A pound of flesh for the IRS, Mr Woods

A man from Ohio, after hearing that he will lose his house from a bank foreclosure, rents a bulldozer and knocks the house down before the bank can take it from him.


A deranged man, (Joe Stack) who blames the American government and the capitalistic system, flies his plane into an IRS office in Texas. Killing himself and another person.

Are these two events random..??

Or a sign of things to come..??


It would be very easy to make a political statement here.

“..Politicizing a tragedy..”

For example, I could say that Terry Hoskins (of Ohio) belongs to the progressive left and doesn’t honor a contract between the bank and himself. So when the bank began to foreclose on his home, he knocked the house down with a bulldozer.

Or, I could say that Joe Stack belongs to the liberal left because he hated President Bush and BIG corporations. It was because of the American “system” that he flew his plane into the IRS building.

So, both of these crazy people were from the progressive left, right..??

Not so fast…

Both of these men were in trouble with the IRS.

Both of these men were angry with high taxation and the POWER of the IRS.

That doesn’t sound so “left-wing” to me..!!


So we find ourselves at an intersection.

A crossroads between left and right.

Here is the MOST important thing that we can learn from these…



Golfing Pro Tiger Woods is about to speak to the world about all that has happened in his life.

Tiger is walking up to the podium, and is about to speak.


Here is Tiger Woods:

“..Thank you for being here.

First off, I would like to apologize to all of the BIG corporate sponsors who I have HURT with my actions.

I was a bad boy. A VERY bad boy.

You have to understand that I am a rich man. I have piles of money. More money than you will ever see in your lifetime. I am even talking about the piles of money that you see in a movie about bank robbers. When the bank robbers are tossing tons of cash into the back of a truck. I have more money than that.

Being a rich man, there were opportunities of temptation all around me. I was able to have sloppy sex with just about every BIG breasted girl that I saw. And I did. Lots of it.

Here is a picture of one of the BIG breasted women that I had sex with.


I worked hard, at golfing. A sport in which 80 year old men retire from work, dress up with green checked pants and a red shirt, and spend all day playing.

Because I worked hard, (at golf) I felt that I deserved all of these big breasted women. The more, the better; is how I feel; I mean, FELT.

But maybe I was wrong.


While I was having lots of sex with all of these other women, I did worry about my children and wife. That is why I want you people in the media to leave my children alone.

Did I mention that I would like to apologize to all of my sponsors..?? BIG corporations with DEEP pockets, whom I might have hurt with my actions..?? BIG corporations who have my phone number and are welcome to call me at any time. Day or night.

In conclusion, I would like to let everyone know that I am getting help. I am now taking Viagra, and I am getting counseling from a sex therapist.

Here is a picture of my Sex Therapist:


Thank you..”

Tiger woods has now left the podium and is hugging his Mother.


At least we think that is Tiger Woods’ Mother? She doesn’t seem like the usual- young BIG breasted women that Tiger Woods usually goes for.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled editorial:

“A pound of flesh for the IRS”, already in progress.

…yes it took some time, however that is the reason I felt the need to go into detail about each of these men.

Joe Stack- who flew a plane into the IRS building.

Terry Hoskins- who bulldozed his house before the bank could foreclose on him.

As we proved here, you could make each of these guys a “crazy liberal” if you wanted to.

Or, you could make both a “psychotic conservative” if that was your plan.

But what good would that do..??

“Using a tragedy as a vehicle for pushing your political parties agenda..??”

Here is one of my biggest fears…

That someone might try, (or worst yet; succeed) in killing President Obama.

It doesn’t matter how bad Barack Obama was as a leader. If killed; Obama would become a hero to the progressive left. A generation of Americans would grow up learning how GOOD President Obama was and how much more he could have done for America, if only Obama had lived.

And, a generation of Americans would learn that an evil conservative KILLED President Obama because he thought that Obama was leading the country into socialism.

America MUST see a full 4 year term of President Obama. So Americans can witness, just like with President Carter, how progressive liberalism doesn’t have all the answers. It just doesn’t work. It doesn’t end poverty. (We still have poor.)

The MOST important thing that we can do is…



Pron Star Joslyn James, who was one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses, has just watched the “Tiger Woods’ apology”; and is about to make a statement.


Here is Pron Star Joslyn James’ lawyer- Gloria Allred.


“…We just finished watching Tiger Woods on TV. He said that he wants to make amends to everyone that he hurt. However, he did not mention my client, Pron Star Joslyn James, by name. Why no apology..??

Also, we have noticed that someone is selling golf balls with all of the faces of Tiger Woods’ mistresses on them. This is a completely terrible act because we have not been compensated for the use of her likeness on these golf balls.

My client, Porn Star Joslyn James, could use this money because an evil man in Washington State, who is raising Joslyn James’ child, is demanding child support from her. What kind of a beast would demand money from a person, just because they are raising that person’s child..??


Porn Star Joslyn James, who was very busy making porno movies involving sex with men, sex with women, and sex with objects that we cannot talk about here; couldn’t help falling in love with Tiger Woods. She did not chase Tiger Woods, he pursued her.


Therefore, we demand an apology from Tiger Woods. Or a LARGE sum of cash. Preferably, stacks of one hundred dollar bills, placed in a brown briefcase.

Thank You..”

That was Attorney Gloria Allred, who seems to want Tiger Woods to apologize, BY NAME, to every woman that he has ever had sex with. Or, she wants a large briefcase full of money.

We now return you back to today’s editorial, already in progress.

“A pound of flesh for the IRS.”

…it was tough to do, and I am very glad that you stuck with me. However, I believe that we have solved this whole “left- right” political fighting with this editorial.

Just remember…

Folks on the left- you have got to start listening to us on the right; we cannot keep building these BIG government programs. People are being taxed into the poor house. They are becoming violent.

The government wants to put a tax on soda pop, a 5 cent tax every time a song is played on the radio, a new gas tax, a NEW tax on your Internet usage, and a “value added tax” on products so that the government can tax the same product many times during the making of that product. My God, man. The founding fathers would not recognize America.

And the right…

Maybe we could tone it down a little on the whole “Obama is Hitler” and he is going to turn America into a Fascist, Communistic, Socialistic country.


America MUST see a full- 4 year term of a progressive president. You and I both know that progressive politics will not work. But others must see it for themselves. It is the only way that they will learn. (Because they will not listen to us.)

There is nothing that President Obama can do, that we cannot fix later on.

And, if you do not agree with me, you are a racist, and you hate women.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic


The Famous: “I’m mad as HELL, and I am not going to take it anymore” clip from the movie- “Network.”

After watching that video, do you feel inspired? Or does this video make you nervous?

(Your answer will tell a lot about yourself.)

Would you like to see MORE people speaking like that on TV? (Glenn Beck, Keith Olbermann)

Or, do you worry about the integrity of TV News?

You really should check out the 1976 movie “Network” before you judge this video clip.

Though the video clip might inspire you because someone on TV is speaking out about all of the problems in the world. However, it is important to know that the TV Network perverted this message and later turned the TV News into “entertainment”, in this movie.

I cannot tell you anymore about the movie “Network”, I would spoil it for you.

But, this was the point of today’s editorial.

Two important stories in the news recently were interrupted by Tiger Woods and his sex life.

The parallels between the movie Network and “real-life” are amazing.

“Where do we go from here..??”


Thanks for reading

The Angry Republic