized all of the events of last week, and basically “parrot” everything that you hear. You, yourself; never really have an opinion on things?

Either way; last week we had a tragic event take place: a deranged individual killed 6 people and wounded others in Tucson Arizona. Most of us rational people felt sick about the event, and asked questions like: “How could someone do this? Could the police have stopped this? Were there warning signs?”


Some liberals do not THINK like us normal- rational people do. These liberals heard about this horrible event in Arizona and thought: “I hate Glenn Beck, I hate Sarah Palin. How can I make this killing in Arizona a political event and blame Rush, Beck, and Palin? I know, I will say that because Beck, Rush, and Palin speak out about President Obama, and say hurtful things, it caused this kid to kill people in Arizona. Where can I find a microphone to float my theory, into the news, about evil republicans and their evil hate speech, and how republicans killed those people in Arizona?”

Liberals had no problem finding a microphone. All of the news organizations piled on to help promote the theory that Jared, the Arizona killer, was moved to KILL because of conservative talk radio. Even Fox News had Geraldo Rivera pushing the theory.


There was one problem…

Not one person was even sure if this kid listened to talk radio, or if he attended any of Glenn Beck’s shows, or if he was a Tea Party member, or if he was a republican who listens to Rush?


Liberals quickly fixed this lack of information by putting together a FAKE voter registration for Jared, which claimed that he was a republican. This is, of course, a very serious crime: forging State documents for public view could get someone a long jail sentence. When this document was found out to be a fake, liberals didn’t seem concerned about the crime that just took place in front of our eyes, and continued with their assault on the Tea Party: “If Sarah Palin would go away, if Rush would tone it down, if guns were illegal; Jared would have NEVER killed anyone.”


Again, there is one problem with this theory…

Jared didn’t listen to conservative talk radio. Jared didn’t attend Tea Party rallies, and as far as guns being outlawed, remember Jared would have no problems finding guns because he bought illegal drugs. I, having some experience in buying illegal drugs, (decades ago, when I was a- utopia searching liberal- who got stoned) I know that anyone who buys illegal drugs also knows where to get illegal guns. Maybe your drug dealer doesn’t actually sell guns, but he will know someone who does.

So, even if guns were illegal, Jared could have gotten a gun from his drug dealer. And, (more important) Jared wasn’t moved to kill by conservative Talk Radio.

Just when things were quieting down, a man was arrested in Tucson for death threats. It seems that during a Town Hall meeting, a Tea Party member: Trent Humphies; stated that all suggestions on new gun restrictions SHOULD be held off until all the dead were buried. Not liking what Trent just said, a self-proclaimed liberal, named: James Eric Fuller- stood up in the crowd, took a picture of Tea Party member- Trent, and told Trent: “You’re DEAD.”

Now, I am not sure how you define “hate speech”, however; standing up at a meeting and telling a Tea Party member “You’re DEAD” is a very hateful thing to say.

Before you think that I am about to make “political hay” from a tragedy, let me say this: I do not blame MSNBC because James Fuller told a Tea Party member that “You’re DEAD.” I do not blame Keith Olbermann or Maddow because this man is so angry. Fuller was one of the victims in the Arizona shooting. The guy is grieving, he is emotional, and anything that Chris Matthews said did not force Fuller to act violent. I do not want MSNBC to be censored, in fact; I like having MSNBC there because they give me endless amounts of material to write about.


But that is the difference between a conservative like me, and the liberals who tried to turn death and tragedy into a political event. Hence, the title of my editorial:

“..Beware of what liberals accuse you of, for they are surely masters of that evil activity..”


Above- a still picture from the movie “Death of a President”, where Bush is assassinated.

What pissed me off the most about the disgusting display by liberals over the Arizona shooting, and blaming republicans for the killer’s actions; is that we had to watch liberals assault President Bush for 8 years. From creating a movie showing President Bush being shot and killed (Movie: “Death of a President), to liberals writing a book called: “How to assassinate President Bush.” (If you liberals do not believe me, do a Google search on the book or the movie, it is true. You liberals wrote this stuff.) Could you imagine a conservative writing a book called: How to assassinate President Obama?


Liberals here at this web site called President Bush a liar, a murderer, and a war criminal. Bush has never been charged in a court of law for lying, or war crimes; so calling Bush a war criminal or a liar is HATE SPEECH because none of this has ever been proven. Worse yet, calling Bush a war criminal could cause a sick minded person to take justice into his own hands (if I use YOUR theory.)


Liberals do not see the nasty things that they are doing, yet they accuse us conservatives of the same act. Why is it OK for you to talk trash about President Bush, but we cannot do the same for President Obama?

The point of this editorial, which I hope to reach, is that there is nothing new in modern political dialogue. (And, a side note would be: you whiney ass liberals dished it out for 8 years during President Bush, now you know what it feels like to be the receiver.)

Same as it ever was

A brief American history lesson: The man who would be president- Alexander Hamilton

I call Hamilton “the man who would be president” not necessarily because I agree with him politically, but because he probably would have been elected as president sooner or later, except that he ended up DEAD.

How did he die, you might ask?

Alexander Hamilton (then- Secretary of the Treasury) died in a gun duel with Vice President Aaron Burr.

These two Founding Fathers could not agree on the political direction of America. They fought heated debates. There was bad blood between each family. And they wrote “hateful” speeches against each other. The only thing that Burr and Hamilton could agree on is the way to solve this political debate: for one of them to die.

So they stood back to back in a field in New Jersey, they took ten paces from each other, they turned and they fired at each other.


A witness to the duel made this statement, later on: “Three died that day. Hamilton died from Burr’s gunfire. Burr’s political life died, and he lived out the rest of his life in exile. And the American Federalist Party, all died that day, in a field in New Jersey.”

The Hamilton- Burr duel is a mere exclamation point in long-line of heated political debate in American politics. To say that political rhetoric is any more heated today than it was during the time of the Founding Fathers is to reveal your lack of knowledge in history.

Granted, Burr never called Hamilton: “Hitler.” (Primarily because Hitler wasn’t born until 100 years after Hamilton’s death.) Yet, they did liken each other to the King of England. (Which carried a lot of weight in those days. It is kind of like calling someone- Hitler.)


Please, remember this…

Freedom of speech is NOT truly free, if you must be careful of what you say.

(Which means..)

If you must be careful of what you say, then there is no freedom of speech.

If Glenn Beck says something that is untrue of George Soros, Soros can sue Beck. The American court system solves the problem of liars in the media. (Notice, Soros has yet to sue Beck for any statement Beck has made.)

If Rush Limbaugh says “I hope Obama fails”, he hasn’t really said anything hateful. It is Rush’s opinion that the country would be better off if President Obama’s policies fail.

Shame on all of the people who tried to make a tragedy into a chance to score political points, as we now know politics had nothing to do with the killings in Arizona.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic

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