Sniper fire was taking place…

We had to duck and run.

Will Hillary Clinton leave quietly?

A top Clinton adviser boldly claimed-

“It doesn’t matter how many states Obama wins. Hillary will be the democratic nomination by way of ’superdelegates”

This has got to send chills down the spine of any person who is supporting Obama for president. The thought that Obama could win the nomination with a majority vote from the people of America…

Only to loose it all to Hillary on a technicality.

Being a conservative, I find a tad bit of humor in the situation.

First off- The Clinton’s current actions validate all the years we conservatives spent warning people about the Clinton’s. That the Clinton’s would stop at nothing, (lying, cheating, and stealing) to gain power.

Secondly- I believe John McCain can beat Hillary Clinton in a fair match-up. I am not sure that McCain can beat Obama. Shades of JFK vs Nixon come to mind. I can see John McCain in place of Nixon, sweating profusely, while dictating his agenda. All the while, Obama gets standing ovations from the masses by saying nothing. (But saying nothing in a hell of a good fashion..!!)


I just do not believe McCain can beat Obama.

However, if I take my conservative badge off of my sleeve for a moment, I am an American first and foremost.

I hate to see anyone “take” an election, who didn’t win it.

I hated to see the 2000 election screw up.

Even though my candidate won, it wasn’t the proper way to win an election. I have always resented the fact that Al Gore decided to drag the election process through the US court system. The founding fathers already had a system in place for this type of close election and it has been used many times in the past, it is called: “The US Congress.” Many times in the past, congress has selected the president when elections are too close to call.

Al Gore, knowing that republicans held congress, decided to use the court system instead. And Al Gore lost.

But still, with that said, I would rather see a clear election with the people picking the president.

So I despise the fact that Hillary may have found a way to go against the will of the people and place herself in this election.

It seems that Hillary Clinton is not going to leave quietly.

It would be easy for me to say that- “You folks on the left created this Frankenstein, by raising the Clinton’s to stardom.”

I mean, it is not like you didn’t receive warnings about the Clinton’s. (What was the beginning of the TV show- “The Twilight Zone?” ’Warning, there is a signpost up ahead. Next stop, the Twilight Zone.”)

There were freakin’ signposts all over the place.

We republicans did prove in a court of law that the Clinton’s do lie. There was much evidence that the Clinton’s were involved in money laundering and a shady land deal with “Whitewater.” Today, you have Chinese people landing in jail for illegally giving money to the Clinton’s.

(And most importantly for this editorial.)

There was evidence that the Clinton’s used FBI and CIA files illegally, to gain knowledge on political rivals. (Rivals that might NOT necessarily be republican.)

If you are a prominent democrat who has been in DC since the 90’s, you have got to wonder what the Clinton’s know about you.

What are the Clinton’s willing to do to win this election..??

In this writer’s mind, I believe the Clinton’s will not go away quietly.

Outwardly, the Clinton’s will use ’superdelegates’ to go against the will of the people.

But I believe that behind the scenes, the Clinton’s will use every trick in the book to force top democrats to look the other way when the s**t hits the fan.

When Obama wins the popular vote, however Hillary is given the nomination by superdelegates, you will see a herd of top democrats paraded before the congressional podium, claiming that everything is on the “up, and up..”

“The Clinton’s win, fair and square..”

These top democrats will do this because of political pressure (political blackmail) from the Clinton’s, under the guise of “healing the nation.”

However, I fear what will happen to America when the first Black presidential nominee is cheated out of his victory.

African- Americans, rightly so, feeling cheated by the “party of the people”…

It will tear this country apart and I do not want to see that happen.

(Even though it would benefit my Conservative Party if Hillary did all of this.)

So my short answer to the question in the title of this editorial is “no”, the Clinton’s will not leave quietly.

The Clinton’s, who were once loved by the Democratic Party, will feel cheated and abandoned by them.

They will use every trick in the book to win this election.

Yes, I believe the Clinton’s will try to destroy the Democratic Party.

What can “we the people” do to stop this madness..??

First off- I can’t do anything to stop it. I am a conservative / republican. I have no rights in the way that you conduct your democratic nomination process.

Secondly- You created this Frankenstein monster, you are going to have to deal with it.

-Quit giving the Clinton’s a “pass” on everything they do. Demand that journalists inquire “why the Clinton’s were receiving illegal campaign money from the Chinese?” You would never let a republican get away with this kind of stuff, why would you let the Clinton’s. Maybe get congress involved. You hold the majority in congress. In general, quit looking the other way when the Clinton’s “pull a fast one.”

-Find out who the hell these “superdelegates” are. Find out why the superdelegates are favoring Hillary Clinton? Send mass e-mails to your favorite news services. Demand that they do some “actual reporting” on why the superdelegates favor Hillary. Tell them it is “not enough to just copy the latest AP headlines.” You want information on these people.”

-Write to your democratic congress. Tell them that they must follow the “will of the people.”

But above all, you must remind the Democratic Party that they work for you. It is not the other way around.

I realize that it will be difficult for many of you. Most liberals were trained from birth to believe that the government is “all powerful” and should control all aspects of your lives.

But that is not the way the founding fathers intended this country to run.

You must tell the democrats in congress that you pay their salary and your vote must count.


You could sit back, do nothing, and let it all happen.

(I can’t help you with that. I am a republican and democrats are not going to listen to me.)

You are welcome to grab a chair, get yourself a cup of coffee, and join me as we watch this Democratic Party train- slam into the station.

(Aaahh, sorry. You’ll have to bring your own coffee.)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republican

Re-post from Feburary 17th 2008

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