Today’s editorial is on Sarah Palin, but first…

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints for winning their first Super Bowl.


That was a real exciting game to watch..!!

But I have to ask…

What happened to the “greatest quarterback to ever play the game..??”


Sorry about the sarcasm, but I had to listen, for weeks, as sportscasters talked about Peyton Manning being THE BEST quarterback, EVER.


Around Pittsburgh, we are kind of partial to Terry Bradshaw. Win 4 Super Bowls and THEN come back to me and talk about being “the best.” Sure, Bradshaw gave up a lot of interceptions, but mistakes only matter when you are losing. And Bradshaw took the Steelers to 8 AFC Championship games.


Or how about Joe Montana, who also helped his team (The 49ers) win 4 Super Bowls. I believe that Joe Montana is the best quarterback to ever play the game. Sure, people like Manning might have better “numbers”, but what good are numbers if you lose the BIG games..??

People who were calling Peyton Manning “the best quarterback ever” did not help the Colts.

It was the reason that I was looking for the Saints to win.

OK, on with today’s editorial in politics…


Sarah Palin- Is she ready?

“..Sarah Palin has the drive and determination. She has the crowd appeal. She can clearly raise enough money to run. And when Sarah wants to, she says all the right things.

I have no fear of what a ‘President Palin’ would do for this country.

My biggest concern is what the Left will do to Sarah Palin..”


“..Never strike a lady, physically or verbally..” used to be a virtue amongst men.

Today, that virtue has become as antiquated as young men waiting to board an elevator until all the women, children, and the elderly have step inside.

Just ask David Letterman, who has been verbally striking Sarah Palin for years. Or you could ask MSNBC who uses Sarah as a punching bag. Or the NY Times who uses a picture of Sarah on their dart board, Or… (Oh, hell. No need to list them all. You already know the “usual suspects.”)


It would seem that Fox News is the only organization willing to listen to Sarah.

Sure, the others would LOVE to interview Palin. However, they are searching for their own personal: “gottcha” moment. They will ask question of Sarah Palin that they would never ask of Barack Obama. And when Sarah slips up, (which she will) it will be broadcast forever.

Therein lies the problem with:

Presidential Candidate- Sarah Palin

The Left will attack Sarah Palin like rabid dogs, foaming at the mouth. If you think that the Liberal Left was unfair to Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin…

My friend, you haven’t seen anything yet..!!

The attacks from the left, on “Sarah Palin for President” will make you lose faith in humanity.


This is why I pay little attention to my friends on the Right who attack President Obama with a never ending endurance. Because I already know what people on the left will do to Sarah Palin.

And so the “game” of politics continues.

The mainstream media (CBS, NBC, ABC) will ask Barack Obama tough questions like: “How does it feel to be-you?” Or the MSM will ask Barack the ever- telling and probing question: “President Obama, when you wake up in the morning, do you realize how intelligent you are..??”


However, when interviewing Sarah Palin; the MSM asks softball questions like: “Gov. Palin, recite the Bush doctrine to me, line-by-line.”

I know that Sarah Palin is ready to talk to conservatives.

But is Sarah Palin ready for the rest of the country..??

That is the question.


When trying to play a “political war game”, you have to ask: 2012- (Obama- against- ????); who BEST fits in this equation..??

President Obama is not a great leader. We should have known this by his life history. Barack gets board with every job and position that he is ever held. He has always been looking for something else. He prefers to let “other people” run the day-to-day operation of things.

However, Obama is a GREAT campaigner. We must not forget that.

If we want to toss someone out there to the wolves, for the sake of conservative principals; making a statement is vital and conservatives MUST make a statement.

However, if we want to win these elections; (2010, 2012) we must really think about who can BEST fight these wolves.

I want to run down the top republican “possible” candidates for 2012. I am going to hold Sarah Palin for last, even though she is in the top three (Romney, Palin, Huckabee). If you have any other names that you would like to add, please do so by commenting.


Mitt Romney- It should be of no surprise to people who have read my web site for some time that I support Romney. I believe that Romney has the business and economic experience to help America out of this recession. However, Romney has voted for liberal programs while he was governor. He can be attacked for this. It would be a tough choice for me between Romney and Palin (if nothing changes from the present.)


Mike Huckabee- What a heck of a nice guy. He is funny and very multi-talented. The kind of guy that you would probably enjoy talking to. However, Huckabee, (like John McCain) has a tendency to try and appeal to moderates and liberals. I could be wrong about Huckabee, but this would stop me from nominating him.

Newt Gingrich- He talks tough conservatism, yet sides with liberals on global warming. He says the right things and has great ideas; but then Newt supports a liberal- republican Representative in NY State (who loses.) Gingrich gets a NO vote for me.

Rudy Giuliani- forget about it..!!

Tim Pawlenty- I like this guy. I like the way he talks. But he needs to get himself out there in the press. As it stands right now, Pawlenty only draws about 2 or 5 % of the straw poll numbers. (Compared to Romney, Palin, and Huckabee drawing 20% each.)

John Thune- ????

Rick Santorum- Aahh, ok- NEXT

Mitch Daniels- “Governor, we can’t hear you. Speak louder and more often..!!”

Bobby Jindal- Man this guy had fire in his belly. Then he gave that Republican rebuttal from the Louisiana Governor’s mansion and it was like watching a children’s show. He could over-come that.


Michele Bachmann- I know that a few of my conservative friends would like to see a Palin / Bachmann ticket in 2012. I have no problem with that. (To steal a line from comedian Mike Myers- “Women taking over? “Grrrrrr, YEA baby..!!” OK, I had to stick at least ONE sexist line in there.) However, FOR PRESIDENT- I would vote for Palin or Romney over Bachmann for the republican nomination.


Ron Paul- (OK, I could fill an editorial about Ron Paul.) Was America ready for a libertarian in 2008? (I guess not.) Will America be ready for Ron Paul in 2012? Presenting conservatism will be a challenge to explain in 2012, to a generation who has grown up with FREE government gifts and programs. Ron Paul would have to start today, RIGHT NOW, campaigning across America. Stopping at every little town and city. Thousands of speeches by Paul, to sell the kind of cuts that a TRUE libertarian proposes.


Sarah Palin- As I said early on, I would have a hard time choosing between Sarah and Romney. If I had my choice, I would have both on the same ticket, as running mates. Though, I’m not sure that either would settle for the VP position.

I tried to listen to Sarah Palin’s speech at the Tea Party, and…

(Man, this is really hard to say..)

It’s not working for me.

I have to agree with Glenn Beck who stated that Sarah is too guarded while being interviewed. Bill O’Reilly kind of agreed that Sarah Palin “might” not be ready to run for president, yet.

What does Sarah need, to be ready..?? (If she chooses to run, that is.)

Sarah needs a vocal coach. Unfortunately, women have to work harder than men do in projecting their voice over large crowds. This can cause women to sound like they are screeching. A vocal coach should be able to help.


Also, Sarah needs someone on her team who understands audio sound systems. The LAST thing a candidate needs is to allow a local event planner to pick a sound system. Many times, these events are strapped for cash and will rent cheaper sound systems. With the size of crowds that Sarah draws, she cannot afford to show up at an event that has a cheap sound system. An audio professional would be able to work with the event planner months ahead of time to estimate crowd size and which speakers to use, and the wattage of amplification. (Hell, Team Obama had audio technicians providing him with “echo effects” in his sound systems that made Obama sound “God- Like.”) We republicans have got to get hip.

Sarah needs some good speech writers. (They all use speech writers.)


Might I humbly suggest a writing team in which one member heads to the next event, town, or state where Palin will speak. This writer learns the dreams, the history, and the wants of this region. Then this writer travels back to Sarah Palin and joins the second writer who specializes in conservative ideology and American history. Sarah and her writing team will write a tailor made speech for every event she will attend.


Sarah needs a hell of a great manager. Someone who records everything Sarah says and checks all future speeches so that Sarah never contradicts herself.

Most of all, Sarah must be herself. She MUST edited every speech that her writers prepare. Removing things that she doesn’t believe in. She must be honest.


Sarah Palin could win the republican nomination if she wants to. She could win my vote if she tries.

It is a shame that women have to work harder than men to achieve this goal. But they do.

So, like one of those “Home and Garden” network TV shows, where they are always fixing up something, I say…

“Run, Sarah, Run…” But lets get you a kick-ass sound system. Lets work on vocal projection. And throwing stones at President Obama is cool. But lets write a speech in which it takes Obama a few seconds to realize that he has just been punked.

If you do not agree with me, you are a racist. And you hate women.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic



Is it “retarded”..??

The Left does NOT “get” Rush Limbaugh, do they..!!

I have to laugh. The Left gives Rush Limbaugh so much FREE publicity. But they just do not understand him.

And now they are dragging Sarah Palin into this.

OK, I have never heard Rush use the word “retard” on a regular basis. I don’t think I have ever heard him use the word.

However, when Obama’s Chief- of- Staff Rahm Emanuel called democrats: “F**king retards,” and THEN- Rahm apologized for using that word, BUT didn’t apologize for insulting democrats…

Come on, that is funny stuff..!!


(OK, let me slow down for the liberals and try and explain it, so you will understand.)

See, Rahm never apologized for insulting democrats, he only apologized for using that word. Since democrats excepted Rahm’s apology, one MUST assume that it is OK for Team Obama to insult his own voters.

Do you follow this now..??

OK, once Rahm opened that door up, Rush walked on through.

Since democrats do not mind being called “f**king retards”, (liberals only concern is the use of the word, itself) Rush decided to refer to democrats as “retards” for the remainder of that show.

One person said the word out of anger to degrade humans.

The other person used the word for comedy.

There is a clear difference here.

A high official in the Obama Administration should NEVER use that word.

However, a guy doing comedy on the radio..?? Come on..!!

If Alex Baldwin was in a comedy bit and he used the word “retard”, no one would care. If “Larry the Cable Guy” talked about his retarded friends, who would pay attention.

Rush, making fun of what Obama’s Chief of Staff said, is not news.

However, Rahm should be a bit more professional. After all, he is a government official.


Sarah Palin is correct in her concern. A government official should never use a word like that. A guy doing comedy is something different.

Besides, doesn’t Palin’s opinion matter the most..?? Considering that she is the only one in this whole situation who actually has a child with mental disabilities.

Or does the Left not care about that anymore?

No, the left cares more that Sarah Palin had a few notes written on her hand during the Tea Party speech.


That’s funny stuff..!! Most people that I have met from the Left are in trouble if they do not have access to Google Search during a debate. Yet, they criticize a person for writing a few key notes on their hand..??

Yea, the beat goes on. Thank you for checking out my site..!!