Fitna- We haven’t forgotten

I’m not holding my breath…

These America hating fools have their eyes closed to the REAL threat to free speech.

Like many in America, I have been focused on the presidential race.

But I have not forgotten…

To many of us, this election is all about remembering what radical Islam did to us.

Even though we may not speak much about it anymore.

One American political party wants to run-

Run as fast as they can away from the Middle East. They want to shake hands with the enemy. They want to talk with them because they believe the enemy doesn’t understand us.

The enemy does understand you…

They have studied you for quite some time.

Radical Islam believes:

It’s OK to throw homosexuals off of tall buildings, or beat them to death in the streets.

It is OK, and Allah approves of the beating and killing of women to restore family honor, because a woman spoke out, or didn’t dress properly.

And Allah is MOST happy when radical Islam is killing you- a Liberal.

The other political party believes we are winning this war on terror.

We MUST keep pressure on radical Islam and use every tool we have.

Military, political, and social.

We, (America, Britain, Canada, Australia, the Iraqi people, etc) we cannot invade EVERY country that harbors terrorists. Nor would we want to.

But we have drawn a line in the sand of two Middle Eastern deserts; Iraq and Afghanistan, and the enemy CANNOT push us back.

They have tried and they have failed.

Iran and al Qaeda have tried their best, but we still hold that line in the desert sands, five years and counting.

Politically, more countries are joining us. Maybe not on the battlefield, but they now see the threat of radical Islam. France and Germany, once completely opposed to US actions, are more sympathetic today.

Socially, people like Glenn Beck and Geert Wilde are making films that remind us how dangerous this enemy can be.

The world of Islam is trying to shut down free speech.

As quick as Geert Wilde’s film “Fitna” is placed on some video sharing sites, it is pulled down. Pulled because radical Islam is offended.

Moderate Muslims want the video pulled because they are afraid that you will get a bad impression of Islam.

Geee, I wonder why..??

Those who cry out about free speech, where are you today..??

Those who claim that the CIA is infringing on free speech by tapping known terrorists phones, you are of course going to speak out about Islam demanding that Fitna be taken down..??

I’m not holding my breath. These America hating fools have their eyes closed to the REAL threat to free speech.

Radical Islam is making futile attempts at keeping people in the dark.

But we are winning this war.

It will be won by force: military, political, and social force.

Part of that “social force” is done by us bloggers when we talk about radical Islam.

Geert Wilde, a Dutch politician, has done an exceptional job of making a film that will make people more aware.

I am placing both Part one and Part two of Fitna below. Both played this morning but I do not know how long YouTube will host the video. Islamic pressure and threats of violence has caused “Liveleak” and others to drop it.

Here are both parts of “Fitna.”

Warning, this video is graphic.

“There are no hopeless situations; there are only men who have grown helpless about them.” – Clare Boothe Luce, American author, diplomat, member of Congress (1903-1987).

It may appear that many of us have forgotten what radical Islam has done to America.

But we haven’t..

John McCain is the only person running for president that has NEVER wavered on the topic of terrorism. Though he may talk about closing Gitmo, he does understand the threat that radical Islam holds.

Discussing the election does include the war on terrorism.

Special thanks to Bavolet for notifying me about this video. She told me Thursday about it, but I was out of town on business and couldn’t blog about it.

Terrorists and Cockroaches

Some say that you will never defeat terrorism with the military.

They say that you can fight terrorists here, and they will pop up over there. Like a “whack a mole” game that you can never win.

They are partly correct.

Except the solution that they offer will not work either.

They suggest that we talk to radical Islam. That we use the police force and arrest the bad guys. But the problem is that radical Islam doesn’t view the terrorists as “bad guys.” So they get angry when you jail them. There is no evidence, nor will you ever prove to me, that radical Islam is LESS angry because their members are in jail. (As opposed to being dead.)


Do not talk to me about innocent people being killed. Radical Islam TARGETS innocent people. We do not.

Thinking about the two different approaches to dealing with terrorism reminded me about my cockroach story.

When I moved to Florida in 1980, I lived in a cheap apartment. The place was chuck full of cockroaches. The landlord promised to “call in the army” and have the place fumigated.

The exterminator bombed the place and it was free from cockroaches. In reality, he hadn’t killed all of the cockroaches. They just moved to another apartment.

But our apartment was free from these evil bugs and that was fine with us.

(For about a month…)

Then the cockroaches came back with a vengeance. They were pissed off and they wanted blood. (OK, that might be an exaggeration, they didn’t actually want blood. They wanted our box of cereal.)

Realizing that the exterminator alone wasn’t going to solve this problem, we decided to starve the roaches.

All food must be in plastic containers and sealed. Any mess must be cleaned up immediately. No dirty dishes in the sink. No glass of pop left on the nightstand after falling asleep.


This, along with one more blast from the exterminator, did the trick. We never had roaches again in that apartment.

This is a very simplistic story for a very complex problem. But I think it highlights how one solution will not fix a problem.

First, you have to turn the lights on and see the problem.

That is what Geert Wilde has done with this Fitna video. That is what many of us bloggers do by talking about radical Islam.

You must also starve them out.

Many European countries are sealing bank accounts of known terrorists and radical sympathizers. The Iraqi people are no longer looking the other way and are taking up arms against the radical insurgents in Iraq.

But you must also squash them when you find them. That is what the military is doing. Capture them, jail them. If they shoot back, kill them.

Radical Islam will be a footnote in world history. Right along side Nazi Germany, the Roman Empire, and the Crusades.

It will be won by military, political, and social means.

We can all take part in this victory.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican