Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson, (who was featured in our SPOOKY Halloween editorial last year) happened to go walking into a Tea Party rally, recently. (Hijinks and mayhem ensue, including a video.)

Tom Tillison, a member of a Florida Tea Party, asked Rep. Grayson a question: “These people are your constituents, don’t you feel that you owe them an explanation of your recent votes?”

To which, Rep. Grayson replied: “I don’t owe them anything, they are trying to defeat me.”


“You are a US Congressman and you approach these people acting like a thug.” Tillison offered.

Grayson’s reply was…

“They are attacking me. There are 308 million people who pay my salary. Do you know what that breaks down to- per person? Pennies on the dollar.”

Grayson added…

“I took a pay cut when I took this job.”

Congressman Grayson: yes, your paycheck may come from the federal government. However, your boss is every person who lives in that Florida District that YOU (are supposed to) represent. Not the people who live in California, nor the people who live in New York City, these people are not your boss. Your employer is those people who were in that Tea Party room and they have a right to try and remove you.

The MOST telling line of all was when Grayson said: “I took a pay cut when I took this job.”


No congressman, you did not TAKE that job, like you would except a job as a plumber, or an accountant. No sir, you have very much lost your way.

You RAN for office. You promised the people in your district that you would listen to them and represent them in Washington DC.

Sir, you did not “TAKE” the job of congressman. You BEGGED the people of Florida to vote for you.

The approval rating for congress is at its lowest level since 1992. However, we could beat that 1992 record if congressmen, like Grayson, continue to disrespect the people in their district.


It has been fashionable to blame President Bush for everything, however; those days are numbered.


Every American understands that congress has been held by the democrats since 2006. During this 4 year rule of democrats in congress, we have seen the worst economy since the Great Depression, unemployment hovering near double digits, and an over-all GLOOM about the future of America that I haven’t seen since the 1970’s and President Carter.

Sure, you can blame President Bush and the republicans for their share of this- gloom, and the American people fired republican based President’s and hired Barack Obama. Yet, it’s been over a year and things do not seem much better.

Hmmm, who else is STILL around today, who was there in 2006? What group of politicians still hold power in DC, who watched as the American economy went into the toilet and did nothing to warn us, or stop it?

Oh..Yea..!! The democrat controlled congress.

The American people are about to FIRE the democrat controlled congress.


Computer search engines are a funny thing. If you do a search on: “Republican registration up”, you will get a hundred stories on how the democrats are leading republicans in voter registration. However, most of these stories are from 2009 and 2008. Lost in the middle of these left-leaning, one-year old links, are a few current stories like this, from Panama City:

“..More people are switching registration from Democrat to Republican this month, albeit not in droves. Out of 44 registration changes from March 19-26, 28 were people changing from Democrat to Republican; the next most popular switch was Democrat to no party affiliation, five. No one switched from Republican to Democrat. The remaining 11 switched to or from minor parties..”

In Ohio and Pennsylvania, we are seeing about the same thing. Small news stories about democrats switching to republicans, and these stories are being buried. No one is covering these stories.

So, I wanted to take a moment and welcome all the former democrats to our side. I am glad that you made the switch. However, you will need to be “de-brainwashed.”

First off, you MUST get rid of the “guilt.”

Yes, guilt.

My friend, you work very hard. You give to charity when you can afford it. You help people if in need. You pay your fair-share of the taxes and try not to ask anyone to pay for your way. You have nothing to feel guilty about.

Yes, I’m afraid that you fell for the oldest trick in the book. A political party, (the democrats) use GUILT as a way to get your vote. They use guilt to grow the size of government, and they will use guilt to raise taxes.


Guilt is the “tool” that democrats use to make you become a “tool”.

Democrats will use GUILT to claim that:

We must raise taxes to save the earth. (Yet you know that higher taxes will not shut down one smoky factory, or save one polar bear.)

We must raise taxes so that our children receive a better education. (Yet you see schools closing in your area because they do not have enough students. Where the hell is the money going?)


We must raise taxes to deal with immigration. (Yet, you remember that congress and President Bush passed a law and set aside funding to do just that several years ago. What happened..??)

So, I welcome all of the former democrats joining us today. You will receive no ill-will from me. We all see the light at different times in our lives and I am grateful that you are crossing over NOW, as opposed to three years from now.

Fight the power.

It is time to send the democrat congress to the unemployment line.