It wasn’t that long ago that everything looked GREAT and wonderful at the White House.


(That happened to be the week that President Bush had left the White House and President Obama hadn’t moved in yet.) The White House was filled with people cleaning and fixing the place up. You know, the White House was filled with average people getting things done.

While looking at this week’s news headlines, I realized that I was witnessing the death of something.

The political death of an American president.


I hate to see the office of the president taking such a hard hit. (I know that you probably think I am joking here, being that I am a conservative, but I really do hate to see it.) When a president falls, it can taint a generation of Americans into losing respect for their government.

We need to look no further back in time then President Nixon for proof of this.

Nixon came into office with “a plan” to end the war in Vietnam. Americans saw Nixon signing into law OSHA and the EPA. Nixon open the door to conversations with China, a country that we knew little about and had great suspicions about. Gee, aren’t we glad that Nixon “opened that door to China..??” China received our jobs, and we get cheap plastic consumers products. (Chinese products like a rubber chicken that screams when you squeeze it.)


Yet, all was NOT right with the “world of Nixon.” The war in Vietnam was NOT winding down, and in fact: was being expanded. Young Americans became worried that their government could be spying on them: IE- John Lennon, Abby Hoffman, etc.

And, if you add a little scandal called: “Watergate”, you have just created a generation of Americans who will never trust their government again.

I am not trying to say that President Obama is becoming “Nixon-like” with the way that current events are unfolding. However, you cannot deny that when Arianna Huffington, Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, Peggy Noonan, James Carville, Rep Alan Grayson, Jon Stewart, (I could go on listing former Obama supporters who are now speaking out, but why?) when people like these folks begin to speak out against President Obama’s actions, (or inactions), something has gone terribly wrong.

Losing support from people who used to get tingles running up their legs when Obama spoke is bad enough. But when you add a little scandal like “Sestak-gate” into the mix, history could be repeating itself again.

Offering a job to Sestak to get out of the Pennsylvania Senate race against Arlen Sepcter will never amount to a crime like the Watergate break-in. (Or even listed as a crime.)

However, the cover up of this whole event could become Obama’s Watergate.

And now we have this latest Israeli / Palestinian conflict…

Does it seem to you that the Obama administration jumped quickly in condemning Israel before really looking at all the facts?

With this blockade of the Gaza Strip by Israel being challenged by Palestinian activists, I am seeing a totally different picture here. All countries have placed blockades at one time or another. America placed a blockade on Cuba to stop Russian missiles from coming into Cuba.

A blockade means nothing if you do not enforce it. Which, is what Israel did here.

To me, there is no gray area here. However, I am bias with this topic. I have always thought that radical Islam is on a highway to hell. Why would anyone join them, or defend radical members of Islam?


From here on out, the road forward for President Obama is not very easy.


If you are a liberal, I have to ask: what was it that changed your mind about President Obama?

Barack’s claim to close Gitmo and end both wars, yet we are building up the war in Afghanistan and now (maybe) entering Pakistan.

The fact that we have one of the largest environmental disasters in our lifetime (the BP oil spill) and President Obama seems “uninterested” in it.

President Obama promised a “change” in Washington. Yet, you see just as many back-room deals, dirty politics, and cronyism as before.

You thought Obama might fight for the “little guy”, yet the rich keep getting richer (and are receiving government bail-outs), while your life gets tougher.

Maybe it was a little of everything that changed your mind about President Obama.


A friend of mind, who we will call: a moderate; (she believed that we needed to go after terrorists, so she voted for Bush over Kerry in 2004. Yet, she felt that Bush handled hurricane Katrina badly and caused the financial crisis so she voted for “change” with Obama in 2008. Yet, she now has second thoughts about Obama…) My moderate friend asked me a question the other day:

“..Doesn’t it seem like Obama isn’t really interested in a second term as president? It is like his goal was to BE president, but beyond that, he doesn’t really seem to care..??”

Hearing my friend’s question, I quickly dismissed it; (after all, I run a political blog site. I study politics and history. I’m the pro at this stuff. She watches a couple of hours of cable news each week, what does she know..??)

So I corrected her:

“..President Obama has one of the biggest egos of any person we have ever had as president, of course he wants to keep winning. Just look at his face whenever someone confronts him. The expression on his face is telling: “How dare you question me..” is the look I see from Obama..”

I continued: “..The problem is, Obama lacks experience. He doesn’t know what to do. Obama has never run anything in his life. He is a great speaker, but it has always been “other people” running things while Obama was out “talking” about it. Today, people want answers and Obama doesn’t have those answers. He doesn’t know what to do about the economy, jobs, the wars, the BP oil spill..”

Hearing this, my friend look down at the floor and responded: “..Well, Obama seems like an intelligent man. He just doesn’t seem to care about winning a second term..”

Her response caused me to rethink my position. Could I be wrong..??

Did HELL freeze over..??


Then, I realized something that we both had forgotten:

Barack Obama has never finished- anything.

(Think about that for a minute.) LOOK AT HIS LIFE. Barack Obama never sticks with anything, very long.

Sure, Obama did complete his education. Most of us do complete our education. It is only a small minority of people who “drop- out” of school, college, etc.

Beyond schooling, Obama seems to get bored with whatever it is that he is doing. He looks to move on to the next goal. Obama was a lawyer for a while, but he got tired of that. So he went into community organization and he lectured at college, but that wasn’t good enough. Obama wrote a couple of books, but today he shows no interest in writing. Then he moved into State politics but left that to run for the US Senate. Which, he got bored with and ran for president.

Today, it almost seems like Obama is bored with this whole “president” stuff

Maybe my friend is correct..??

Maybe Obama is bored with being president and he is searching for his next “job.”

What would be the next goal for a man like Obama..??

President of the United Nations? No, that would be a step down, in my opinion.

Ruler of the world..?? Not likely. Obama is not “loved” in other parts of the world and some people are throwing shoes at his picture.


Maybe Obama could be “Master of the Universe.”

Hey, the universe is a big place, that would be a really BIG goal. No one has ever been “Master of the Universe” before.

However, I hear that some aliens still favor President Bush.


Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic