Is justice blind? Or is she peeking out of that blindfold?

NEW YORK (CBS 2/ 1010WINS/ AP) – Police have arrested seven individuals ranging in age from 16 to 23 for their roles in alleged anti-gay attacks Sunday.

The alleged bloody beatings happened on Osborne Place early Sunday. Police said members of a gang known as the “Latin King Goonies” lured a 17-year-old into an unoccupied ground floor apartment.

This is a horrible, terrible crime that should have never happened. These assholes deserve the FULL punishment afforded by the law.

However, big city gangs do this kind of stuff everyday and the only reason this made the national news is because it happened to a “Gay couple.” Matter of fact, as I write this, a young Black boy is being beat, dam near to death by gang members in Compton, and it will never reach the national news. Not like this story did. You will never know about this poor Black child.

I try very hard not label things like: It was a “Latino gang that attacked”, or this was a “Gay HATE crime.” It is not easy to drop the labels, after all; I am a product of this “group mentality.”

However, we must try and break this “group think.”

This was “a gang”, (it doesn’t really matter WHAT race this gang was) and they attacked a fellow human being, (I do not care if this person was Gay, or a Mormon, or whatever.)

What is it with people, and their freaking labels..??

“..Well, it was a group of Latinos who beat up this Gay man, so we will DOUBLE the punishment and call it a HATE crime. (If you ask me, all crime is done out of HATE and disrespect for others.)

Because this was a “HATE” crime, the Latinos will get 5 years in prison. However, that poor Black boy who was beat up by Black gang members in Compton; that’s no big deal. 6 months probation will be fine..”

Help me here, I am trying to figure this out..?? The very people who call me a racist because I am a conservative, spend a lot of time labeling other people as “Black”, or Gay, or a minority.

“..5 Whites guys beat up a Black man. That is a HATE crime which deserves 10 years in prison. However, 5 Black men beat up a White guy: That is NOT done out of “HATE”, that’s no big deal. The White guy probably said something “racist.” He probably deserved the beating..”

We are turning into a “Kingdom” here in America. Except, our Kingdom isn’t ruled by one man, it is ruled by “groups.”

Gay Rights would be King.

Environmentalists would be King.

Socialists would be King.

The Tea Party would be King.

So say the King, so it shall be.

Strike a Gay man; punishment: 40 lashes with a razor- laced whip.

Strike a Black man; punishment: 20 lashes with a whip.

Strike a White man; punishment: you will have to drink 5 Slurpies from a Seven Eleven- REAL FAST, which will give you “brain freeze.” (Hey, don’t laugh, that hurts.)

So it was written by the King, so it shall be.

American justice is no longer blind.

American justice CAN no longer be blind because she MUST have at least one eye peeking out from that blindfold so she can look at what color your skin is. American justice might need to hang around with you for awhile to “get to know you”, and find out if you are Gay, or heterosexual.

Before American justice can try your case, American justice MUST place a label on you. She must place you into some category.

YOU are not a person. You are no longer an individual.

YOU are a “group.”

Don’t give me your petty little thoughts, I have no time for them. Give me your group’s “talking points.”

Which group is your master..??

Which group tells you what to think? How to feel?

Are you part of the “Gay group”?

Are you part of the Eco-Green group?

Maybe you belong to the welfare / socialist group?

Are you a member of the “Tea Party” group?

Are you one of the “poor minority” groups? (Identify your group, Sir; there are many “poor minority” groups out there.)

People, we have got to break this “group think” that was implanted into our skulls while in school.

You are an individual. You are unique. No one is exactly like you.

I will say this again…

This was a terrible crime and the gang members should pay dearly. However, justice MUST be blind.

How can a poor Black child being beat by Black gang members be any LESS “valuable” in the eyes of the law, than a poor Gay man being beat by Latino gang members..??

Justice should not care what color your skin is, or how rich or poor you are. Justice should not be concerned with who you have sex with. (It is none of the court’s business who you have sex with.)

Break the group mentality.

Be who you are.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic


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