The liberal left in America has stooped to the lowest low I have ever seen in my lifetime, in America.

It is nothing less than a verbal RAPE of a human being.

Today, members of Obama’s liberal left, hacked into Sarah Palin’s PERSONAL e-mail account, and then published it on a national web site.

It is nothing less than sickening.

To think, I had to listen to members of the left preach about how terrible it was that we had The Patriot Act and that the CIA could listen to terrorist’s phone messages without a warrant.

The left preached-

Innocent people could lose their privacy.”Never, not one time, has there been any report of mistreatment with The Patriot Act.

However, Obama’s liberal left has stolen an American’s privacy. This privacy was NOT invaded to catch a terrorist.

It was stolen by the left for the sole purpose to win an election.


Folks, there is no way that Obama and his cronies can get anywhere NEAR the White House.

If they are willing to invade the privacy of an American citizen BEFORE Obama has power…

Can you imagine what TEAM Obama will do once he has power..??


All of you liberals who were crying to me about President Bush listening to terrorists, how do you feel about your liberal buddies hacking Sarah Palin’s personal e-mails?


Is this what you are voting for..??

Is this the “great change” that Obama will deliver..??

The cries from the left will be…

“…We think Sarah was using her private e-mail for government business. She is trying to hide something…”

What happened to innocent before proven guilty..??

There is no evidence that she used her private e-mail for government business, and so what if she did? A judge could give a warrant if there was evidence that she had.

But the left doesn’t want to wait…

TEAM Obama sent 30 lawyers up to Alaska, and just by chance- Sarah Palin’s e-mails get hacked..??

Don’t you think that is a little strange..??


The verbal RAPE of Sarah Palin by the liberal left…

Do you know what it reminds me of..??

Remember the old stories in history class when town folks would surround a person and stone them to death for some”supposed” crime..??

The person never got a chance to confront a judge or a jury, the people just stoned them to death without a trial.

Sarah Palin has not been charged with any crime.


But the left is verbally raping her and stoning her to “political” death.

Well, I digress…

We, little bloggers, have tried to warn the left that picking on Sarah Palin will backfire.

They didn’t listen.

The left is hoping that the focus of these stolen e-mails will be (IF) Sarah had government business on them.

But the actual CRIME was committed by Obama’s liberal left.


When most Americans hear this news, they will be sickened by the liberal attacks on Sarah Palin.

I believe the liberal left went one step too far and just lost this election.

What’s next..??


Sarah Palin clubs baby seals..??

Why not report that..??

Hey, let’s do a video on that one..!!

The Angry Republican

Video Broadcast number 14

“Sarah Palin clubs baby seals”