Barry G- Lone Conservative in a Liberal World


“Bad News” and “The Angry Republic” present:

The NEW adventures of Barry Goldwater

(A modern “re- telling” of a man born 50 years ahead of his time.)


We enter a world that is not much different then our own world, today.

People are people, after all.

The people of both worlds want the same thing: A place where you are free to make your dreams a reality. A place where you can meet someone to love. A decent place to raise a family. A place where you do not fear growing old.

In this respect, our worlds are not much different.

However, in the form of government rule, we would not recognize the world in which Barry Goldwater lived. It would be totally alien to us.

Democrats ruled the land for twenty years. And Democrats would have ruled for another twenty years more, if it had not been for a couple of men.

In this parallel world, it was a totally “alien” democratic party. A democratic party that locked away thousands of Americans in internment camps. Americans, who’s only crime was that they were “different.” (Japanese, German, Italian)

A democratic party that pushed the “proverbial” BUTTON, that unleashed nuclear weapons. The ONLY time that nuclear weapons have ever been used by anyone, to kill people.

In Barry G’s world, these were the days of the brutal democrat. They called themselves: “New Dealers.”

Some Americans began to quip: “New Deal my ass. It is the democrat’s way, or you go to jail. That’s the New Deal.”

But change was in the air.

The year was 1953.

There was no “Fox News Channel.”

No “Rush Limbaugh” broadcasting for three hours a day.

There wasn’t even a conservative magazine called: “National Review.”

In 1953, conservatives exchanged ideas mostly by word of mouth, on the streets.

It was your neighbor who shared your vision of America, with a smaller government and MORE personal freedom.

It was the occasional editorial in the Chicago Tribune that warned of the dangers of communism, which was spreading around the world.

Conservatism could be found in a quaint story about a “small town America” where you didn’t have to lock your doors, and people helped each other. These people didn’t need the government to pull money out of their pockets, by taxation, to help the poor. People helped people because they wanted to. You could find these stories in “Readers Digest” and “The Saturday Evening Post”.

There were conservatives out there. But it could hardly be called: “A movement.”

That is, until Barry Goldwater.

The date- January 3rd, 1953.

Barry Goldwater is about to be sworn in as an American Senator from Arizona.

We are about to peek into Goldwater’s personal journal, and learn from our republican past.

An alien world, far-far away.

Goldwater writes:

“…There were a few conservatives in congress during those days. Although Dwight D. Eisenhower had just become the first republican president in twenty years, the nation was still moving left.

Liberalism dominated not only the country’s political and educational lives…

Liberalism dominated the media.

It was extremely difficult for a conservative to be heard, much less understood.

From my early days, I never accepted the notion that conservatism was a primer for the past- that we didn’t have a vision of or faith in the future.

We (conservatives) saw the future of America in the hands of the MANY, not the self-anointed few.

For forty years, the nations liberals had conjured up false conservative, capitalistic stereotypes- of selfish people with inordinate wealth, intellectually rooted in a ‘dead yesterday.’

(On the contrary,) liberals offered to plan your life out for you.

Liberals would plan out your whole life under (the rule of HUGE) Democratic administrations, complete with “Great Societies” and “New Dealers.”

Behind all of the promise of the (liberal) planners lay a cynical contempt for the individual freedoms which make America different. (Individual freedoms which have driven millions of people, from everywhere on this earth, to make it to America, or DIE trying.)

My political mission is to restore those individual freedoms, despite the welfare state.

(While raising my hand and becoming a Senator), I took comfort in the oath to support and defend the Constitution of these United States. I was at home with the Constitution. I told myself that enterprising America, in the surge of new nations around the globe, was a good representation of rising expectations.

We ARE the world’s REAL revolutionaries.

Our principals, (contained in The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution) are lighting political fires never dreamed of by Lenin or world communism.

(My political goals…)

I have little interest in streamlining government, or in making it MORE efficient, for I mean to reduce government’s size.

I will not undertake the promotion of welfare, for I propose to extend freedom.

My aim is NOT to pass NEW laws, but to repeal them.


My goal is not to create NEW government programs, but to cancel old programs that do violence to the Constitution, or have failed in their purpose, or programs that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden.

I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is needed, BEFORE I determine if this legislation is constitutionally permissible.

And if in the future I am attacked by a constituent for not minding his interests, I will remind him that I was charged with protecting his liberty.

In that cause, I have done my very best.

Today, these are respectable political views. However, in 1953 when I started in the Senate, these ideas were revolutionary…”

Barry Goldwater



Will Barry Goldwater find his voice within the HUGE liberal Senate..??

Can Goldwater start the conservative movement..??

The only way to know for sure is to tune in for another exciting episode of:

Barry G- Lone Conservative in a Liberal World

Our next exciting episode is titled:

“Barry G- The attack of the Slush Fund Liberals”

Can Barry G survive the “Slush Fund Liberals”? Or will this story be over before it begins?

Tune in next time..!!


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Some people have asked me if I was making fun of Barry Goldwater with this promo picture that we used to promote our editorials on Barry Goldwater.


Actually, this was an inside joke, and a funny story about Barry Goldwater.

When Goldwater was running for president, a person in charge of publicity thought it would be great to make a soda pop called: “Goldwater”, (because Barry’s name sounded like a drink, anyways.)

The first idea was that this soft drink should be a gold / yellow color and flavored like lemons.

“Lemons”..?? ( Not good for a politician) Plus- gold / yellow, the color of urine..??

So, that idea was scrapped and they made the “Goldwater” soda drink with orange coloring and flavor.

When Barry Goldwater first tasted the “Goldwater” soft drink, he said it tasted like goat piss.

Goldwater never cared for the promotional soft drink and later cleaned up his explanation of why, for the public: “It tastes like gnat urine.”



Goldwater, who served in the military during WW2, was asked what he thought about Gay people serving in the military?

Goldwater replied:

“..I could care less if a man is straight, I only care if he can shoot straight…”


Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic (with actual quotes from Barry Goldwater.)


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