President Obama gave a “long awaited” speech last night, a speech that cuts like a knife, and seems to separate the “men” from the “boys.”

(OK, it probably doesn’t separate “men” from “boys”, I just put that in there to sound tough.)

However, President Obama’s speech cuts like a knife through the political parties.

Liberal / Progressives


From Michael Moore writing an editorial that made a last- ditch effort to persuade Obama NOT to expand this war, to the Huffington Post declaring this a “War Reborn.” Liberals wanted us out of BOTH wars, and they are not happy about this build-up.

Progressives are happy that there is a time- line for leaving Afghanistan, BUT NOT THE BUILD UP. Some have even said that Obama is following Bush’s war policies. “Bush’s third term.” Some are asking where are all the “anti-war” protesters who showed up in numbers during Bush’s presidency.

(Yea, I would like to know that too..?? Where are the anti-war protesters?)

Conservative / Republicans

Are NOT happy about the time- line, and they may not be happy about the lower number of extra troops being sent, but they are happy that something is finally being done.

Conservatives are not happy with the mention of “war costs.” If you spend billions to bailout banks and car companies, what the hell is the difference?

If you are fighting a war, you fight to win. Who cares about the costs

Moderates / Indy’s / middle of the “political” road people

Many are happy that the US troops will get some help, and they have believed for awhile that we cannot stay in Afghanistan forever. Moderates, that I have listened to, seem happy about Obama’s speech last night.


More so, than any other issue that we currently have going, this issue cuts right down party lines and it separates the moderates.

You could almost gauge where you are on the political spectrum, by how you feel about President Obama’s Afghan plan.

I have felt for some time that President Obama was taking TOO LONG to make up his mind. “Either we fight to win: give the commanders what they need; or we get the hell out of Afghanistan. This ‘holding pattern’ that Obama put us in for months is killing young Americans.”

I may have been wrong with my opinion on the president, for taking too long.

General David Petraeus (who I admire and respect) defended President Obama, saying: “We needed this extra time to sharpen our plan, to place in Afghanistan the best possible effort to achieve our goals.”


If President Obama is truly listening to General Petraeus, then I owe Barack Obama an apology. For I have no doubt that General Petraeus has our military, and our country’s BEST interests in mind.

It is equally important that we remember that many liberals cut General Petraeus down before they even knew the man. (Remember; “General Petraeus, don’t betray us.” The NY Times ad put out by Move on.)

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, General Petraeus was asked: “Is VP Cheney WRONG for saying that Obama was ‘dithering?”

Petraeus gracefully said: “I didn’t hear the Vice President’s comments, so I have no opinion.”

Here is a man who is not going to get involved in “left- right” politics. He didn’t start these wars. But he has a job to do. To win battles and keep America safe.

If I owe an apology to President Obama, then many on the left owe an apology to General Petraeus. He just defended your president.

General Petraeus is fine with the July 2011 date that was set, because: “This date of July 2011 is not the end of a process, but the beginning of a process of turning control and security over to the Afghan people.”

Petraeus also said: “We will begin to pull out of Afghanistan when conditions on the ground warrant this. July 2011 begins this process.”

The three major problems that I have had with the Afghanistan War have been answered with President Obama’s speech last night.

(One) Our troops will get the help that they need.

(Two) President Obama IS listening to his generals.

(Three) We will not pull out of Afghanistan unless the country is stable.

These are “baby steps”, folks.

President Obama took “baby steps” in our direction.

The alcoholic who is trying to stay sober, but falls off the wagon and gets piss drunk, shouldn’t be kicked to the curb. You dust him off, pat him on the back, and encourage him to keep trying to stay sober.

When a liberal has a moment of realism, you must also give him encouragement so that he might stay in the world of reality.


Let’s put it another way…

How would Reverend Wright feel about President Obama’s Afghan policy..??

How would Bill Ayers feel about Obama’s choice..??

We already know how the far left progressives feel about this choice.

President Obama went against everything that he once believed to make this choice.

He deserves a pat on the back.

I do not agree with everything that president Obama said. However, there is not doubt that this was a step in the RIGHT direction.

This gives me hope that we can STOP the “cap and trade” bill.

Could it be that there is still hope with the health care bill?

Maybe President Obama IS delivering “hope” to the people.

Albeit, NOT the people who thought that they would receive this HOPE.

Today, I am hopeful.

However, many on the left believe that Obama is digging a hole that he will never escape.


Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic