Bust them up, Barry Obama

Will YOU defend the indefensible..??


President Obama was hurt this past year.

Liberals didn’t want to believe it at first, but this last election in Massachusetts, with the election of Scott Brown, proves one important thing:

The Health Bill, Cap and Trade and conservative people across America have successfully made Obama the- “BIG government guy.”

Americans HATE big government.

Every person can relate because most of us have had a run-in with a BIG government official. We have all seen the inability of BIG government to work efficiently, and we do not want to expand on this.

So, President Obama has been placed in a bad situation. If he defends the Health Care bill, he is a BIG government guy. If Obama pushes Cap and Trade laws, he is BIG government.

Everything that the democrats have worked on this past year makes Obama the enemy of many American people.

Folks, President Obama and the democrats are NOT stupid. Do not underestimate them.

President Obama MUST reinvent himself if he wants to continue in politics.

(And he is doing just that.) AND IT IS WORKING.

President Obama has positioned himself as: “We the People” must go after those evil Banks that caused all of our problems.

Yes, it sounds simple.

You might still be riding a “high” from the Scott Brown victory, and you might not notice, but…

Americans in Ohio liked the sound of Obama’s new message that he delivered on Friday: “We the People” must go after those evil Banks. We MUST make them pay for all the suffering that they caused.

What Obama’s new message does is it forces conservatives to defend the banks. (If they want to oppose Obama.)


You cannot.

However, I am seeing some TOP conservative voices doing just that. They are defending banks.

(Can I say this again?) How the hell can you, (a conservative) defend a BIG Bank..??

The conservative says: “..Those evil democrats in government FORCED banks to give loans to people who could not afford them. It is the governments fault. (Which translates to-) The Bank is wise and “all- knowing”, all Banks are trust worthy, and would NEVER do anything to hurt it’s poor customers..”

The liberal says: “..Those evil Banks wrote deceiving loans and people were tricked into “adjustable rate mortgages” that they could never pay back. Evil republicans deregulated the banking industry and caused all of this. (Which translates into-) People are like children and can NEVER be trusted to sign an “official document”, like a mortgage. We must hire enough government workers to follow people around and make sure that they do not get ripped off while buying things, or signing papers..”

Both political parties are right, and both are wrong. (In some aspects.)

Both republicans and democrats helped create the “rules of Banking” that caused this banking crisis. Both parties should shut their freaking mouths about who’s fault it is and fix the dam problem.

Did the government push Banks to give loans to poorer people? YES.

Did some Banks write loans in a deceiving manner? YES.

Did some people buy houses that they knew they couldn’t afford? YES.

With all this said, I must ask you:

“Why would you defend a Bank..??”

The “trickster”- Barack Obama, is causing you to take the VERY unpopular stance of defending a Bank.

Don’t fall for it. (And I have seen some VERY big conservative “talkers” fall for this Obama trick.) Don’t feel bad if you have fallen for it.

The American people do NOT give a rats- ass about the “rights” and fair treatment of Banks.

Don’t fall for it and use some tired repug line, like: “..WELL, if Obama goes after a Banks CEO because of his high paycheck, they may come after me, next..”

You bet your ass I will come after you. If you take taxpayers money in a “bailout”, (because your company is going under) THEN- you pay yourself a 10 million dollar bonus, your lucky that I do not take you to the big woods and tie you a freaking tree and leave you there.

Folks, we have President Obama right where we want him. Stuck in the unpopular situation as a “full fledged” member of “BIG Government.” (Something Americans hate.)

Don’t let Obama slip over to the popular stance of “We the People” against those evil Banks.

And you are forced to defend the Bank..??


OK, let me come at this another way, because “I want to be clear.” (As Obama would say.)

Didn’t we all say: “If a Bank is too big to fail, it is too big to manage”..?? (Didn’t we say that?) I think that I heard Rush Limbaugh say that.

OK, if we all agree that some Banks are too big. (Think about it: a handful of Banks can destroy the American economy?) Something MUST be done to fix this.

If we all agree that Banks have changed their fees and services over the years, and they no longer care about the small customer? (Maybe you do not believe me, try opening a small business checking account. They will nickel and dime you to death.)

If we all agree that Banks made some very, VERY bad business decisions, including these HUGE bonuses paid to CEO’s who trashed the place…

Why would we ever defend the Banks..??

President Obama is smart.

However, we are smarter.

Turn this whole thing around on Obama.

It is very simple to do, and I want to show you how to do it.

Follow me, let’s go through President Obama’s plan:

President Obama plans to tax Banks higher, (Billions) to recoup the bailout money and to “stick it to the man” who created this financial mess. (Average people love the idea of going after the Banks.)

However, (you and I know that) taxing Banks more money will cause less money being loaned out to a small business, (the same small business that creates new jobs) and bigger taxes will cause Banks to raise our banking fees.

Answer: “Bust ‘em up, Barry Obama.”


Break up these BIG Banks so that they can never do this again. If we have MORE smaller Banks, we will have more competition and we will get better rates and interest.

(DO NOT defend the Banks.)

President Obama wants to return to depression era banking rules where a separation between investment banking and commercial banking exists to protect our insured deposits. (Glass- Steagall Act.)

This is fine, however it will lower the interest that you can expect from an average deposit. AND, will this measure stop Banks from becoming two (EVEN) bigger Banks that handle both..??

Answer: “Bust ‘em up, Barry.”


Do a freaking Teddy Roosevelt on their ass and bust up these huge Banks that can single- handily bring down the American economy.

President Obama wants the government to have regulatory authority to “limit the size of Banks.”

Great. (For the future.) However, that does nothing for the Banks already “too big to fail.”

Answer: “Bust ‘em up, Barry.”


We Americans broke up Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. We went after the Edison Power Company, we went after BIG Railroad Trusts. We went after the NBC Radio Network, we broke up Bell Telephone…

People, I cannot even list all of the companies that America has “busted up” in the past, because: “they were too big to fail,” or they were so big that they held a monopoly.

This is nothing new, for America to do.

“Bust ’em up, Barry” should be the battle cry.


Because the dirty little secret is…

(And this is the cool part of this political strategy.)

President Obama cannot “bust up” these BIG Banks.

Where did Tim Geithner come from?

What was Chris Dodd chairman of?

What does Barney Frank oversee? (*NOTE- see below)

What does Nancy Pelosi’s husband do for a living?

Where did some of Obama’s top advisers work before they went into government?

Does the Democrat Party get campaign money from Wall Street?

Answer these questions and you will know why President Obama cannot break up these HUGE Banks.

Instead of defending Banks, (and making conservatives look like we are supporting the crooks) CALL OBAMA’S BLUFF.

These HUGE Banks plan to give themselves 150 BILLIONS of dollars in bonuses THIS YEAR. (To their TOP people for a “job well done?”)

And YOU want to defend these Banks..???? (Maybe I should add a few more question marks behind that last statement?)

This is a VERY good- “Obama trick.”

“Bust ‘em UP, Barry.” Should be our battle cry.

If Banks are too BIG to fail and they can bring down the American economy…

“Bust ‘em up, Barry.”


If we can no longer trust the judgement of these HUGE banks. If they make bad business decisions, (like paying themselves 150 billion in bonuses)…

“Bust ‘em up, Barry.”

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, it’s time to meet your maker: The American People.

“Bust ‘em up, Barry.”


Taxing these Banks will not solve the problem. They will just pass this tax off on us customers. We will pay for this new Obama tax.

“Bust ‘em up, Barry.”

AIG- We have a chopping block waiting for you. Please place your BIG- fat head under the shinny blade.

“Bust ‘em up, Barry. No more Band-aids.”

Stopping Banks from getting big doesn’t fix the banks who are already too big.


“Bust ‘em up, Barry.”


Sure, Barry Obama will have a thousand reasons why he cannot bust up these BIG banks. But now you have put the president BACK on the defensive.

Do not defend to Banks. (They are BIG boys, they can defend themselves.) AND THEY SHOULD do some explaining.

Do not let the democrats become the “voice of the people” on this Banking issue.

Taxing the Banks will not work.

Regulating the Banks now is like closing the barn door after the horses have all gone.

“Bust ‘em up, Barry.”

Let’s fix this dam thing.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic



(*NOTE) Barney Frank has an editorial in the Wall Street Journal where he calls for ending (closing) Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. However, when you read the editorial, Frank is actually talking about moving Freddie and Fannie’s assets to a branch of the government. (Which would solve nothing.)

“Bust ‘em up, Barney (and Barry)”

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