Like millions of Americans, I too was glued to the TV last night, waiting in constipation.

“What is this all about..??” I asked myself.

Then around midnight, millions of us Americans got our answer.

Yes, of course I am talking about the new adult cartoon called: “Ugly Americans.”


Picture every scary movie creature ever created coming to New York City and looking to become an American citizen, find a job, and settle down for a “normal” life.

If you enjoy The Simpsons and South Park, you will enjoy this show.

Oh yea, also on TV last night was that Health Bill thing.

As late as 10:30pm, democrats were pacing the House floor, trying to get fellow members to vote for this bill.

Just look for yourself, as you can see in this picture several democrats “working” a fellow Representative to vote for this bill.


OK, maybe that was another picture from the TV show: “Ugly Americans”, but congress looked something like that, last night.

We were told, as late as 10pm, that a couple of democrats could still be sitting on the fence.


I must point out the fact that democrats decided NOT to use “deem and pass”, or some other tricky means to get the health care bill passed, I have got to give them credit. The basis of my last editorial was a plea to liberals NOT to use some shady method in passing a bill this size, and they gave it an up or down vote, so credit is due.

Still, (yes, there has to be a “still”) I am not happy with the bribes and “special deals” made with some congress members to get their votes. At this time, 38 states will file a suit against congress because of these “special deals” that some states get, but others do not.


Also, I am surprised that democrats stuck with this issue even after it had become so unpopular. There were many times during this last year that the health bill could have died.

However, (yes, there will always be a- “however”) along the way, this health bill lost many of the aspects that progressives were hoping for. So, can the passage really be called a success?

Some horrible things were said by Tea Party members to Gay and Black congress members, and this is sad. I remember how upset I was when liberals did the same type of thing to President Bush.


With the health bill passed, what can Americans expect in the next 60 days..??

Who the hell knows..??

Who knows because no person has ever read all 2,700 pages of this health bill, and can comprehend all aspects of it.


There is a bright spot in all of this.

I just heard on the news that 16,500 new IRS Agents will be hired right away to handle the NEW tax form that will be distributed for health care.

Americans need jobs..!!

These new, 16,500 IRS jobs will lower the unemployment rate from a high of- 9.7 %; to a more liveable- 9.7 %.

(OK, so it will have little effect on the big picture.)

But, none the less, it is an important job.

These new IRS Agents will oversee the deployment of the new tax forms. On these forms, you will have to prove that you have health insurance. If you do not, the 16,500 IRS Agents will snatch you up and force you to pay a big ass fine.

If you do not pay the big ass fine, you will go to jail. (Jail- the place in which you will receive the FREE government health insurance that you were promised.)

Isn’t that ironic, the very first step in health care is the taxation of us people.


Some say immediately young people will be able stay on their parents health plan until age 26. (Oh joy, not only are kids living at home until age thirty, they now get free meds.) Others claim that within 90 days the insurance companies will no longer be able to turn down anyone wanting insurance. (Even DEAD people will no longer be turned down for health insurance.) DEATH- being the ultimate incurable illness.

Here is what I know, I am not poor enough to receive free health insurance. I paid for my insurance before this bill came into play, and I will pay for insurance after it has passed. I will let you know if my insurance costs go down, as this bill claims.

Will America survive this new federal spending..??


Not to end on a serious note, (but I have to).

This has never been about “me.” I am not a racist. I do care for the poor and would like to help them. And I do so, but I never wanted to force you to help the poor. Maybe you do not have the money to help others?

I was doing fine before the passage of this bill and God willing, I will be fine in the years to come.

What I worry about is the millions of Americans who were led to believe that this bill will mean FREE health care for them. It will not.


The problem with this health bill is that you MUST create a dividing line. I do not care how generous that you think you are; with this bill (as it is written) some people will receive free health insurance, and others will make just enough money to NOT get free help.

Not only do these people NOT have health insurance, but they now have to pay a government fine for not having insurance.

This boggles my mind..!!

That a government would suggest taxing poor people who do not have health insurance AND MILLIONS OF AMERICANS WOULD SAY: “Yea, that’s a good idea.”


These are the people that I feel sorry about; the people just above the democrats dividing line. These people were led to believe that they would receive free help, and instead will receive a government fine (tax).

As a conservative, I do not feel sad or threatened. We did our best. Every republican in congress voted no on this bill. What more could we have done? We spent hours on these blogs trying to teach people that this bill, as written, is wrong.

Time will tell.

And I do not believe that it will take as much time as you think for people to realize that this was a bad bill.

They just wouldn’t listen to us. They called us racists and obstructionists.


Now, they will see with their own eyes how bad this bill really is.

Will you be hurt by this health bill?

Time will tell.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic