Wake up. You should be happy


You would think that people SHOULD be happy..??

But they are not.

Liberal / progressives should be happy.

For the first time in 15 years, liberals control the House, Senate, and the White House. Progressives should be as happy as a pig in mud.

But they are not.


A quick check at liberal web sites show that liberals are angry because their beloved health bill has devolved into something that they just do not recognize anymore. This bill doesn’t even cover HALF of the people that liberals claimed “needed health insurance, because they were dying.” This bill might not have a public option and has nothing in it to stop insurance companies from raising their rates.

(Plus- it is being planned out in a dark- secluded room.)

Progressives are also upset that the war on terror seems to be escalating under President Obama. 30,000 new troops are heading to Afghanistan and it would appear that Obama is adding a NEW front on this war on terror in Yemen.

And, of course, progressives are mad that Rush Limbaugh didn’t die.

On a post about Rush Limbaugh, Liberal blogger; Andrea said this:

“..Damn… it’s too damn bad he didn’t. He is a disgusting pig. I’m surprised he even has a girlfriend I don’t know how anyone could stand to be around the animal. She must (obviously) be after his money. As fat and disgusting as he is he will have a heart attack soon enough..”


And Hugh Jassol said this:

“..I was hoping the Nazi bag of dirt would drop dead. Wouldn’t be any surprise with all that blubber he’s been carrying around all these years, not to mention the prescription drug abuse and sucking those giant Columbian stogies all these years..”

So progressives do not seem happy.


This would make a person believe that conservatives should be REAL happy. Right?

If liberals are unhappy, (because things are not going their way) than conservatives should be happy?

But many are not.

A quick check at “conservative only” (special) web sites shows that conservatives are worried about “One World Order” type stuff. That President Obama has some secret plan to turn America into a socialist country.


Some conservatives are even talking about a new revolution. (Or leaving America.)

WOW, one skinny little guy with big ears has caused a lot of people to fall into a tizzy..!! (On both sides.)

Or maybe I should word it like Democratic Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid said it: “..A light- skinned African American with no Negro dialect, unless he wants to have (a Negro dialect)..” has caused such a tizzy.

So, what I wanted to do with this editorial is talk about some of the major issues of the day, because there is no reason for all of us to be this depressed.

Let’s look at the issues of the day:

Health Care

If we were honest with ourselves, democrats have wanted to control the American health system as far back as FDR.

Even President Johnson and his “great society” in the 1960’s, thought that government health care would be passed in a few years. So there is nothing new about President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. They are just modern incarnations of an age-old democratic dream.


Actually, the way that this health bill was rushed, it has devolved into a tax increase and nothing more. It doesn’t change anything, (which is why progressives are upset) and only shoves 12 million Americans into a “Medicare” type system. The health bill is nothing more than a tax increase.


We conservatives, along with independents and moderates, should know by now that democrats stand for tax increases. They always have. (As far back as I can remember.) And all of us should know by now that democrats want to take away some personal freedom for the “greater good.”


To make America “healthy” (the Greater good), the government should tell Americans what they can eat. (Loss of personal freedom.)


To combat “climate change” ( the greater good), the government should tell Americans what they can drive, how they should build their houses, etc. (Loss of personal freedom.)

This stuff is nothing new..!!

If we are honest, this stuff has been going on MUCH longer than Barack Obama.


Once moderates and independents realize that the health bill is a tax increase and Cap and Trade infringes on personal freedom, they will be voting for conservative / republicans in 2010. They will be asking us to fix this mess. We MUST be ready.

There is no reason for people to be this depressed..!!

Next topic:

Global Warming (Climate Change)

I saw a great show on The History Channel in which they have completely reverted the- global warming (cooling) climate change theory.

It wasn’t more than 10 years ago that some scientists believed that climate change would cause US farmlands to turn to desert. Canada would become “tropical.” Which might be nice for the Great Lakes region, except with the loss of farmland, people would starve. Bad weather would cause everyone on earth to suffer a hellish life.

Today, scientists believe that climate change will cause all of Canada to become a block of ice. Most of the US will be covered in ice for hundreds of years. And the surviving people will live in a frozen “hell” with storms and flooding.

I’m not sure how long people will believe in “man made climate change”?

