You say you want a revolution, well you know

(We don’t want to change the world.)


‘…If one individual is paranoid, we call it mental illness.

If thousands of people share the same paranoia, we call it ideology.

(Today,) there are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of Americans who are extremely angry about the US Federal Government…”

Spoken by Northeastern University criminologist- Jack Levin

One way or another, you Tea Party people will be branded “violent extremists”, and you WILL be taken down.


When you went to sleep last night, did you ever think that you would wake up this morning and be considered a radical..??

Almost as soon as John Patrick Bedell died in the hospital, after trying to kill Pentagon Guards,(because he was angry with Pentagon secrets and lies), people were trying to link this mad-man with the Right.

“John Bedell was a libertarian, he believed that the US government killed it’s own people on 9/11.”

Well, I do not know of any conservatives who believe that 9/11 was an inside job. But there are a few libertarians who do.

When some people on the Left are talking about the Tea Party movement, they are beginning to include names like John Bedell (who last week, tried to kill people at the Pentagon) and Joe Stack, (who flew his plane into an IRS building.)

Tea Party people, you are to blame for every bad thing. You are trying to kill President Obama.

So, there I was reading the New York Times, an editorial by the “token” conservative David Brooks. (No offence, Mr. Brooks, I was a “token” conservative at a newspaper too. Writing “just Right enough” to be excepted by conservatives. However, not too Right; so the liberals at the newspaper do not get nervous.)


David Brooks makes the mistake of comparing Tea Party members of today, to the protest hippies of the 1960’s.

OK, I am going to leave that topic alone for now, Hippies are the same as Tea Party people (???)

It was the comment section from progressive New York Times readers that was the most telling.

Tea Party people, get ready for more of this in the future:

Comment by: Drew Henderson

“…The Tea Partier’s claim of concern over “runaway Federal spending” is little more than an excuse to cover their real motivations: racism and personal insecurities ginned up by Fox News and conservative talk radio. Where, might one ask, was the Tea Party outrage when the previous administration turned a healthy Federal budget surplus into a massive deficit?…”

(Yes Drew, all of us conservatives are racists. You figured us out.

I just love the fact that progressives are proud that President Clinton taxed Americans SO MUCH MONEY that he ended up with a surplus. This is nothing to be proud of. Shame would be a better “feeling” to have after finding out that your president over-taxed you. Remember, the federal government should- “never have more money than it needs, or need more money than it has.”)


Comment by GW

“…The Tea Partiers will have no such influence now, nor will they have such an influence on the future. They are reactionary, not visionary. Most regretably, they are angry, ill informed and often very narrow minded folks, who could all too easily produce/encourage some malcontents capable of horrific acts against their perceived enemies.

The genesis of the (Hippies) in the 60’s was the desire for peace, justice, harmony, brotherhood, egalitarianism, along with utopian ideas of societal sharing, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth, and the overthrow of political, religious and social systems based on lies, greed, hatred, fiscal and physical forms of enslavement, etc., etc..”

(Uhmm, GW- I believe that there was also some SEX, drugs, and rock and roll during the 1960’s, if I remember correctly. It wasn’t ALL business during the Hippie Days.)


Comment by Brettin

“…The very phrase “Tea Party” is of course, a phrase from the American Revolution; the idea being then, that the People were being taxed, without representation in government. Giving rise to the classic complaint that began the Revolution for Independence: “no taxation without representation.”

The problem here is that this was a revolutionary, but also a violent slogan; one quoted in fact, by our recent Tea Party Terrorist, Joe Andrew Stack.

Who’s Joe Stack? He’s the disgruntled software engineer and bass player … who just flew his airplane into my local Austin IRS center. In protest against “taxation without representation…”

(There you go folks. You are a terrorist just like Joe Stack. This is how it will happen.)

Comment by Will

“…The fact that “The Tea Party Movement’ has people on Medicare and Medicaid complaining about the government’s involvement in health-reform sums up their unbelievable (and frightening) intellectual ineptitude and proves that they truly lack any organized goals, objectives or ideas to have a legitimate debate…”

(OK, this comment makes sense. If you are on Welfare, Medicaid, or Social Security; you probably shouldn’t be speaking out against the government’s social programs.)


Comment by James Hathaway

“…Yup, Libertarianism, when pushed to its ultimate conclusion is virtually indistinguishable from Anarchism — the only difference is in the romantic paths that lead people towards social chaos: Anarchists believe that if there are no rules and no government, everyone will be free and the world will become ane edenic place of peace and justice; Libertarians think that freedom from government will lead to an “unfettered” world where great people (like themselves, naturally) can rise to a Randian natural greatness. Of course the reality is not paradise, but a failed state (like Somalia) with near universal poverty, violence, and rule by warlords and criminals…”

(Yes James, you figured us out. We are searching for an America with no rules, like Somalia. Thanks Glenn Beck, for your neat little chalkboard graph that shows the “republic Right”- sitting right next to anarchy. Just what we need, Glenn. Let’s portray ourselves as “one step away from anarchy.”)

Comment by Michael Thomas

“..Your analogy of the Tea Party movement to the radical movement of the 1960’s is an insult to (these) principled individuals in the past…”


(Michael must have learned about the 1960’s Hippies from a teacher. Michael, dude: SEX, drugs, Rock and Roll. “Tune in, turn on, and drop out”. “Principled individuals” is not a good phase to use when describing Hippies. It was all about freedom, Baby. “Do not judge other people.” Take your principals and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine. Along with all your little labels. Principals were rules for the establishment to lead their lambs. Hippies had an “anything goes” attitude. Live, and let live. )

There was a little partying taking place back then, Michael.


This is how they will do it, folks. They will rewrite history and display you as the radical, not to be taken serious.

Because of the fact that each of these recent killers could be ideologically linked to the far-Left, or the far Right; no creditable “Mainstream” media source will dare to compare Joe Stack and John Bedell to the average Tea Party person.


However, the media will not have to do that. Bloggers, talk show callers, and comments on the Internet will do the job quite well.

Once the Tea Party movement has been branded a radical- violent- extreme group; no politician (with a chance of winning an election) will have anything to do with the Tea Party movement.


Angry, (and rightly so) from being accused of being killers. (A crime that the Tea Party did NOT commit), loyal Tea Party members will search for a third party candidate. This will split the republican / conservative vote, and…

President Obama will win the 2012 election with ease.


The stage has been set.

All you have to do is walk out on stage and read your lines.

What other wacky conspiracies do you want to accuse President Obama of..??

We need a few more crazy conspiracies because we were almost starting to sound lucid.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic


I hate to leave an editorial with no answers. I never claim to have all the answers, and I can be wrong. But I believe that our solution can be found easy enough.


I like Glenn Beck and he is an important figure in politics. However, the time has passed for conspiracy theories about president Obama. (It might make for great TV ratings, but does nothing to win elections.)

Right now, we need to push the Left against the wall and use facts to prove that Obama is wrong.

For example, The Huffington Post is a great place to find out what is pissing liberals and progressives off. Today, progressives are mad as hell because the US nuclear budget passed, but congress cannot pass the health care bill. Obama promised to end the wars. What happened..?? Is he now building the military up? Why can’t Obama use his vocal muscle to push health care?


We need to focus on Obama’s campaign promises, compared to what he is actually doing as president. This is the surest way to victory.

I cannot say this enough: Do not freaking worry about who will lead the Right in the 2012 election. (Will it be a Tea Party person? How about a conservative? Maybe a libertarian?) It doesn’t freaking matter right now. We have two freaking years to decide.

People, you are falling for the oldest trick in the book. Divide and conquer.


Focus in on local elections and pick the people who you believe will represent you the best.

Target the democrats by using facts, not conspiracies. Obama is NOT doing what he promised he would do for the people who voted for him. It should be very easy to make Obama a one term president.

(Note) This editorial was not written for (or about) any blogger at this web site. To be honest, I haven’t been able to visit many of your sites lately, because of my work. This article was aimed at a national level. Trends that I am seeing across this country.

Sorry, if you took offence with what I have said here.