Save the earth, Save the poor- Strange bedfellows

I have lost track of whom is sleeping with who?

Is Brad Pitt now sleeping with Jennifer Aniston? Who is Angelina Jolie sleeping with?


I have no idea?

But there has been two groups of people sleeping together within the democrat party that makes for strange bed partners.

No, we are NOT talking about the Edwards’ and the Clinton’s.

It is the “Save the earth” people, and the “Save the poor” group.

These two groups really have nothing in common.

They should not date.


I have always wondered how the environmentalists could belong to the same political party as BIG labor Unions?

Let’s face it, if environmentalists had their way, they would shut down many of the smokey factories that Labor Unions thrive at.

And if Labor Unions had their way, they would build a hundred NEW “smokey factories”, filled with a million NEW workers; all paying dues into the Labor Union.

If each group had it’s way, it would put a hurting on the other group; in an attempt to “Save” something.

From the 1900’s, democrats (progressives) seemed to focus on “Saving” the poor people.

However, in the 1970’s, democrats added “save the earth” as a new goal of it’s party.

Why the NEW goal..??

Well, when you have help create and pushed government programs like Welfare, Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare; (all designed the solve the problem of “poor people”, but they haven’t solved the problem because we still have poor people) soon, you are going to run out of people to claim that you have helped..!! Correct..??

Or, to be more precise, Americans begin to question why your past government programs are not working. If Medicaid and Medicare are such good programs, why are we, TODAY, concerned about 30 million Americans without health insurance? Wasn’t that the goal of Medicaid? To cover people who were poor, or out of work?

Now, you want us to trust you democrats in creating a whole new government program..??


Instead of dealing with questions like these, wouldn’t it be better to have a whole new crisis to manage..??

Why not save the earth?

The earth is in trouble.

The earth is heating up, which is causing a cooling effect with lots more snow, which is making things much warmer.

Only YOU can stop the earth from warming up. (SIC) By driving your car less often, and using a “Snuggie” blanket, you can save the earth.


As long as you have a new crisis “to solve”, less intelligent people are distracted from looking at your past record (screw ups.)

Lets go back and talk about Medicaid for a moment, because you cannot make this point enough.

We trusted the democrats (President Johnson) to solve the problem of poor people NOT having health insurance. The solution that was given to us was Medicaid. Medicaid was America’s first step into “socialized medicine”, started way back in 1965.

But it didn’t work, did it?

Because if it had worked, we wouldn’t be talking about 30 million Americans without health insurance, today.

Why would we trust the democrats with a new program..?? Why not fix the old program?

In the business world, a boss would demand: “Why would I pay you to fix your own F**K up? You were supposed to fix it right the first time.”

Aaahh, but the best solution would be to move on to a brand new crisis that MUST be dealt with now, or we all will die.

Global cooling, global warming, climate change.

A merger was formed within the democrat party. The progressives have a really cool gig going on here. “Let’s save the poor people and lets save the earth at the SAME time”

What could be better..!!

We all love people, and we want to help the poor. And we all love the earth. Why not save them both..??

Let’s save the earth, too..!!

A more intelligent person would ask: “Hold on a minute, didn’t we create the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection), and the DER (Department of Environmental Resources) in the 1970’s to help clean up the earth and to stop people from polluting? Why are we creating whole new government programs? Why not fix the ones that we already have?”

But the message from Washington is: “There is no time, people are dying, the earth is heating up and we are driving off a cliff, we MUST act now..”

Whenever I hear a salesperson tell me to “hurry up, do not delay, you MUST act now”; I become very leery. “Do not think about it, just act NOW” is what the salesperson is asking. (Make no mistake, a politician IS a salesperson. They spend one year “selling” themselves to you. And once they win the election, they spend the next few years “selling” an idea to you.

So, what I wanted to do today, was look inside this marriage between the “save the earth”, and the “save the poor” groups.


To “save the poor”, you must get food to the poor. To feed people, we must change to flow of water in rivers to irrigate farmland, we must rip down trees to build new farmlands. We must use…


HOLD ON, (says “save the earth”) you are NOT ripping down any trees. And if you THINK that you are going to change the flow of a river, you got another thing coming. This earth is fragile, and I will not allow you to screw it all up.

(“Save the earth” offers their ideas on feeding the poor) We must have GREEN farms that use no chemical fertilizers. These farms grow organic produce with no pesticides and no preservatives. We could pick the produce by hand so no machines are…

Whoooa, (says “save the poor”) if you are going to use organic food, then you better transport it by super-sonic jet because organic food doesn’t have a long shelf -life. And with no pesticides, you will need to grow three times as much food because you will lose half of your crop to disease and insects.

Look, food is just part of the problem, (says “save the poor”) we need to get the poor people- JOBS. We need to advance technologies in third- world counties, which will create factories and jobs for the poor. If we have to power these factories with nuclear or clean coal, so be it. The important thing is to build bigger factories which will…

I have heard enough, (says “save the earth”) there is no “clean coal.” You will NOT build any more dirty factories. You are killing the earth.


There is a better way to put the poor to work, (offers “save the earth”) we will create “green jobs” for people to work at. People can build “green cars”. We can have people build and install windmills and solar panels. This will create millions of “green jobs” and save the earth at the same…

HA, HA, Ha (laughs “save the poor”). People already make cars. People are already employed in “making cars.” Just because you are making a different kind of car, doesn’t mean that you will make MORE cars. People buy cars when they need them. And GREEN jobs..?? What happen to all the “Cell Jobs”..?? When cell phone towers were popping up all over the country, sure; it was employment for people making and installing all of the cell phone towers (for a while.) But, eventually, when you have installed all of the cell phone towers that you need, these people are out of a job. The same is true with “green jobs” and the making and installing of windmills and solar panels. Once you have installed all of the windmills and solar panels, these “green jobs” will end.


Oh yea, (yells “save the earth”) well if you do not start taking better care of the earth, you will die from global climate change.

Is that so, (replies “save the poor”) if you do not feed the poor and get the poor people jobs, you will have a revolution on your hands, and you elitists will be dragged off in handcuffs.

(Sorry, I cannot print the rest of this fight between “save the earth” and “save the poor”. It becomes graphic, and very sad.)

What you are witnessing is a common “lovers fight.” The kind of thing that happens in every marriage.

Also common, is the tactic of trying to blame “outside forces” for their problems; such as money, friends, etc.


As with the marriage between “save the earth” and “save the poor”; they tried to blame an “outside force” called: The Republicans.

But the Republicans were merely bystanders to this unholy union. Republicans didn’t have enough votes in congress to stop any program that the democrats proposed.

Nope, this lovers spat was produced by two groups who share little in common with each other. Other than the fact that they both belong to the same political party.

If you were wondering why the Health Care Bill stalled? If you were wondering why Cap and Trade slowed down it’s momentum? Now you know the answer.

You cannot save the earth and save the poor at the same time.

If you do not agree with me, you are a racist, and you HATE women.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic



“One of the most disturbing things about the Republican Party over the last couple of decades is that they just don’t believe in science any more. And that is not an approach that is likely to generate any kind of creative thinking…People who use snowstorms as an example of why global warming doesn’t exist don’t understand the science and they don’t care.”

Spoken by Howard Dean

Oh, yea…

Well, Doctor Dean, you are a big doodie head.

Actually, Mr Dean; I believe in the science that landed man on the moon. I believe in the science that creates life saving medicine. I even believe in the science that will help save a fuzzy little bunny.

However, when science begins to hide numbers, when science starts to rig graphs to hide a global “cooling” pattern, when science will no longer listen to objective counter theories, we are no longer talking about “science” Mr Dean; we are talking about “faith.”

If I am going to place my “faith” in anyone, it will be in God.


The now famous “GREEN Police” car commercial.

Happy Valentines Day..!!