Libertarianism- the BEST way to steal DEFEAT out of the jaws of victory


Libertarian Glenn Beck lectures republicans about the evils and dangerous thinking of Republican President Teddy Roosevelt. Roosevelt, a man who cannot run for president today, because he is dead.

74 year old libertarian Ron Paul wins the CPAC straw poll while promising to “End the Fed.” (End the Federal Government.)

And I was just searching for someone to tell me the truth. All I ended up with was a baloney sandwich.



Remember when Barack Obama was running for president and he was giving a speech (somewhere, the guy was everywhere?) In this speech, Obama said something like he was going to “stop pollution and lower the world’s sea levels..”

The thousands of Obama supporters went nuts: “Yeaaaa, Obama is going to lower the level of the oceans.”


Of course, conservatives like you and I thought to ourselves: “How the HELL could anyone fall for a line like that? How could a politician claim that they are going to lower the world’s sea levels? Who would believe this stuff..??”

I figured no group of Americans could be fooled by a “hopey- change” type message like that again.

I was wrong.

Standing in front of a packed crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was Ron Paul.


Dr. Paul told the crowd that he would “End the IRS.”

The crowd of conservatives cheered: “Yeaaaa, Paul will end taxes and end the IRS.”

Ron Paul went on and said that he would “End the FED (federal government.)”

The crowd went nuts: “Yeaaa, no more federal government.”

At this point, I began searching for my testicles, which had hit the floor and rolled somewhere under the couch.


With Ron Paul’s speech, I had just witness the birth of a new- BARRY.

Unfortunately, it was NOT the birth of a new BARRY Goldwater. It was the birth of a new BARRY Obama.


Barry Goldwater once said: “In this world, no politician can guaranty anything.” Goldwater then went on to list the things that he wanted to do, if you elected him president.

You might think that I am arguing over “words” here, but I am talking about honesty.

“Big deal” you might say. “They ALL do it” could be your reply.

No they do not “all do it.” Not all politicians promise to lower the world’s sea levels, or end the United States federal government.

These are blatantly false promises that you can never keep.

Even if you elected Ron Paul as president, you would never have enough members of congress to vote for “ending the fed.” Because congress IS THE FED.

Inside the political Right, in America, you have conservatives, libertarians, Tea Party members, moderates, and republicans fighting with each other over who should lead the Republican Party. (Or if we should abandon the Republican Party all together and start a new third party.)

This is, of course, the best thing that could ever happen to the Democrat Party.


(In case you were not paying attention, democrats were having some problems. That is, until us folks on the Right began fighting with each other.)

Democrats have been stalled for one year on a Health Care Insurance Bill. (Which they have cleverly rename- “Health Care Reform”, so they can claim that republicans do not want health care reform.)


Neo-Crats, (new democrats), progressives, old liberals, democrats, and moderates have been fighting with each for a year. We should be taking advantage of this.


However, the political Right has decided to fight with each other over semantics.

The funny thing is; current republican politicians have been doing almost exactly what we have asked them to do.

Not one of them, (to my knowledge) will vote for the democrats Health Bill.


None of the republicans are in favor of Cap and Trade. All are calling for spending cuts and lower taxes. Republican (and- or) conservative candidates are winning important elections across the country.


Do you want a blood oath..??

The political Right does not need to find a presidential candidate for two years. So why are we fighting over this, now..??

Let me lay it out as plain as I can: Two years from today, we will still have a group of people, from the Right, who could be president, and we will still not know which one will win because we haven’t had any primaries yet.

So why fight over a leader now..??

“Is it Ron Paul?” “How about Sarah Palin?” “Mitt Romney has business experience” “How about a third party.”

These are interesting questions, however questions like these do not help stop democrats from raising taxes and expanding the federal government.

So why fight over this stuff now, two years before we have to?


Because you heard some really neat stuff coming from far right people and you are searching for utopia.

Having lived through and voted for the Ross Perot third party run in 1992, I will never fall for that again.


Ross Perot- Reform Party (16 % of the vote), George Bush Sr- Republican Party (38 %), Bill Clinton- Democrat (46 %).

Boy, I tell you what…

Us “rebels” in 1992 really showed the Republican Party..!! We all voted for the third party candidate and this allowed Bill Clinton to win. And we got…

Well, we showed them, and this action reformed the US government, because…

OK, but everyone remembers what we did on that day, we…


You don’t remember what we did? You don’t know what we were fighting for?

So, what was the point?

We might as well have been working for the Democrat Party.


Today, the idiotic fighting that people on the Right are doing, is also helping the Democrats. It will help democrats win elections in 2010, and Obama win in 2012.

If we stand together, we can beat these freedom stealing, tax raising ideas that democrats have.


However, if you buy into the “hope and change” coming from the libertarians, who are telling you that republicans are just as bad as democrats, you will give the victory to the democrats. And I will be asking you, three years from today: “How’s that libertarian Hope and Change working out for you?”


Remember, you could successfully elect a libertarian president. However, without a majority libertarian congress, that president is a lame duck, and will never get anything done.

So I have this feeling that I will be talking about libertarians, third party options, and Ron Paul a lot this year. Considering that Ron Paul is the most vocal, and he won the CPAC poll, let’s start with him…


Ron Paul on the US military.

Ron Paul has said that he wants to bring home all US soldiers stationed overseas. That we could save a lot of money by bringing troops home.

(CPAC crowd goes nuts- “Yeaaa, troops coming home. Save lots of money..!!”)

OK, that sounds really nifty, but how much money will you really save? Whether you have troops stationed here in the US, or in Germany; you are still going to pay their salaries, feed them, provide shelter, and care for their medical needs. How much money will you really save by doing this? Sure, it might cost a little more to provide for a soldier stationed in South Korea, as opposed to Mississippi. But come on, you are not going to save THAT MUCH money.

Unless, you are thinking about bringing these soldiers home and terminating their jobs..??

What kind of sick bastard would do something like that..??

In case you hadn’t noticed, we have a small problem with unemployment right now. And you are going to tell these soldiers: “Hey, thanks for serving our country, now take a hike. The unemployment office is that way..”

What kind of person would do this? In this bad economy..??

(Well, actually- Ron Paul. He doesn’t believe in maintaining a large standing army. To get the kinds of savings that Paul predicts, you would have to terminate almost half of the US forces.)

For this reason, Dr. Paul; you will never receive my vote.

Why do we need US troops stationed all over the world, anyway..??

I love this question because it is the easiest to answer.

Why do we have police officers stationed all over a city..?? Why do we have cops riding in cars and cops patrolling streets on foot? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to keep all of the cops at the police station?

We spread police officers around a city to deter crime, but also to have officers close to where emergencies might take place.


Having troops stationed around the world is a deterrent, (yes, you could debate that) however, having US troops stationed around the world helps provide help for other nations when tragedy strikes. When an earthquake happens, like in Chile, if US troops are stationed nearby, they can help much more quickly than if they have to leave the US and travel there.

If we follow Dr. Ron Paul’s advice, we will not have the manpower to help anyone, and we will be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Ron Paul claims that if he is president, America will not rush to war so quickly.

This sounds really good, doesn’t it..!!

I mean, who wants war..??

But Paul’s statement does require a person to ask Mr. Paul: “What wars do you believe were “unnecessary American wars.”

All of them, (Dr. Paul might say, on any given day.) With the exception of The War of 1812, the Revolutionary War, and (maybe) WW2; Dr. Paul believes all US wars were unnecessary.

The Civil War was unnecessary..??

Sure, if you get anal with the constitution, yes; the federal government had no right to tell southern states that they could not leave the Union.

The US Constitution is very close to perfection. People are not.

When men try and do the right thing, they may not always follow the Constitution to the letter. President Lincoln was trying to keep the Union together, believing that we were stronger if united. Lincoln also believed that all men should be free, regardless of their skin color.

WW1 was an unnecessary war..??

Granted, you could argue that WW1 was “none of our business”, IF- you knew nothing of history.

I have no great love for President Wilson, however; you must understand that Wilson had millions, upon millions of new foreign immigrant in America at that time, many who recently came from European Nations. (I know, my Grandfather was one of them.)

These new Americans were reading about their former homelands being destroyed everyday and they wanted to help. President Wilson would have had rioting in US streets, had America not done something to help during WW1.
(Actually, Wilson didn’t want to enter the war. During his second term for president, Wilson ran with the motto: “He kept us out of the war.”) But, when photographs are showing death and destruction every day, it is hard to stand by and do nothing to help.

I cannot vote for Ron Paul just because of his stance on the military. We haven’t even gotten into his opinion on Social Security, road building and infrastructure, etc.

Hey, I love the sound of a smaller federal government with lower taxes, and more states rights; with greater personal freedom. We all do.

But I am a realist, and defeating the progressive agenda is my main goal.


If a few libertarians can win some elections, I have no problem with that. That is great.

However, conservatives have a better chance than libertarians of picking up more seats in the House and Senate.

Republicans have the best shot of any party in winning back the country, as a whole.

You can demand that your candidate be able to recite the US Constitution from front to back. That they will sign a paper claiming that they will never raise a single tax, EVER. You can proclaim that your candidate MUST urinate the colors of red, white and blue.

However, if you walk into a voting booth a choose a third party candidate who is trailing in the polls and has no shot at winning; you might as well vote for the democrat candidate. (Because, in reality, that is what you will be doing.)

I know, because I did that very same thing in 1992.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic