Black Friday

With one person trampled to death and a gun fight breaking out during “Black Friday- 2008”, retailers may want to re-think the “dash and grab” policy.

(Or congress might do it for them.)

This “first come, first served” style of having shoppers line up in the middle of the night and wait for the doors to open, to be one of 15 people to get a great price on a product- is deadly.

This practice reminds me of a problem we had in the 70’s at rock concerts; it was called “festival seating.” All tickets were the same price and when the doors opened, people rushed to the front of the stage for the BEST seats.

This practice also became deadly and was banned.

Retailers need to think about the safety of the customers. (Which, usually they do in the design of their stores.) But for this one day a year, it devolves into “Lord of the flies.”

There should be other ways of offering selective deals to a few, (which do not include stepping over- or- ON other humans to get that bargain.)

A lottery, a hide a seek.. Anything- besides this dash and grab system that they currently have.

Far be it for me to try and shutdown a tradition.

Though, I do not take part in this Holiday ritual, I do take part in another holiday offering: “The last minute dash and grab whatever is left” style of shopping. (Practiced by guys, and some lazy women.) We do not usually KILL each other during this event. Mostly, because we do not want to be there in the first place, and we have given up on getting “the greatest gift ever.”

However, I do have friends who love to plan out a “Black Friday” shopping trip. (Yes, they are excited to set the alarm for the wee hours of the morning (or night). And they return with some great deals. So I can understand the excitement of a Black Friday. (After all- I fish, so I am familiar with getting up early. Finding just the right spot and catching the elusive “big fish.”)

However, there has to be a better way than the system that we currently have..??

Bad day for Pirates

Thank God someone is actually going to try and stop the Somali Pirates. (Instead of waiting for America to do it.)

LINK: Germany to send troops to stop the pirates

Where the heck is VP Joe Biden..??

LINK: Where the hell is Joe Biden

One more for the road

We have planned to do a post about President Bush, sometime in the near future.

However, The Huffington Post has a current discussion on the topic of our 43 President stepping down.

As you can imagine, the liberal readers are ready for their big scoop of “hopey- change” right now.

LINK: I’m mad as hell, and I am (going to complain about it.)

He shoots, he scores..!!

Al Franken, ready to sue his way to the senate.

LINK: I was in the right place, but it musta been the wrong time.

Rosie palms..??

Rosie bombs.

Did anyone watch Rosie’s live Thanksgiving gala spectacular super special NBC event..??

Was anyone looking forward to it..?? (Besides NBC..??)

LINK: Everything is looking “Rosie” for NBC