I HATE republicans because they HATE people

Oxymoron- (definition) A big guy named “Guido”, who has no neck, BIG stumpy arms, and is f**king stupid.


Anyone who say: “I hate people who hate people.”


Heading into the 2010 election, we find a choir of democrats claiming that republicans are filled with hate, and this would be a reason not to vote for republicans (because we hate.) Democrats claim that republicans hate Black people, Muslims, poor people, Mexicans, etc; the list goes on.


Even I, your humble writer, was told that “I hate” Gay people because I believe that “hate crimes laws” favor one group over other groups, and therefore is unconstitutional.

Actually, I do not hate anyone. Really! I like talking to liberals and progressives because I want to know why they believe the things that they believe.

However, perception is king.

I am, what I am. (Until someone calls me a nasty name, and that name happens to “stick.”)

So, I wanted to talk about “HATE”, and to do this; I will be using elements of Feng Shui in this post, so that we can reach our spiritual “center.” (Michelle Obama reminded all of us about the evil spirits that could surround us. I do not want evil spirits surrounding this web site, so here we go…)


Republicans are filled with hate.

The opposite of hate- would be love.

If you do not like the “hate” that republicans have, then you MUST be filled with love.


If you do not agree with someone because you claim that “they” are filled with hate, you must be saying that you are “different”; therefore you must believe that you are filled with love? Correct?

So, if you are filled with “love”, how can you say anything bad about anyone?

A person who is filled with true love doesn’t just love the people who agree with them. They love all people. You would love the pretty little blue bird who sings in the trees, just as much as you love the pit bull who chews on your leg.

True love means loving all.

And if you do not “love all”, then you too, are filled with hate.

I can say this, because years ago, I found my earthly center, I am at peace, I am filled with love for all, and I believe that you are a f**king “name calling” hypocrite.


How can a group of people; who hate the oil companies and the car companies because they “pollute the earth and rip off people”, say that you shouldn’t vote for republicans because republicans hate..??

You, yourself, are hateful of the rich. (Or, at least, you have a bigoted perspective towards the rich.)

How can a group of people; who hate Wal-mart because they “treat their workers badly and buy foreign made product” say anything negative about republicans who may, or may not hate..??


I do not have this problem.

I took Michelle Obama’s advice, and began praying to remove all of the bad spirits away from me, and this web site. There are no evil spirits here.

I no longer hate anyone. I am true love. You people suck, and you might as well bend over and drop your pants because the democrats are coming for you.

That reminds me, what is MSNBC’s new motto? “Leaning forward (and taking it.)” People, do they NOT have anyone at MSNBC hip enough to explain what that new phrase means..??

This is all starting to piss me off, I almost hate this.

However, I cannot “truly” hate because I have filled my heart with love. I have found my spiritual center, and I took a multi-vitamin.

I am above hate.

Hate is below me. (And hate can blow me. There, I said it. What are YOU going to do about it..??)


When you have mastered Fung Shui, like I have; when you have centered your inner spirit by using origami…

You CANNOT hate anyone. (Except, maybe, those stupid basterds who claim that you hate. You could hate them.)


I do not hate Mexicans because I want the US border sealed. I’m not after the poor Mexican farmer who is just trying to survive. I want to stop criminals and terrorists from slipping into the country. If you took a minute to listen to us, we have talked about a better migrant worker program, and maybe making it a little easier for a Mexican to do it “the right way” and become American citizens. That’s not HATE, that is common sense.

Ohhh, but it’s Sooooo easy to run to a microphone and claim that I hate Mexicans. By doing this, you no longer have to debate me, you just call me a nasty name; like a 5 year old.


I do not hate Muslims because I would like to see the Park 51 project moved further away from ground zero. I would like it moved out of respect for the 68% of Americans who do not want a Mosque built near ground zero. That is not hate, that is common sense. If you build the Mosque there, it will cause tension between people. That is a fact.

Instead of debating me on this, you quickly call me a name. However, name-calling doesn’t solve the problem.

Name calling is not good. And “good” is what we must strive to achieve. If you were filled with LOVE, like I am; you could never call me a nasty name, you stupid asshole.

Take Michelle Obama’s advice. Pray to remove all of the evil spirits from yourself.

Learn to love, truly love all. Including the oil companies, Wal-mart, and conservatives.

OK, maybe you do not have to “love” the oil companies. That might be a little too much.

However, before you condemn me because you claim that I hate people; take a good look at yourself, because what you are showing me could not be considered “love.”

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic


Meanwhile, during the time that you were reading my editorial, the news continues to happen…

Back at the web site: Wikileaks, the owner and one of his TOP reporters are discussing a future story…

A story on leaked military documents about the War on Terror. (400,000 documents in all.) These “leaked” documents COULD give out vital military secrets, and cause harm to our troops.

Let’s look into the newsroom at Wikileaks





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