I am thankful that Obama LOST the election, global warming hoax


It is that time once again that I take a moment to give “thanks” for the stuff that I am thankful for. (???) Not sure if that sentence makes sense?


I used to take this time of the year to talk about “The First Thanksgiving” and the myth that is taught in schools about what took place on that day.

That post usually leads to me spending Thanksgiving fighting with someone about the Native American and English settler’s relationship in the 1600’s. If you are interested in that topic, I have a link for you: (Feel free to comment on that post, if you like.)

LINK: “The REAL Thanksgiving

But today, I wanted to talk about things that I am thankful for, right now. Of course I am thankful for good health, and I have plenty of work in this bad economy. I am thankful for that, everyday (not just today.)

Today, I am thankful that someone hacked into the Climate Research Unit’s computers and snagged a bunch of e-mails that PROVE that “man- made global warming” is a hoax.


Hacking into someone’s computer is wrong, and in most cases; should be punished. However, these climate scientists were very close to deleting important information that proves that facts have been falsified to make man-made global warming look real.

By law, this information SHOULD have been released by the “freedom of information act”. But the climate scientist were trying to claim international status, therefore bypassing the information act, all the while- destroying the evidence.

Hacking into the Climate Research Unit’s computer was the only way to protect this information, and this hacker deserves a metal. (Instead of jail time.)

If America and Britain had honest government leadership and a non-bias media, THEY would have been investigating these climate scientists all along.

The climate scientists who should be investigated are Phil Jones of the Climate Research Unit and Michael Mann of Penn State. (Plus, all of their staff.)



People like you, and myself, have fought FOR YEARS trying to tell people that humans are NOT making the earth warmer. We have fought to prove that the earth goes through natural cycles. (Ice ages, warming and cooling periods. Man has nothing to do with these cycles.) Sun spots also play a role in earth’s temperatures.

These hacked e-mails PROVE, without a doubt, that temperature readings and tree ring samples were “fudged” by climate scientists, to help show that man was causing the earth to warm.


Today, we can take a little break. For the golden rule of science is that: if there is any doubt, you MUST go back to the beginning and re-work the problem.

These new findings should make any respectable scientist say: “Aaahh- Oh, I have been duped by FAKE scientific models based on faulty data. Better drop this theory or my career will also be in the toilet.”

We were called: “flat-earthers” because we fought the man- made global warming theory.

There are “flat- earthers” involved in this story. However, it is not us.


Many people who fought the “round earth theory” had a financial reason for claiming that the earth was flat. These people had businesses along the established “land based” trade routes. “Flat- earthers” would lose tons of money if ships could sail across a “round” earth. So, they tried to crush the “round earth theory” to keep these land based trade route open.

Today, global warming scientists make a living from showing that man is causing the earth to warm up. That is their job and they will fight hard to prove that these hacked e-mails mean nothing.

Governments around the world, and large companies like GE have spent millions, even billions of dollars on GREEN technologies. These people are not going to just say “Ooops”, we made a mistake. They will still fight for the man- made global warming theory, just like the “flat-earthers did, years ago.


Media outlets like CNN, NBC, and CBS have spent tons of time pushing the global warming theory. They still think that they have credibility with viewers and they fear that if they admit that they were wrong about global warming, you might lose faith in their “objective” reporting.

However, these media outlets lost their objectivity many years ago.


The fight is not over…

There are thousands of people who make a living off of global warming, and other people have fortunes riding on this theory. Just like the flat-earthers of long ago, they will fight hard to keep their jobs and their fortunes. They MUST make you believe that YOU are making the earth warmer.


I was very lucky, I read a book many years ago, called: “The Skeptical Environmentalist” by Bjorn Lomborg. Lomborg LOVES the earth. He loves all the furry little creatures that inhabit this planet. He was a “back-packing” member of “Greenpeace” for 4 years. Lomborg preaches “personal” conservation. (As in- your personal choice on what you are conserving.)

When Bjorn Lomborg first started to study man- made global warming, he was turned off by one little fact: tree ring technology and earth core samples didn’t match up with each other. Climate scientists had to “fudge” numbers so that both- tree rings and core samples lined up together and PROVED that man was making the earth warmer.

Science doesn’t “fudge” numbers. If you corrupt the data, it is no longer science. You are now pushing a political agenda.

Which is what man-made global warming is: a political agenda.

LINK: The Skeptical Environmentalist

Hacking into computers is a crime. However, I am very thankful that this information got out there. Maybe now, we can have a rational, scientific debate about our place on this earth.


I am also thankful that Barack Obama did NOT win the 2008 election.


Had Barack Obama won the election, we might be in BIG trouble right now.

The guy that we have as president right now does a lot of speeches. He travels around the world a lot. He talks about stuff, but he doesn’t get this stuff done.

I can live with that. (Until 2012.) I just wish that this guy would make up his mind on Afghanistan.

But, that Barack Obama guy who was running for president…

That Obama guy was going to bankrupt the coal industry. Obama was going to pass a “cap and trade” bill that would raise our utility bills.

Remember, that Obama guy?

Barack Obama said that if you put more air in your car tires and if you wore a sweater in your house, you could make the earth cooler. You could save the polar bears by wearing a sweater in your house.

That guy..!!

If that Barack Obama guy won the election, we could be in real bad shape right now.

Man- made global warming believers, don’t feel bad. We have all been duped by something. I must admit to being a little nervous in 1999 during the Y2K scare; fearing that my money in the bank might “disappear” when the bank’s computers switched from 1999, to the year 2000.

We all get tricked, sometimes.

Now is the time to join together and STOP federal laws that will kill our already shaky economy.


If science wants to continue to study mans effects on this earth, that is fine. If you want to drive a smaller car and turn your heater off, that is great. It is your personal choice in a free country.


However, changing our way of life through federal laws and crippling our economy because of an educated guess, is insane.

On THIS Thanksgiving, I am thankful that people are beginning to see the truth about man- made global warming.

Maybe now we can put the man- made global warming theory away, where it belongs. Right along side of other scary myths, like:

Y2K- (will kill you)

Man- made Global Cooling (will kill you)

The world is flat (and you will die)

Fire- breathing dragons (will kill you)


Happy Thanksgiving..!!


Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic


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Senator Inhofe will ask the Senate to investigated the Climate Change Hoax after the Thanksgiving break.

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