Right now, as I write this; the Iranian President is ordering his minions to dig hundreds of graves. These graves are for Americans. (IF we attack his country.)

Why would the Iranian President FEAR that “we” would attack “his” country..??

Maybe the president of Iran is worried because he is about to fire up Iran’s FIRST nuclear power plant, against the wishes of many in the world, so the Iranian president has ordered the digging of graves for dead Americans.

Talk about “busy work.” Talk about a government wasting money on bogus jobs that really DO nothing.

In America, we were angry that President Obama spent 20 million bucks putting up signs along the highway. Signs that talked about all the jobs that were created by the “stimulus.”

In Iran, they are building graves for no one.

Maybe they could plant some pretty flowers in all those holes in the ground?

Why is the Iranian President doing this, now?

I could see this happening during the “evil” cowboy presidency of BUSH. However, Bush hasn’t been president for almost two years. President Obama, to my knowledge, has done every thing that he can to reach out to Muslims and Iran, yet they turn around and do this..??


This could be a “teachable moment” for President Obama and the left…

Some people “hate” for no other reason than the fact that they just “hate” YOU.

So, the question is no longer: “what can we do to stop ‘them’ from hating us?” We have answered that question- “There is nothing, nothing that we can do to stop them from hating us.”

So the question becomes: What are “WE” going to do about “THEM?”

I hate using terms like “we” and “them.”

I hate using those terms because there is so many of “us”, (and there is a hell of a lot of “them.”)

We are all different. Why would anyone lump all of “us” into one category?

But the Iranian President did.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad didn’t say that he would fill those empty graves with DEAD Republicans. No, he is going to fill those graves with “Americans.” He doesn’t seem to care if you are a democrat or a republican.

Will Iran fill those empty graves with Christians or Jews only? No. The graves are being built for all Americans, regardless if you believe in God or not.

The only way to save yourself is to convert to Islam. (Or, at least, do whatever the Iranian President wants.)

Beyond the question of: “What will we do about them,” begs the question: “Why do we give “them” so much power?”

You may have guessed by now, my editorial for today is on “power” and “tolerance.”


Every so often, a political issue comes up that is truly only an Americans issue. This issue wouldn’t happen in many other nations because we enjoy great freedom. But with freedom comes tolerance, because I may not like your freedom. (Or what you choose to do with your freedom.)


It is an American issue that causes Americans to become even more Americanized, by assuming that they are more American then their American counterparts, because only a non-American who doesn’t have the Americanization, would think like that.

Totally un-American. (You catch my drift..??)

So a group of Muslims want to build a Mosque at the 9/11 ground zero site. They want this Mosque to be opened on 9/11/11. (Which would be the ten year anniversary of THE DAY that members of radical Islam flew planes into the World Trade Towers and killed thousands of Americans.)

This Mosque would not be on the “actual” site of the attack on America, it is 2 blocks away. Yet, that is only 600 feet away from ground zero, which is sacred ground, which should only be used for high priced office buildings and financial trading business.

Hell, you will not even be able to SEE this Mosque from ground zero. Oh YES YOU CAN, if you are standing in the right place.

This isn’t an evil Mosque, it is a place of tolerance where all people can visit and enjoy. Oh yea, then why is opening day on the anniversary of 9/11, and why can’t we discover where the money to build this Mosque is coming from?

On and on rages the debate about the ground zero Mosque.

Is America tolerant enough to allow this type of freedom..??

Hold on now, you are way ahead of this editorial, and missing an important question…

Does America allow an “anything goes” type of freedom..??

The answer is no.

Are you “FREE” enough to sit on your porch and yell, scream, drink beer, and pass gas.

YES, (aaahhh, that is until a neighbor complains and calls the police.) Then, you will have to shut your pie hole.


Try putting a fence around your property.

To put a fence around your property, you MUST get a city / county permit. In most states, to issue the permit, you must have the permission of all neighbors who could be affected by this fence, (your fence could block my view, etc.) If one person objects to the building of this fence, your project could be halted, even though the fence would be on YOUR property.

That was just a stupid little fence, we have millions of Americans who object to this Mosque being placed so close to ground zero, and we can’t stop it. But we could stop the building of a fence..?? This logic doesn’t make sense, does it.


Maybe we should try a little experiment in “tolerance.” Maybe we should open a female strip club near ground zero. But this will not be just any strip club with naked female dancers, this strip club will be a religion. As a religion, some “members” of THIS church will attend to worship the female body. It will be nonprofit, and not pay taxes to the city or state, and it will help the poor with it’s profits. Since it will be located within the financial district of New York City, we will call it: “Frisky Business.”

The Church of “Frisky Business.”


Or maybe Fox News’ “Red Eye” TV show host- Greg Gutfeld is on to something by raising money to build a Muslim Gay Bar next to the ground zero Mosque? Let’s see how tolerant the Muslims are. (Considering that Gay Muslims are killed by other Muslims in many of their home countries.)

Would Republican Mayor Bloomberg and his minions in City Council be so tolerant of Gutfeld’s Muslim Gay Bar, or my “Church of Frisky Business” opening at ground zero..??

Probably not.

But, herein lies the problem.

Mayor Bloomberg, City Council, and local community groups HAVE given their blessings on this Mosque’s construction.

Local government- that was our “fail-safe.”

Local politicians could have stopped this Mosque from being built for a dozen different reasons, and that might have been the end of it. Yet, Bloomberg and others have chosen to make a political statement out of a tragedy.

And what is the political statement that they are trying to make..??

That America is SO tolerant, we will allow a religion to build a HUGE religious monument at ground zero, we do not care where the money is coming from, (because we are so tolerant) and we do not mind that the Mosque will be opened on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the very day that other members of THE SAME RELIGION destroyed NYC.

So I have to ask my friends on the Right; “Do we truly have tolerance in America.?”

And folks on the Left, I must ask; “Why do you give Muslims so much power?” Muslims do not have that much power, YOU ARE GIVING THAT POWER TO THEM. Why?

You do not give Christians that much power. You do not give any other religion the power that you give to Muslims. Why? Do you fear Muslims? Do you feel sorry for them?

Maybe you do not see things clearly because there is a curtain hiding your view? Let me remove that curtain so you can see better.

Let’s say that a few Catholic Priests were molesting children. Would you be angry at the actual Priests who did the molesting? Or would you condemn the Catholic Religion in general for hiding the affair, moving Priests around from church to church, and not doing enough to stop it?

(Aaahh, you are starting to see, because the curtain is coming free.)

Would you be angry at Muslims, in general, because they are NOT doing enough to stop the radicals within their own religion from killing innocent people and blowing shit up? Would you be angry at Muslims who do not report radicals in their Mosque, or neighborhood?

Yes, the curtain is free, and now you see.

You are giving a group of people MORE power, than you would give anyone else.


OK, just because I am a conservative, it doesn’t mean that I will take it easy on my conservative friends. (This is where I get kicked out of the “conservative club”- again.)


Let’s say a White guy, who is very critical of the FIRST Black President, decided to hold a BIG rally on the VERY day that Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I have a dream” speech. What if this White guy, (who has been very critical of the first Black President) decided to hold that BIG rally at almost the very SAME spot as Martin Luther King Jr gave his famous speech, would that be OK..??

Should that day be held strictly for the memory of Martin Luther King Jr?

Being a conservative, and having listened to Glenn Beck, I know that Beck will treat this day with the utmost respect. This isn’t a “White against Black” rally. It isn’t a Left against Right rally. It is a “right against wrong” rally and Beck has the support of some of MLK Jr’s relatives.


But some people do not see it that way.

Some people see this as a racist White guy, who hates the first Black President, having a “Klan” rally at the sight of MLK’s famous speech.

You and I know that isn’t true, but out of respect, should Glenn Beck have picked a different day for his 8/28 project..??

Should Muslims pick a different spot to build a Mosque instead of ground zero..??

These are tough questions to answer in a free country.

Legally, both have every right to do what they are doing.

Out of respect for all people, each should probably have changed their projects a little.

The ONLY way you can have tolerance is if both sides have equal respect for each other. If one side has no respect for others, any tolerance will be short lived.

I do not believe that Muslim leaders have respect for America and our ways. Placing a Mosque this close to ground zero furthers my belief that they do not respect us.

Without mutual respect, our tolerance will only go so far.

I am totally against placing this Mosque near ground zero. I show no tolerance to someone who doesn’t respect me.

I am not alone.

60% of Americans do not like this location for a Mosque. (This would include democrats like Howard Dean and Harry Reid.) New York City construction workers are vowing to stop any construction, if this Mosque is to be built here.


In a perfect world, NYC would have been manned by good politicians who would have given this Mosque more thought before giving it the green light. That is why local elections are so important. Bloomberg is a republican, which means that voting for a person who has an “R” next to their name will not guaranty great conservative public service. (Many progressives are finding this out too, when democrat Press Secretary Gibbs told many on the left that they should have a urine test, for speaking out against Obama’s choices.)


Also in a perfect world, even if this Mosque gets built, it will sit mostly empty.

It will sit empty because American Muslims will not like what it stands for. Moderate Muslims will see the symbolism of this Mosque, and out of respect for those who died on that day, they will not patronize this Mosque and it will fail. The Mosque will close, or be sold.

This would be a even bigger symbol, and send an even more powerful message, than stopping the construction of the Mosque in the first place.

The fact that America was tolerant enough to allow this Mosque to be built near ground zero, yet the Mosque closed in several years because people had respect for each other, and didn’t like what the Mosque stood for, and they didn’t go there.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic