Obama- his speech MOVED me, goodbye conservatives


After listening to President Obama last night, I can no longer be a conservative anymore.

You might be tempted to ask how I can be a conservative for 30 years and just switch overnight..??


I was “moved.”

President Obama “moved” me.


We SHOULD help those people who do not have health insurance..!!

If a person has cancer, or if they need a heart transplant, or if they need a new gizzard. “We the people” should GET these poor souls a NEW gizzard.

(Well, when I say “we the people”, I do not mean that “you and I” should reach into OUR pockets and pay money for someone’s new gizzard. RICH people will buy this new gizzard for those who cannot afford it.) We will tax the RICH more money and buy new gizzards for everyone.

All of this got me thinking…

We could give people health insurance, but what good is the insurance if you do not have food..??


You will die.

We need to get FREE food to everyone who needs it.

What is more basic to life than food..??

People are dying..!!

How can you be a cheap idiot who provides FREE health insurance, then you send the person off with NO freaking food..??


The government should just go after the BIG- rich people like: Halliburton and the Banks, and tax the hell out of them to get people FREE food.

You might say: “..AR, we already have Food Stamps and Welfare for the poor. Why do we need more FREE stuff..??”

That would be true. But we also have Medicaid and Medicare for the poor to get them the medical help that they need. You are missing the point that is being made by my NEW adopted party: The Democrats.

“We need to get more FREE stuff to people, because Americans are suffering.” People are dying..!! Don’t question it, you heartless bastard, just freaking do it.


I will probably NOT be taken seriously, I MUST prove my worth to the democrat party. I am here to help.

“What good is it to have the government buy a new heart, or gizzard, and stick it into a person; if they are going to eat crappy food AND DESTROY THAT NEW GIZZARD that we just paid for..??”

The responsible thing to do would be to protect our investment of new human organs.

Might I suggest “Food Police.”

Nothing big, maybe just 50 million people hired as the US Food Police. This would create NEW jobs.

We could dress the Food Police in some kind of uniform. Maybe brown shirts with some kind of fancy- official looking patch and badge. NO GUNS..!! The Food Police will carry night sticks and tasers. (Oh, wait. The left HATES tasers. Scrap that.)

The Food Police will check your house and see what kind of foods you are consuming. They will follow you to work and make sure that you are eating GOOD food. Foods like mangos and broccoli. Lots of veggies and fruits. Veggie burgers and tofurkey are fine to eat. (Tofurkey- a fake turkey made of tofu.)


The Food Police will keep you healthy so that “we the people” will not have to buy you a new gizzard, or a liver transplant.

However, what good is having a new heart, or gizzard transplant, and a belly full of food; if you have no place to call home..??

What is more basic than a home? It is the American dream..!!

People are dying..!!

I cannot believe that you sick bastards would give a person FREE health insurance, FREE food; but then toss them out into the street with no home..??

“We the people” should buy everyone a new home. A home that will last a lifetime..!! What better gift could we give?

(NOTE) when I say “we”, I do not mean “me.” I ain’t buying nothing. I mean “those people.” The RICH people should buy all of us new homes.

We should give everyone a FREE car.

What good is having a new heart, a full belly, and a nice new home; if you are stuck in that house and cannot go anywhere..??


OK, I realize that “some people” (those dam conservatives, cheap idiots) might suggest that people use mass transit and that the US government cannot afford to buy everyone a new car.

Brain- dead republicans..!!

Does the bus go anywhere near where YOU want to go? NO..!! Does the bus arrive at places when you need to be there? NO..??

Everyone should have a free car, and you should buy them one.

People are dying..!!


The world’s richest country SHOULD be able to provide it’s people with FOOD. Everyone should have FREE food. You will die without food.

The world’s “superpower” should give every American health insurance.

Every American should have a house.

Every American should have a FREE car.

What good is any of this stuff if you have no clothes..?? You cannot go out and do anything if you have no clothes. The government should buy everyone new clothes.


What good is a new FREE house if you have no appliances..?? You will need to cook the FREE government food? You will need to wash the FREE government clothes..??

If you have FREE government appliances, you will need FREE government electricity and gas to run these things.


We are going to need a lot of RICH people in America to pay for all of this FREE government stuff.

What if there isn’t enough rich people in America to pay for all of this FREE stuff..?? Or what if the rich people leave America for lower tax rates somewhere else..??


I hope that the government doesn’t come after me for more tax money. I work hard and I sure as hell can’t afford higher taxes.

I don’t want to leave America..!!

I love this place..!!

But I can barely afford my needs and wants now. How can I pay for the needs and wants of others..??

This ticks me off..!!


I work hard. I have all my life.

I give to charities.

We already have Welfare and Food Stamps for people who are down on their luck.

We have Medicaid and Medicare for the poor people.

What about MY needs..??

Just because I work, I get no FREE stuff. I am punished with higher taxes for working.

But if I get fired from my job, I become eligible for FREE stuff..??

That makes a lot of freaking sense..??

What’s my incentive to get up and go to work every da…

Wait, what just happened here..??

I no longer feel “warm and fuzzy” from President Obama’s speech..??

I now feel angry.

I feel like an Angry Republican.

(So, that is how it all happened, all those years ago.)

Now I remember…

In the 1970’s, when I was a liberal; I thought it would be GREAT to give people FREE stuff. Because, that would be the nice thing to do.

However, logic asks: when do you stop giving people FREE stuff?

You are going to give people free Health Insurance, but you are NOT going to give them free FOOD..?? What kind of sick human being are you..??

If you give people FREE food and FREE health insurance, wouldn’t you also want to give them a place to live? You cold bastard..!!

Where does it end..??


When does liberalism and progressive idealism end..??

When all of the RICH people, and all of the companies that provide JOBS, leaves America and there is no one left to pay for the FREE government services.

That is when it ends.

“..The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money..” Margaret Thatcher



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