If I were a democrat, I would-

Ask: Will President Obama “pardon” the Thanksgiving turkey?


Or will Barack Obama send the Thanksgiving turkey to New York City for a civilian trial, which will turn into a “circus” side-show trial?


God help that poor turkey..!!


God, help us all..!!


It’s that time once again where we give advice to people who DO NOT WANT IT.

Democrats will not heed this advice.

They will shrug their shoulders and boast: “What the hell does he know? He is a stupid conservative who wants to kill baby ducks, and starve Black people, and kick old people out of nursing homes, and take health care away from sick children. WHAT COULD I POSSIBLY LEARN FROM THIS IDIOT..??”

Well, you could learn a few things because I am on the outside, looking in.

I am not seated inside the “Hope and Change” bus ride to hell.

So, I will offer this advice, EVEN IF no one ever reads it. Or heeds it.

(Here we go…)

If I were a democrat, I would:

Question WHY my democratically controlled congress FEELS the need to slip these health care bills in on a weekend, right before a holiday?

What’s up with that..??

Why be so freaking sneaky..??


Remember, this health care bill would (if passed) be with us FOREVER.

Isn’t the goal here to seriously reform the US health care system? Isn’t the REAL goal of this bill to make health insurance MORE affordable, to MORE people..??

Wouldn’t that be a GOOD THING..??

Then why all of the “smoke and mirrors”? Why must the “meat” of this bill be hidden within 2,000 pages of “stuff”?

Why must these bills be slipped in on a weekend, right before a holiday?

Forget republicans..!!

You do not need republicans to pass these bills, and republicans cannot stop these bills if democrats gang up against us.


Look at it this way…

If you helped write a congressional bill that will solve the health care “crisis” in America, wouldn’t you be proud of that achievement..??

If you wrote a bill that will really REALLY solve America’s health crisis, wouldn’t you want to explain to the American people why your bill will work. Wouldn’t you (and your fellow authors) form a committee and answer questions pertaining to this bill..?? Questions that we Americans have?

Why would you “hide” your health bill under the cover of 2,000 pages, and slip it into congress during a weekend, before a holiday?

Maybe, YOU, (the author of this bill) are not real sure about this bill? Maybe you are not proud of this bill? Maybe that is why you have to bribe fellow democratic senators with pork money to get them to sign it?

LINK: Harry Reid gives Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu 100 MILLION bucks to vote YES.

People, the senate is not voting to rename a post office, or some simple task like that.

The senate is voting on a bill that will effect each one of us. Once passed, this bill will be dam near impossible to fix, later on.

If I were a democrat, I would:

Ask; why hasn’t anyone in my party taken the responsibility to say: “This is my bill, I am proud of it, and I will answer any questions you have about this bill.”

(Because the dirty little secret is that YOU, the liberal, also have questions about this health care bill. You have concerns and you do not know who to ask?) Nor do I?


You, the liberal, are beginning to ask “why DO these bills have to be slipped into vote on the weekend right before the senate leaves for Thanksgiving?”

You, the liberal, are beginning to wonder why: “if this health care bill is so good, why did congress (The House of Representatives) have to sneak their bill in on Halloween, when many members of congress had plans to fly home and be with their kids on Halloween?

Because you are intelligent, you are asking yourself: “why hasn’t ANYONE; from President Obama, to Speaker Pelosi, to Sen. Reid, taken the time to fully explain what this bill will do? How much it will cost, and why there are no other options?”

If I were a democrat, I would:

Ask: Why the rush..?? The benefits of this bill do not take effect until 2013. Yet we have to pay for it NOW..?? Why can’t we, the democrats, have an honest debate about this bill?

If I were a democrat, I would:

Contact my Senator and STOP this bill.

You are not an evil republican who wants to STOP health care. You are a concerned American who has questions. We all have questions.

You would never buy a car without driving it. You would never sign a house mortgage without reading the agreement. (That’s how a lot of people got themselves in trouble with home loans.)

Yet, that is exactly what congress is asking you to do. Sit back, shut up, and do not ask any questions.

Is this the kind of America that we are “changing” to? Where we can’t even ask congress: “Hey, what is this $500 BILLION dollar cut to Medicare all about? How will it effect my Grandparents?”


LINK: Democrats cut $500 billion from old people to pay for your health insurance. (LA Times)

Is THIS the kind of America that we have evolved into? Where we cannot ask questions? We just cross our fingers and HOPE that congress will do the right thing?

If I were a democrat, I would:

Contact my senator and tell them to vote NO.

You can stop this bill.

I would tell my senator to go take his (or her) stupid vacation. I would tell my senator to pick this debate up in January when we can cut the pork from this bill. We can go over this bill- line by line, so that all of us Americans will have our questions answered. (Something that President Obama promised to do, but hasn’t gotten around to it.)

It’s not too late…

You can still contact your senator.

LINK: How to contact my senator.

(Though, most of the phone lines are jammed, and you will never know if your e-mail is landing into some giant cyber trash can, at least you will know that you tried to be a responsible American.)

If I were a democrat, I would:

Wonder, why is everyone in my party focused on Sarah Palin..??


If Palin is as dumb, inexperienced, and inept as liberals say she is, why are liberals so focused on her..??

Don’t we run the risk of making Sarah a sympathetic figure?

America has never had a woman president, and since no liberal woman will oppose President Obama in 2012, aren’t we actually giving Palin publicity?

Tons of FREE publicity..!!

(OK, maybe I should scratch that last one.)


You keep right on talking smack about Sarah Palin.


At least keep talking about Sarah Palin until 2011. Then, Americans will be so sick of hearing your negativity, that it will mean nothing, to no one.

Written by AR Babonie for The Angry Republic