All across America, women are winning primary elections.

Which begs the questions…

Are Americans REALLY mad at democrats as a whole, or republicans in general?

Are Americans mad at White people, or Black people?

What if Americans are just plain mad at men..??

After all, we are just a collection of “angry men” looking for some “ass to kick.”


There seems to be an energy surrounding the American woman this election, an energy that I have not seen before. A confidence, of something bigger.


Women are taking over.

Women are able to speak out like never before.

Take Helen Thomas, for example…

(It was like it was yesterday) The picture is burned into my brain: President Obama was sitting there with his plate full of cupcakes, his arm was swung firmly around Helen Thomas; Ms. Thomas was giddy like a school girl. (A 89 year old school girl.)

But those were the “old days”, when women had to take a back-seat to men.

Today, Helen Thomas is able to say anything. Why, she is even able to tell a race of people to “go back to where they came from.”


I have always had a respect for elders. I believe that “LIFE” is the best teacher. When you reach the age of 80 years old, you should be able to say whatever the hell you want to say; just for the fact that you have survived- life.

But, that doesn’t mean that we have to listen to you. (And, we will not have to listen to Helen Thomas anymore because she is being dropped from- everything.)

Sure, it was fun for democrats to watch Helen Thomas badger republicans presidents, and to see her giggle while being photographed with democrat President’s Carter, Clinton, and Obama. But, at some point you had to think- “Gee, she isn’t being very objective, is she..??”

I have never understood racism. How can a person resent the State of Israel, and want Jews to “go back to where they came from”, yet claim that I, (a White conservative) am a racist because I do not care for President Obama’s political direction..??

Helen Thomas, are you going to go back to where you came from..?? Are you going to give your land back to a Native American..??

For right or for wrong, a collection of world nations (including America) believed that the Jewish people deserved a state of their own, after the World Wars. They picked the region of Jerusalem.

To pick out the Palestinians as the rightful “owners” of Jerusalem is insane and bias to the tenth power. Why not give Jerusalem back to the Italians? The Roman Empire ruled that region at one time. Or why not give Jerusalem back to the Jews because they ruled that land before the Romans?

I have said this dozens of times, and it cannot be said enough: No race of people currently live where they originally lived tens of thousands of years ago. We all wondered from somewhere else. (Yes, I am including the Native Americans and the Palestinians.) With that said, no race of people has the moral superiority to say that another group of people should “go back to where they came from.” We all came from somewhere else and took land from someone or something else, (either through war or barter.)

Hey, Helen Thomas has the right to say this stuff, however; with free speech comes the responsibility of dealing with a backlash from the things that you have said. Helen Thomas and Dan Rather are finding this out. After a lifetime of being famous as “reporters”, they will spend their remaining days on earth in some-what exclusion, with no one asking: “what do you think about this big news story”, or “what is your opinion on that?”

As Helen Thomas’ star falls, women in politics are rising up around the country this election season.

So I wanted to share a story that women will appreciate, (men will too.)

Some of you probably know, (because I have said before) that my girlfriend works with “troubled kids.” Meaning- some the kids have problems, however- mostly they come from parents who have never grown up. (The parents want to guzzle booze, down tons of drugs, and live like they are still single; which creates the “troubled kids”.)

One of my girlfriends kids is an 11 year old boy and it was time for his class to have SEX education.

(SEX education..?? At 11 years old..??)

The class was divided into male and female groups and they were brought into separate rooms. The kids were nervous and lined up like they were heading for a boot camp. My girlfriend did not attend the class because her client was a male, and they wanted no females in the male class.

After the sex class, my girlfriend’s kid looked puzzled and he had a bag filled with under arm deodorant and a sex book.

Now I have to ask women out there in “blog land”…

If you were at a nightclub, would you be attracted to a man who was carrying a plastic bag filled with under arm deodorant and a sex book..??

OK- forget that, back to the story.

My girlfriend’s kid looked confused, so my girlfriend asked: “How did it go in there?”

The 11 year old boy said: “Well, there are some things that I am confused about, but I was afraid to ask because the other boys might make fun of me.” My girlfriend, not wanting to get involved in a “sex” conversation with an 11 year old boy, said: “Well, maybe you and your father can talk about this stuff.”

However, the kid trusts my girlfriend and he blurted out: “I do not understand the vagina, but I think that I will let the girls deal with that.”

My girlfriend was trying not to laugh and was caught off-guard by his second question: “Also, I am not sure what makes it stand up?”

My girlfriend was trying to stay away from this 11 year old boy’s sexual education, but she wasn’t clear about what the kid was saying, so she asked: “What stands up?”

The boy replied: “The penis, I do not understand what makes the penis stand up?”

Stunned, my girlfriend said: “Oh, aahh; well this is another question that you and your father can talk about.”

To which, the boy proclaimed: “I bet it has something to do with the hair. Guys have hair down there, you know.”

OK, I can testify in a court of law, under oath, that this 11 year old boy was NOT thinking about SEX, before this class took place.

Like other 11 year old boys, he was thinking about pure things, like: “Death Rays that could kill alien bug creatures on the evil planet Nebulon”, or about how fast he could make a riding mower go before it flips over?


Or, what would the movie “Bambi” look like if Director: James Cameran (Avatar) directed it?


11 year old kids were thinking about stuff like this before the SEX education class.

Now he, and other 11 year olds, are thinking about penis and vaginas.

Are we reaching a little too far here..??

I understand the importance of an education, but teaching 11 years olds about sex..??

Because of pier pressure, most of these kids were afraid to ask questions, so most of them are confused in what the teachers were trying to say. “They are MORE screwed up than before..!!”

Wouldn’t it be better to take kids away from BIG groups, council them without other kids around, and gauge where their “sex education” stands? You could correct misinformation without pushing a kid further into “sex” than you have to.

I mean, how many of these kids are now curious about seeing an actual penis or vagina, when before this sex education class- they were never thinking about such things?

This whole situation makes me feel uneasy.

So, all these women who are winning these primary elections this year will have BIG problems to solve:

They will have to secure the economy

They will have to deal with the Israeli and Palestinian problem

They will have to deal with the US and Mexico border

They will have to deal with the BP oil spill

And, there is an 11 year old boy in Pennsylvania, who was thinking about football until his group sexual education class; now he wants to know what makes it “stand up?”

Are you women in politics ready for this..??

(I hope you women are because I am taking off and going fishing.)

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic