(UPDATE) Sunday-7:44pm- North Carolina Rep. Heath Shuler, a “conservative” Democrat, says he doesn’t care about any deal that Nancy Pelosi has made. He will challenge Pelosi for the leadership of the democrats, even though he believes that he probably cannot win.

Aaawww, this might get good..!! Never, EVER go against Nancy Pelosi. This poor guy just opened up a big-ass can of “hurt”.

UPDATE coming from The Angry Republic News Site

The following editorial was written before I knew about Heath Shuler.

Driving Miss Nancy (Pelosi) for two more years


Shortly before the 2010 election, a statement was made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that amounted to this: “If democrats lose the House, I do not want to continue as the Leader.”

After Pelosi made that statement, the sky opened up. The earth stood still. Millions of Americans collectively screamed: “NOOooooo…” (Ok, that didn’t happen.)

I was closely watching the news at that time, and there were not many people asking Nancy Pelosi to reconsider. Matter of fact, there was a big red bus traveling around the country asking people to “Fire Pelosi.” Yes, I know that the bus was sponsored by republicans, however I listened to many democrats who claimed that Pelosi needed to go.

Democrats that I talked to, said: “It isn’t that I disagree with her (Pelosi’s) agenda, though I would have liked to see a public option in Obamacare; I just do not like ‘the way’ that Pelosi handles things. She is condescending to people.”

WOW, if democrats can see this trait in Pelosi, then it MUST be a serious problem. We republicans noticed Ms. Pelosi’s condescending attitude back in 2006 when Pelosi first started as Speaker. Pelosi was going to “drain the swamp of all the corrupt House members”, yet Charlie Rangel is still there..??


So, after the 2010 election, when democrats in the House got their collective asses handed to them, and there was no great cry for Pelosi to stay on as the Democratic Party Leader, Speaker Pelosi put out another statement that went something like this: “Since so many democrats want me to stay on as leader, I will do it. I will be your leader.”

The problem is, I didn’t hear a great “out-cry” of democrats wanting Pelosi to continue to lead the Democratic Party.

In fact, people were starting to look at the current Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, or Majority Whip Jim Clyburn.


Keep in mind that I, (the writer of this editorial) I am (is, are) a conservative. So I am bias about this stuff. However, I kind of like Jim Clyburn. He is too liberal for me to ever vote for him. Yet, if I compare him to Nancy Pelosi, he is miles ahead. Clyburn holds a bachelor’s degree in history and taught history in High School, before entering politics. I believe that congress NEEDS a few less lawyers, and a few more history professors. We seem to be losing our perspective on American history and we are getting weighted down by 2,000 page legal documents, (the health care bill.)

Like Nancy Pelosi, Jim Clyburn is in his seventies, so this is his: “do it now, or maybe never” moment in time. Things were looking good for Clyburn as the NEW Democratic Party Leader. He has the full backing of the Congressional Black Caucus, and backing from many democrats in the House.

However, another statement pours out of Nancy Pelosi’s mouth. A statement that made many people lose their lunch. Pelosi said: “We did not lose the House because of me.”

Uhmmm, Speaker Pelosi. Did you see the BIG red bus traveling around the country that had written on the side of it: “Fire Pelosi.” Did you see that bus, Ms. Pelosi?


Pelosi stated that: “Any party who can not capitalize on a 9.6% unemployment rate should just hang it up.” Pelosi’s meaning in that statement was that because the unemployment rate was at 9.6%, republicans were able to beat the democrats. However, Ms. Pelosi, I ask you: who is charged with DOING SOMETHING about that 9.6% unemployment? Wouldn’t that be YOU, Ms. Speaker?

Jim Clyburn’s chances to win that Leadership role started to rise within the democratic ranks. Things were looking good for Jim Clyburn.

However, a funny thing happened…

A special “deal” was made within the Democratic Party.

This special “deal” consists of the creation of a brand new House position; never before seen in American history.

Here is the “deal”…

Nancy Pelosi will remain Queen of the Democrats, in the House.

Steny Hoyer will take the job as Minority Whip, (the “Whip” position is now currently held by Jim Clyburn.)

And poor old Jim Clyburn will step down and take the new position that Nancy Pelosi has created. This position is called: “Super Special Minority Assistant Leader.” (???) No one is quite sure WHAT Clyburn will do in this position, since it never before existed in American history? However, if he is the “assistant leader”, then he would be Nancy Pelosi’s assistant. (Maybe Rush Limbaugh was on to something last week when he joked that Clyburn could be driving the car for Nancy Pelosi- hence the term: “Driving Miss Nancy.”)


Folks, you cannot go by what people say, in Washington DC. You have to look at what they do.

Speaker Pelosi is acting like she did such a GREAT job as Speaker, that it warrants adding an assistant to help her along with her chores.

Democrats in charge just do not “get it”.

We are facing a very tough economic time, and democrats are adding a NEW paid government position in the House of Representatives, which will be funded by your tax dollars.

If this new position were created to help, (in some strange way) the American people; I might understand.

However, this new position, “ Super Special Minority Assistant Leader” (or S.S.M.A.L- “small” for short) is being created for the sole purpose to STOP other democrats from running against Pelosi.

This “new” House position does nothing to help the American people. It is the most selfish act that I have seen in a while. (And that speaks volumes when considering everyday life in DC.)

Democrats will burn up taxpayers money so that Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have to face “the will of the people” and go through a vote in the House.


This sickens me. It really does. It should piss off a few democrats too. Pelosi is acting like a Queen. Waving her majestic arm and creating a “make work” position at taxpayers expense, all the while side-stepping the will of the people.

And what of Jim Clyburn..??

I understand the nature of “going along- to get along,” and to some; Jim might be seen as a patriot. He is taking one for the TEAM, and there is no “me” in the word: T-E-A-M. (Oh, wait a minute, there is an “m” and an “e” in team? What’s up with that..??)

However, I am not the only one who would like to see Clyburn challenge Pelosi for democrat leadership in the House, he just might win. The simple fact that Pelosi has offered this “new” job to Clyburn shows that Team Pelosi wasn’t sure of a clear victory, either.

The conservative- republican inside of me wants the democrats to be lead by Ms. Pelosi until the 2012 election. She did such a fine job of losing 50 House seats to the republicans, giving them a 60 plus seat majority. If this trend continues, there might only be 3 democrats left in the House; after the 2012 election- Pelosi, Hoyer, and Clyburn.

However, the “American” inside of me believes that Speaker Pelosi needs to go somewhere, (anywhere,) if we are ever going to focus on the “will of the people.” Maybe Pelosi could buy Nixon’s old metal detector and comb the San Francisco beaches looking for treasures. Or maybe Pelosi could start a “starving artist colony” in San Fran, where artists display painting of President Bush, done in sheep’s blood; displaying the words: “Bush lied, people died.” (That would be original.)

Here is what I know…

As long as Pelosi leads the democrats in the House, republicans will pick up more seats in 2012.

The American people spoke very loudly this last election. Democrats are not listening.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic News Site