Some people dropped this belief when the earth DIDN’T warm up, like Al Gore predicted. Others lost belief in “man made climate change” when leaked e-mails showed that scientists fudged temperature readings. And more will probably lose this belief when they see scientists talking about the coming “man made ice age.” (From global warming..??)

The far left progressive will still fight for global warming, they will argue that:

“How can you believe that thousands of scientists are part of a grand conspiracy..?? These scientists are all lying about man made climate change so that they can get rich..?? Well, they are not rich, so where is the proof..??”

Liberals are correct..!!

Yes, it is true that “some” people stand to make a fortune off of climate change.

But why would thousands of independent scientists “lie” about man made climate change..?? They are not getting rich off of it.


I can’t answer that with a fact, but I do have a theory. A theory that explains why so many scientists believe that man is effecting the earth’s climate.

Follow me for a moment…

In an age before Chemistry, brilliant scientists believed that they could turn lead into gold. This “act” of turning lead into gold was called: Alchemy.


It has been said that the great scientist- Sir Isaac Newton went mad and locked himself into seclusion trying to turn lead into gold.

Hundreds of GREAT scientists in history have believed that there MUST be a way to turn lead into gold.

The Theory: lead has an atomic number of 82, and gold has an atomic number of 79. If you just “knock” 3 protons from lead, you would have gold.

Seems logical enough, however no scientist, until the 1970’s, was able to do it.

Were all of the scientists who believed that they could change lead into gold (but never were able to prove it) part of a grand conspiracy to deceive the general public..?? (For wealth, fame, etc)


They truly believed that it could be done. They just didn’t know how to prove it.

OK, let’s come back to the present time and use this parallel with man made climate change:

Are all of the climate change scientists part of a “grand conspiracy” to deceive the public for wealth and fame..??


These scientists truly believe that man is causing climate change. They just do not have the figures and numbers to prove it.


Just like with the “lead to gold” theory, man made climate change has “the answer” listed first, and the way to get to that “answer” is secondary.

Climate scientists will make a claim that the earth is warming up. Yet, in reality, the earth’s temperature decreases. So, climate scientists have to change their theory and talk about the coming “ice age.”

This doesn’t mean that the climate scientists are lying. They truly believe that man is causing- “something”. They just cannot prove what “it” is.

(Back to the “lead to gold” theory) In the 1970’s, scientists DID actually turn lead into gold. However, the monetary cost of the power that it took to turn lead into a “speck” of gold, made the possess silly.

No one talks about turning lead into gold today, because you LOSE money doing it.

The man made climate change theory will probably end in the same manner. When Science finely has a workable equation to prove mans effect on climate, it will be so minimal, that anything we do will have little effect on the grand scheme of things.

And no one will talk about “man made climate change” again.

This is not really something to worry about. We conservatives saw the truth before others did, but they will catch up soon.

Next topic:

“One World Order” globalization, loss of American freedom.


This is one of those conspiracy theories that is tough to prove false because many people believe it to be true. (On both political sides.) They just have different opinions on the degree of power.

Some conservatives believe that “One World Order” controls EVERYTHING. The government, big business, commerce, virtually everything.

Some liberals believe that “One World Order” controls BIG business. That big companies poison our food, get rich off of the poor, and pollute the earth at will. However, liberals believe that the answer is BIG government. And many liberals see no problem with world governments joining together to form a “world community” that fights BIG companies and evil countries.

Both liberals and conservatives buy into some sort of “world power”, to some extent.


I have done editorials on “One World Order” and it is a tough topic to cover, because people WANT to believe it is true. It is the easiest answer to all of the problems that we face. (A group of rich- EVIL people plotting the destruction of the WORLD, as we know it, for their benefit.)

Let’s go over a few of the theories

The Bilderberg Group meets once a year and they plan out how the WORLD will operate.

OK, I was part of a group that met once a week, and we had freaking problems organizing. I am not sure how the Bilderbergers could plot out the world’s direction by just meeting once a freaking year..??

This is nothing more than a “rich persons” party. They eat fancy food. They have lectures by rising stars in business, politics, and banking. They eat more food and then they leave.

If the Bilderberg Group were part of a “secret” global power, you would never know about them.

“Are secret deals made during these meetings (parties)..??”

You betcha..!!

But, then again, I have made “secret deals” during parties that I have attended. We all do. At a party, you meet new people and learn information that you did not know before, so YES, you might make deals with people that will change the way we do things.

Generally, the deals that “rich” people make are ways to lower the cost of the product that they sell, to increase profit, while keeping consumer costs low.

“Could the Bilderberg Group effect the politics of a country..??”


But not any “more so” than any other rich guy, company, or other nation.

Bill Gates could lobby President Obama.

I am sure if Bill Gates wanted to meet with Obama, the president would take that meeting. “Will President Obama do what Bill Gates asks him to do..??” I can’t answer that, but here is what I know…

Just one decade ago, the US government tried to break up Bill Gates’ Microsoft. So, does Bill Gates hold some “special” power with the US government? No.

One World Order falls apart when you look at it logically.

Would climate change “Cap and Trade” laws benefit the “One World Order”..??


General Electric and Al Gore’s companies would benefit from Cap and Trade because they will make a fortune, but the multi-billion dollar power companies, the oil industry, and countries like China and India would not benefit from Cap and Trade laws.

If “One World Order” had a goal of lowering the world’s population from 6 billion people- to 500 million people, (through tainted flu shots, poison food, etc) would this benefit all the members of the business community..??

Hell, no..!!

Banking and real estate might benefit by snatching up assets and property for next to nothing, and selling them back at a profit.

However, retail and manufacturing would suffer because they make money from selling goods to “the masses.” Most large companies WANT more people in the world. It is how they make their fortunes.

If the standard of living is decreased in the United States, multi-national corporations would lose a fortune from our new found poverty.

If you raise the standard of living in third- world countries, multi-national corporations would lose a fortune in paying HIGHER wages to third- world workers.

“One World Order” falls apart when you use logic and reason. Trying to place all of the worlds richest people together in a “One World Order” group would be like herding cats. What is good for one, will not be good for the other.

With “globalization”, the Bilderberg Group, and “One World Order” type theories; I have come to the conclusion that it is driven by romantic elite dreamers.

“..If only there was a world governing body; we would not have starving people. There would be no more wars. And everyone would be happy..”

That is how these people think. (Yes, I know. These people never learned from history and the various civil wars and revolutions that take place within a single governed country.) Why would they EVER believe that a “one world order” government would operate any better..??

And, from time to time, a romantic elite dreamer will win the office of president, or become dictator, or prime minister. And they will push for a joining of the world nations.

However, the world is full of conservatives who LOVE being different. Who love being independent and free.

We want France to be French. That is what makes France special. We want America to be filled with those “wacky Americans.” You gotta love those people. They are apt to do just about anything. We want England to be chuck- full of British. I liked the Beatles, Benny Hill and Monty Python were great.

When you couple the “power of the people” and their need to be free, along with BIG corporation who make money from us all “being different”; One World Order doesn’t seem so scary. Because it just doesn’t make sense.

It is nothing more than the idealistic dream of a few elites.

Next Topic:


I, in no way want to belittle the act of terrorism. It is still a very “deadly” act.

However, as of late, terrorists are beginning to look more like The Three Stooges.

“Crotch Bombers..??”


Come on, you can almost hear the Looney Tunes music playing in the background.

I guess one “Crotch Bomber” tried to kill a Saudi leader and the crotch bomber blew himself up, but didn’t hurt anyone else.

You have got to laugh at this stuff.

Terrorists want to spread FEAR. The best thing we could do to them is laugh at them. (And kill, or jail them.) Terrorists will find no fear, here.


On all of the topics that I have talk about today, I’m not trying to say that any of these topics are “unimportant.” On the contrary, we MUST watch out for this stuff because other do not see it.

However, heading into the 2010 elections, we cannot sound like a bunch of wacky bastards who see conspiracy lurking around every freaking corner. We MUST be the face of leadership.

The American people are going to vote for us, and they are going to turn out in numbers that you will not believe.

We have to be ready.

We MUST be optimistic about the future.

Folks, I haven’t been this optimistic about an election since 2004.


As people often say, America is like a large ship and cannot turn on a dime. America takes time to change courses. If this ship turned towards liberalism in 2006, it has corrected it’s course in 2009 and is heading to conservatism.

While Americans were worried about JOBS and national security, the progressives were working on “Global Warming” and health care.


There is nothing to worry about.

2010 will be a great year.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic