At age 71, John McCain is FAR too old to run for the office of president.


What if McCain’s mind isn’t sharp..??

McCain would have to make all kinds of serious executive decisions.

And what if he dies..??

We just cannot have this..!!


However, I see nothing wrong with the 76 year old Ted Kennedy, lying in a hospital bed with a brain tumor, recovering from dangerous brain cancer surgery; Writing our national health care system plan.

See, health care is something that Kennedy calls his “life work.”

We all know that McCain has never talked about being president before..!! This was just a whim..! Not anything that McCain has given serious thought about before.

Besides, brain cancer isn’t going to effect a person’s thoughts.

Yes, I can see the irony in my acceptance of a 76 year old man, who has a brain tumor, writing the national health care plan. Yet, not trusting a 71 year old man, who’s medical records show is healthy, with the same responsibility.

Let me explain it this way: age 76 is a time of great wisdom, filled with hard lesson taught from life. Kennedy is a hero.

However; age 71 is just plan OLD. McCain cannot be trusted. He should be tossed aside and not listened to.

Besides, National Health Care is a small thing, like Social Security and Welfare. You rarely hear about those others two government programs and National Health Care will be around for all eternity. It’s no big deal..!!

However, a president John McCain will be around for 4 years. We cannot have that..!!

There is no other way around it:

The healthy 71 year old John McCain is way too old to be involved in government decisions.

But the 76 year old, brain cancer survivor Ted Kennedy is just the right age to make important government decisions.

Just face it folks…

Republicans have no respect..!!


It is terrible how these republicans tear down people.


While we are on the subject, I think it is terrible how people called Michelle Obama “mean.”

Can you believe that people actually said that Michelle Obama wasn’t “proud” of her country..??

Just because Michelle said: “Today is the first day that I am proud of my country”, doesn’t mean that she wasn’t proud of her country in the past..!!

It just means that TODAY was the “first” day that she WAS proud. You are reading too much into it.

I wish people would treat these women in politics with a little more respect. They are mothers, for God’s sake. Show some respect..!!

I could see if the criticism was deserved, than maybe. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism.

Like that Sarah Palin chick…

When I say that Sarah Palin is a stupid, ignorant, dumb bitch. I mean that in a constructive way.

These are things that Sarah Palin could change, (if she wasn’t so White and a republican.)

That is why my advice for Sarah Palin- (Quit being so stupid), is constructive.

However, the mean- terrible attacks on Michelle Obama by the mean- terrible republicans, (asking if Michelle is proud of America?) These attacks are down right dishonest.

We need to bring politics to a higher level.

Republicans have to learn respect for the individual..!! A democrat would never attack an American for using his “free speech rights.”

Democrats would never dive into someone’s past to destroy them.

Because democrats work above board. They are honest, and transparent.

It’s like this voter fraud stuff…

Republicans have the nerve to suggest that every voter have some kind of ID card. (To prove that they are American.) They claim that you need photo ID to buy beer and cigarettes so you should have photo ID to elect a person to the highest office in America.

That’s a load of crap..!!

How the hell are stupid people, the criminally insane, and illegal aliens supposed to get ID cards..?? You can’t do it. Unless you have $100 bucks and know a guy named Bubba. (He’s the one with an ACORN button on.)

Every American has the RIGHT to vote..!! Even if you are not American.

Take ACORN for example,

To date, ACORN has registered 1.2 million people to vote this year. So what if 400,000 thousand names are Disney cartoons, Dallas football players, and people who do not show up on any record of any kind, anywhere in the known universe..??

That still leaves 800,000 thousand people who had no idea this was an election year, they didn’t know where the courthouse was, and were not able to print their name- because they do not understand “words”: these folks can now take part in picking the president of the United States.

(He is the guy that lives in the White House.)

Folks, this double standard in the media is REAL..!!

There are people out there that are trying to stop Barack Obama..!!

Even though we have The New York Times, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, (maybe FOX, ever since Hillary said that Fox was “fair”, we might have them.) We have Hollywood, every journalist who is working, and every teacher who is teaching…

Still- there are people who are trying to stop Barack Obama.

They are called- republicans



Best I can tell, there are two republicans in the world today.

Here is their picture.

But, take heart my friends, once democrats rule the world, we can re-instate the fairness doctrine and STOP these republicans from ever having a public voice again.

(Once people have to listen to 3 hours of Al Frankin, they will never wait around for Rush Limbaugh, and that will be the end of it.)

Mark my words, there will come a day when all Americans will speak with one voice, from one idea, all thinking alike, from inside one box.

Republicans will learn to be “nicer” and not try and be so damned “different.”

Well, you have to excuse me, I have to leave…

I just heard on the news that Sen. Kennedy HAS taken over Barack Obama’s Health care plan and Nancy Pelosi is about to take over Barack Obama’s tax increase plan.

I must report in and get my new marching orders. I need someone to tell me what to think about this.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic


The Angry Republic Video Broadcast number 17

“Racist, redneck bastards from Pennsylvania”

(Please note) In no way am I trying to make fun of Sen. Ted Kennedy. I am praying for him and hoping he recovers. He has given his life to public service and should be proud.

I am, however, making fun of people who claim McCain is too old. But they have no problem with Kennedy writing important government business.

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