I was doing a Google search to find out if any political party, at anytime in American history, has ever nominated a non-masturbating WITCH to public office; when an Internet headline got my attention.

“Republicans BLOCK the repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell”. Liberals are angry.

My first thought was: “Who was it who wrote the original bill- “don’t ask, don’t tell”? (Answer) Democrats. Liberal / democrats wrote the bill, and liberals voted the “don’t ask, don’t tell” bill into law. (Circa- Bill Clinton)

So, now liberals are mad because the bill that they wrote and the bill that they passed into law, is STILL THE LAW..??

(I think that this calls for a: “WTF”..??)

After spending 2 years calling us republicans racists, homophobes, anti-Arab, “teabaggers” (and all of the other names that they have been calling us) now democrats are surprised that we didn’t vote with them, (and help the democrats remove a law that THEY wrote and voted into law..??)

In a perfect world, and if democrats all stuck together, democrats only needed ONE republican to vote with them. That’s it..!! The only thing that democrats needed to do was just cross the aisle and convince ONE republican to vote with them. But democrats couldn’t do it. (Hell, even President Bush got Democrats onboard with the bill “No child left behind” by asking Sen. Kennedy to help write it.)

Not only couldn’t democrats get a single republican to vote with them, three democrats voted WITH the republicans, one of which was Harry Reid. (However, Harry Reid voted against Gay people for “technical reasons.” Harry LOVES Gay people and wanted to vote for them, but he just couldn’t.) What’s the technical reason why Reid couldn’t vote for Gay people: (Maybe Reid would lose his reelection bid if he did, and he is in a hell of a fight.) Sounds “technical” to me..!!

I have learned a lot from this democrat controlled congress.

First off: these idiots write bills with 2,000 pages in them, AND THEY DO NOT READ THE BILL. They just sign it. They have no idea what is in the bill?


This practice of not reading bills before they pass them has to stop. I ask, what do we have to do? Create a “pop quiz” about the bill and each member of congress must pass the “pop quiz” to prove that they read the bill, before they can vote on it?

We are dealing with freaking children here.

The second thing that makes me piss mad is: when congress (or the senate) HIDES agenda issues within another bill, to try and sneak it through. I do not care how busy congress claims that they are. Important issues need to be debated separately. Not lumped together and pushed through.

Yes I know that republicans do the same thing, but that doesn’t make this practice right. It has to stop.

Here is how they do it:

Democrats took a bill that would fund our troops, and they hid the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” inside this military funding bill. Also, democrats created the “Dream Act”, which would give US citizenship to young illegal aliens, and democrats stuck this into the military funding bill also.

Now, democrats can claim that republicans voted against military funding and republicans hate immigrants because they voted against the “Dream Act”.

Wait a minute…

Correct me if I am wrong, but who was the last president that granted amnesty to illegal aliens? Was it a democrat? Nope. It was republican President Reagan who gave citizenship to illegal aliens and he did it without a HUGE majority in the House and Senate.

Americans are very smart. Democrats HOPE that Americans are not paying attention, and we will not notice this stuff.

Here is the truth…

A military funding bill, by itself, would have passed with little problems. Nuff said.

A recent poll, (presented by Maddow on MSNBC) shows that 60 % of republicans favor the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” So; by itself, the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” may have had a chance.

However, when you lump a military funding bill together with a Gay rights bill and an amnesty bill, there is no way that this bill would pass. Democrats knew this, and that is why they did it this way: to create a political issue. Democrats are playing politics with peoples lives. (Remember, 3 democrats also voted with the republicans, that tells you a lot.)


This topic really pisses me off, so I went back to my Google search on masturbating witches, when another news alert popped up on my Internet thingy:

During an interview with Bob Woodward in July, President Obama said, “..We can absorb a terrorist attack..”

What..?? Did President Obama just say that we can “absorb” a terrorist attack..??


Are you saying that if another city, (like New York City) gets attacked by terrorists, it’s no big deal because we will just “absorb” it..??


Now, to be fair, President Obama did say that he (we) would do all we can to stop an attack from happening, but come on?


Would this have worked for New Orleans and President Bush?

What if while New Orleans was drowning and people were standing on their rooftops, Bush said: “America will just absorb this, we will be OK.”

What a cold fish. You democrats have elected the “Tin Man” and he is searching Oz for a heart.

However, while President Obama is traversing the Yellow Brick Road, searching for a compassionate heart, is he really doing “all he can to stop another attack..??”

Have you noticed that since Obama made the announcement that the major amount of US forces were leaving, Iraq has become a little more deadly. Car bombs are now going off killing innocent people.

We have said this over and over again: you cannot announce that you are leaving, or publicly set a timetable for when you are leaving the war. The enemy will wait until you are gone and continue the fight afterwards. You have to slowly, quietly remove a few troops and gauge how this effects the war overall.


I wonder if Keith Olbermann will do a countdown on how many days it has been since Obama claimed the Iraq War was over..??



This topic also ticks me off, so I went back to my Google search on if there has ever been a non-masturbating witch in congress before? What I found was: I guess the word “masturbation” makes google search go nuts. A lot of web sites pop up which have nothing to do with witches, or congress.

So, after about 6 hours of checking those sites out, I quickly decided that most witches MUST masturbate, and that is why I am having problems with my search.

Also, no witch has ever served “openly” in congress before. So republicans could have two “firsts” with O’Donnell. (The first witch ever elected to congress. And the first congress member who doesn’t jack off.)

OK, so we nominated a witch in Delaware.

Big deal..??


Come on, it is not like Christine O’Donnell was a full-fledged, broom riding, spell casting, “eye of a newt” type of witch. (Unless you count Newt Gingrich’s eye?)

O’Donnell wasn’t even really a “real” witch. She just hung around with witches for a short time, and one of her first dates was with witches. (Perfectly normal activity that could happen to all of us. I think that I dated a few witches.)


On this “first date”, Ms. O’Donnell and a group of witches went to the movies, then had a nice little picnic near a bloody satanic alter.

No BIG deal..!!

It’s not like Ms. O’Donnell ever killed anyone on a satanic alter. If anything, O’Donnell would be considered a “good witch”, one who doesn’t masturbate. (So I am told.)

When I think back to the women I have dated, I am always relieved to find that the girl I am with has never sacrificed a human being, and doesn’t spend all day masturbating.

Have you noticed how democrats NEVER debate issues with us, instead they always attack us in a “sexual” way?


What is up with the left..??

I mean, they depicted Scott Brown as a dumb guy who drives a pick-up truck and made a big deal about him doing a semi-nude photo.

Let’s not even get into the many photoshop jobs the left has done to pictures of Sarah Palin.


They refer to the Tea Party as: “Teabaggers.”

And now they pick on the fact that O’Donnell doesn’t believe in masturbation, and back when she was a kid in high school, she knew a few witches.

Oh yea, there is a real “issues oriented” political attack for you.

Be prepared my friends. Somewhere, some liberal is working on a porno flick with a Christine O’Donnell look-alike, and I am sure this porno movie will have something to do with witches, and masturbation. (Ooohhh, how original.)

But that is the egression of progressives. It is de-evolution, really.

In a discussion about the ground zero Mosque, the left will call you a racist, then the left will go back to cutting and pasting the face of Christine O’Donnell onto the body of some naked girl. The left will giggle about this paste job, and pass it around on the Internet.

We are dealing with children.

Children with no grasp on reality.

The liberal media tells us that the recession is over.


Even little progressive bloggers at this web site proudly display generic findings that “might” indicate an economic up turn.


And yet, slipping out the back door of the White House, Obama’s economic team resigns.

It’s not what they say, folks; it’s what they do.

For two years the democrats have focused on health care (that will not kick in until 4 years from now), bailouts for billionaires, Gay rights, amnesty for illegals, and so on.

Yet, the American public just wanted Obama to focus on JOBS and the economy.

I don’t know folks, I really do not know what this president is thinking..??


You have to excuse me, I need to do a Google search on “non-masturbating witches in congress” for an editorial I am writing.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic