We are all VERY aware of the democrats tactic of blaming a “lack of communication” as the reason democrats lost the House, over 600 state and local seats across this country, and a decent amount of governorships.

YES, the smartest man to ever run for president. The “best-est” public speaker to ever BE president. Barack Obama wasn’t able to explain exactly what it is that he did during the past two years.

So, what are democrats saying? Americans were “smart” enough to elect Obama president, yet too dumb to understand what he did for 2 years. OR- Obama was really trying hard while running for president. But after winning, he let himself go. He took too many vacations, and wasn’t doing a good enough job of explaining what he had accomplished.

Either way, this doesn’t fair very well for the democrats; and I am not sure why they are trying this tactic?

This excuse is very dangerous for the democrats. It can cause the liberal pundits to believe that: “The American public didn’t reject us. Voters didn’t reject our ideas and plans. The American people are too stupid to understand all the stuff that we democrats have done for them. We must push harder.”

This could explain why Nancy Pelosi “could” still remain as the democrat leader in the House. And why democrats are STILL demanding that taxes be raised, even after hearing millions of Americans demand a cut in government spending, and no new taxes.

Along with demanding that the Bush tax cuts be pulled for the rich, democrats are claiming that David Stockman, (President Reagan’s tax man) believes that taxes MUST be raised for all.

Christine Amanour (CNN) made this statement on her show: “Their hero might be Ronald Reagan, but his tax man (Stockman) says that extending the current tax rates will finish the economy off.”

Is this true..??

Could President Reagan’s tax man be calling for tax hikes..??

Yes, it is true. But that isn’t that whole story.

David Stockman was a very young man when Reagan pick him. Matter of fact, many of Reagan’s staff wondered why Reagan chose him. Reagan did not hire Stockman for his ideas and his insight. To Reagan, Stockman was a good bean counter.

Now, what I am about to say is very important…

David Stockman opposed the Reagan tax cuts of the 1980’s.

Stockman opposes most tax cuts. He is a tax and spend republican, who tries to balance both columns. There is nothing wrong with balancing the budget, but why not try and cut taxes, cut spending, and then balance out both columns?

This is important because the Reagan tax cuts were what pulled us out of the economic funk of the 1970’s. And Stockman opposed these cuts.

I am not really sure how many more democrats will try and push this Stockman situation in your face to try and knock you off guard; but don’t fall for it.

There is a funny story about Reagan and Stockman. (At least, I think it is funny.)

David Stockman had a meeting with Reagan, and Stockman went over the budget figures. The meeting concluded that with the rise in military spending, and the Reagan tax cuts, they would not balance the budget for that year.

Reagan, who could never remember people’s names and called his staff: “the fella’s”; patted Stockman on the back and said: “You let me worry about that. You are doing a fine job there, fella. Now go through the spending and bring me a list of lines that we can cut.” Reagan walked out of the room, leaving Stockman sitting there with a stack of papers that Stockman had toiled over; all of which, Reagan didn’t bother to read.

If you ever get a chance to read about the inter-workings of the Reagan Administration, you should do so. He was a funny guy, and he hired the best people he could find for his staff. Reagan would sit down with these people and listen to their ideas…

Then Reagan would disregard much of what he heard and do things his way.

AR Babonie